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  • Day3

    Tag in Singapur

    September 29 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Unser Tag begann mit einem tollen Frühstück, für Martha gab es eine Pancake-Maschine und ganz viele andere Leckereien. Auch hier war der Ausblick wieder super.
    Nach dem Frühstück wollten wir uns auf den Weg ins indische Viertel machen, doch das Shopping-Center war zu verlockend und wir sind ersteinmal abgebogen und haben uns in den Weiten des Raumes fast verloren🤪nach der 20. Rolltreppe wussten wir nicht mehr wo wir waren.
    Als wir dann endlich einen der Ausgänge gefunden hatten regnete es wie aus Eimern und wir beschlossen noch etwas zu Essen. Wir fanden ein Restaurant in dem man sich seine Speisen direkt am Tisch selber braten könnte. Das war echt witzig und hat sehr gut geschmeckt.

    Da es nach dem Essen leider schon wieder regnete, fuhren wir mit der MRT Bahn ins Centrum. Wir wollten ja die Super-Trees sehen.
    Die Bahnhöfe und auch die U-Bahn waren super sauber. Alles lief sehr geordnet und entspannt ab. Da hat Berlin eindeutig Nachholbedarf.

    Marina Bay angekommen haben wir uns den wirklich schönen Park "Garden by the Bay" angesehen und sind auch in die zwei großen Hallen gegangen. Obwohl es dort recht voll war und wir zeitweise von großen indischen Reisegruppe eingekesselt waren, hat es und gut gefallen. Aber unser Highlight war dann am Abend die Lichtshow der "Leucht-Bäume"
    Das war wirklich sehr schön!

    Den Heimweg traten wir dann zu Fuß an.
    So haben wir noch etwas vom Nachtleben mitbekommen, bevor wir dann wirklich sehr erschöpft gegen 01:00 Uhr ins Bett fielen.
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  • Day27


    June 9, 2017 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    With our first country down and 1/12 of our trip complete. We said goodbye to Bali as we flew to Singapore. We were pleasantly surprised by the bustling metropolis. Singapore is extremely modern, well organized, and clean! The extensive subway system makes it very easy and cheap to move all over the city.

    Andreas and I spent three days exploring the city. We ate at a Michelin star dumpling restaurant for cheap. We explored the cloud forest (enjoying the AC), the botanical gardens, and the sky gardens. Singapore is an orchid lover's dream as we saw hundreds of different beautiful species. We spent one morning on a free tour of China town and visited Hindu, Buddhist, and Taoist temples. The Buddhist temple had "Buddah's tooth" and was encased in 370kg of gold. That evening we did a five hour push-scooter tour of the city visiting two spectacular light and water shows. Our group definitely turned a few heads when we scooted through restaurants, malls, as well as up and down escalators. Next stop: Malaysia
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  • Day3

    Last Day in Singapore

    September 4 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    This is a great city and you could easily stay a week - great food (cheap restaurants have fantastic food at a really good price) and people really are quite friendly and helpful. I’m not sure why but strangers seem comfortable in coming up for a chat. Had the usual couple of people come up and offer directions, but also some others being a bit more personal.

    One local guy stopped as we crossed paths and critiqued my face telling me it was a lucky face and that I would have 3 very good pieces of luck in my lifetime (I’m about 2/3 of the way through so I guess there will be a plethora of good luck shortly). The last time a random walked up to me like that was in Nimbin and he just tried to sell me drugs!! Next I had an elderly lady (in China town) offer to remove a couple of moles on my neck for $5 a piece....

    When it rains here it really is a tropical downpour - I was out for a walk this morning and out of the blue (almost literally) it felt like someone just decided to tip a bucketful water over me. At least it cooled things down.

    Anne has her little bit of luxury- a massage (I think she needed it after all the walking).

    Dinner tonight then and early to bed - we’ll have to be at the airport about 7am.

    See you in Paris tomorrow night (15 hours flying, so that should be fun).
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  • Day5

    Cavanaugh and Orchard Rd

    April 1, 2017 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    I started today with an early morning quest to find street food.

    Setting off at about 5 30 am, I didn't really know what to expect. I was surprised to see so many people wandering the roadways so early on a Saturday.

    After walking for quite some time down Orchard rd, I came across a rather sketchy area where there were a lot of young folks hanging around. To my left, I saw an adult boutique and a few policemen patrolling the area. I soon realized this is probably not somewhere I should be. But alas, when I looked right - I found it! A street vendor serving early morning (or late night for some) Singaporean specialties. So before high tailing it out of there, I got a plate of "Singapore's famous hainanes chicken rice" for $5.

