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  • Day19

    Farewell Paris

    January 2, 2017 in Italy

    Today we had to pack up and catch a train to Turin, Italy. Once again lugged our luggage on and through the metro. Boarded the train at 10.40 for a 6 hour train trip. We decided to go first class for this leg of the trip. A bit more leg room and for the scenery. First hour was heavy fog but then it did clear for the rest of the way. It was funny because we packed our lunch and took our drinks. We are just having a stop over as it's too long of a trip to Florence in one day. While waiting at the train station I was taking photos of the Christmas decorations and the military accidentally photobombed. The
    police boarded the train in a town in France and checked our passports. In 2013 not once did we have our passports checked. David our tour guide said they have tightened up the border security and since then there haven't been any attacks. Before you could go anywhere in Europe without being checked. Whilst there were a lot more police, military & security checks not once did we feel unsafe. It's just a different world we live in now. When we got off the train it was nice not to get that instant brain freeze. It's cold but not like Paris was. Meant to be the coldest winter for 2 hundred years. Would like to visit Europe when it's normal weather. We found a restaurant for tea and we all had pizza, which was really nice for Italian pizza. Dave order a dessert that he saw on the next table. A cake filled with cherries and custard. The guy bought 4 forks over he must have known we would all try it. Brodie and Kellie dived into it and it was laced with rum. It was so funny, it made the waiters night- they couldn't stop laughing.
    He bought a little bit of cake over without the rum for them try. We could have done with that in Paris to warm us up. Brodie has been a bit giggly after his mouthful.
    We had nice night out, with Kellie taking us a shorter way home except she missed the street and ended up being longer way home.

    Overview of Paris:
    We found Paris a lot more expensive than Amsterdam and Germany. Really miss the street food we tried from both places. Street food in Paris is just to rip the tourists off.
    Didn't like dodging dog poo all the time and all the little streams from the building walls.
    Where we stayed in 2013 the streets were pristine clean, but where we stayed I thought the streets were dirty. David our tour guide said it was a posh area. Too posh to clean up after their dogs.

    Photo 1 - My photo bombers
    Photo 2 - Our first class lunch
    Photo 3 & 4 - Scenery on the way
    Photo 5 - Birthday tea
    Photo 6 - Baba cake
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  • Day3

    Tag 1

    May 11 in Italy

    Heute war unser erster richtiger Tag im Urlaub.
    Nach einem gemütlichen Frühstück mit Jonas und Marina, sind wir wandern gegangen. Die Wanderung war sehr schön, auf einem Rundweg durchs "Vale di Cannobio". Es ging an einem Fluss entlang bis zu einer 27 Meter hohen Brücke (selbst nachgemessen).
    Dann hat es angefangen zu regnen und wir haben einen Spielenachmittag bei uns im Bus gemacht. Abends gabs dann Geschnätzeltes.
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  • Day3


    September 12 in Italy

    Vandaag hebben we ons wat ondergedompeld in cultuur en in de typische italiaanse keuken. Soms wat lastig want Engels kennen ze hier niet. En Frans? Nauwelijks.
    Gelukkig geraken we toch een heel eind met italiaans klinkende woorden en onofficiele gebarentaal.
    Al bij al, werden we toch vriendelijk ontvangen tussen de nonnetjes. Het is een hele beleving, maar hier permanent wonen, dat toch maar liever niet.

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  • Day3

    Na ons atypisch Frans ontbijt met kaas naast de zoetigheid gaan we eerst zwemmen voor we ons wagen aan de klim naar de Italiaanse grens. Alhoewel, het is wel klimmen maar we gaan de grens onderdoor via de tunnel van Frejus. Wel grappig hoe halverwege de tunnel de aard van het wegdek verandert. Gelukkig moeten we wel maar één keer tol betalen. Lang leve de EÚ.
    Over de grens bezoeken we het megafort van Exilles dat Italië meer dan 700 jaar lang beschermd heeft tegen de Fransen. Of omgekeerd. Dank zij de EU zitten er nu geen soldaten meer en kunnen we vrij rondstruinen.
    Daarna dompelen we ons in Susa in in de oude Romeinse cultuur voor we inchecken bij de bruine nonnen. Best verrassend hoe de geur van een internaatscafetaria over alle grenzen heen hetzelfde ruikt. Daar zit volgens mij de EC voor niks mee tussen, maar wel het Vaticaan. Gelukkig hebben de nonnetjes wifi zodat we onze vrijwillige opsluiting vanaf 21 uur vlotjes overleven.
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  • Day29

    Sparziergang durch Turin

    September 18, 2017 in Italy

    Es hat richtig Spaß gemacht Turin ohne Plan und Ziel zu entdecken. So kommt man meistens in die schönsten Ecken! Ich habe noch in keiner Stadt so viele Rundbögen gesehen. Und so tolle Innenhöfe.

  • Day330

    Our wedding anniversary today! Out fairly early to pick up a rental car from the south of Turin, then drove southwards into the hills. These areas are some of the world's oldest known wine-growing areas, and have been cultivated since at least 500 BC.

