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    • Day41

      Noboribetsu Onsen !

      June 23, 2022 in Japan ⋅ 🌧 14 °C

      Cette fois on va parler Oni !! 👹

      Il s'agit d'une créature du folklore japonais, une sorte d'ogre cornu, souvent représenté avec une massue.

      Ce qui m'intéresse à Noboribetsu, c'est surtout son village onsen, le plus connu dans tout Hokkaido. Il est spécial, car on y trouve des eaux aux propriétés très variés.

      Je ne vous le cache pas, mes deux jours là bas se sont passés sous la pluie, donc je n'ai pas pu faire tout ce que j'espérais. Heureusement, le village est relativement petit, donc j'ai pu en parcourir une bonne partie, et voir les nombreuses statues de Oni, symbole de Noboribetsu Onsen.

      J'ai été très chanceux, car j'ai pu observer un geyser au calme, juste avant qu'il s'anime et fume dans tous les sens !!

      À Noboribetsu il y a aussi un spectacle qui a lieu seulement quelques fois par jour: une poupée Karakuri qui s'anime et se transforme. C'est assez sympa à voir, même si c'est très court.

      Je n'ai malheureusement pas pu faire la vallée de l'enfer Jigokudani, alors que c'est un des endroits les plus connus et impressionnants (peut-être une prochaine fois !)

      Avant de rentrer, je suis allé dans un hôtel en tant que visiteur, pour profiter de ses nombreux bains. C'était incroyable, il y en avait de toutes les sortes, de toutes les températures (même froid !) et au final j'ai pu voir un morceau de la vallée de l'enfer depuis une baie vitrée, tout en étant dans le bain ☺️

      Le meilleur onsen que j'ai pu faire jusque là !

      Let's talk about Oni!!! 👹

      This is a creature from Japanese folklore, a kind of horned ogre, often represented carrying a club.

      I had an interest in Noboribetsu because of its onsen village, the most famous in all Hokkaido. It is special, because there are waters with various properties.

      I won't lie, my two days there were under the rain, so I couldn't do everything I was hoping for. Fortunately, the village is relatively small, so I was able to go through a good part of it, and to see the numerous statues of Oni, symbol of Noboribetsu Onsen.

      I was very lucky, because I could see a geyser in "quiet" mode, just before it comes to life and smokes like crazy !

      In Noboribetsu there is also a show that takes place only a few times a day: a Karakuri doll that comes to life and transforms. It is quite nice to see, even if it is very short.

      Unfortunately I couldn't do the Jigokudani hell valley, although it is one of the most famous and impressive places (maybe next time!)

      Before going back, I went to a hotel as a visitor, to enjoy its many baths. It was amazing, there were all kinds of waters, with various temperatures (even cold !) and in the end I could see a piece of the Jigokudani hell valley from a bay window, while enjoying the bath at the same time ☺️

      The best onsen I've done so far!





      もちろん本物鬼じゃない、ただの像だよ。でも、なんか、夜には、煙の中で鬼を見ると、「その鬼生きている」と思ってた。変でしょう? 😅

      1. 子猫のとき、おにぎりの大きさまたいだった 🍙
      2.  遊びながら、物を壊したから鬼見たいだ 👹


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      La classe !!


      Super sympa ! On voit bien les attributs des ogres dans la ville. A tout hasard, est-ce que tu as vu une représentation, en statue peut-être, du conte '' l'ogre rouge qui pleurait '' [ 泣いた赤おに ] ?

    • Day13

      Objectif Ryokan : Noboribetsu

      March 27, 2019 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 1 °C

      A bord de notre super Hokuto (de cuisine), nous longeons la mer en direction de Sapporo. Avant ça, nous faisons un arrêt à Noboribetsu Onsen et son unique rue parcourue de statue de pierres et d'étranges personnages. Mais qu'allons nous faire la-bas Odile ?Read more

    • Day13

      Objectif Ryokan: repos

      March 27, 2019 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ -2 °C

      Je vous épargnerais les photos de nous dans les bains très relaxants. Je vous transmets donc des photos de moi et Stéphane en yukata. Voici en photo aussi notre repas Kaiseki pour vous faire saliver. Tout était très bon!Read more

    • Day13

      Objectif Ryokan: l'enfer

      March 27, 2019 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 0 °C

      Noboribetsu est connu pour sa vallée volcanique, dites Jikogudani: La vallée de l'enfer.
      Les sédiments de couleurs différentes indiquent différents types de mineraux, idéaux pour, par exemple, se baigner...Read more

    • Day7

      Hell Valley

      May 15, 2016 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

      I originally planned this day for tomorrow, the last day of my stay in Sapporo but weather conditions made me change my plans. The town of Noboribetsu onsen is said to be one of the best onsen towns in Hokkaido so naturally i had to give it a try. Not only does this town have a lot of different hotsprings with various water compositions (ie. sulfurous, rich in mineral, calcious) but it's also famous for its gorgeous and easily reachable geothermal source for all it's spring waters. Once you get of the bus you are immediatly greeted by a gorgeous sulfurous smell. Did i say gorgeous? I meant awful. :-P The walk to the geothermal site was a short and easy one and it's a spectacular site. In the middle of a green gorge there is a barren and rocky area where nothing grows. Colums of steam and small strangely coloured streams complete the picture. I just stood there for a while and looked in awe. The pictures on this post don't do it justice. It's truly mesmerizing. From the vantage point there were several tracks to lead you around the area for more wonderful sites and attractions. One of which is a small stream which looks like any mountain stream with cold water, only this is nearly 50 degrees celcius. Perfect for making a footbath the locals must have thought. And boy it is! Just take of your socks and shoes and soak your tired feet in the creek. Delightful! I got to talk with a nice family from Taiwan who were there with their parents and kids. It was really fun and they wanted to take a picture with them and me. :-D.
      Once back in the onsen town i went to the Daiichi-Takomotokan onsen resort. By far the biggest one in Noboribetsu-onsen. With 7 different baths boasting different water compositions and temperatures and hence various health benefits. It was a great experience. It even had an outside bath with view over Jigukodani (Hell Valley). Unfortunately no pictures of the onsen for obvious reasons but trust me if i tell you it was brilliant. I can't tell you much about the ride back since i slept practically all the way. The evening in the hostel was spent with a wonderful couple from Sweden/Norway and a Canadian while trying to watch my soccer team progress to the next round for European football. Just a perfect day!
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    • Day637

      Noboribetsu II

      September 10, 2020 in Japan ⋅ 🌧 20 °C

      The next day, I went to Jigokudani located in a very nice hot spring town. I ate some crab miso ramen before walking towards Jigokudani. It was raining heavily but it fortunately subsided and I was able to get a nice view of the natural hot sulfur pools and geysers around the area. I took numerous hiking trails to circle the place, being one with nature and all despite my very sore legs, I pushed through going up some hills and I was able to see even larger sulfur pools and hot springs. A bit further, there was a nice natural foot bath, I put my feet in the hot flowing river and I must say, it really helped with the fatigue. I lazed about here for quite sometime before heading further upstream. The rocks here were very interesting, the colors were vivid from red and blue and green marbles, probably from the mineral-rich water flowing. The town also had a lot of oni statues, I am guessing it goes with the Hell`s Valley nickname, as in Jigokudani. I walked around some more and considered going to the bear zoo but opted not to cuz I the bears there looked like they were being mistreated. I met the same familiar face all the way from Asahidake at the bus station going back to my hotel.

      I arrived and walked to the beach one last time to enjoy my last day in Hokkaido, got some snacks to reward myself for a good spontaneous trip and went to bed completely satisfied.
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