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  • Day282

    Grosseto & Maremma Regional Park

    April 4, 2017 in Italy

    As much as we enjoy taking a nose around city sights, we love being out in nature and so had been looking forward to visiting Monti del'Uccellina, within Parco Regionale della Maremma.

    We parked up and chose to walk two of the shorter round routes detailed on the area map and accessible directly from the nearby visitor centre. Apart from one other couple we met on their way out we had the place to ourselves.

    Information boards showed us what flora and fauna to look out for. The plantlife was good, with wildflowers either blooming brightly under the hot sun's rays or, like the intensly pink cyclamens, taking advantage of the dappled shade. However, the animals were the most exciting and unique feature of the park.

    The first track led us into a hillside forest, providing a reprieve from the heat. We needed to keep our eyes on the uneven ground and so took our time, stopping frequently to take in our quiet surroundings. We'd rarely go for more than a minute with out a little Italian Wall Lizard scuttling into a pile of dry brown leaves or collection of branches that looked like they had been washed together by heavy rainfall. Despite having been prewarned, Vicky still got a real shock when Will startled a long green snake and it slithered speedily into the stick pile beside her!

    We found what we think was wild cat scat and it was really exciting to see lots of signs of wild boar. There were droppings around areas of disturbed earth where they had been rooting. We even discovered a raised tree root they'd used as a scratching post, with their thick bristly hairs left scattered on the reddish brown dusty earth.

    The second of the two routes was at a lower altitude and through the open parkland that bordered the wooded hill. There was a distinctive smell in the air and after a while Will spotted some movement on the slope above us. We looked closer and saw a group of about half a dozen deer at the edge of the trees. They allowed us to get within a few hundred meters before springing off surefootedly out of sight.

    We drove away tired but refreshed by the amazing experiences in the park. After doing a much needed grocery shop at a supermarket in the large town of Grosseto, we settled ourselves in for the night at a nearby car park with camper stop.
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  • Day33


    September 28, 2017 in Italy

    We woke up this morning, the husband asked "Wife, what is the proposed agenda today?", I answered with "Today's agenda includes a 5 hour round trip of driving!", the husband didn't think that sounded like a great plan, eventually acquiesced, and the rest, as they say, is history. We had a GREAT DAY!

    So we headed off toward Sovana. Sovana was Etruscan by origin, becoming a Roman municipality in the 5th century. (I looked up Etruscan civilisation, whichWikipedia described as "the modern name given to a powerful and wealthy civilization of ancient Italy in the area corresponding roughly to Tuscany, western Umbria, and northern Lazio dating from circa 600BC".)

    It did take us 2.5 hours to drive there, but it was through beautiful countryside and not a great deal of traffic. But the drive was worth it - the village of Sovana was breathtaking! Sovana itself is perched (clinging to?) on the side of a hill and the valley below is dotted with little caves. There are magnificent views across the valley which is lushly green.
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  • Day33

    Vie Cave Etruscha

    September 28, 2017 in Italy

    One of the main attractions outside of Sovana is a series of walking trails which take you through the hill side on ancient Etruscan paths, where there are caves and tracks etched into the landscape. There are also a number of necropoli and other monuments scattered throughout the countryside, but we focussed on a walk through one path and back along another. It had the added advantage of taking us across the gorge with views back across to Sovana, which was spectacular.

    We walked for about 2 hours through the hills. The track we took to the other side was obviously quite well used, however we decided to take what turned out to be the road considerably less travelled on the way back. The path was not that well signed, steep and covered with leaf litter, which made it a bit treacherous in our "not built for hiking" shoes. I did slip on a steep bit, hit my head on the ground (ouch!) but otherwise, it was a great trek through the forest. We were all pretty impressed!

    It was possible to still see in the caves the marks made by whatever implements were used to carve them out in the first place. The tracks were impressive in terms of their depth. Rather enterprising people those Etruscans!
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  • Day27

    Marina di Grosseto

    June 26 in Italy

    Hallo aus der Toskana!

    Wir sind so langsam auf der Heimreise.

