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  • Day21

    Endless hospitality

    September 19, 2017 in Slovakia

    We reached the Danube which means from now on we continue the well-known flat Danube Cycle Route and ended up in Vienna where we stayed at Samuel's place. For rainy reasons, we had a rest day in Samuel's cosy apartment by sleeping in, breakfasting late, reading, talking about cycling and other bike travelers and planning our further route. In the evening we explored the city center by foot and went to the cinema for the Viennese comedy 'Die Migrantigen' with Samuel and his girlfriend.
    As yesterday we were blessed with better weather we hiked uphill to the Leopoldsberg from where we had great views of the Danube and Vienna. We went out with our bikes which felt quiet weird not feeling the weight of our panniers.
    This morning we hit the road again and followed the Danube till Bratislava - 5 hours of steady rain. We took it calmly as we can't change the weather anyway :)
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  • Day24

    A Brief Visit to Bratislava

    August 22, 2017 in Slovakia

    Four hours by train from Prague and we ended up in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. The small city, situated along the Danube and boarding on Austria, has a population of about 500,000. The Old Town was a short stroll from where we were staying. Unfortunately, much of the city has been vandalised with graffiti, even many of the historical buildings.

    Along the Danube, Bratislava Castle sits high onto of a hillfort. From the Castle, you get a bird’s-eye view of Bratislava and the border of Austria.

    Close by the Castle complex is the Old Town which includes a number of significant (and historical buildings), such as St Martin’s Cathedral, the site where many Hungarian kings and queens were crowned. Other attractions included Primate’s Palace, Devín Castle, Church of St Elisabeth, Michael’s Gate and a strange sculpture piece called “Man at Work”, which is a bronze sculpture of a sewer worker protruding from the ground.

    It seemed that the area we stayed in didn't get too many tourists from the way that people looked at us, and from the occasional “dobrý deň” that we got from people passing by. In the supermarket, a woman approached Jason and, in Slovak, asked him about the ingredients in the packet (well, that’s what we figured she was asking). Jason shrugged his shoulders and politely said that he doesn’t speak Slovak. We were not sure if the checkout assistant was having a bad day but she didn’t look too happy and almost pegged the checkout divider at us. When we had fresh produce that hadn’t been weighed and labelled, she started asking us questions in Slovak, to which Jason quickly replied “English please”. She obviously thought that it was futile trying to explain to us what needed to happen so she took off from her cash register, went to the fresh produce section on the other side of the shop, weighed the contents and stuck the barcode on the bags, came back to the register and continued to scan the other items. At the end of the transaction, she threw the receipt on the counter and quickly moved onto the next customer. Oops!
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  • Day47

    Bratislava / Slovakia (who knew)

    August 29, 2016 in Slovakia

    For a very long time I wanted to to a motorbike trip around Europe but if you had of asked me, even 12 months ago, "do you think you will be in the Slovakian' capital in August 2016" I don't know if I even new what city is the capital of Slovakia. Not too long a day riding, but when you only travel back roads and stay away from motorways and toll ways, it takes a while to cover kms.

    The city is quite bit smaller than Prague so you get to see more of it which means the disparities within the city are more obvious. Parts are fantastic, well maintained and impressive. Parts are really quite depressive.

    There is a small park opposite a cafe (where I managed to get a "normal" hot chocolate) just a few metres down from the hotel I stayed at. I noticed shat I gathered was an older homeless man lying unmoving, in relatively long grass, behind a park bench. A few hours later he was still there not having moved an arm or leg. I got a bit worried he might be in trouble do I gingerly went over and couldn't see any sign of life. I thought about letting some authority know but decided to shake his shoulder in case he was just asleep. A little shake elicited no response so I gave him a bigger one. Well, I think I found the guy who taught the two guys in Dresden how to swear in at least 5 languages. I'm not sure what he said but he was still going off at me as I walked/ran back past the cafe (where the crowd had gathered to see the fun - his swearing was replaced by their laughter as I passed). Sort of funny, but sad to see, homelessness seems to be everywhere, including at home.

