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  • Day2


    April 27, 2019 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    Nach einer sonnigen Bootsfahrt nach Langweer, das wir nur pünktlich zum Abendessen erreicht haben, weil ich durch zwei riskante Überholmanöver von Lastschiffen, mit dem rasanten Tempo von 12 Knoten😴 über die Kanäle geflogen bin.😉 Am Abend hatte Uwe in einem urigen Restaurant einen Tisch bestellt und wir haben leckere Steaks und Fisch gegessen. Mein 2tes Rib-Eye war dann auch genial. (Das erste medium rare bestellte war leider Schuhsohle🤑) nach dem Essen haben wir dann noch vor dem Restaurant die Genever Bestände des Restaurants vernichtet 😏 Wie im letzten Jahr musste der Wirt wieder beim Nachbarn Nachschub holen. Danach ging es auf unseren Kutter und das Führerhaus wurde zur Bar umfunktioniert. Ritchy hat dann seinen 95 %igen Spritus rausgeholt, sodass der Abend für mich um kurz nach 12:00Uhr gelaufen war.🙄 Einge Feierbiester haben noch bis 4:00 Uhr gemachtRead more

  • Day1

    Das Boot ist übernommen

    April 26, 2019 in the Netherlands ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    Angekommen und gleich geht's erst einmal Kibbelinge essen, legga 👍danach wurde das Boot übernommen, eingeräumt und die Einweisung erteilt. Nachdem jeder auch noch seinen Knoten geübt hatte, ging es dann los🛳Read more

  • Day6

    Friesland, Family, Friendship & Farewell

    April 30, 2018 in the Netherlands ⋅ ☁️ 8 °C

    Its been a busy wonderful few days and it’s time to carve out some time and space to share my thoughts and feelings. We are currently sitting on our 3rd flight and are on our way to Keflavik. We’re all in one row again so I’m separated from the kids by an aisle. Trevor is snoozing at the far end of the row in a window seat and is beside Liam, who is self-sufficiently on his phone or watching a show. Ava and Nolan are sipping on their free drinks and watching shows as well. Meanwhile, the toothless wonder seems to be switching between his iPad, retrieving gum from his backpack, putting his tray table out, putting his tray table back up, squeezing himself between his seat and the seat in front of him to pick up dropped headphones, reaching past Ava to ask me a question and so on. Ava and Nolan don’t seem bothered by his antics and he’s smart enough not to bang into the person in front of him (thanks to a few reminders about airplane etiquette earlier) so I’ll leave him be to sort himself out and carry on with my journaling.

    It feels a bit strange to already be on our way to Iceland. The days have felt long but here I sit now already three quarters of our way through our trip. In the blink of an eye, the Netherlands portion has whirled by. We’ve managed to see and do just about everything on our wish-list, which of course made for busy days. We planned a relatively short stay and felt we needed to make good use of time. Within reason, we kept to our schedule and saw and visited and hit up the sights we hoped to see.

    A few days ago we said goodbye to the South and headed North to the long awaited reunion. We were originally hoping to meet up in the morning with Trevor’s cousin Ignarts and his fiancé Joke at a new info centre near the sea wall but practicality and tiredness prevailed and we decided to meet in Wier at the gathering instead. After a busy morning of packing, tidying and rallying sleepy kids, we were soon sitting snugly in our NOT-a-minivan small SUV and were waving goodbye to our beautiful rented home. The rainy drive went smoothly and we even fit in a short stop on the sea wall to overlook the ocean and fresh water lake, which 4/6’s of TELNAS partook in (the TEAN portion) and the remaining 2/6’s chose to stay dry in the car. During a second stop for a necessary washroom break at a convenient nearby McDonald’s, the opportunistic kids used some of their 40 euro to try a sampling of chicken McNuggets (which I suspect was in hopes of avoiding the pre-made boring sandwiches I’d packed). Well, did you know the chicken nuggets in Netherlands are far superior to those from Canada? The reports are that they are much less greasy! ;)

    The reunion was held in a newly renovated town school house. I was later to learn that Trevor’s cousin and wife had a large hand in the building’s restoration and current use. A perfect gathering place for sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, wives, husbands, cousins, new little ones and welcomed family and new friends visiting from Canada to gather and be together for an afternoon. It was overwhelmingly wonderful to witness Trevor reconnect with his family after many years and a privilege for me, Ava and Sullivan to be accepted and welcomed so warmly by everyone. I continue to process my many conversations and chats, sorting names I’ve heard and read on the family tree for months now with faces, warm hand shakes and kisses on my cheek. I watched our four kids attempt to integrate and make connections of their own, at their own pace and in their own ways to suit their personalities. From almost 16 to newly 8 years old, all four successfully relaxed into the crowd as only time, confidence and bravery can provide.

