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  • Day7

    KZ Auschwitz und Birkenau

    August 31, 2020 in Poland ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    In Auschwitz hatten wir für eine Nacht ein tolles Appartement gemietet. Nach dem Einchecken kurz zwei Ladungen Wäsche laufen lassen und zum Italiener um die Ecke lecker Essen gegangen. MEGA die Pizzen dort!😋

    Für heute früh hatten wir zuhause bereits Tickets für eine Führung im KZ Auschwitz gebucht.
    In Polen nehmen sie alles viel genauer wegen Corona, Mundschutz und Co ähnlich wie bei uns, die Tschechen gehen da viel lockerer mit um. Bei der Ankunft im KZ mussten wir durch eine Schleuse, in der man besprüht wird (irgendwas mit Alkohol soll da glaub drin sein zur Desinfektion). Danach folgten Sicherheitskontrollen des Gepäcks wie am Flughafen.
    Zum KZ bzw. Vernichtungslager selbst kann ich gar nicht viel schreiben oder sagen. Man ist einfach sprachlos. 😔😔😔

    Nach der Tour sind wir um die 350 km nach Warschau weiter gefahren. Hier haben wir uns wieder ein nettes Appartement gemietet, sogar mit Hängematte im Wohnzimmer. 😂
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    Jörg Dani

    Mega geil :-)

  • Day14

    Tag 14

    June 28, 2019 in Poland ⋅ 🌙 19 °C

    Neue Tag, neues Land.
    Nachdem wir die Nacht in der Innenstadt von Kauen, kurz vor der Grenze zu Polen verbracht haben ging es am Mittag gemütlich nach Polen. Dem Zeitunterschied zum Glück haben wir eine Stunde gespart und konnten so in Ruhe in Warschau ankommen. Die Ruhe brauchen wir auch, denn morgen geht es zurück nach good old Germany.Read more

  • Day517

    Day 518: Back to Poland, via Riga

    July 17, 2018 in Poland ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Lots more travelling today! Breakfast was provided by our guest house which was quite nice although basic, then we hit the road around 9. It was about 5 hours drive back to Riga in Latvia, and it was mostly along back roads and stuff - still not many freeways in this part of the world. I've found the signage to be quite poor as well: instead of saying "turn off for <x> in 200m", it usually just says "turn off for <x>". If you're not expecting it, you might be in for a detour around the block!

    Made it back to Riga around 3pm after some stops for petrol, a car wash and some lunch and dropped the car off. I was a bit nervous since it was a cheap and dodgy car rental agency and the "damage report" they'd provided showed a bunch of scratches on the car I couldn't even see! The guy looked it over and said it was all fine, but then pulled a face and said "there's just one problem". Apparently the floor mats were too dirty!!! There was a bit of dirt and sand there, sure, but nothing that wasn't from normal use. I rolled my eyes and made a big show of putting all our luggage down to clean the mats, and the guy relented and said it was fine, he'd clean them himself for free. Thanks mate. I guess.

    Shuttle bus to the airport where we checked in with no dramas (flying Air Baltic for the first time!), and then waited for the flight which took off on time and went smoothly.

    Touched down in Warsaw around 5pm (we'd lost an hour due to time zones between Poland and Lithuania), grabbed our luggage and then an Uber to the apartment. My driver's licence and replacement credit card had been delivered and were waiting which was absolutely amazing, I honestly thought at times it'd never work and I'd have to fly home or something.

    We celebrated with beers, chocolate, and some supermarket pierogi - little Polish dumplings that are similar to Chinese ones though usually boiled rather than steamed.

    First time in Warsaw for us, and we're looking forward to checking it out tomorrow. It's apparently one of the largest cities in the EU these days!
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    Trish Forrester

    That's great planning re your licence, but also pretty amazing that it all worked out. You must have been really anxious until you got it! I feel tired for you with all this travelling. You seem to have covered an enormous amount of territory in a short amount of time

    Joel Baldwin

    The saga has been going on since March when I first when to renew it!

  • Day524

    Day 525: Back to Warsaw

    July 24, 2018 in Poland ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Since we had no kitchen and no supplies, we had to leave early to get breakfast! So we just packed up and left around 8:30, as there wasn't much to do anyway.

    Main thing for today was a 4 hour drive back westwards across Poland to Warsaw. So that's what we did. Not much to report really, stopped a couple of times for bakery supplies and for petrol as well. Poland's countryside is very rolling and fertile - lots of huge farms that reminded us of central France.

    Driving across, it was difficult not to think of lebensraum, the Nazi concept of "living space" for the Aryan people, these huge fertile lands that could support immense populations of blond haired supermen. It's not hard to see why Hitler wanted it so much.

    And to reflect on Polish history as well. It's generally quite a sad history I think, as although "Poland" as a concept has existed more or less since the 13th century, they have a huge amount of fertile territory and a hard-working population, they've historically been sandwiched between two much stronger powers in Germany and Russia. So much of their history has been one of conquest, re-conquest, independence and subjugation again.


    Arrived back in Warsaw around 2pm and couldn't check in to the Airbnb until 4, so we busied ourselves with finding a pet store to stock up on dog food and then getting haircuts. My first haircut since Lyon in early March, so sorely overdue. I also discovered the hard way that when I asked for clipper #4 on the back and sides (ie the one that leaves your hair the longest) - apparently the numbering is reversed here! So the five-day growth on my beard is longer than my hair. Ah well, less time until the next haircut I guess!

    Checked into our apartment which is the same one we stayed in last week. Still just as nice. Grabbed some Polish sausages from the supermarket downstairs and had those for dinner. Last night in Poland for probably quite a long time, as we're heading back to Czech tomorrow!
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    Trish Forrester

    Haircut story made me LOL. But can't believe you can go 4 months without one!


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