    We drove around a bit through a few different areas, but aside from vineyards and modern farmhouses there wasn't much to see. Found an old stone tower so we clambered up a muddy hill to check it out; nice view but we both got quite muddy shoes! Very sticky, claggy mud.

    Drove into one of the towns and managed to find an open cafe where we had some pizza slices for lunch - very tasty as always. Briefly visited the outside of a 13th century castle that was built by the local wine-maker baron to protect his crops. Closed for the winter of course!

    This area is home to some well known varieties of wine including Barbera, Barolo, Asti-Spumanti, and San Barrosco. But given the season, all the vines were brown and barren - nothing had started growing yet obviously.

    Final stop was the town of Barolo where literally everything was closed and there wasn't another soul in sight. I can imagine during the summer months it's a super popular spot on the European wine-tasting circuit, but for us on a cold winter's afternoon there was basically nothing to see.

    Disappointed, we drove back to Turin via the Palazzina del Stupigini - one of the royal villas constructed by the rulers of Turin on the outskirts of the city for their hunting trips. It was part of the WHS we'd be visiting tomorrow, so we stopped and filmed, though again it was closed and we couldn't see much from a distance.

    Dropped the car off again after a bit of difficulty filling up - the car rental place had given me a 3/4 tank and just said "fill it back to that point". So I put 10 euros in and the needle didn't move. Another 20 euros and it went from just under half to completely full. So I probably wasted 10 euros. Frustrating! And the drive wasn't the easiest either - Italians are awful, reckless, aggressive and unpredictable drivers.

    Got the tram back home where we stayed for the rest of the day. Nothing special for our anniversary, just some home-cooked pasta and a bottle of spumanti (Italian sparkling). We were both tired and grumpy with each other, particularly after a disappointing WHS and the stress of being in the car all day. Start all over tomorrow I guess!
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  • Day331

    Back out into Turin today, checking out the Royal Palaces of the House of Savoy. The House of Savoy is one of Europe's oldest aristocratic families, having first risen to power in France in the 11th century - it lasted until 1946! I assume the family is still around, but I don't think they control anything anymore.

    Despite being French and ruling over south-eastern France, western Switzerland, and north-western Italy, they moved their capital to Turin in the mid-17th century and began a big construction program. They built a large royal palace and several other smaller palaces befitting of their capital, most of which survive today.

    We'd seen most of them a couple of days ago, so today we just wandered around and filmed in a leisurely fashion. It was quite nice to already know what we were up against, and I didn't need to do extra research as that had been covered! I could just show up, remember what I wanted to film, and go. All up it only took us a couple of hours.

    More pizza slices for lunch at a trendy place, though we also had some delicious arancini balls too. Did some shopping in the afternoon where I bought a couple of new pairs of jeans - the ones I'd bought in Krakow in October had already worn out!! Hoping I get a bit longer out of these ones.

    Back home where we relaxed for the rest of the afternoon/evening. Pasta for dinner as usual!
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  • Day60

    Turin: Shops, Egyptians and Barolo

    August 30, 2017 in Italy

    Birthplace of the Slow Food Movement, Turin is (almost) all about the food. It's Parisian boulevards make it a low-key Milan for shopping, bars and cafes spill onto the glamorous plazas and it seems filled with locals who are happy to keep its treasures under wraps. Barolo is made in the area and the city is stuffed full of interesting delis. we've filled up on pasta and pizza plus visited the very good Egyptian Museum.Read more

  • Day7

    Alba truffles festival

    November 19, 2017 in Italy

    Between exhaustion from the lack of sleep and the difficult to hear Italian announcement over PA system in the trains, we thought that the train was going to the wrong stop in Turin, also known as Torino. Not to be mistaken for Tirano.
    We finally arrived in Turin and met by our host called Tiziana. She was so delightful. She not only came to pick us up from the train stazione but also gave us a mini tour of the city and its layout for our future wanderings. Even pointed out major landmarks so we would not get hopelessly lost. She said ,"Please remember big black ball ok?" "Later I tell you again about big black ball ok?" Punctuating all her sentences with ok and a big smile.
    After checking us into The Attic our host took us back to the train station for my travel to Alba in search of truffles at the Alba truffles festival.
    Alba is not only the home of white and Nero truffles but it is also the new home for Ferrara Rocher and hazel nut spreads aka nutella.
    Whilst I was merely tasting truffles infused spreads, dips, creams, cheeses, pasta, oils and salamis, Ruby was acquainting herself with the chocolates, hazelnut spreads, cheeses and yummy wine tastings. I never knew you could infused truffles into so many different foods. Truffles were also sold like gold nuggets by weight and judged by the smell and size. At some stands they allow the smelling of truffles directly but at others you could only sniff the plastic cups that had been covering the truffles hence truffles infused cups.
    We then caught the train back to Turin to have dinner at a restaurant that served typical Piedmont foods. We had our first veal tatare that had a to be prepared with hilarious gusto by a very animated waiter. He was mixing so quickly and furiously, tatare was flying onto the floor and into the air.
    The meal was yummy and entertaining.
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