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  • Day2

    Paleis op de Dam - Königlicher Palast

    April 11, 2019 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    Der Paleis op de Dam ist der Königliche Palast, der sich in der Innenstadt am Rande des Platzes de Dam befindet. Er wurde von 1648 bis 1665, als sich Amsterdam im Goldenen Zeitalter auf dem Höhepunkt seiner Macht befand, errichtet. 1808 wurde das Gebäude erstmals nicht als Rathaus, sondern als Königlicher Palast verwendet. Seit 1939 wird es dauerhaft von der Königsfamilie des Hauses Oranien-Nassau zu Repräsentationszwecken und als Gästehaus für Staatsgäste genutzt, jedoch nicht als Sitz der Königsfamilie. Direkt vor dem Palast, wo früher ein gotisches Rathaus stand, erhob sich ab 1856 das Denkmal De Eendracht (,die Eintracht‘) von Louis Royer, das 1914 neu verlegten Straßenbahngleisen weichen musste. 1956 wurde auf dem Platz das Nationalmonument errichtet. Gebäude und Monument wurden zum Rijksmonument erklärt. Ein Rijksmonument (Niederländisch ‘‘Reichsdenkmal“, im Sinne von Nationaldenkmal) ist ein mindestens 50 Jahre altes Kulturdenkmal in den Niederlanden, das wegen seiner Schönheit, seiner Bedeutung für die Wissenschaft oder seines kulturhistorischen Werts unter Denkmalschutz gestellt wurde. Da ich mich zu diesem Zeitpunkt wegen dem kräftigen Wind auf der Suche nach einer Mütze befand, waren wir kurz im sich am Platz befindlichen H&M. Vom Fenster im 5ten Stock habe ich das mit Abstand beste Foto des Königlichen Palastes gemacht.Read more

  • Day2

    Das Nationalmonument

    April 11, 2019 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    Einmal umgedreht hatten wir direkt einen Blick auf das Nationalmonument. Das Nationalmonument ist ein niederländisches nationales Denkmal auf dem Platz Dam. Es handelt sich um ein aus Beton und Travertin gefertigtes Monument mit einem 22 Meter hohen Obelisk und einer teilweise um diesen geschwungenen Gedenkmauer, das 1956 gefertigt wurde. Das Denkmal ist das Mahnmal für die Opfer der deutschen Besetzung im Zweiten Weltkrieg und das Monument der Befreiung und des Friedens. Die Skulpturen symbolisieren Krieg (durch vier männliche Figuren), Frieden (Frau und Kind) und Widerstand (zwei Männer mit jaulenden Hunden) und tragen die Botschaft: „Nie wieder!“Read more

  • Day27

    On The Sapphire

    April 21, 2017 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Today I boarded my new home for the next fortnight. The Sapphire is a floating hotel with 150 passengers and 40 crew on board. It is very luxurious with opening sliding doors in most of the rooms. There is a large dining room and a separate bar/lounge area plus a sundeck on top. Plenty of space and it rarely feels crowded.

    When cruising there is very little noise and you glide along the river with a neverending changing scenery to look at. A great way to move from place to place and so much better than a bus!

    The food and service from the staff is absulutly brilliant and they have great senses of humour. Somehow the group of people I made friends with have turned out to be the ones who are last to go to bed after a few drinks in the lounge. Strange that...
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  • Day28

    Canal cruise

    April 22, 2017 in the Netherlands ⋅ ☀️ 9 °C

    On the first day we left the boat in the morning to go on a cruise of Amsterdam canals in a glass topped boat. Given the city has hundreds of miles of canals it is a great way to see the city. There were many lovely views and the perspective on the water was different from when walking.

    The city is built on soggy ground so many of the older buildings are crooked and look a little drunk. Fascinating for me from an earthquake prone city to see these buildings still allowed to be lived in.

    Bikes are everywhere in a city designed to be either cycled or floated around. From the canal boat, you saw them chained to every spare space there was and hundreds are fished out of the water by a special boat each day.
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  • Day172


    September 9, 2015 in the Netherlands ⋅ 🌙 14 °C

    We eventually escaped from husky prison and make a break for Amsterdam.