    Food, treats and drinks were in abundance thanks to those tirelessly organizing behind the scenes. A large group picture was organized outside and May, Trevor’s cousin’s wife, who happens to be a photographer, took the shots. I’ve seen a few now, which have quickly circulated on Facebook and whatsapp and they look great. It is such a large group and you see the magnitude when looking through the lens of the camera. Trevor and I have had many moments throughout this trip where we wish for the rest of his family to be here, most especially his dad and mom. We felt this most intensely at the reunion as we watched his three aunts chat and the whole family mill amongst one another so comfortably. Many well wishes and hellos were sent back with us and we fully intend to pass them along when we’re back in Canada.

    We are now two hours into our flight and I’ve nearly written a small novel. In the interest of sparing you all the details of our time in Friesland all at once, I’ll adjourn here and save the update from day two for another post. Hopefully I can squeeze in some time to look back to our last full exploration day in Holland before life in Iceland takes over. It’s now time to turn my head toward customs, chilly weather, motorhome rental, grocery fetching, a three hour drive to Vik all the while helping to steward four tired kids who will most likely be stary-eyed and full of adrenaline for the aforementioned tasks ahead for TELNAS.

    Until then, wish us well.
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  • Day5


    April 29, 2018 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

    It’s 3 am and all are asleep. Well, except for me that is. Maybe I have too many words that are bursting to get out so I need to write. Or, maybe I’ve just had my obligatory 6 hours that I’m far too used to so my mind and body are ready to get life’ng. Or, maybe I’m full of jet lag still and am still on netherlands time. Whatever the reason, I’m quite content laying here listening to the quiet sounds of the icy snow pinging off the outside of the camper, the crew breathing softly all around me and the quiet hum of the heating system.

    We’ve camped for the night just outside Geysir and Gullfoss at an all year round spot. It has all the amenities. Snack bar restaurant dining hall with a stage for summer camp multi purpose room, mini putt course, hottub and even proper flush toilets and showers at our disposal. After a monster day of seeing the sights on very little sleep we arrived to this spot about 7 pm.


    Clearly, I didn’t finish this post. Such small quarters that the light is my phone was disturbing Trevor. Fast forward several nights. I sit here now with our motor home all clean, relaxing for a few moments in the beautiful Tjaldsaedi Grindavík campsite common room. I’ve had so many thoughts and words exploding out of me for this blog but not a moment in our schedule to write. I hope to catch up some today and then hopefully more when we get home.

    My first order of business in this choppy post is to go back a few nights and a plane ride to the Netherlands and share some musings on our last day in Friesland.


    One more interruption - fast forward a bit more. Lunch, packing up and cleaning the motorhome interrupted your regular programming of this blog post. We’re now at the airport nice and early. There was, let’s just say, a wee bit of Icelandic wind last night. The motorhome rattled and banged as the winds off the oceans whipped by the little campground we stayed at. We were fairly protected by the building and berm that was built by the campground but even still, we woke often as only one does when irrational late night thoughts take over. Will we tip over, should we reposition the camper more toward the wind, what will the drive be like tomorrow, will there be a foot of snow on the ground, will we miss our flight, will we have to stay in Iceland forever, will the volcano erupt! Thankfully, a warm shower, the sun rise and a chat with the local person at the campground office brought us back to reality. We felt ready to make the drive to the motorhome return place and knew all was going to be ok. And it was.

