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  • Day28

    Von Hakone nach Toba

    May 10, 2018 in Japan ⋅

    Von Gora mit der Zahnradbahn nach Hakone und dann mit dem superschnellen Shinkansen vorbei am Fuji zu den Perlentaucherinnen in Toba. Das Mikimoto Perlen Museum ist sehr spannend. Die Frauen tauchen im 16 Grad kaltem Wasser nach den Austern.

  • Day115

    Kyoto: Erster Eindruck

    July 8, 2018 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    „Kyoto“ muss auf Japanisch für „Tempel“ stehen. 🤓
    Denn gefühlt JEDE Strasse hat einen Tempel, Schrein, eine Pagode oder ähnliches zu bieten. Reizüberflutung der anderen Art verglichen mit Tokyo. Auf jeden Fall wirkt Kyoto entspannter, reich(er) an Kultur und weniger „bling bling“ als die Hauptstadt. Zudem heisst uns hier endlich mal wieder die Sonne willkommen. Die Freude darüber werden wir aber noch bereuen, da die Hitze bei unseren 30-Stunden Tagesprogrammen Sightseeing ziemlich schlauchen wird. 😅

    Schlafen werden wir hier erstmals in einem Ryokan, einem japanisch eingerichteten Hotel. „Eingerichtet“ ist wahrscheinlich übertrieben, denn in unserem Zimmer liegen genau 2 Matratzen auf dem Boden ... und das war‘s auch schon an der gesamten Zimmereinrichtung. 🙈 Was man nicht alles macht, um in die Kultur des Landes voll einzutauchen. Nach der ersten Nacht mussten wir allerdings beide zugeben, dass es unerwartet gemütlich war. Eine weitere Lebenserkenntnis unserer Weltreise: Mehr als einen sauberen Schlafplatz braucht‘s auch eigentlich nicht ...vor allem wenn man nach einem Besichtigungsmarathon heim kommt und tot ins „Bett“ fällt. 😴

    In Bildern gesprochen folgen anbei ein paar erste Eindrücke von Kyoto:
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  • Day8

    Shōsei-en Garten

    March 28, 2018 in Japan ⋅

    Unser Überblick über Kyoto zeigte uns im Nord-Westen einen schönen Garten, den wir auch als nächstes Ziel ansteuerten. Es stellte sich heraus, dass es sich um den Shōsei-en Garten handelt. Dieser diente zuerst einem buddistischen Abt als Residenz als er in Pension ging und wurde im Laufe der Zeit zu einem Anlaufpunkt für Menschen aus ganz Japan und später noch dem Rest der Welt.
    Wir gingen also, wie es sich für gute Touris gehört, mal eine Runde mit Kameras bewaffnet durch den Garten.
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  • Day8


    March 19, 2018 in Japan ⋅

    It took us a while to get organised this morning. April and I attended to the washing but then realised that there was no dryer so we had to ask if there was a laundry about. April was given a map with directions and off we all went. Eventually after asking a couple of road workmen we were still unsure as to the location of the allusive launderette. A Japanese man stop and assisted us to a house saying that it was what we wanted so we went in but it was an empty house which we walked through. Luckily we weren't found out and charged with breaking and entering!. Not long after this April found the establishment on the corner. After depositing our clothes we then went in search of a somewhere for brunch . We had a delicious meal at Bruno's and met a couple traveling around like us I think they were from a Scandinavian country. They shows us photos of blossom in Ueno gardens that had just come out. We picked up our dry washing and headed back to our room to consume some pastries on the balcony and workout want to do this afternoon.Read more

  • Day23

    המוזיאון נבנה פחות או יותר כשיפן נחשפה למערב לראשונה. אפשר לראות את ההשפעות האירופאיות במבנה המוזיאון (ורק במבנה כי כל היצירות בתוכו הן אסייתיות).

    הוא ענק! שני מבנים של 3 קומות, אחד ישן ואחד מודרני. בישן בדיוק מחליפים תערוכה אז הוא היה סגור...

    התערוכות היו מגוונות ונפלאות - המון בודהיזם, כרגיל, אבל הפעם גם עם הרבה התייחסות לבוזהיזם בסין ולהרבה זרמים שונים בבודהיזם. חוץ מהמון פסלים ממגוון מקדשים (שהיו מהממים) היו גם תערוכות על אספקטים אחרים בדת.

    חוץ מזה היו ממצאים ארכיאולוגיים מעניינים, ציורים יפים, עבודות מתכת, בדים ו"חוצצים" מצויירים (ברחה לי המילה... זה מן וילון יפני עומד כזה). הכל היה יפה.

    התערוכה שהכי הפתיעה אותי הייתה דווקא תערוכת הקרמיקה. לרוב אני שונאת קרמיקה ומוותרת על כל מה שקשור לזה, אבל זו הייתה מיוחדת. במקום לזרוק עליך מלא צלחות וכלי קרמיקה נוצצים (גם זה היה), היו גם פסלי קרמיקה בצביעה מיוחדת של גרגירי חול (או מה שזה לא יהיה, תפסיקו לא לתרגם הכל לאנגלית!). זה יצר שילוב חומרים ממש מעניין - כאילו שחלק מהפסל קפא והפך לאבן וחלק עדיין חי וצבעוני. נורא מיוחד.

