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  • Day53

    A Bump in the Road

    February 21, 2018 in Portugal ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    It’s been a rough week. On day 4 of my antibiotics, it was clear that my respiratory infection was worsening. The congestion had moved deeper into my lungs and I was coughing so hard that I strained a muscle on my side. So I went back to the ER planning to get a different antibiotic as that is what the ER doctor had advised. This time I got a different doctor who did an X-ray, ekg, and blood work. I was given steroids IV and bronchodilators by face mask but she refused to change the antibiotics. This time the diagnosis was worsening bronchitis with bronchospasm. My blood work showed a high inflammatory level. Now I have an Atrovent puffer and an unusual medication to help me clear my lungs easier. I haven’t taken it because I have concerns from my research. Today I feel things are improving somewhat but the harsh cough persists. It’s been so nice out that one day I walked around town and picked up more ingredients for homemade soup as that is all we’ve been eating this week

    John too hasn’t had a good week. He’s been in bed more than he’s been upright and wouldn’t leave the house. He doesn’t have any signs of infection but has the same nasty cough and is very lethargic. I tried to tell him that lying in bed was the worst thing he could do for his lungs but this is how he handles illness normally. He was always complaining of being cold even though we had the heat on and he wasn’t feverish. So on my way home from the hospital I stopped at the large shopping mall which was across the street from the hospital. I needed to go to the Farmacia there anyway. I was able to find him a puffy vest at Zara even though I was annoyed that the one I bought him was at home because he refused to pack it! The doctor told me that this has hit us hard because there are different viruses here than at home.

    They mustn’t pay health care employees very well here. The ekg cost €6,50 and the X-ray €5,00, about $18 for both tests. My total bill for both visits was $460. I can only imagine how much that would have cost in Canada! Everyone was so kind in the ER, including the other patients. I had some of them come to me to wish me well. On my way out one of the patient’s daughter warned me “frio” (cold) and motioned to me to zip my jacket and put my hood up! It was kinda cute because she was much younger than me.

    I’m hoping that once we get to Southern Portugal the humidity won’t be as high (75-80% here). Warm and dry would be ideal. The hardest part has been missing the 3 days of beautiful sunny weather with a temperature of 18. Winter is generally cooler with lots of rain so this week would have been perfect to explore the island, of which we have seen none.

    Tomorrow is going to be a better day!
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  • Day49

    Travel Day - Terceira to Sao Miguel

    February 17, 2018 in Portugal ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    Marc provided the taxi service for our 11:20 flight. It is a small airport with even smaller airplanes that you board on the tarmac. The 80 seat flight was full and there is no preassigned seating but we had no problem sitting together since we had arrived so early. It was a quick 30 minute flight south of Terceira. Got a taxi for €10, the only option, and within 10 minutes we were at our new place, Solmar Gardens, in a very upscale neighbourhood similar to Wellington Crescent.

    Our modern, one bedroom apartment was gorgeous and it had central heating! As a bonus we also had internet and a TV with English channels! It is about 1000 sq ft. The manager explained that they owned the house and created an apartment for his son and wife but then they decided they didn’t want to live so close to the parents. Kids!! They sold the home to an agency who further divided the large house into more apartments. The manager, Carlos, lives on one side of the house. It was at one time an American consulate. I couldn’t believe that I only paid €60 (about $95) a night when it would normally rent for €150 during the summer.

    Things kind of went downhill from here. By late afternoon, after a 2 hour nap, I realized I was really sick having had experience with pneumonia in the past. I didn’t want this to get that bad so we made the 20 minute uphill trek to the hospital emergency room. I think I was given preferential treatment as a tourist because I got to see the doctor and pay my bill all within 1 1/2 hours, despite an almost full waiting room. My temperature was 38 and I was diagnosed with upper bronchitis. I was given a prescription for an antibiotic that could be filled at the Farmacia in the large shopping mall 2 blocks away. The cost of the consultation was €118 and the antibiotics were €9. I’m thankful for travel health insurance which we haven’t had to claim since Garrett at age 16 sprained his wrist at Giant’s Ridge during his first snowboarding experience!

    It has not been a good beginning of our 6 day stay in this part of the Azores!
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  • Day345

    Ponta Delgada- ein Tag in der Hauptstadt

    June 10, 2017 in Portugal ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    Bei einem zweiwöchigen Aufenthalt auf der Insel darf die Hauptstadt natürlich nicht fehlen und so beschließen wir, ihr einen Besuch abzustatten.

