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  • Day3

    Singapore in Seven Hours

    July 2 in Singapore

    One day.... one city.... After consulting a former expat to Singapore, we followed his tourist recommendations.

    - little India
    - gardens by the Bay
    - Singapore flyer
    - SIA hop-on bus

    Outcome?! Love, love, love Singapore. From the watermelon, lime and pineapple sorbet & truffle fries to the city that is so diverse from quarters of preserved culture and buildings to futuristic masterpieces.
    I’ll be back.

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  • Day7


    October 29, 2017 in Singapore

    Just a quick hello after a long long journey. Everything went fine, it was less terrible than expected. Roughly 8 hours till Manchester, 1 hour stop, then 12 hours to Singapore. I managed to sleep about 2 hours per leg. The hotel is very nice, the city is hot and noisy. I arrived at 7am local time and successfully kept myself awake all day. Now it’s 7:30pm and I can go to bed, yeay.
    The city is so packed and loud and a huge contrast to Katy where everything was so widely spread. I feel totally overwhelmed, but that might be due to the lack of sleep. Usually I enjoy this heat and busy city feeling and especially the food! So far I haven’t been able to eat much. That will change for sure ;)Read more

  • Day8


    October 30, 2017 in Singapore

    ...And we are entering round two of training, this time in Singapore, with colleagues from China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and of course Singapore. It’s a great crowd, some of them I have met before when I traveled to Shanghai and Singapore, some I only know from mails or skype calls. The group is huge, but we are 4 trainers in total and together we will manage. The venue is in the pool area of the hotel, very convenient. Everything went fine on the first day, but it is quite different from the Houston group. I can’t connect with everyone immediately as the group is too large for that. So I need to let go a bit ;) We finished a bit late, I tried to catch up with my mails afterwards, and then wanted to go out for dinner. But it was raining heavily, so I went to one of the hotel’s restaurants. Yummy chinese dishes - shrimp and some veggies. Almost fell asleep over the food ☺️ still struggling with jet lag.Read more

  • Day10

    Cooking frenzy

    November 1, 2017 in Singapore

    On day 3 we covered some subjects I don’t really like, as the tool lacks in functionality and usability in some aspects. I hate selling stuff I don’t believe in. That’s why I quit my job as consultant 4 years ago. Realized once more that I don’t have to sell shit anymore. The perks of being a customer 😁 I can keep it real. The big reward of the day - nay, trip! came in the evening. We went for a joint evening event and cooked our own dinner. Great place, professional and cosy at the same time. I mean, hello, it’s called Coriander Leaf, can it get any better? It did, because we had terrific results! The food we cooked in 3 teams and 90 minutes was both yummy and beautiful. Wow!Read more

  • Day11

    the astros won the world series

    November 2, 2017 in Singapore

    is that the news of the day??? Well, it is as I’m writing this. I’ve been following this final since Houston. Even used some morning delirium hours between 2 and 4 (when I couldn’t sleep but also didn’t wanna get up) to watch baseball for dummies videos on youtube to learn about this weird sport. Now I know the basics and wear my new Astros t-shirt and feel once more close to all the Houstonians I met last week.
    Training is finished! Yeay and boohoo. It’s been intense 4 days. And sad to say goodbye to my coworkers. Especially my cotrainers. So smart and knowledgeable and engaged! I miss them already.
    Went out to explore the city a little in the evening. After dark it’s quite nice outside. Still hot and humid, but possible to walk longer distances. So I did and ended up in the newton hawker center, an outside foodcourt with lots of local specialties. Had to go through my favorites ☺️ and also through some tiger beers ☺️. Tomorrow I have a day off, my flight is in the evening. So I will start a new uke project now, a Pixies song that’s been in my ears all week - where is my mind? 🤖
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  • Day113

    Last day in Consumtopia

    January 29 in Singapore

    The day started early at 07:00 - Anna got a complementary Yoga class from her purchases at Lululemon. Then we set out for haircuts and other beauty services.

    Bertram also got a new pair of leisure shoes. Same color (dark blue) though - the change is kept to a minimum and mostly includes fresher smell :-) Finally another soy latte at Costa Coffee ☕️

    We then set out to the airport. The airport facilities are great and we got some tax refunds. The only thing that we did not know: security checks at the gate and no drinks allowed to take onboard. Two full Starbucks coffees gone :-/

    Now, it’s adventure time again, with Cambodia next!
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  • Day83

    Emerald hill road Airbnb 19-24.1.

    January 19, 2017 in Singapore

    Am Morge hemmer vom Pod Hostel zu oisem Airbnb züglet. Es isch amene herzige Näbetsträssli vo de Orchard road! Mir sind also sehr Zentral gsii und sind fliissig go shoppä, stadt erkunde usw. :)

    Am 20. Isch de Nguyen, am Jan sin Papi, ois cho bsueche! Mir hend zwei wunderbari Täg mit ihm verbracht, sind na go Familiebsüech mache, fein ässe, ines Museum usw. Danke viel mal liebe Nguyen/ Papi!

    Am 24. Isches so wiit gsi... Mir hend s letst mal oisi Rukseck gstopft und uf de Rugge gschnallt. Sind mit de Metro an Flughafe (widermal e chli knapp drah gsii... Oisi schwiizer Pünktlicgkeit isch irgendwo underwegs verloore gange 🤔)

    Nach churzem Warte hemmer scho chenne Boarde - und s Flugi isch halb läär gsii! Mir hend also herrlich bequem chönne schlaafe (bzw. De jan het eh di ganz ziit Film glueget 😅)


    In the morning, we moved from the pod to our airbnb, which is on a side street to orchard road. There are georgeous old little houses!
    On the 20th, Nguyen came to visit us for two days - we had a wonderful time and visited the rest of the family in Singapore. As well we went to delicious restaurants, to a museum and shopping :) thank you Nguyen!

    And then the day came... 24th of january... We finally had to pack our stuff for the last time and go to the airport in the evening. We must have lost our swiss punctuality somewhere during our trip... So we once again came a little bit late to the airport. - We didn't have to wait too long before we could board the plane. It was half empty which was wonderful for us to sleep, on almost a bed! 😀
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  • Day4

    Orchard Rd to pass the time

    March 31, 2017 in Singapore

    Before dinner, I decided to mosey around areas surrounding my hotel. Underground tunnels connect shopping centers, walkways are packed with eager shoppers, and the prices... are not right. The elephant pictured can be yours for only $15,000 sing.

    I also decided to check out a nearby yoga studio for temporary membership. Why not? It's only $428 per month for unlimited classes. 😶 #heartattack

  • Day13

    Wantanabe Coffee

    April 9, 2017 in Singapore

    350 Orchard Road Shaw House, #01-00 Isetan Scotts, Isetan, Singapore 238868

    This alleged Japanese roastery served Dutch style coffee and bomb cinnamon banana toast.

    Must Try: Dutch Style cold brew

    Price: $
    Food Quality: 4.5 Stars
    Service Quality: 4 Stars

  • Day4

    Curry Culture

    March 31, 2017 in Singapore

    31 cuppage Terrace, Cuppage Road, Singapore 229457

    The chicken tikka was literally heaven. Words cannot describe my newfound love for this place. I also tried lime juice for the first time - much like lemonade but more tart. I highly recommend!! #paleocheatmonth

    Price: $$
    Food Quality: 5 Stars
    Service Quality: 5 Stars

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