    Nachdem es bei in und um Saturnia übelst nach faulen Eiern gerochen hat (Nein! Ich war NICHT im Thermalwasser. Klas auch nicht. Der Hund durfte nicht), sind wir kommentarlos zu Plan B gewechselt und weiter gen Norden gefahren.

    Wir sind auf einem ansprechenden ****-Platz gelandet.
    Nur: in der Nähe sind Jagdflieger stationiert. Nun kommen wir ja gerade aus der Einflugsschneise des Fiumicino, sind also einiges an Fluglärm gewohnt (Gruss an dieser Stelle an Svenja und Olli, wir haben oft an euch gedacht die letzten Tage 😊), aber die Startgeräusche der Jagdflieger sind echt heftig.

    Aber: Die Zikaden sind lauter! Unfassbar. Wenn die alle im Chor zirpen, klingelt einem das Trommelfell.
    Da es nur ein Durchreiseplatz ist, geht das in Ordnung.
    Für 14 Tage Ferien wäre mir das zuviel.

    Ein Restaurant soll es geben. Das werden wir uns gleich mal anschauen. Und zur Abwechslung darf die Fellnase mit.

    Auf geht's! 🍽🍷🍝🍺🍕🍴
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  • Day28

    We were on a Choo Choo

    December 10, 2017 in Italy

    That was on Sunday, and this post is late. I will claim a medical certificate as I'm nursing a cold. Although it does not slow me during the day, I'm rather unmotivated once back at the apartment. Also, planning for after Rome needed to be done. We are going south to Matera, where the ancient cave dwellings are still occupied, and Naples.

    Back to Sunday, and our Choo Choo ride.

    It was a chilly minus 5 deg C when we walked through the misty, early morning medieval streets of Siena. The town was yet to wake, the streets were quiet. Emersed in the old grey buildings and cobbled streets of the Middle Ages, we were reminded of modernity only with the tiny garbage trucks, smaller than an average Australian ute, and the 3 sets of escalators that took us from Siena town atop a hill to the train station at the bottom. Led by the stream of smoke that rose from the train tracks, we hurried to catch the train. It was a turn of the century old steam train (literally manufactured in 1900) that would take us through picturesque Val D'Orca to San Quirico d Orcia, a little Tuscan hilltop village with its annual olive festival.

    Riding on an original steam train has a charm and thrill that is just indescribable. To be greeted by a 3 men brass band and be surrounded by wildly gesticulating, loud Italians who were all just as excited added to the atmosphere. We saw the engineer manually attach the carriages to the locomotive, then oil and check all the bits that needed oiling and checking. Then it was the actual chug - - chug - - chug - -chug out of the station, slow accelerating chug- chug- chug to chugachugachuga as we passed through the rolling Tuscan countryside. Magical!

    And the 3 men brass band were in the train. Going from carriage to carriage, they played Christmas carols and songs we could recognise and sing to in English. We just giggled all journey, stopping only to "ohhhh" wide-eyed at the scenery.

    San Quirico de Orcia is just the sweetest little medieval hamlet atop a hill surrounded by the gorgeous Tuscan countryside. The towns people were so welcoming and friendly. Whatever we wanted and wherever we were, they would somehow find someone who spoke a little broken English to help interprete. We saw a flag throwing competition called by the town prier. We ate skewers of barbecued meat, panini rolls with suckling pig, and all sorts of sausages and stuffed meats. We even managed a tour of a micro beer brewery, with an interpreter borrowed from the escargot stand, used their bathroom and had a taste of Tuscan beer. Of course, we tasted lots of olive oil on pieces of bread as big as my palm. Everyone wanted us to taste everything in their range. We were very very well fed. It was altogether a totally
    Italian experience. What I found most hilarious was that hardly any one spoke a word of English, but all through the festive town, the Christmas carols blaring through loudspeakers, were all in English.