    Lets go to Hungary next.
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  • Day47

    I Love Slovakia!

    October 20, 2016 in Slovakia

    What a great day! Pouring rain but that didn't stop us. Had a huge breakfast around the corner from our hostel and then headed into town. Went to the Bratislava Castle and museum and it was fabulous. Spent three hours there and climbed up to the bell tower. Walked down to St. Michaels church (last coronation of Ferdinand the II occurred there and then to St. Michael's Gate. We found a great wine bar called Trunk across the Bloominthal church where I was baptized snd gad some great fabulous Slovak wine. I had a wonderful St. Laurent from Ludwig vineyards 2015. We took a tour of Bloominthal church and then went to dinner to the Klastorska Pivnica (Monks Cellar). All the beer is made by the monks. Had some fabulous borscht and a pagac(bacon biscuit) and some awesome Ivan dark beer. Service was awesome and we had a great time. Put on about 10 k walking today.Read more

  • Day94


    July 10, 2017 in Slovakia

    Didn't really know what to expect and hadn't found much was going on but what a great city! Smaller scale than Prague etc and although touristy in the Old Town, it didn't feel cramped. Lots of great cafes/bars/restaurants and lots of sights to see.

    Even though we arrived from Brno on Saturday at 3pm we headed straight for another free walking tour at 4pm. The first thing we learnt was that people often mistake Slovakia for Slovenia. A mistake apparently made by George W. Bush when talking to a Slovak reporter in 1999. Now I have a little sympathy as Slovakia is "Slovensko" in Slovak and therefore a similar spelling to Slovenia ... but as we had recently been to Slovenia we could happily say we could tell the two apart.

    We learned that Slovaks love Statues. There are countless statues in Bratislava and some really quite random, including a man called "Cumil" popping out of a manhole. Is he taking a break from working in the sewers or looking up women's skirts..? Who knows! Apparently if you are female and sit on his head you will fall pregnant within a year. Needless to say I ran away from that one :)

    There are also statues of Hans Christian Anderson and Napoleon amongst famous Slovak personalities whose names I wouldn't dare try to pronounce. But I have included a picture of a Slovak poet's statue found in the square named after him in the Old Town. Our Slovakian is about as bad as our Czech and so I am just generally smiling a lot. I stupidly told the guide that I would really like to learn some basic words - as I hadn't had a chance to consult the vocab section in the guidebook before coming out - and she later had Stuart and I up in front of the group to practice. Namely "stick your finger through your throat" .. "Strč prst skrz krk". Not that sticking your finger through your throat is a 'thing' in Slovakia but just a saying without a single vowel. Needless to say we sucked at that.

    According to our tour guide, local wine is only available in Slovakia as although they produce around 300,000 gallons per year, they consume about 900,000 so there is none left to export. My recollection of the exact volumes and figures may be tainted by the subsequent trying of said wine along with a chap called Henry from the walk. But I do remember that the wine did not disappoint! Our guide had also recommended a restaurant so we headed there to try a local dish called Bryndzové halušky. It is potato dumplings with sheep's-milk cheese and bacon. Sounded so wrong and tasted so right! Bit like Slovak Mac n' Cheese.. mmmm

    Today we wandered up to the castle which was reconstructed in 1953 based on a former incarnation that burnt down in 1811. They've done a really top job and although there was a storm looming overhead today, the gardens and the view were beautiful.

    If I can say this from the (what seems like) hundreds that I have seen this trip so far.. I think I have found my favourite Church! It is nicknamed the "Blue Church" but its real name is the Church of St Elizabeth. Once you see the photo you will understand the name and it is blue in and out. In the middle of the suburbs, it is a real change from any other church we have seen and a really stunning sight!

