We leave Cains in Queensland Australia on 12th August. Fly to Madrid with a short stop over in Hong Kong. then on to SJPD via Pamploma. we start our Camino on Sunday 18th August .....
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  • Day6

    "Beilari" SJPD day two

    August 17, 2019 in France ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Pettit diguner at Gite Saint Jacques was 7.30 and our hosts Andrew was so welcoming we had a "toast" chease, fruit and coffee. Simple but tasty.
    We left our bags here while we went out to explore the town properly.
    We bought French bread and camonburge for lunch and at it overlooking the town.

    In the evening we had reserved Aburge "Beilari" which is the Basque word for Pilgrim.
    Joseph our host was very welcomeing but he set us down straight away to tell us the rules. Whilst they were few and made good sense I did feel like I was back at school. We had to l our bags outside in case of bedbugs we could not bring them to the bedroom.
    We were sharing a room with two American guys
    Dinner was at 7:30 and we played a game throwing an imaginary ball and saying our names then breif introductions. We had to keep it short just just our Camino title which did not really tell us anything about anybody. I understand we don't have time for a life story but....
    Dinner was plain and vegetarian OK but nothing to rite home about.
    Dinner finished at nine we were advised if we wanted to explore the town we only had an hour as the doors were being locked at 10pm sharp and they were stricked about it. Lights out and no talking after 10.30.
    Almost worse than boarding school.
    Still we have a big day tomorrow so just go with the flow..
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  • Day5

    St Jean De Pied De port

    August 16, 2019 in France ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    We took the bus ftom pamplona in Spain along a narrow winding road through the Basque countryside to St Jean De Pied De port. I ft like I was on a ride at the funfair as the bus flew through the hilly torain.
    I had the google maps on my phone and I could see the Pilgrim path we would be following as it zigzagged its way soften crossing the road.
    When we passed through some of the small towns I was excited knowing that in a few days we would be walking back through them can't wait.

    SJPD is a beautiful town we checked into our aburge "Gite de la Porte Saint Jacques" we were given a private room which was lovely.
    We went into town to explore. We bought bagets for lunch and bought some new bumbags. We also visited the pilgrims hostel where I bought Mt compostella my official pilgrims passport that will allow me to sleep in the aburges along the Way.
    Mo has one from Santiago in Spain so hers is ftom the end of the journey and mine is from the start.
    We went back to the aburge and went to bed for a "nap" it was about 7pm and we slept through to the next day.
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  • Day4

    First Visit To Pamplona

    August 15, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Woke up really early. Body is still on Australian time.
    Trying to cram evething into the tiny backpack is fun
    Would be so much easier if I ditched the sleeping bag but I'm sure I'll need it later?

    Had a nice breakfast at the hostel
    Just musli toast and pastries
    Got metro to the train station almost went to Málaga as the guard told us to get on the wrong train. Fortunately there was a girl in "our" seat and when she produced her ticket to prove it was her seat she looked at my ticket and said we were on the Málaga train not Pamplona. We jumped off quickly just before it pulled off. 😳

    Once at Pamplona we hadn't a clue where to go we had forgot to look up directions and there was no internet at station.

    My Sygic off line gps did not understand the address (because the email had the basque name for street) we saw some back packers so decided to follow them. (in the wrong direction LOL)
    Everything was closed for afternoon siesta but finally we found a bar, there was no free "We Fee" but I smiled sweetly at the girl behind the bar and she typed the code into my phone.

    Once we had internet I could use the link in the email to google maps.
    It was only a 30min walk so we set off.

    It was full sun and no shade must remember to always carry water.

    Mo said her foot was starting to hurt. She had left her hiking socks off on the train and was just wearing her liners, so we stopped in a park under a tree and I taped up her foot and she put her socks on.
    Only 20 minutes to go but I'm sure she dodged her first blister.

    We followed google along the bank if the river to the hostel.

    The room is basic small with no windows but clean, just thin paper sheets. Glad I have my silk liner and sleeping bag 👍

    We took a shower and went to explore pamplona
    First task was find a phone shop. I spotted a small shop and bought two orange 15€ sims. The girl spoke no English but we managed to buy sims and get them set up in our phones.

    No international calls but 400mins of local and 7Gb data apparently we will get an SMS with a bonus 10Gb we will wait and see? Apparently there is no way to find out your balance as we can't send SMS ill see what I can discover hopfuly there is a website or app?

    We had a quick visit to two amazing churches.
    We will visit again when we pass back through as we didn't do them justice.

    Found a place selling Pilgrim special dinner

    Entre , main and drink(beer wine or water) . For 16.90€ or 14.90€ if you went inside we paid the extra and stayed outside in the courtyard and listen to a buscar playing guitar.

    I had seafood Piella for starters followed by whole Sea Bass (3€ extra) mo had spag boll followed by Bull Stew

    After lunch we took a stroll around town before heading back home.

    We made ourselves a coffee and met an Australian guy Jeff from the Sunshine Coast
    He was retired and doing his second Camino first time was last year.

    He had left his wife at home and seemed like he walked at a fair pace. He said definitely keep the sleeping bag and strap it on the outside if there's not enough room. He had a 42l bag which is very big?

    Was starting to get tired so at 9.30 called it a day.
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