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  • Day331

    Die letzte Station vor meiner Heimkehr (nach 12 Monaten im Ausland) soll Portugal sein. Mit einer Stunde Zeitverschiebung ist das ja immeroch etwas exotisch :-)

    Der Flughafen von Lissabon ist direkt in der Stadt, sodass man sich nicht über sehr tief fliegende Flugzeuge wundern muss. 'Lisboa' ist eine wunderschöne, bunte und alt-junge Stadt, in der man unglaublich viel beim schlendern durch die Straßen entdecken kann...Read more

  • Day22

    Moving on down to Lisbon

    October 24 in Portugal

    Sadly it was time to leave our wonderful apartment in Porto. We have enjoyed our four days there, with plenty of room, a good kitchen, and secure parking. It really is the benchmark against which we will judge all our accommodation on this holiday.

    Leaving was an issue. As I had mentioned when we arrived, getting into the parking was a problem, but getting out was not much easier. The traffic had eased a little from the pre 9am rush, but there was still plenty there. We had to poke our car’s nose out and wait, wait, wait until some kind soul saw our predicament and let us in. That was fine, but we also needed half of the other lane to turn properly so it was interesting.

    Our drive down to Lisbon was straightforward, with our GPS and signs makings it quite easy. The only thing of note was when we needed to refuel and thought a coffee would be in order. At the “restaurant” we walked in, and Robyn asked for a cappuccino. Would you believe they only did strong coffee shots, and if you wanted a cappuccino you had to go to a machine and put money in. That was just a bridge too far, so we continued on our way.

    At the next service area we tried again, with little luck. Robyn ended up with a poor excuse for a flat white and I had to get my hot chocolate from a machine. Amazing!

    The apartment we have rented for three days in Lisbon was at the lower end of the price scale, so we didn’t have high expectations, but it had everything we needed, and the location is great.
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  • Day23

    Our first day in Lisbon Pt 1

    October 25 in Portugal

    Our friendly host here in our apartment gave us many tips about what to see in Lisbon. Really, if you are happy to walk you can see so much, but if you want to take a “tourist trap” tram you can see even more without the sore feet.

    We decided to walk into town this morning to see a little and visit the main Tourist Information Centre, post some postcards, and change some Aussie dollars for Euros. Funnily enough we managed to do all of these things before midday, as well as buy another T-shirt for Robyn, this time one with Lisbon on it. Typical tourist!

    We found a post office point, not actual office, but a point that sold stamps and you could post according to type of mail. It was very well done, and so in no time we had bought 5 stamps and put the postcards in the International slot. Little things like that show how much better other countries do some things than Australia.

    While strolling around we found a museum dedicated to money. It was contained in a huge building that had originally been a church but had been bought by the Bank of Portugal in the 30s and used as a head office. Entrance was free so we went in, were put through airport type security, and saw a very interesting history of money, from the first coinage in 7th century BC through to the introduction of the Euro in Portugal.
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  • Day23

    Our first day in Lisbon Pt 2

    October 25 in Portugal

    The afternoon was spent walking. I had left our map at the cafe where we had a little lunch so finding our way around was a bit difficult, We managed to make it up to the Castle, but missed the Cathedral on the way. Given its size I don’t know how we managed that.

    Anyway, we bought a map and backtracked to the Cathedral where we lit a candle in memory of Sue Whiteley. It seems that their cathedrals are all dark, sombre places, and this was no exception. However it scale was impressive and we enjoyed taking it all in.

    Next was a walk down to the docks where we saw two gigantic (to us) cruise ships. We watched them being re-provisioned and some painting being done as well, and then saw bus after bus of passengers coming back to board. We are not sure that this type of holiday is for us, but maybe, perhaps, when we are too old ....

    Our walk took us a long way along the bank of the Rio Tejo before we headed back to our apartment. One thing we have noted is that there are many hills, and while not particularly steep they seem to go on forever.

    Literally around the corner from our place we noticed a little bar/restaurant that looked very inviting. After a shower and change we went back there and had a quiet drink. We are going back tomorrow evening for dinner.
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  • Day19

    Exploring Lisbon

    May 20 in Portugal

    We couldn’t figure out the train or bus systems, so we finally talked to a Hop-On-Hop-Off bus driver and found out which one to take into the city. We were glad to ride around and get our bearings, finding out some of the history as we went.