    After 4 hours in town and walking a tiny part of the pilgrim trail outside town, we were chuga-chugged to various stages of sleepiness and sleep on the journey back to Siena.
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  • Day5


    August 24, 2015 in Italy

    Erik mára lebetegedett és vele együtt az idő is így az eltervezett san gimignanoi út 20 fokban és zuhogó esőben-legalábbis amit oda előrejeleztek felülíródott. Maradt a kis Grosseto és tengerpart. Mert ott persze jó idő volt. Grosetto óvárosa kb. 15 perc alatt bejárható, de bájos kisváros.
    Utána tengerpart, hatalmas hullámok, bevásárlás Conadban és vacsora a hotelban. Remélem Erik gyorsan meggyógyul mert így nem igazi a nyaralás :-(Read more

  • Day6

    Marina di Grosseto

    August 25, 2015 in Italy

    Úgy tűnik ez a nyaralás az újratervezésekről szól. Fél 7-es kelést terveztünk hogy még reggeli után korán lejussunk a strandra. Vegul 8 lett belőle. A strandtól 5 kmre Erik kitett a parton a kocsiból, hogy a napok óta tartó futás elkummantásából való frusztrációmból és frusztrálásából kimentsen illetve kimeneküljön. Jó rég nem futottam, nagyon jól esett de nagyon meleg is volt. Azóta strandolunk, es kiolvassuk a felhalmozott pletyka gazdasagi es politikai ujsagmennyiseget. A tenger továbbra is nagyon hullámzik, nem lehet menne normálisan úszni csak mártózni de nehogy azt higgyétek hogy panaszkodom 😀 nagyon élvezzük!!Read more

  • Day8

    Castiglione della Pescaia

    August 27, 2015 in Italy

    Tegnap lényegében szintén egész nap tengerpartoztunk. Végre nem hullámzott, tudtunk úszni is és együtt is bemerészkedtünk a cuccokat a parton hagyva ( eddig emiatt sokat paráztunk ;-). castiglione egyébként csodás kisváros, az óváros egy domb tetején fekszik, igazán romantikus a látvány
    . kocsival nem lehet behajtani így strand után mi csak megkerültük és kerestünk olyan kilátópontot ahonnan a legjobban látszik.
    Este pizzáztunk egy gluténmentes pizzazériában - degeszre ettük magunkat ☺️lassan az olaszoknál is minden megoldható hiába a tészták hazája :-)
    Ma irány Ferrara, és útbaejtjük San Gimignanot.
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  • Day4

    Ma reggel sajnos el kellett hagynunk a kedvenc szállásunkat, még egy utolsó finom reggelivel búcsúztunk a La Villatól és Dinotol, a ház macskájától aki valahonnan kerített egy sült rákot magának és épp azt pofozgatta a kertben. a kis gourmet. :-)
    Gyönyörű toszkán falvakon át vezetett az út azon része amit nem pályán tettünk meg. Grossetto azonban nekem amit eddig láttam belőle nagy csalódás. A város első benyomásra kizárólag arra épült rá, hogy elszállásolja azokat a turistákat, akiknek a tengerparti városokban már nem maradt szállás ( pl. Marina di grosseto stb.). Azért feltérképezzük holnap mert tripadvisor szerint legalább 8 látnivaló van grossetoban ( kicsit félek mert ebből a 3. Már egy agrotouristico étterem :-))
    Ma cserébe végre tengert is láttunk, persze a törülközőt sikerült a szálláson hagyni így a sok tengerparon mászkáló szemüveget bomberdzsekit ékszert kelengyét áruló bevándorló közül megtaláltam azt akinek törülközője is volt. Indulásként egyet adott volna 20 eur-t 😳 végül kialkudtunk 2-t 25-ért de így is nagyon fájt. A tenger nagyon hullámzott, úszni nem igazán lehetett, de a lubickolás nagyon jól esett. Na most indulunk vacsizni, remélem találunk valami hangulatos kis helyet, majd beszámolok.
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  • Day4

    Osteria Casacasa

    August 23, 2015 in Italy

    Tripadvisor nyomán kiváló vacsorába futottunk bele Grosetto szélén. A hely ismét rettentő hangulatos volt, megkaptam az egész nap áhítozott halamat is, Erik kis nyuszikát (Gabo, nyugi, nem emlékeztetett rá :-)) chipssel és borocskával. Mikor a pincérnek olaszul mondtam el mennyire elégedettek voltunk (szótárból felolvasva) teljesen meghatódott. Ha valaki erre jár, valóban kötelező ide betérni.

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