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  • Day15

    Many towns later

    July 10, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Hey travel trackers, i think that’s the new group name? Over the past couple of days we’ve visited a couple of different towns they were all amazing!
    The first town we went to was famous for having small houses called trulies in english that translates to beehives. They are small hut like houses! We then visited a couple of small towns that I don’t remember the names of but they were beautiful! We Kinda just walked around enjoying all the beautiful scenery! One of The most recent towns we went to was known for there amazing ice cream and super crowded beaches. This town was on the coast and had a particularly busy beach, we were planing to go to it but decided it was to crowded. So we had lunch and got an ice cream which was AMAZING. We visited a town at night last night called mattera is was not very beautiful but had lots of history. We took a guided tour and explored all over the city. The city was in layers so the roof of your house could also be a footpath or road. To top it all off we had a delicious dinner! (Except for a pasta dish I ordered, let’s just say it’s the 2nd worst thing I’ve eaten🤮)。 Today we moved into a town called lecce we will now stay here for the rest of the holidays! We were sad to leave our amazing hotel near ostuni. But have really loved our experience so far in lecce. Shoutout to ILL masseria frantoio (thx for having us) and shoutout to Maddie and Lara looks like you guys are having amazing trips!
    Keep you posted!
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  • Day10


    July 5, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Today we had a long day of plane riding and driving! We flew all the way from Berlin to Puglia and then we drove for about 1 hour and a half from the airport to our hotel. Puglia is so beautiful and we’re really enjoying it so far. We haven’t done any actual activities but tomorrow we will! I’ll keep you posted!🤗Read more

  • Day40

    Ankunft in Bari :-*

    August 1, 2019 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 28 °C

    ...Land Nummero 8 🤩

    Stürzen uns nun auf die Basilicas, Piazzas sowie Castellos. Auf die Pizzas, Spaghettis aber auch Crudo di pesce, eine Mischung von rohen Tintenfischen, Oktopussen und Meeresfrüchten oder die traditionelle Tiedda mit Reis, Kartoffeln und Miesmuscheln 😆😉

    Und mal sehen was uns wie Mamutschka schon sagt ☀️ dieses begnadete Land schenkt.

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  • Day1235


    November 13, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Martha is once again drinking up the free electricity at an Italian area di sosta. The linear settlement of Troia rises up the steep hill ahead of us, while through the trees lining the parking area, we have views of a vast swathe of agricultural land; a patchwork of dark ploughed fields and sage green olive groves.

    The journey here has been rather depressing. The province of Foggia is not a rich one, despite almost every peeled tomato in Europe being produced here. According to Wikipedia farmers are only paid 8 cents per kilo. Their profits are so low that many choose to use illegal immigrants as labourers to survive financially.

    There are a mass of abandoned and dilapidated buildings, plaster crumbling from their walls. Numerous fuel stations are closed and those still operating are often out of diesel or LPG. The roads have long been in need of resurfacing and some routes are closed for non existent works. We follow the locals in ignoring the no entry signs. Far too many of the laybys are taken up by either heaps of litter and fly tipped rubbish or a prostitute who among the many enforced indignities, has no other option but to squat in the open fields just metres from the carriageway when she needs the toilet

    We travelled this way in January 2017 and it is all the more depressing to see no sign of this situation having improved.

    Pulling into Troia around noon, we climbed up to the mainstreet. Several eateries were closed, but we found a small bakery café for lunch, where Will had a luke warm lasagne and a glass of wine and Vicky a slice of stuffed aubergine with roasted courgettes and peppers. The lone server in their early 20s seemed bored by it all and neither dish was very tasty, but we were glad to have come out and explored the town all the same. It held some real gems including a well preserved old basilica whose white stones had obviously been cleaned. Leading off narrow alleys, stone arches framed high vaulted ceilings decorated with frescoes. These looked to be private so we only had a passing peek.

    We were tempted to stay two days but our sosta wasn't very restful. A couple was using the space to test ride a scooter, revving its little engine noisily, unseen dogs barked sporadically as well as howling at the church bells and we were woken by people having a conversation and farting loudly outside the van at 1am.

    On the way out the following morning we stopped to buy oranges, walnuts and chestnuts from a couple of vans trading on the mainstreet. The men seemed more inclined to leer at Vicky's legs than to serve her, but as she was the Italian speaker, they got no communication from Will. Unfortunately most of the chestnuts turned out to be as objectionable as the men selling them.
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  • Day1239


    November 17, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    It is the eve of our voyage to Greece! After plans to visit fell through last winter due to ongoing health problems, we can hardly believe the time is finally here. Vicky is struggling with her fatigue but instead of continuing to postpone our travels we've decided to go ahead and take this opportunity while we have it.

    We'd allowed ourselves plenty of leeway to get to Brindisi, where we'll be embarking from, so it was a short drive from our previous night's stopover at Ostuni. Pulling into the large tarmacced car park close to the town centre, we were really pleased to see the little blue sign denoting a motorhome parking and services area.

    Vicky needed to spend the day resting but Will took a wander into the old town, treating himself to his last Italian espresso and picking up some pastries for Vicky.