    Es handelt sich hierbei im Übrigen nicht nur um die Inselhauptstadt; Ponta Delgada wird auch öfters als die Hauptstadt der Azoren bezeichnet. Wer jetzt allerdings eine quirlige Metropole erwartet, wird schnell enttäuscht sein. In Ponta Delgada geht es vergleichsweise beschaulich zu....mit 40 000 Einwohnern hat es sich eher das Flair einer mittelgroßen Stadt bewahrt. Dennoch finden sich immer wieder imposante Straßenzüge- oftmals mit schachbrettartigem Schwarz-Weiß-Pflastersteinen- sowie herrschaftliche Häuser. Viele von ihnen gehörten im 18. Jahrhundert Plantagenbaronen, die mit Orangenanbau und -handel ihr Vermögen erwirtschafteten. Ein großer Teil des Zentrums ist geprägt von diesen schneeweißen Fassaden und ihren hübschen kunstvoll verzierten Balkonen. Man findet einige lauschige Plätzchen, eine beeindruckende Uferpromenade sowie eine große Markthalle mit frischen regionalen Produkten vor. Als sehenswert empfinden wir zudem die Igreja de Sao Jose, eine Kirche, die zum ehemaligen Franziskanerkloster gehört.

    An der Südseites des großen Platzes, an dem sich auch die Kirche befindet,liegt auch das Forte de Sao Braz- ein vieleckiges Bauwerk, das 1552 zum Schutz der Einheimischen vor Piraten gedient hat. Von hier hat man eine herrliche Aussicht auf die Skyline von Ponta Delgada

    Wirklich viel erlebt haben wir an unserem Tag in der Hauptstadt nicht, obwohl es eine angenehme Abwechslung zu unseren Ausflügen in die Natur bietet. Es ist einfach ein wahnsinnig heißer Tag und die Mittagssonne brennt unbarmherzig auf unsere Köpfe. Nachdem wir durch einige Gassen hindurchgeschlendert sind, die Hafenpromenade und einige schöne Plätze sowie oben beschriebene Kirche aufgesucht haben, entscheiden wir uns dazu, den Rest des Tages in unserem schattigen Garten zu verbringen.

    Dennoch muss gesagt sein: in Ponta Delgada habe ich das beste Eis während des ganzen Urlaubes genossen- ein richtig dunkles Mousse-au-Chocolat-Eis....jeder Löffel war die Sünde wert! Leider ist mir der Name der Eisdiele entfallen- sie war aber nicht weit entfernt vom Platz "Praca 5 de Outubro".
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  • Day2

    Grosse Schlemmerei im "Ce Reserva"

    May 29, 2017 in Portugal ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Ein absolutes Highlight: wenn ein ehemaliger Textil-Designer seinen Job an den Nagel hängt um seiner Wein-Leidenschaft nachzugehen, klingt das erstmal schräg. Hier gibt es köstliche regionale Würste, Käse, Edel-Konserven und dazu über 200 Weine. Am besten den Patron "einfach machen lassen" - kann nur gut werden. Wir sind hier echt überrascht worden und haben viele neue Köstlichkeiten entdeckt...Read more

  • Day81

    Ponta Delgada, Portugal

    April 18, 2017 in Portugal ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    Having been to this port before I knew this was just a wifi port. A port where there isn't anything to do or see except find wifi. I got off with my friend Jackson (a bar steward) and we walked around for a little while because he has never been here before but then walked back to a Burger King just off the ship. Which is where we are currently sitting using the free wifi. Both of us with lots of updates to do on our phones after so many sea days.Read more

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Azores, Azoren, Asore, الأزور, Azor adaları, Азорскія астравы, Азорски острови, Azorez, Açores, Azore, Azory, Azorerne, Αζόρες, Acoroj, Assoorid, Azoreak, Açoris, آزور, Azorit, Azoaren, Azores - Açores, Azori, האיים האזוריים, Azori-szigetek, Ազորյան կղզիներ, Acori, Asóreyjar, Azzorre, アゾレス諸島, აზორის კუნძულები, Азор аралдары, 아소르스 제도, Ynysek Açores, Isoe Azore, Azorai, Azoru salas, Asaoro, Азорски Острови, असोरेस, Asorene, Asorane, Azorene, Açòres, Азоры сакъадæхтæ, ازور, Азорские острова, Ishujt Azore, Азорска острва, Asores, Azorerna, อะโซร์ส, Azorlar, Азорські острови, آزورس, Azôorn, აზორიშ კოკეფი, Àwọn Azore, 亚述尔群岛