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  • Day11

    Day 2 in Amsterdam

    February 11 in the Netherlands ⋅ 🌬 4 °C

    Well heading back to the hostel after meeting Gary for a few beers again..... It's safe to say we were both very rough today haha.

    Bit of sight seeing and of course shopping today. Had the most incredible hot dog ever worth every penny

    I love this city, always have and always will...... Can't wait to come back again.

    Off to Berlin tomorrow!!.

    Can't believe I have bee traveling for 11 days already it's going so fast 😓.

    Can't wait to see my mum in just 3 days!!.
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  • Day7

    Amsterdam - Keukenhof Gardens and More!

    April 5, 2019 in the Netherlands ⋅ ☀️ 11 °C

    Yesterday was definitely the highlight of the whole trip!! We had a perfect day. We woke up “early” (8:00ish), got ready and headed out to the Keukenhof Gardens for the tulip festival. On our way to the bus, we stopped for a quick breakfast - a yummy spinach quiche for me and an omelette for Tim. We didn’t have the easiest time finding the bus stop or figuring out where to transfer, but we made it!

    Amsterdam’s tulip festival runs each year from mid-March to early May. The Keukenhof Garden is the largest flower garden in the world with over 7 million flower bulbs planted each year. The gardens are famous for the tulips but there are also hyacinths, daffodils, lillies, carnations, orchids, and more. Surrounding the gardens are fields and fields of flowers.

    We started our trip by renting bikes to explore the fields around the gardens. There are a bunch of different bike routes to take and the first thing we did was immediately take a wrong turn and ride for about 4 miles in the wrong direction. Not sure how it took us 4 miles to realize we were in a town and nowhere near the gardens, I guess we were having too much fun! We headed back and did the short 1 hour loop around the fields instead of the 3 hour loop we had originally planned!

    After we returned the bikes, we entered the gardens. Wow! I was completely amazed the entire time. We wandered around for hours. The tulips are at their peak bloom around mid-April. I think we went at the perfect time. One of my favorite things to look at was the different life spans of the tulips, from the first bulb to the huge flower. The gardens are laid out perfectly so that tulips are constantly blooming and in one small garden you can see every stage of bloom. It was incredible. But after about 3 or 4 hours, we were both exhausted. We took the bus back home around 6:00.

    Our night was also awesome. After we got ready, we headed out for dinner. One of my coworkers had told us we had to try the Turkish kabobs. There was a very highly rated Turkish restaurant a few blocks a away so that’s where we went! We got huge platters of lamb shawarma. It was so yummy but so much food.

    After dinner, we tried to go to a pub that our hosts had recommended, one of the oldest pubs in Amsterdam, but it was closed (what pub closes at 9:00?!). We ended up hopping around to a couple of different pubs and met/hung out with a really nice Dutch couple for awhile. Before we knew it, we were only a few blocks away from the red light district. We had hated it so much the first night but that was a traveling and tired day. We decided to go to one more bar and walk down the strip one last time while we were in such a good mood. Again, it sucked, but we had a much better time the second time around after we had grown to love Amsterdam.

    At this point, it was pretty late, so we headed back to the Jordaan district to our cute little canal apartment. On the way, we stopped for take away waffles!! Yum! The perfect ending to the perfect day.
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  • Day6

    Amsterdam Museums and Wandering

    April 4, 2019 in the Netherlands ⋅ ☀️ 8 °C

    Yesterday was so fun. Our first night in Amsterdam, we only really checked out the red light district, and didn’t love it. But yesterday, we wandered all around the outskirts of the city and fell in love.

    We started our day with a delicious healthy breakfast at a little cafe on a canal. Fresh squeezed orange juice, avocado egg toast, and goat cheese and jam toast with lots of veggies. Then we walked over to the Anne Frank Museum, which is only a few blocks from our place. The museum/house was really cool but also very depressing!

    After Anne Frank, we wandered around the canals for hours. We stopped in at a few pubs, people watched, and window shopped at some cool second hand good stores and record shops. Next up was the Van Gogh museum. This was probably my favorite museum I’ve been to, it was very cool! His artwork and his life story is pretty incredible and crazy.

    We had skipped lunch so by now we were starving. When we had first arrived in Amsterdam, I had looked up restaurants on TripAdvisor. An authentic Nepalese restaurant is ranked the #1 out of almost 4,000 Amsterdam restaurants. I’m still not sure what the Nepalese influence is but several of the reviews said stuff like “while in Amsterdam, I knew I had to try Nepalese food”. Anyways, the restaurant was on our walk back towards our neighborhood so we popped in around 6:00 before the dinner crowd had arrived (apparently the wait can be hours long). We were the first to arrive but by the time we left it was completely full. We split the chicken momo (Nepalese style dumplings) and bbq lamb, with three different delicious sauces. It was so yummy. After we left, I still wasn’t completely full, so we split a small fries from a walk up fry stand.

    For the rest of the evening, we just wandered around the canals and made our way home. We had an early night and got a good night’s sleep. Up early to head to the tulip gardens today!!
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  • Day5

    Amsterdam Arrival!

    April 3, 2019 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 7 °C

    We made it to Amsterdam! After breakfast on our terrace in Paris, we took the train to Amsterdam, passing by beautiful Brussels on the way. We walked the mile from Central Station to our canal apartment in the rain. After we dried off, showered, and did some laundry, the rain stopped and we hit the streets of Amsterdam!

