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  • Day1


    Yesterday in Portugal

    I am now in the Star Inn which is a modern luxury hotel, a two minute walk from Lisbon airport. Just what I need. Completely whacked after a long flight from Sydney. Wonderful full-on rainfall shower does fabulous things for the human spirit! As did my first pastel de nata with good Portuguese coffee. I’ve washed my smalls and now intend to burrow under the snowy white sheets, turn on the tv (movies in English with Portuguese subtitles) and stay put until daylight tomorrow.Read more

  • Day67

    Cabo da Roca

    July 14 in Portugal

    So nach dem südlichsten und süd-westlichsten Punkt darf der westlichste Punkt Europas natürlich nicht fehlen. Wir fahren zum "Cabo da Roca". Die Straße ist ziemlich aufregend. Enge kurven, schmale Straßen durch die Berge. Am Ziel angekommen sind wir aber begeistert!

  • Day65

    Lissabon I

    July 12 in Portugal

    Gestern ging es weiter nach Lissabon. Und wir haben es Mal wieder geschafft - es ist ein großes Festival und unser Campingplatz ist der kooperierende Platz, wie bereits in Barcelona. Also ist hier alles voll mit Zelten und es sind viele junge Leute da. Heute geht es für uns mit dem Bus vom Campingplatz aus in die Stadt. Es ist bewölkt, worüber wir aber Recht dankbar sind. Wir starten die Tour am "Praca do Commercio" in Richtung Strand, den wir aber nicht sehr einladend finden. Danach geht es zur "Sè", die Kathedrale von Lissabon. Nachdem in Spanien wirklich jede Kirche Eintritt gekostet hat, sind wir froh, dass hier der Eintritt umsonst ist. Drinnen kann man die Kachelkunst bewundern. Nachdem wir am Aussichtspunkt "Santa Luzia" waren gehen wir hoch zur Burg. Da die Schlange für die Tickets sehr lang ist, entscheiden wir sie aber nicht von innen anzusehen. Dafür waren aber die Pfauen, die sich in der Klimaanlage eines Cafés gekühlt haben, eine echte Sehenswürdigkeit. Danach geht es in die "Igreja de São Domingos". Diese Kirche hat uns sehr gut gefallen. Sie ist eigentlich in einem schlechten Zustand, weil sie nicht restauriert ist, aber das ist auch mal interessant zu sehen. Nachdem wir noch den Aufzug "Elevador de Santa Justa" von außen betrachtet haben, schlendern wir noch durch die Shops im Viertel "Chiado". Da wir heute unendlich viele alte Trams gesehen, wollten wir auch noch mit einer fahren. Wir fahren mit der Tram bis zum Park "Jardim da Estrela". Die Tram ist super überfüllt, aber es war trotzdem lustig. Die Fahrer müssen sogar aussteigen um die Weichen zu verstellen. Der Park ist schön und hier sind kaum Touristen. Wir besichtigen noch die Kirche neben dem Park "Basilica da Estrela" und machen uns dann auf dem Heimweg.
    Lissabon gefällt uns sehr gut. Die Kachel geschmückten Häuser sind ein Traum.
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  • Day66

    Lissabon II

    July 13 in Portugal

    Heute fahren wir mit dem Bus nach Belém. Eigentlich ist das ein Vorort von Lissabon, aber man denkt es ist ein Viertel der Stadt. Zuerst schauen wir uns das "Mosteiro dos Jerónimos" an, ein riesiges Kloster. Der Haupteingang der dazugehörigen Kirche ist wunderschön, mit vielen Figuren. Die Kirche kann man umsonst besichtigen. Danach geht es zum "Torre de Belém" und dann zum Seefahrerdenkmal "Padrão dos Descobrimentos". Das hat uns wirklich begeistert. Als Abschluss wollten wir noch zur "Pastéis de Belém" gehen um die "Pastéis de Nata" zu essen, der Andrang ist nicht normal! Die Schlange war über 30m lang auf der Straße! Daher haben wir uns für ein kleines Café drei Häuser weiter entschieden.
    Wir lieben die kleinen Kuchen!!
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  • Day334

    Portugals Erbe in Lissabon

    July 10 in Portugal

    Ein Freund aus Lissabon sagte mir: "Auf der einen Seite ist Spanien und der Anderen der Atlantik - kein Wunder, dass wir so gute Entdecker und Seefahrer waren."

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  • Day61


    November 2, 2016 in Portugal

    We were ok with the idea of needing to make a quick pit stop in Lisbon to catch a flight to Morocco since it meant spending a night in a city we enjoyed last time!

    The 24 hour visit left us enough time to enjoy 2 delicious meals and a few custard tarts, the popular Portuguese treat. Although we wish we had more time in Lisbon, I know we'll be back to explore more of Portugal one day!

  • Day21

    Douglas Dices with Disaster

    October 8 in Portugal

    Our two days in Porto came to an end all too quickly. We had developed an affinity for the place and would have loved to have spent a little more time enjoying all that it had to offer.

    We had arranged to be collected by taxi at 10.30 for the short drive to the Porto Campanha Train Station. Allan and I were ready early and decided to go for a short final walk to fill in some time. When we found a small coffee shop it seemed like an appropriate place to grab a coffee before the long train ride to Lisbon.

    "Did you realise that no one has lost anything so far on this trip ?", I asked Allan. Even the two small batteries and fitness bracelet that had gone missing in my luggage had somehow reappeared a coupe of days ago. When you are changing hotels so regularly it is very easy to misplace small items such as plugs and chargers. But so far we had not lost a thing. Well done us.

