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  • Day9

    In der Cat Street gibt es die coole japanische Mode. Zum grossen Teil second hand. interessante Cafes und Kunst. Erholsam und Abseits vom Trubel. In der Takeshita die verrückten Geschäfte, 1 Euro-Läden und Souvenierläden. Kitsch as kitsch can.

  • Day15


    October 6, 2016 in Japan

    Met 3 of 4 verschillende metro's naar Harayuku gereisd. Ongeveer € 20,- voor een dagkaart. Valt NL nog wel mee ;)
    Paul herinnerde zich met Chris nog dat die overal moest bukken, nu is dat bijna allemaal verhoogd.
    De wijk Harayuku is wel een stuk levendiger/drukker en ook meer toeristen zie je daar dan waar wij zitten met ons hotel.
    Veel jongeren lopen er rond met aparte kleding, maar geen echte harayuku meisjes gezien.
    Onwijs veel winkels, kleine en grote shopmerken zoals zara. Leuke wijk om met vriendinnen een dagje te gaan shoppen ;)

    We waren natuurlijk weer eens verkeerd gelopen en hebben uiteindelijk bij een Spaans/Mexicaans tentje biefstuk gegeten, was lekker :)
    Enige nadeel, Nash had flinke stinkie-dinkie en er was alleen een ienimini toilet, waar Paul alles weer op orde heeft gebracht.
    Teruggegaan naar ons hotel, vlakbij zijn ook allemaal leuke eettentjes, dus dat gaan we morgen maar eens proberen.
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  • Day12

    It was a slower start to the morning, we were on a train to Shinjuku shortly after 9am. (Briefly considered visiting Disney Sea, but we were heading in the wrong direction and would not have gotten there before 11am - next time).

    We made our way to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building observation deck. Had a brief look up the north tower. After this we headed to Harajuku and had a wander down Takeshita street. Then onto Kiddyland for a look - holey moley expensive toys. We also grabbed some lunch before moving on.

    From here took the train and had a wander of Akihabara. Let the kids buy some toys at Bic camera. And soon it was 3pm and we were all buggered. So back on the train to Yokohama arriving around 4pm.

    At 5:30pm we googled the nearest Coco curry, it was about 500m away from our hotel and away from the hustle of the station. There we had an amazing dinner at a really reasonable rate. From here we walked back to Yokohama station through one of the underground malls (amazing that these are around and if you didn't go down a staircase, you may never know they existed) and caught the train one stop to Sakuragicho station. This is right near Landmark tower, and the 275m heigh sky garden observation floor.

    Lucky for us today only was the anniversary of the Landmark tower and entry was only 200¥, instead of the usual 1000¥ entry price. As we had done the tower during a different trip in the daytime, we didn't spend much time up there. We probably spent about 10mins admiring the lights. Suprisingly, it was only a little bit busy and we had no wait going up or down. We then had a look in the Pokemon store in the same building - its much bigger than others we've seen. 8pm had us back in our hotel room for our last night in Japan.
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  • Day10

    Harajuku shopping and mad crowds

    October 8, 2016 in Japan

    This was a massive change from the peace that was the shrine area. As we headed back towards the main street the wash of people become even more crowded and the rain did nothing to dampen anyone's enthusiasm for shopping.

    It was at this point that we found an acceptable Italian coffee and had lunch

    Harajuku is to Tokyo what rodeo drive is to LA and the shops on offer are seriously high end. It was a great experience to wander and do some very light shopping with the kind of crowds I'd only seen on TV till that point. Unfortunately we didn't get to see many Harajuku girls but we did stop and interact with a robot which was cool.Read more

  • Day20

    Animal Cafes in Harajaku

    November 8, 2017 in Japan

    We woke in Century Southern Towers in Shinjuku this morning for our final day in Japan. Still some excitement ahead before our evening overnight flight at 7.20pm from Narita direct home to Melbourne. We finished our packing, checked out, stored out bags and boarded the JR Line just two stops to Harajaku to spend some time at some 'animal' cafes. These places are not so much places to eat, but more places to pet animals. It started with Cats.. but now there's so much more.

    After a coffee and some weird cookies for breakfast, we arrived at the Musashino Owl Cafe just a short walk from the station. For a cost of around 2500 Yen ($30AU) per person, you could handle, pet and hand feed eight different owls, big and pocket sized. This was a mixed experience. Firstly, it was amazing to get up so close and interact with these stunning birds. They seemed relatively relaxed and calm for the most part. I did have my concerns about them being essentially kept tethered to a small space.. and a few spent a lot of time sitting almost wistfully looking through the window at the parkland across the road. I'm no expert, but they did appear to be healthy, well looked after and not stressed, alas many animals are kept as pets against their will and many in much worse conditions. It was a pleasure to get so close to them, and they clearly appeared to enjoy a head scratch or cheek rub. They also seemed well bonded to at least one other owl for companionship.

    Next, just a five minute walk away to Harry Hedgehog Cafe! A little cheaper and less to be worried about regarding the happiness of the animals. These tiny little guys seemed contented, with plenty of privacy, food, water, and two or three friends to cuddle up and sleep next to. They were tricky to pick up, especially when in a ball, having to get your fingers around their spikes and find their bellies. They'd either refuse to sit still or just happily fall asleep in your hands. We had a small bowl of meal-worms to feed them, which raised their excitement levels! I've never seen an animal go from extremely excited and energetic to a deep sleep within 5 seconds.

    From here, we spent another hour or so wandering around Harajaku, heading to the Design Festa Gallery to pick up a small art piece. We then explored the popular Takeshita Street, and made our way back to the hotel to pick up our bags from storage. We had about a 30 minute JR train ride from Shikoku to Ueno, and then 30-40 minute Keisei Skyliner Train ride to get us to Narita Airport.
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  • Day6

    New Year's Day in Harajuku

    January 1 in Japan

    Today we lined up with hundreds of others at a shrine to wish for good fortune, and drink some more amazake. By way of contrast we also walked down Takeshita Street in Harajuku, home of all the most kawaii shops in Tokyo. Ivy felt she had found her spiritual home among the Hello Kitty, Paris Kids, and Cosplay Costume shops and the crepe stalls. The rest of us just felt a bit overwhelmed and exhausted - the street was pumping from end to end and ringing with the high pitched twangy voices of salesgirls.
    Almost forgot about this morning. We went down to do some washing at the coin-op laundry around the corner which happened to be next door to an urban Sentou. Russ and Henry popped in to the men's baths (after an awkward explanation to the cashier that Henry was a boy not a girl) and then convinced Ivy and I to go in. It was mostly older Japanese women a little bemused by us I think.
    Our New Year's dinner was sourced entirely from the supermarket - soba, teriyaki chicken and sushi - delish !
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  • Day4

    Harajuku, Tokyo

    November 29, 2009 in Japan

    In the heart of this street was this super delicious tonkatsu joint that was quiet and not terribly busy. It was a such a contrast to was happening outside. After walking around and window shopping we stopped by this bridge were some cosplayers were hanging out. Did I mention they were fearless?

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