    Its Sukis second time in Amsterdam and Travs first. We spend the first day cycling through the city on fixies- the city is very well equipped for cycling! We head to the local brewery for a few bevvies and wander around the Jordaan and the canals. A great steak for dinner, then off to the popular "Wynard Focker" bar to sample the local liqueur Jenever, and a few of the cocktail concoctions made by all the local liqueurs- our gay bartender Andre is hilarious and gives us loads of free tastings :-) We walk away with 2 bottles of the "Half and Half" liqueur. Then of course the obligatory walk through the red light district to check out the "working girls" in the windows and the numerous coffee shops selling marijuana. Being a Monday night, most of the girls looked quite bored sitting in their windows, although the "sexy librarian" look (high ponytail, glasses, neon underwear) seemed to be the latest fashion trend. There is a lot or stigma attached to Amsterdam, the legal marijuana and the prostitution, but we found those aspects to only form a small part of the city (probably because we didn't partake in either of the above!)

    Day 2 we took a day trip out to Zaanse Schans, a cute little village with a bunch of old fashion dutch windmills set along the river. We discover that this must be where old people go to holiday- the average age of most of the tourists we saw must have been over 60! Its a nice walk and we pop into a little cheese factory and take advantage of the free cheese samples.. Yum!

    Back to Amsterdam that afternoon and we make a visit to the "Red Light Secrets" museum, which gives us a behind the scenes insight into "the oldest profession in history". It was very interesting actually, and we discover a few cool facts- there are 400 plus windows in the district and the girls pay 150euro per 10hour shift to hire the room. The going rate per visit is 50euro. The average visit lasts just 6 minutes!

    Its an early night for us as Trav is feeling a little sick and we have another long travel day ahead of us. We pick up some groceries for dinner and also stumble across the cheapest Hoegaarden beer we have ever seen- normally $20 for a 4 pack in Australia, we pick up a 6 pack here for 3.80euro- Bargain!!
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  • Day246

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    January 14, 2018 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 3 °C

    We took a thirty minute train ride from Utrecht to Amsterdam to meet up with our friends from New Zealand, Joon and Trixie, who are currently traveling around Europe. We wandered the city during the day (mostly dodging the masses of tourists) and toured the Heineken brewery. We learned all about the Heineken brand and how beer is made. In the evening we took a boat tour through the canals to see the Festival of Lights. It was fantastic spending time with Joon and Trixie, especially because the last time we saw them was at their wedding in New Zealand.Read more

  • Day35


    October 6, 2019 in the Netherlands ⋅ 🌧 9 °C

    The weather is just horrible - (very) cold and light rain ☔️. We caught the metro into the town centre where Anne had to buy a new umbrella after the wind nearly turned hers inside-out. We decided the best thing to do would be a canal tour in an enclosed boat. The idea was good, warm and dry, but also meant the windows fogged up and so too difficult to take photos or get a really good view - but on such a horrible day it was good way to do some sightseeing. Much of the city is built on land reclaimed from the sea as well as very soft soil. This means that many of the buildings (particularly on or near the canals) have quite a lean as one side sinks faster than the other!!!

    After the cruise we tried to do some more sightseeing on foot, but the weather really was too bad. Having said that, there were hardier souls than us and the city was still really busy with tourists (though a lot of them probably weren’t feeling the cold, just hungry). We decided it was time to head back to the hotel. I’d brought along our google chromecast so we watched Netflix for the afternoon.

    We did see two really tiny 🚗. Ohh and 🚲 are one of the main modes of transport.

    Tomorrow we’re off to Hanover in Germany.
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  • Day6


    August 13, 2016 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    65km cycle from Gouda and we then had to see the Rijks Museum.

    Gouda - Amsterdam 72 km
    Tour via the rual Green Heart. The scenery is punctuated by rivers, polders and lakes (bird lovers bring your binoculars!). Saw hunters with dummies next to the lake.
    In this Green Heart of Holland only small villages, lakes and meadows.Read more

  • Day2

    Cycling paradise

    June 2, 2018 in the Netherlands ⋅ 🌧 14 °C

    For once, i wasn't the only person assembling a bike at the airport! There were SIX other people traveling with their bikes!

    Naturally, it poured rain on me and i got lost in the 20 miles between the airport and my campground. But! It didn't matter, because there was a bike lane the entire way from the terminal to my tent.

    "amsterdam" sign - bicycle (barely) visible for scale between the E and the R
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  • Day10


    June 29, 2016 in the Netherlands ⋅ 🌧 14 °C

    Well, we arrived to Amsterdam, after a long bus ride.

    We walked around the city -until we got to the Van Gough museum! Absolutely spectacular to see.

    Afterwards, we shopped a little and took in the beauty of the side way buildings in Amsterdam (not forgetting our free beauty treatment at Lush). We had a late lunch at this very quaint and welcoming pizzeria (we also had enough for dinner). The restaurant offered us a complimentary garlic bread.

    Once returning to the hostel, we took time to relax and catch up with the reality of home.

    Tomorrow - we have our bike tour! Wish us luck with our biking technique! ✌
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