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  • Day6

    Ferry - Train - Ferry

    June 9 in Italy

    The 4 berth cabin I had booked on the Sicily - Naples crossing was only made up for 2 - yes, no fighting for space. However, on catching sight of my bunk mate I suddenly wasn’t so sure. A hefty built Sicilian wearing leathers and chewing gum, I assumed he was one of the many bikers I had seen on boarding at Palermo. He was monosyllabic and made no attempt at conversation, despite my best efforts in pidgin Italian. He sported a permanently startled look with high eyebrows - wait a minute - he didn’t appear to have any eyebrows - could they have been painted on, like a bus conductress of old? Surely not - and yet if I closed my eyes I could just hear the gallus announcement of an SMT matriarch ‘this is a country bus, ye cannae get aff afore Faifley’.

    The sail away from Palermo harbour was beautiful. It was a lovely sunny evening as we pulled away from our moorings and the splendid back drop of rolling hills that surrounded the capital. I felt guilty I hadn’t seen much of the place, but the purpose of the trip was as much, if not more, about the travelling experience itself, and doing a bit of a recce for places I would like to return to. Arrivederci, Sicily.

    By the time I was tucked in my comfy berth, my room mate was getting ready to hit the nightlife of the Atlas, with a garish outfit which, coupled with the aforementioned eyebrows, gave him an uncanny resemblance to the drag queen, Divine. In the process of his ablutions, he managed to break the shower head off, leaving it in pieces on the floor. Ah well, I thought, it’ll be a Paisley boadywash for me in the morning.

    After the usual Italian disorganised disembarkation, I made my way to Naples Central and caught the train across the width of Italy to Bari on the Adriatic coast. Like most Italian cities, Bari grew on you with a little perseverance. Newly pedestrianised streets lined with designer shops, and a lovely old town complete with the ubiquitous cathedral. And then on to another ferry - this time from Bari to Patras in Greece. Here’s hoping Divine doesn’t have the same travel itinerary.
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  • Day8

    Bari to Dubrovnik

    June 30 in Italy

    Inzwischen habe ich Reisegeschwindigkeit erreicht. Hatte ich in Rom und Neapel noch Zeit gemütlich mich treiben zu lassen, habe ich das Tempo mittlerweile erhöht. Schließlich liegt noch ein weiter Weg vor mir :)
    Morgens um 7 bin ich knapp vier Stunden mit dem Bus nach Bari, habe mein Gepäck eingeschlossen und habe mir ein paar Stunden die wunderschöne Stadt angesehen, nachdem ich am Hafen meine Tickets für die Fähre abgeholt hatte.
    Ein echter Kulturschock nach Neapel in diese gepflegte Stadt mit vielen kleinen Gassen zu gelangen, dazu wunderschön an der Adria gelegen. Schade, dass ich am Abend schon wieder auf die Fähre musste. Geschlafen habe ich an Deck auf dem Boden. Kabinen waren schon lange ausgebucht. Dennoch habe ich erstaunlich gut 5 Stunden schlafen können, um danach den ganzen Tag Dubrovnik zu entdecken. Denn morgens um 8 war ich dort und konnte mein Gepäck direkt abgeben und losdüsen. Aber dazu später mehr 😉
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  • Day7

    Auslaufen Bari

    September 5 in Italy


    Nachdem wir jetzt den Tag am Strand waren und die beste Gelato Italiens gekostet haben, sind wir wieder auf der AIDA angekommen.
    Das Wetter ist immer noch Traumhaft bei lockeren 26 Grad.
    Zum Auslaufen gibt es jetzt eine Runde Volleyball.

  • Day53


    January 4 in Italy

    In a word, Bari for us was all about food. The girls commented that all we did was eat in the 24hrs. There was very fresh seafood, fine Barisene food, fantastic sgagliozze aka polenta chips and the best gelato so far.

    Our waiter from dinner proudly declared that he learnt to speak such good English from Netflix.

    In the medieval laneway, ladies would sell their homemade pastas and biscuits from their front doors. They would sit in their homes with the front doors open, a table set outside displaying their produce. They would shout their conversations to each other, as their hands busied with rolling and shaping orriechiete, 1.5 cm ear shaped pastas.

    In the evening, we finally saw a live nativity scene complete with dancing fluttering baby angels in front of a church just around the corner from our apatment. The locals were so welcoming of us, we were offered hot chocolate (we declined), and homemade biscuits, which we were obliged to accept. A man was most insistant that we walk amongst the scene which to our embarrassment, we did and got into everybody's way. It was such a happy and warm atmosphere that no one minded. Even when the crowd spilled into the street and blocked the flow of traffic, not a horn or impatient shout was heard.

    However, the next morning, Bari became the only place where we were told to leave a church (not the nativity church). We are still not sure why.

    Lastly in Bari, it took us only 2 hrs to see all the sights. Sum total of 2 Basilicas and 1 castle.

    The most important and significant find at the Basilica Santa Nicola, was that Ruby's patron saint is Saint Nicholas, aka Santa Claus. Very apt as He personifies Christmas and he is also the Saint of persons without certain undergarments. She was here to venerate her patron saint's remains in this Basilica. This Basilica is used both by the Orthodox and the Catholics.
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  • Day4

    Land in Sicht

    May 9 in Italy

    Pünktlich zum Aufstehen um 6:30 Uhr ist Land in Sicht und wir erreichen den Hafen von Bari. Unser Kapitän hat das gestern schon angekündigte "Rennen" um den besten Liegeplatz gewonnen und läuft vor der Mein Schiff 2 (die wir von der Ostseekreuzfahrt gut in Erinnerung haben) in den Hafen ein.
    Heute ist der einzige Tag, wo wir früh raus müssen, weil wir heute einen Ausflug gebucht haben.

  • Day11

    Day 11: Bari, Italy

    July 1, 2017 in Italy

    Today we arrived in Bari after a 16 hour ferry ride. The ferry ride didn't turn out to be so bad and felt like it was actually pretty quick.

    When we arrived in Bari, google told us of yet another bus that didn't exist so when we asked around and no one knew, one of the port guards asked the Police. Since they couldn't find the bus either, they told us to get in a gave us a lift to our Airbnb. They were really nice and gave us some tips about Bari. There car was really small so the backseat was full with us and our two backpacks.

    Our Airbnb was pretty nice too. They had a cute 2 and a half year old son (or daughter - Zoe and I are debating as I heard Liam and she heard Lea, but he looked like a boy). At one point we were napping and we heard our door creeking so I went to go check and he was in the hallway.

    At night, we had a nice walk around the city and went to a pizzeria recommended by our Airbnb host. It was delicious, but took us a while to find it as it goes by three names apparently and we only knew 2/3 and it wasn't the one listed on the outside of the restaurant. Zoe had a Margharita pizza and I had a Caprese and then we walked around the town a bit and walked in a few stores (including H&M).

    It's a cute little town and it was nice to see it. Our Airbnb was right by the water too which made for a nice walk. :)
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