    Ok folks, back we go. Let’s chat about our tour of Friesland and the stops we made. Four or so days ago now we woke for our last morning at Trevor’s cousin’s beautiful cottage in Heeg. The cottage had the perfect number of beds for the six of us and was very comfortable, warm and just what we needed. Although it was rainy on and off for our time in northern Holland we still enjoyed the view of the lake, sail boats navigating the waters and water! Water everywhere. Trevor has done an incredible job driving us around many roads that we certainly are not used to in Canada. The NOT a minivan small SUV was a blessing in disguise at times when driving along a tiny rural road or navigating the many lanes of traffic and speed limits of 130 around the big cities.

    We had a quiet morning so the kids could rest. Laundry churned, warm baths and showers were had and iPad wifi time was revelled in. These planned down times have been much needed but they zoom by in a flash. Before we knew it, it was time to get ready to head into Sneek to meet up with Joke for brunch. She recommended this lovely warm restaurant that had a large menu catering to all tastes. And by this I mean they served chicken fingers and fries, which suited a few of our crew quite nicely. the kiddos were showing some wear today. Some grump moments and a bit on one another’s nerves. I think we all could have used a full day of slow but that wasn’t in the cards. After some fuel, we set off on the hunt for Dutch Pokemon. Sully has been on the lookout this whole trip, determined to prove that Pokémon are only in English and Japanese. Boy would it have been crazy to find Pokémon cards in Dutch! But alas, we did find some at a toy store and they were in fact in English. He spent nearly all of his allotted Euros on a booster pack and was one happy kid.

    After some more shops and poking around the downtown we said our thank you’s and goodbyes to Joke and headed back to the cottage to regroup before our afternoon/evening plans commenced. Next up was a stop in Tzum to drive by the home where Trevor’s dad was born and to visit the church and cemetery of his grandparents. Although we didn’t stay long at either place, it was very meaningful to take the time to see them in person.

    We carried on north and headed to the town of Franeker to stop at the planetarium museum. After nearly having a heart attack parking the car beside a canal, we found our way into the museum. As has been the case on this adventure a bit, we didn’t leave quite enough time to really take in this treasure. The museum highlights the life and genius of Eise Eisinga, a young brilliant mind who created a planetarium in the 1700’s in his spare time. I would love to go back again some day to have a second longer tour. It’s definitely something I’ve added to my “research and learn more about later” list from this trip. the kids enjoyed it to varying degrees based on their ages and tiredness levels but overall, we all took something meaningful from this experience.

    By this time the kids needed a bit of a release so the next stop was perfect. We stopped at the dykes and had a run around, learning more about why this is critical for the Netherlands. The kids just couldn’t fathom the size and need. I wonder how their minds will process this kind to info going forward as they learn through school and life about water and resource management. A good bit of fresh air was perfect before a nice dinner at another of Trevor’s cousin’s. Gerbrich and her partner Ship had a lovely dinner for us. We had a nice long chat and lost track of time a wee bit. Time management on a trip is always tricky - it’s limited, we want to connect and visit for as long we possible and we’re also managing 4 kids all at the same time. Time slips away faster than we would have thought possible.

    A bit of a drive back to the cottage and straight to bed for all. Packing, cleaning the cottage and travel lay ahead. Our 5 nights in Holland was at an end and we certainly had mixed feelings about the transition from our Holland adventures with the connection and help of family to the camping motorhome ruggedness of Iceland. Sleep and game faces were prepared; we were ready.
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  • Day16

    Kwelder Westhoek

    July 15, 2020 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Durchfahrt: 2,20, genau unsere Breite. Und als ob die Schäfchen ein eingebautes Maßstab hätten 😂. Sie weichen auch kein Millimeter, als wir an ihnen vorbeifahren. Oben am Deich eröffnet sich ein grandioser Blick aufs Watt bei Ebbe.Read more

  • Day2

    Erstes Abendessen

    October 12, 2019 in the Netherlands ⋅ ☁️ 12 °C

    Natürlich haben wir gestern schon was zu Abend gegessen, aber nun das erste Essenwelches gewertet wird. Unser Küchenteam zauberte den ganzen Tag schon ein wunderbares Festmahl. (Ab und an musste mal gelüftet werden) Pulled Pork, Bratkartoffeln und gutem Nachtisch.Read more