  • Day77


    October 18, 2017 in Portugal

    Z' Lissabon aacho, simr ufnä grossä Camping zmitts imnä Eukalyptus-Waud.
    Am Abend hatten wir eine tolle Begegnung mit zwei deutschen Mädels – "Alter Falter" gehört jetzt in unseren Wortschatz.
    Wüus diä ganz Nacht grägnet het u so aui Böim nass si gsi, heimr mit Hiuf vo däm wunderbarä Eukalyptus-Duft ganz beschwingt chönnä ufstah u si när ab uf Lissabon.
    Us ersts simr grad uf Belém. Ds isch ä Stadtteil vo Lissabon. Dert simr "Padrão dos Descobrimentos", z' Dänkmau vodä Entdeckigä, gah aaluegä, hei ä HotDog gnossä u si no zum Torre de Belém (sonä schwümmendi Burg). Da ä Umängi a Lüt isch aagstangä, heimr ds autä Geböide vo uss betrachtet u si när witr. Bevor mir ganz uf Lissabon inä si, simr no is Pastéis de Belém – ä auti Konditorei (vo 1837). Bekannt sisi fr süessi Blätterteigchüechli, wo üs wermstens empfohlä si wordä. U tatsächlech – diä si de fein gsi!
    Nach däm Goumäschmous simr mitem Tram iz Zäntrum inä. Dert simr dürnes imposants Stadttor grad zur Houptstrass cho. Hie heisech verschiedeni Lädä, Souvenirlädeli u Kafis anänang greit u hei ä gschäftegi Stimmig vrbreitet.
    Nachdäm mir Abstächer i paar Lädeli hei gmacht, simr no churz dr kunstvou Bahnhof gah bestuunä u när widr ä Hügu zdruf zurä Kathedralä. Z' Fuess merktmä sofort, dass diä Stadt bekannt isch fr ihri 7 Hüglä...
    Nachemnä churzä Zwüschähaut simr quer dür d' Stadt zurä Burg ufä. Dä Teil isch ganz charismatisch gsi, mit Girlandenä, Graffitis u gmüetlechä Kafis. Ufem Wäg zur Burg heimr über d' Stadt gseh u üs so mau ä Überblick chönnä verschaffä, wo was isch. Je nöcher dasmr zur Burg si cho, desto meh Souvenierlädeli hets widr gha.
    D' Burg heimr vo ussä gluegt, da sie o hie widr Iitritt hei vrlangt u mir eich nid hei inä wöue, sondern nur z' Panorama hei wöue gniessä.
    Womr widr ufem Wäg gägä abä si gsi, simr no ines Kork- u Töpferlädeli gah schmökerä – wunderschöni handgmachti Sachä!
    Ufem Rückwäg zum Camping simr i TimeOut Market, o widr ä Tipp vo ussä und hei dert Pastéis de Bacalhau probiert, so frittierti Härdöpfu-Fisch-Chuglä.
    Widr ufem Camping heimr Znacht gmacht u si ungerä.
    Hüt Morgä si d' Dana u d' Steffi uf Lissabon inä is "Nicolau Lisboa" gah zmörgelä – u ds isch wahnsinnig guet gsi! Tolls Personal, gmüetlechs Kafi u mega feins u früsches Ässä! Absolut empfählenswärt! #merciSara
    Ungerdessä isch dr Dave i Decathlon u hetsech dert chönnä entfautä mitemä spontanä Zäutchouf.
    Widr vreint simr nachem Zämäruumä ufä Wäg Richtig Sagres.
    Gschlafä heimr z Melides ufemnä schönä Camping und – ach ja: z' Lissabon heimr dütschi Nachbarä gha und voila, o hie z' Melides simr grad widr Nachbarä gsi! Sehr amüsanti Begägnig!
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  • Day133

    Lisbon, Portugal

    December 3, 2016 in Portugal

    Ate at Everest Montanha with some amazing friends who made my try many Indian dishes. Most of which I had no idea what I was eating and still don't know what I ate. It was all amazing though and would love to go back. The only downside was it was pouring. The sidewalk outside the restaurant was a waterfall.

  • Day100

    Lisbon, Portugal

    May 7, 2017 in Portugal

    Didn't have a ton of time to get off the ship. After changing some money Jackson and I headed straight to the Hard Rocks Cafe knowing that they have good wifi. We were both very behind on updating our phones. By the time we were done there all we had time left for was quickly running around getting the photos and video footage I needed for work and headed back to the ship.

  • Day18


    March 18 in Portugal

    Dimanche, 18 mars 2018
    Pour rejoindre Sintra, nous longeons la côte atlantique et profitons juste après Ericeira d'un point de vue sur les falaises. Sintra, petite ville accrochée à la montagne, recèle un nombre impressionnant de palais et de quintas, des luxueuses propriétés où on faisait "retraite". Il faut choisir, lequel visiter? Une fois le cc parqué (pas facile ici), nous grimpons au Palácio naciónal de Sintra, qui attire le visiteur avec ses immenses cheminées (de cuisine) de 33m de hauteur. En premier, c'était un palais du temps mauresque d'où vient la mode de azulejos. Les rois successifs ont agrandi ou changé le bâtiment. Des plafonds peints, des scènes en azulejos et les décors manuéliens, c'est somptueux. Il y a huit autres châteaux à voir, mais nos estomacs demandent à manger. Tulhas, un mini-resto un peu à l'écart des hordes de touristes, nous sert du pulpo et une brochette de boeuf, miam. Une étroite route nous guide en dehors de la ville ( et fait faire demi-tour à un automobiliste qui ne voulait pas croiser avec nous) où nous continuons jusqu'au Cabo da Roca, point le plus occidental de l'Europe. La vue depuis ce rocher de 140m de haut, est superbe. Il ne nous restent qu'une trentaine de km pour rejoindre le camping de Lisbonne.Read more

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