    We managed to find and board the train without mishap and soon we were smoothly and silently gliding towards Lisbon at over 200 kph. Although it was not as fast as the 300 kph Grand Vitesse trains of France, it was a far cry from the 80 kph shaking and lurching rattletraps that we call trains in Australia. I wondered why we are so incapable of building this type of train at home.

    The kilometres quickly ticked by and I couldn't help but be glad that it was so much more comfortable than the 5 hour bus trip we had endured two days earlier. We were even served food and drinks by two stewards. The country that flashed by was green and picturesque and the sky had once again reverted to a cloudless blue.

    The train first stopped on the outskirts of Lisbon and a number of passengers got off. I checked the GPS and it told me that we were still 7 km from our hotel, so I assumed that we had not reached the final stop yet. About 5 km further on the train reached the end of the line and our journey was over.

    Douglas and I had been seated in carriage number one, while another 5 members of our group had been seated further back in the train. After Douglas and I managed to exit the train station there was no sign of the other 5 passengers. It became obvious that they had mistakenly jumped off at the earlier station. At least they knew the name of the hotel, so we knew they would be OK.

    Douglas and I climbed into a waiting taxi and made the short trip to our hotel, right in the centre of Lisbon. Just as our taxi pulled up, we were joined by the others who arrived in a couple of other taxis. We all walked the short distance to our hotel, congratulating ourselves on how smoothly the arrangements had gone.

    It was only when we reached the hotel foyer that Douglas's face went white. He had just realised that he had left his backpack on the back seat of the taxi. He immediately ran back to where we had been dropped, but the taxi had disappeared into the Lisbon traffic with his backpack inside. We had no idea of which taxi we had just been in. The only thing we knew was that the driver spoke good English.

    It had only been a few hours earlier that I had been gloating that on one had lost anything on the trip and now Douglas had seemingly lost his entire backpack and contents.

    The only thing we could think of was to ask the hotel for help in tracking down the taxi, but we knew it would be areal "needle in a haystack" search. Douglas decided to try once more and disappeared back up the street. A few minutes later he reappeared with a smile on his face and a backpack in his hand. Apparently the driver had seen the backpack and had come back looking for him. It really was a miracle that could restore our faith in human nature.

    With our items missing tally thus restored to zero, we all checked in to the hotel and then spent the rest of the afternoon exploring Lisbon. My initial impressions were very positive and the reasonably priced lunch I enjoyed at 4.30 pm was excellent.

    Later I met Mary and Pam outside the hotel and we were all able to catch up on the events of the past few days. They are the final two group members to arrive from Melbourne and it was good to see that they had already checked into the hotel the previous afternoon.

    It had been a long and eventful day and I was ready for bed.
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  • Day22

    Postcard from Portugal - Pt 1

    October 9 in Portugal

    When I was putting this trip together, almost 2 years ago, I have to admit that I had no idea what to expect in Lisbon. In fact, if I am being totally honest, I would have to say that my expectations were pretty low. The only recent news I had received from Portugal suggested that the whole country was struggling with a huge debt problem and was in danger of going bankrupt. Now that we have been here for a day and a half, it is worth mentioning how my opinion has changed.

    Many people would already know that, when I arrive in a city for the first time, I love to just wander the streets and observe how the city really works. Rightly or wrongly, my opinion is often formed within the first few hours of my arrival. Our arrival in Lisbon yesterday was dramatically punctuated by Douglas leaving his backpack on our taxi. Although this could have easily been a minor disaster, we were amazed when the taxi driver had turned his car around and then came looking for us in the crowd. My opinion of this city immediately took a quantum leap upwards.

    After breakfast this morning, Mary, Pam and I walked in the direction of the Sao Jorge Castle. This structure is situated on the highest point of the city and can be seen from just about anywhere. Yesterday the girl at reception had warned that it was a very hard walk up to the castle and went on to add that "even for young people" it is a struggle. Obviously she didn't realise that the Ghostriders are made of stronger stuff.

    Although most tourists resort to jumping on one of the continual stream of tuk tuks that convey visitors to the castle, we made our way through a series of narrow back streets. On either side were graffiti covered old houses - the sort of places that the normal visitors never get to see. We actually found it fascinating and the walk itself was not that hard at all.

    Soon we were at the entrance and found ourselves embedded in a heaving mass of tourists that had been disgorged from the three huge cruise ships that we could see docked in the harbour. I always think these monstrosities look like live sheep transports and I could not imagine anything worse than being imprisoned in a floating sarcophagus with 5,000 other people.

    Once we got through the entrance it was possible to have a little more space (but not a lot). At least the views down to Lisbon were spectacular and the morning air was fresh and cool. We spent several hours wandering the battlements and looking through the museum, before making our way back down to the waterfront.

    Lisbon is a modest sized city of some 500,000 inhabitants and we soon felt that it would not take too long to find your way around the place. It certainly has a lovely combination of architecture, seaside location, great climate and lively nightlife. The main city streets have numerous buskers who add vitality and interest to the place.

    I have just returned to the hotel after having a slow stroll back through the city. My GPS tells me that I have walked over 20 km today, no wonder my legs are tired. These so called "rest days" are starting to wear me out.

    So what is my final score for the city of Lisbon ? I think I would happily score it an 8 out of 10. If it had not been for the excessive number of cruise boat tourists, I would have actually given it a 9. It would have been good to have an extra day or two here, but tomorrow we must move on to begin our cycling adventure.
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