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  • Day8


    July 20, 2017 in the Netherlands

    Heute war Ruhetag nach drei intensiven Segeltagen mit zwei mal vier und einmal 5 Läufe! Wir machten uns auf um der Stadt Leeuwarden einen Besuch abzustatten und eine Museumsbuch im Frisenmuseum zu machen. Die haben auch einen schrägen Turm!

  • Day58

    Leeuwarden - City Walk

    September 27, 2015 in the Netherlands

    On our second day in Leeuwarden we walked around downtown with Daniel and Anita. There happened to be a (once a year?) market on, so we got to see lots of local foods and stuff (no pics because I am bad).

    We also came across a band in a boat, and climbed the leaning tower of Leeuwarden, which leans more than the tower of Pisa (slightly disorienting when going up the slanting spiral staircase). Great view from the top!Read more

  • Day56

    Leeuwarden - arrival

    September 25, 2015 in the Netherlands

    Leaving Berlin behind, we headed over to the Netherlands for a visit with Daniel and Anita in Leeuwarden. As we travelled on the train, the land became flatter and wetter, with occasional and then frequent canals. We also passed a lot of wind farms (#3).

    A bit of drama on the way: when we were passing the Germany/Netherlands border, some police walked through the train, inspecting identification. They were happy with just our NZ drivers licenses but a whole extended family (that looked like maybe refugees) had to get off the train with the police at the next stop because they didn't have visas.

    Just after we arrived and ate, I went with Daniel to his local badminton club. Great fun! But I was so out of shape/practice already that I was playing terribly at singles! Next time I'll see if I can beat Daniel while he's on holiday :P
    Also, after badminton, roadworks forced Daniel to drive awkwardly down a detour that somehow forced us onto the motorway headed to a nearby town, with no way to turn back. Unexpected road trip!
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  • Day58

    Leeuwarden - Food

    September 27, 2015 in the Netherlands

    Of course another food post :)

    First up, the amazing cupcakes made by Anita - she has her own cupcake business and let me sample some, lekker (yum)!
    #2 was picked fish and meat paste on a thin dense bread - breakfast! (Actually pretty decent but I think I'd have to adjust).
    #3 was a food wall, like a vending machine for hot fast food (people refill it from the other side) where you can buy #4
    #5 delicious sliced-up-meatball-on-a-bun that we got from the Nederland equivalent of a sausage sizzle.
    #6 tompoucen (literally "tom puss", tomcat), a sort of iced, cream-filed pastry, mmm
    Also had stroopwafel, a caramel-filed wafer that you can melt over your coffee.
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  • Day59

    Leeuwarden - Lodgings

    September 28, 2015 in the Netherlands

    Huge thanks to Daniel and Anita for sharing their little apartment with us, including the ridiculously giant air mattress that plugged in to pump itself up :O
    I failed to actually take a nice photo of us together, so this is the best I have: kitchen crew.

  • Day2


    June 1, 2008 in the Netherlands

    Nach einer besonders spektakulär hochgeklappten Brücke erreichen wir die Hauptstadt Frieslands, Leeuwarden. Mit besonderer Herausforderung für die Crew der Flora: Anlegen in einer Kurve!
    Dann geht es in die Altstadt mit vielen sehenswerten Bürgerhäusern aus dem 17. und 18. Jahrhundert, wo wir hervorragend Fisch essen, und diesen sogar bezahlen :-)
    Ein Höhepunkt ist sicherlich der "schiefe Turm" Leeuwardens, Oldehove, der sich bereits kurz nach Baugebinn 1529 begann zu neigen. Die dazugehörige Kirche wurde nie fertiggebaut, sondern wieder abgerissen.Read more

  • Day3


    June 2, 2008 in the Netherlands

    Die Route führt uns heute von Leeuwarden durch den Van Harinxmakanaal und das Akwadukt Langdeel nach Wergea. Kurz vor 14 Uhr sind wir da, doch die Brücke ist geschlossen und macht erst um 16 Uhr wieder auf. Daher legen wir an (schon fast professionell) und genießen unser Mittagessen - selbst gemachte Hot Dogs - an Bord.

  • Day10


    January 3, 2017 in the Netherlands

    Leo from Couch Surfing has kindly invited us to stay with him for a couple of nights while we’re in The Netherlands. He lives in Leeuwarden so that’s how we come to spend a day exploring the capital of Friesland. Our connection with Leo started after Paul put up a public trip to The Netherlands on his Couch Surfing profile. Leo made contact with us and said that if we plan to be in Leeuwarden we can stay. That’s all the encouragement we needed to make plans to be in Leeuwarden. We arrive last night after our day in Westerbork and feel instantly welcome. And it’s also a chance for us to experience a snippet of life inside the windows of the older style Dutch homes we pass when walking through cities. The kind with the large windows and high ceilings.

    Leo has already left for work when we wake. He’s left us a spare key so we can come and go as we please. We decide to have something of a rest day that begins with a walk to the bakery and supermarket for fresh bread and ham. Leo has left some for us but we particularly want the experience of walking to the bakery to choose our own bread. There are so many types of fresh bread available here and we just don’t have the same choice at home (actually, the fresh bread at home is totally different to the light fluffy fresh breads in The Netherlands)

    Leeuwarden is beautiful. We stop often to take photos of life on the canals. There’s a range of boats and, as with every watery place I’ve traveled, fishermen. The city is old but also modern. The buildings and facades date back centuries but the shop fronts are contemporary. This is clearly a regular city, not a tourist town. It’s refreshing to be in a place like this where there are no tourists carrying Lonely Planets racing from one “must see” to the next. A place where the atmosphere is just normal not aimed at getting cash from our traveling wallets. Bikes are parked along the canals. Cars line the streets. And old buildings watch it all.

    Our find for the day is the PoesPas Cat Cafe (address: Noordvliet 11). We are both a bit thirsty and keen for a hot chocolate so start to look for a cafe. As fate would have it, the one cafe we pass is PoesPas. You are supposed to book but it’s a quiet day so we can enter. There are about six cats living here in this space. They are obviously much loved and rule the space. The cats walk on tables, play on climbing gyms and can also take a break by retreating to a quiet area away from the guests. It’s a cute place to stop for a while (unless you dislike cats  ).

    Given that it’s our second night at Leo’s house we decide to cook him dinner. We buy some groceries and cook up a Dutch dish: huttspot(carrot, onion and potato mash) with meatballs we bought from the butcher shop. Then we spend the night chatting with our host, sharing stories of our respective travels and homes. It’s the part of Couch Surfing that we enjoy the most. That and learning new recipes (we learned one from Leo last night).
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