  • Day2

    Leinen los und raus aus Harlingen

    October 12, 2019 in the Netherlands ⋅ 🌧 13 °C

    Nach der ersten Nacht an Board konnten wir am Morgen erst ab 11:30Uhr ablegen, da vorher die Fluttore zum Innenhafen geschlossen waren. Also wurde dann endlich der Motor angeschmissen und wir legten das erste Mal dieses Jahr ab. Als wir nach der Hafenausfahrt anfingen dass Großsegel zu setzten, dauerte es nur Sekunden bis es PENG sagte....
    Uns war leider ein Seil zum Segel setzten (Klaufall) gerissen, also mussten wir dann direkt umdrehen. Im Hafen besorgte unser Skipper ein Seil und ließ sich in den Mast ziehen, um eben die Reparaturarbeiten durch zu führen. Wir nutzten die Verzögerung noch fix zum tanken und dann ging es endlich los getreu dem Motto: Leinen los, unser Ziel ist Terscheling.
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  • Day3

    Tag drei oder Pirates of the Waddenzee

    October 13, 2019 in the Netherlands ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    6 Uhr morgens, die Weck CD legt los und holt die Mannschaft aus dem Schlaf zum Frühstück um 7 Uhr,
    9 Uhr Leinen los mit dem Ziel Ameland.
    wer als sonnensegler auf eine warme Überfahrt hofft wird kläglich endtäuscht, für alle Fluch der Karibik Fans ein absoluter Traum, denn eine steife Briefe und ein im Nebel gänzlich verschwidender Horizont lässt einen glauben man führe gerade auf der Black Pearl nach tortuga und erzeugt eine schauerlich romantische Stimmung.
    Aber dieses Wetter birgt nicht nur eine tolle Stimmung an Deck, sondern auch unter Deck, wo das Kücheteam in einer produktiven harmonischen Zusammenarbeit an kulinarischen Kreationen arbeitet, auf dem Programm stehen selbstgemacht Frühlingsrollen als snack und überbackenem Huhn im speckmantel zu Abend. Der Abend kommt und der Wind schaukelt das Schiff und uns in einen hoffentlich wohligen Schlaf und gespannt warten wir was der neue Tag bringen wird.
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  • Day4

    Wenig Wind, dafür Trocken

    October 14, 2019 in the Netherlands ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    5 Uhr WeckCD. Wenig Schlaf. Küchenteam wecken. Kaffee kochen. Tisch decken. Kurz durchatmen. Draußen endlich mal trocken. Küchenteam Teil 2 wecken. Frühstück. Alle verschlafen. Träges spülen und seefest machen. Kleine Crew, zum Ablegen an Deck. Skipper und Mart verschlafen. Mit wenig Wind. Dafür gute Strömung. Mit 7 Knoten Richtung Schiermonnikoog. Hälfte schläft wieder unter Deck. Immer wieder das Gefühl sich nicht mehr zu bewegen. Alle dösen ab und an mal. Die Einen unter Deck die anderen im Klüvernetz. Wraps zum Mittag.
    Immer noch trocken. Der erste trockene Tag. Noch. Zwei Uhr Ankunft. Ab ins Dorf. Die Einen mit dem Kettcar über den Deich. Die Anderen Frikandel essen. Küchenteam kocht fleißig. Lesen. Musik hören. Unterhalten. Entspannen. Abendessen. Handgemachte Klöße. Rotkohl. Gulasch. Sehr lecker. Kurze Pause zum Spülen. Der Preis ist heiß. Segelquizabend. Viel Spaß. Wissen. Lernen. Müder. Spaß. Spät. Die Ersten gehen schlafen. Quatschen. Bloggen. Relaxen. Gemütlichen Abend ausklingen lassen.
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  • Day6

    Schieflage bei tollstem Wetter

    October 16, 2019 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Bei dem schönen Wetter hatten wir guten Wind und auch ganz ordentliche Wellen. Daher gab es auch recht viel Spritzwasser auf dem Vordeck und man musste immer das Fenster der Küche schließen, obwohl die Luft unten immer schlechter wurde. Die Schieflage war dementsprechend nicht zu unterschätzen, Aber trotzdem hat sich unser Küchenteam gut geschlagen. Die Wenden sorgten dafür, dass niemals Langeweile auf kam.Read more

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