    There must have been some sort of event on because we were woken shortly after 1am with the noise of people milling around and getting into their cars. Still, we were grateful for the free place to stay in such close proximity to the port.
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  • Day1236

    Spiaggio San Giorgio, Bari

    November 14, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    The Brindisi ferry port is less than 150km away. With our crossing to Greece booked for Monday, we are indulging in a two night stay beside a small beach. The spot is part of a run down ribbon resort 10km south of Bari (another port town). The yellow sand and dried weed sit between a river mouth and the Adriatic, with half a dozen cheerfully painted wooden boats moored to sunken rocks and yellow pedalos lined up ready for busier times. It is a quiet spot at the end of a road, ruled over by one of the local dogs, who keeps a check on speeding by barking and trying to bite the tyres of cars going over 30kph!

    Pockmarked natural stone lines the shore to the south, upon which Will spends a good few hours fishing. On Friday morning we took a stroll along the residential road which was hugging (and at points, falling into) the sea. The landward side was lined with empty whitewashed villas behind high walls and gates. On the seaward side there were a handful of fishmongers and fish processing factories as well as a closed lido. It was a shame to see how run down the settlement was, with bins overflowing, litter on the ground, rusted metal window frames and tumbledown houses. We dropped into a café on the way back for an espresso (Will) and a Solero (Vicky). A couple of wizened regulars were standing at the bar chewing the fat and didn't seem keen to engage. We imagine they are enjoying the peace and quiet of low season.

    One of the pleasures of staying two nights is that we get more of a feeling of the rhythms of daily life for the locals; the cyclists passing through, the men wading out to their boats to maintain fishing nets, sometimes rowing out of the little bay or firing up the small outboard. There was even a guy who took his pedalo out to check on what looked like crab pots!
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  • Day5

    Alberobello / Bari

    September 25, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Im Hafen von Bari angekommen machten wir uns erstmal auf den Weg nach Alberobello in das wunderschöne Städtchen Trulli.
    Die einzigartige Bauweise der kleinen Häuschen ist auf eine spannende Geschichte zurück zu führen.
    Da der damalige Lehnsherr Steuern sparen wollte, befahl er seinen Pächtern diese Art des Häuserbaus. Das Besondere war, dass das Dach durch das wegnehmen eines einzigen Steines zusammenbrach und so, bei einem Besuch des Steuereintreibers, nur die Mauern übrig blieben und Steuern nur dann zu verrichten waren, wenn die Familien ein Dach über dem Kopf hatten.

    Zurück in Bari, erkundeten wir die Altstadt mit seinen verschiedenen Kirchen und der bekannten Basilika von San Nicola.
    Ein Besuch der berühmten Nudelstraße, in der die Pasta noch in traditioneller Handarbeit hergestellt wird rundetet unseren Aufenthalt in Bari ab.
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  • Day49

    Monopoli, Polignano al Mare & Gargano

    May 19, 2019 in Italy ⋅ 🌧 16 °C

    After realising we’ve missed a couple of beautiful spots, we head back out to the coast (that we’ve already driven past!)...

    First stop is Monopoli and Nic is thrilled (!) to find ourselves in the middle of another buy town centre with tiny streets, crazy drivers, huge potholes and no clue where to park!

    We find a spot though, and wander through the old town, find some delish local food, get a look at the old city walls and beautiful church’s hidden within...before an ominous looking cloud threatens a downpour. We finish our tour of the lovely town just in time, as we get in the Moho as the rain begins. The coast of Monopoli is surrounded by tiny little turquoise coves, some with white sand, some rocky.

    We make the quickest visit ever to the next stop, Polignano Al Mare as the rain sets in above our heads. We pop up the croozer to pack the children into and run along the coast a couple of kilometres to find the beautiful view of the coastal town with buildings perched on the cliff edge, dropping straight down to the turquoise seas.

    We find a little campsite on a long stretch of sandy beach, at the end of some more very hole-y roads. We park next to the play park, Coen takes a few more tumbles and bumps (we decide we should swap the ice cream tally for a ‘Coen’s accidents’ tally - he definitely gets my clumsiness!!).

    The power once more is not quite enough to cook a full meal so we grab a pizza (any excuse!) and enjoy a sunny morning at the beach the next morning.
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  • Day48

    Alberobello - beautiful tree (& houses!)

    May 18, 2019 in Italy ⋅ 🌬 14 °C

    After a ‘tense’ drive into the town centre (hungry children/policeman moving us on when we stop to look at the map!), we find a spot to camp right next to the famous Trulli site. There’s definitely a Saturday buzz in the little town, we wander through the world heritage site, these buildings are amazing.

    Built with little cone roofs in the 15th century - so that the poorer people that lived in these parts could find out when the tax men were coming, remove the top stone meaning the roofs collapsed and avoid the house taxes - with no roof, they weren’t houses after all. They could then rebuild the ‘mushroom roofs’ as Amelia called them, in just one day.

    Many of the little buildings are now shops, ice cream shops and cafes, as you go into each, you can still see where bedrooms, kitchen stoves and living areas would have been. We find a souvenir shop in what was the smallest house in the area..a tiny corner building where a family of 7 once lived.

    We enjoy a pizza (although Nic managed to order one with iceberg lettuce on?!) and wine ( case is noisy where we’re staying!) and get a good nights sleep before we visit again the next morning for breakfast ice cream!

    Many of the tiny shops are full of good quality items, and everything we’ve found in this town has been so reasonably priced for world heritage. It’s been a lovely visit!
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