    This dish was interesting. A must try if you're a first timer in Singapore - I think once was enough for me. The chicken is seasoned and poached (or steamed - it's hard to tell) and chilled. Once cold, the meat is served over hot butter rice. The chicken was very tender, but I couldn't quite get over the fact it was cold. The rice was fantastic.
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  • Day1


    October 7, 2017 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Well we made it safe & well to Singapore! The flight from Brisbane took 8 hours & there is only a 2 hour time difference making it 3.15pm local time (5.15pm Brisbane time) when we landed.
    Changi Airport is huge and has 4 seperate terminals connected by little trains! It is also soooo clean!
    We had a lovely taxi driver who drove us to our hotel (Ibis on Bencoolen) via the coast road & filled us in on all the places we need to visit & the foods we need to try - the latter being, BBQ stingray & fried carrot cake at the Newton Hawker Centre - we will let you know how we go with this...
    Once checked in, we headed out to explore our new surroundings. We caught the MRT (train) from Rocher to Clarke Quay (a hip & happening area on the river filled with restaurants, clubs & bars) for a bit of a nosy. We had dinner at The Bungy Bar & watched the Bum Boats ferry passengers down the river. It was a great spot & we got to view the Marina Bay Sands hotel's light show in the distance. Very cool!
    We were very tired after our first little adventure (we had walked over 10,000 steps) but our first impressions are that Singapore is a vibrant, colourful, clean city with a focus on green areas & recreation for visitors & locals alike.
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  • Day256

    Gardens By The Bay

    September 7, 2018 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Arrived at 1am in Singapore and had an easy first day. Up for a disappointing breakfast at 10am back to the room another quick nap and then a lovely lunch and out to GBB. Although it’s not rainy season we have thunder and rain for the 4 days here. The Gardens and light show were a delight.

  • Day259

    Singapore Zoo

    September 10, 2018 in Singapore ⋅ ☁️ 31 °C

    Singapore Zoo is really impressive!
    An early start to have breakfast with the orangutans. They were a a delight! Then the sea lion show was so much fun. Then the thunder and heavy downpour and despite umbrellas we were soaked. We sat under shelter till it slowed and then we started again. There were so many highlights so I’ll let some pics tell the story. We were all tired and came back to our room around 3.30 with good intentions of relaxing and Yes watching the replay of the panthers great win against the warriors in the first semi final. However Kaiyen and I both fell asleep after 39 minutes and slept till 7.30!! Up and off to the famous Maxwell Hawker Centre but most of the food stalls were closed by the time we arrived so we went round the corner to the Chinatown Food Street. We had a range of different dishes and were hoping to walk it off but most of the stalls and shooed were closed at that time so back to our room at midnight. This time tomorrow we’ll be on the flight to London.Read more

  • Day53

    Winding down in Singapore

    June 10, 2018 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Geschter Abig simmer guet in Singapur acho und sind grad als erschts en saftige Burger mit Curly Fries ga esse - uf das hemmer eus so gfreut gha! Für vil meh het eusi Energie denn aber nid glanget, darum hemmer de Samschtigabig mit Lion King im Hotelbett verbracht.
    Hüt hemmer denn so richtig usgschlafe - und tatsächlich meh oder weniger bis zum Mittag duregschlafe! Wohl dringend nötig gsi. Dernach hemmer mal chli planet, wasmer in de negschtä Täg wend mache - es git so viles zgseh da! Am Bela sini Tipps plus sTourist Handy wo eus sHotel zur Verfüegig gstellt het hend eus scho mal en erschti Prio vorgä.
    Endlich ufgstande und duschet simmer ca am 2 mal usem Hotel cho und in dr Nöchi vu Chijmes (es ehemaligs Chloster) ines dütsches Resti :) hoch leben Käsespätzle! Dernach hemmer euses HopOnHopOff Ticket welle ga poschte - und bi dere Glegeheit nu gschnell ins naheliegende Shoppingcenter wege paar Chlinigkeite ga luege ga... aber da in Singapur chamer "chli" und "shoppe" nid sinnvoll im gliche Satz erwähne! Das Shoppingcenter isch mind. 3x so gross gsi wie bi eus - isch aber doch so unbedütend, ases nur knapp bi Google Maps erwähnt isch...
    Später hemmer eus mit dr erschte HopOnHopOff Fahrt en erschte Idruck vu dr Stadt gmacht - und es gfallt eus sehr! Alles isch sehr suuber und gepflegt, en coole Mix zwüschet Kolonialstil und Skycrapers. Nur s Marina Bay Sands Hotel het a dr Martina nid so gfalle, für sie gseht das Schiff eher nachere Seegurke us :)
    A propos Marina Bay Sands: das Viertel isch ursprünglich mal Wasser gsi und isch mit importiertem (!) Sand ufgschüttet worde. So isch de Stadtstaat um stattlichi 25% gwachse (8'000 Fuessballfelder).
    Später simmer nu chli dOrchards Rd derabgschländeret - unglaublich vil Lüt hets in dere Ichaufsmeile! Denn uf Empfehlig vum Bela ind Emerald Hill Rd ga aperöle und zrugg in Hotelpool ga abchüele :)
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  • Day8

    Singapur: Orchideengarten und Treewalk

    July 8, 2018 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Wir haben uns heute den Ruf, dass Singapur eine der grünsten Städte ist, bestätigen lassen. Nach einer Besichtigung des botanischen Gartens und dem nationalen Orchideengarten, gingen wir zum Mac Ritchie Reservoir. Bei der kleinen Wanderung zum Top Treewalk haben wir viele Affen und auch die erste Schlange auf dieser Reise gesehen.
    Den Abend verbrachten wir beim Marina Bay Sands und deren unglaublichen Licht- und Wassershow!
    Singapur hat es mir wirklich angetan, ich bin „geflashed“.
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