    בקיצור - לכו לשם!

    *התמונות הן רק של המבנים כי בפנים אסור היה לצלם.
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  • Day26


    October 26, 2014 in Japan ⋅

    To escape from my stalker I left Kagoshima early in the morning to catch the train to Kyoto. I tried to be as quiet as possible and headed straight for the tram so I wouldn't get caught. I reached the train station but it didn't look familiar. I followed Google maps which had served me so well up until now. I later found out that there were multiple stations in this town. Luckily for me I was in Japan where everyone is super friendly and helpful. The train guard said I could just pop onto the next local train which would take me to the correct station and then jump onto the bullet train to Kyoto. I really love the Japanese.

    Once I arrived in Kyoto I checked into my hostel which was setup as a traditional Ryokan, so basically a futon on the floor. I unpacked and was pretty hungry so headed to an udon place down the road. I got my bowl of noodles and I was doing a pretty shit job of getting the broth all over me and the restaurant. The Japanese love to slurp their noodles and I was watching one guy slurping away next to me. I thought I'd try to copy the locals and start slurping and found I was no longer getting covered in the broth. So there seemed to be some logic behind eating your noodles as loud as possible.

    Anyway I went back to the hostel to get my bag. Whilst in my room I could hear the girl downstairs check someone in and then show them around the hostel. She came up the stairs with the new arrival who happened to be my German stalker. She was about to introduce us but the German interrupted and said "no need, I know this guy, he's my good friend and we're travelling together". Ah nuts! I can't believe this guy followed me all the way from Kagoshima to the same hostel! I had to get out ASAP. I said I had just eaten and was heading out now to sightsee and before he could say anything I was running out of the door.

    Temples aren't really my thing so I only planned to stay one night in Kyoto. There are a million temples here so I decided to head to the one nearest to the hostel which happens to be one of the most popular. It was Sunday and the road up to the temple was rammed! It took a while to barge my way through the crowd and I was desperately trying to get some distance between me and my stalker. I won't bore you about the temple as it was rather uninspiring.

    After spending sometime strolling around Kyoto I headed back to the hostel for a well earned beer.  Whilst enjoying my cool beverage my stalker returned to the hostel.  I wanted a bite to eat and as I tried to leave my stalker decided to join me.  I really wish I had the balls to tell him to "f'off" but I let him tag along.  And like the previous night we struggled to agree on a place to eat.  We walked around for ages and I was starting to turn into the Snickers diva.  Finally I snapped and decided to eat at a takoyaki place and I told the German dude that he can go somewhere else if he wanted but I was staying put.  He reluctantly sat with me and sulked through the meal.  During the meal my stalker kept saying he wanted us to go to an onsen.  And like the previous night, yes I wanted to go but not with him.

    So we headed back to the hostel and we had a new guy in our room from Australia.  The German dude got chatting to the Aussie about their travels so I took the opportunity to escape to the onsen.  I grabbed a few things and ran for the door.

    The onsen wasn't far but I stood outside for a while as I was pretty nervous about going in.  I wasn't nervous about getting butt naked in front of loads of old Japanese men but there is a certain etiquette that must be followed in these establishments and I didn't want to anger a bunch of old naked men.  I searched the Internet about onsen etiquette before heading in but I was more confused as there were a few different ways of using the onsen.  I decided to go with the simple version.  I won't get into too much detail but the general rule is you strip down to your birthday suit, wash yourself very thoroughly at the showers by the side of the baths and scrub like you've never scrubbed before.  Then you have to make sure there is not a trace of soap before you step into one of the baths.

    So after cleaning myself I had the choice of 3 baths, one cold, one hot and the other with an electric current.  I'm pretty sure I was taught water and electricity is not a good mix.  So I avoided that bath and gingerly entered the hot bath.  Dawn this water was hot.  I eventually got my shoulders under but it was not a pleasant experience.  I dare not move once in the water as it was painful to move.  To risk not looking like a whimp I told myself to stay in for at least 10 minutes.  All I did was look at the clock move around slowly.  As it was getting nearer to 10 minutes I started to feel light headed but I made it to the end and jumped out.  I noticed no one else used my pool and I was getting paranoid I broke some sort of etiquette and dirtied the pool.  All the old guys decided to use the sauna instead.  Oh well, I had finally experienced my first onsen and it wasn't the relaxing experience I was told it would be.

    The next day I grabbed a bike and cycled around Kyoto.  It was much quieter than the Sunday and was quite relaxing.  I saw some beautiful gardens where the leaves were changing colour and I cycled the famous "Philosopher's Walk" which was calming.

    I ended up at a sushi joint to try some Kyoto style sushi.  There was a lovely old man that started chatting to me whilst we were waiting to be seated.  He helped me pick some awesome dishes.  I love the Japanese people, they are so friendly, polite and helpful.

    It seems my stalker has got the message that I didn't like him and he was planning to meet someone in Tokyo so hopefully I don't have to worry about him following me to Osaka.

    Observation: The people working at the train station can type super quick.  It's hypnotising watching them book your tickets.  You have to love Japanese efficiency.
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