    This city is absolutely beautiful. The canals remind me of Venice, the architecture is beautiful, and the bicycles are insane. We spent the evening hopping around bars and restaurants and did a quick stroll through the Red Light District. It’s definitely a site to see but it’s basically just filled with drunken tourists gawking at prostitutes. I’m happy that our Airbnb is off in the Jordaan district and a few blocks away from the tourism madness. Excited to explore some of the cool neighborhoods and get lost in the alleys and along the canals for the rest of our time here!

    The only picture I took yesterday was of the crazy steep stairs leading up to our apartment!
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  • Day21


    October 10, 2019 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    We stayed 2 nights in Amsterdam after the cruise at an AirBnB house boat! We decided on this months ago and were really glad...a very different, quaint little boat. Fully self contained, and the owner baked fresh bread every day, and stocked the fridge with everything we needed for our stay. Tea, coffee, milk (including soy milk for Christine), cereals, eggs, cheeses, condiments etc were all replenished each day...fantastic!

    The first day in Amsterdam was a bit wet, so after walking in to the city (20 mins) and checking out a few sights, we decided to get on board the 24hr hop on hop off canal boat. This turned out to be great as we got out of the rain for 2.5 hours as we cruised around the beautiful canals. It even had a stop very close to our houseboat so was very handy. We were also able to use it till 5pm the next day, which, being a sunny day allowed for some great photos etc.

    Went to the Anne Frank House which we booked months ago...very interesting. Also decided to check out the Red Light district (including the prostitute windows), and went through the Red Light Museum which was pretty ordinary.
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  • Day27

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    June 18, 2019 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Amsterdam 18-22 June
    We planned to spend a few days in Amsterdam before setting off on our bike barge trip from Amsterdam to Bruges. It was lovely that we were able to meet up with friends from Australia who were also travelling. As we had all been to Amsterdam before we decided to do something outside of Amsterdam.Read more

  • Day14

    Ziel erreicht

    September 19, 2019 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Wir haben es geschafft und sind in Amsterdam angekommen.
    Fast 5000 km von München über die Alpen durch Österreich, Schweiz, Italien, Monaco, Frankreich, Pyrenäen, Spanien, Andorra, Belgien, Holland.
    Der VW Bus war ein treuer Begleiter
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  • Day5

    Journal de bord n°2 : Amsterdam et Cie

    August 13 in the Netherlands ⋅ 🌧 25 °C

    Du 11 au 15 août

    Nous avons séjourné dans une petite cabine au sein d'un camping dans Amsterdam.
    Cette ville est sublime, il y a des choses à voir à tous les coins de rue. L'architecture est exceptionnelle et raconte l'histoire d'Amsterdam.
    On a beaucoup marché, pris le tram, sillonné les nombreuses rues de cette ville.
    On a fait une balade en péniche au coucher de soleil et visité le musée de la prostitution (métier à part entière, soumis à des lois et à la déclaration à la chambre des commerces).

    Nous avons aussi visité Haarlem, à quelques kilomètres d'Amsterdam, d'ailleurs surnommée la Mignonne d'Amsterdam. Jolie ville pleine de charme avec cent fois moins de touristes et d'effervescence que chez sa voisine.

    Et pour finir, on a fait un petit tour (22 km à pieds) à Rotterdam. Cette ville est énorme, géante, très construite, très moderne. On a visité les fameuses Kijk-kubus (maisons cubes) qu'on vous met en photo.
    On a fini la journée par un gros orage alors qu'on devait rejoindre la gare à plus de 3 km à pieds.

    À retenir :
    - Les maisons d'Amsterdam sont très étroites car, à l'époque, l'impôt était prélevé selon la largeur de la façade. La plus étroite fait 2,02 m de large.
    - Il y a 600 000 vélos pour plus de 730 000 habitants, dont environ 12 000 au fond de l'Amstel
    - 50% de la population amsterllodamoise a moins de 34 ans et il n'y a que 15% d'enfants
    - Le cannabis est légal (ça on le sait, et ça se sent d'ailleurs)
    - L'ice-Tea est pétillan
    - Il y a des voitures Tesla à tous les coins de rue

    Bon allez, trêve de bavardages. On part pour l'Ecosse....
    Ah non ! La quatorzaine vient d'être imposée aux français. Plus qu'à tout annuler et aller voir ailleurs si on veut bien de nous. Allemagne ? Italie ? Suisse ?

    À suivre...
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  • Day14

    Impressionen von der Siegerehrung

    September 19, 2019 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Wir haben von maximalen 827 Punkten 385 erzielt. Zum Vergleich der Sieger hatte über 600 Punkte. Wir wurden deshalb mit den anderen 123 Teams Vierter !! :-)
    Zu gewinnen war nicht unser Anspruch.
    Insgesamt wurden mehr als 120.000€ an Spendengeldern durch alle Teams gesammelt.
    Und das ist das Hauptziel gewesen. Wir selbst haben durch ihre Hilfe mehr als 2000€ gesammelt, die dem Ortsverband des Deutschen Kinderschutzbund e.V.
    Und dafür bedanken wir uns bei allen Spendern.
    Wir hoffen ihr hattet Spaß, uns hier zu folgen.
    Morgen geht es nach Hause.
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  • Day14

    Unser Hotel

    September 19, 2019 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Für die letzte Nacht haben wir ein schwimmendes Hotel, das Botel in Amsterdam gebucht. Denn es liegt unmittelbar zur Siegerfeier und Zieldurchfahrt.
    Zimmer sehr klein, erinnert an eine Jugendherberge, aber egal es war direkt neben der Party Location und Parkplatz in der Nähe.Read more

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