    One sombre lesson in the history of Bratislava (and Slovakia) was the treatment of the Jewish community internally and externally. Of approximately 15,000 jews who lived in Bratislava only just over 1,000 returned after WWII and even before that they were persecuted on countless occasions throughout history. The main holocaust memorial stands in the place of a former synagogue remembering the Slovak jews who were killed. Walking along one of the streets earlier I had noticed three brass plates amongst the cobblestones which had names and dates written on them. I took a photo, having an idea of what they could refer to, and my guess was confirmed by a google search this evening. They are called Stolperstein and they are "inscribed with the name and life dates of victims of Nazi extermination or persecution" (thank you wikipedia). Quite harrowing but a reminder of what horrors people faced during the Nazi regime. Apparently they are part of a project in Europe and I am sure it may be something we find more of as we continue on our trip. There was also plenty of information about Jewish history in Bratislava within the old city walls but we didn't have enough time to study it in more detail.

    Another reason to add to the list of why we would most definitely come here again.

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  • Day78

    Day 76

    August 14, 2017 in Slovakia

    Wonderful day in Bratislava today! We got up went to the shops to grab our picnic for the day. Then we went for a hike to the Tv tower. Which was lovely, there was heaps of walking trails through the forrest and then we had our picnic at the top. Came back in the afternoon and then got some groceries and made rissoles and veggies and mash for dinner

  • Day12

    Short cycle day today. Overcast and a lot cooler than yesterday.

    Short bumble around the city to take a couple of pictures, including 2 of the famous Bratislava statues.

    Tomorrow we head for Hungary. 1st stop will be Gyor.

  • Day60

    National gallery

    November 2, 2016 in Slovakia

    What an interesting and fascinating exhibit. I only got a 1/3 if the way through the exhibits which were 3 floors. I had a lunch meeting at noon with my cousin so I will have to finish the other 2/3's another day. 1939 the country is run by a catholic priest who had fathered several children with several wives. The signs say have children fir a stronger nation. There us a fear among the people from the Bolsheviks and the Jews. The president sides with the Nazis and welcomes Hitler and Joseph Goebbels. Young boys are taught how to handle weapons as young as the age of five. Young girls are taught fitness and cooking so that they are healthy for motherhood and procreation. 1944-1945 end of WW11 and the Slovak propaganda now shows the Soviets in the picture not the Germans. Check out the photos. This is part one if my visit stay tuned for part two with more photos. Incredibly interesting and one of the best exhibits I've been to so far.Read more

  • Day219

    Sitting on the dock of the river

    April 10, 2017 in Slovakia

    Time out today. Met with my cousin Zdenko today in town for coffee, basa punch and conversation. We finally had a chance to catch up on life and family stuff. Walked over the old bridge to the river brewery and sat in the sun enjoying the view and the beer. Headed to the castle over the UFO bridge to check out the gardens. They were gorgeous and prettier than the Schlosshof gardens. Tomorrow I go to my aunt Anna's for lunch and catch up with her.Read more

  • Day21

    Bratislava, Slovakia

    July 5, 2016 in Slovakia

    Bratisava was a wonderful old world town. We had a guided walking tour for about 1.5 hours and then free time on our own. There are housing styles with midevil componants, 19th century buildings and holdovers from the Soviet era that they have tried to disguise with bright paint.

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Bratislava, Pressburg, ብራቲስላቫ, براتيسلافا, ܒܪܛܝܣܠܐܒܐ, Горад Браціслава, Братислава, ব্রাতিস্লাভা, བ་ར་ཏིསི་ལ་བ།, براتسیلاڤا, Bratisława, Bratislawa, Μπρατισλάβα, Bratislavo, براتیسلاو, An Bhratasláiv, ברטיסלאבה, Pozsony, Բրատիսլավա, BTS, ブラチスラヴァ, ბრატისლავა, ಬ್ರಾಟಿಸ್ಲಾವಾ, 브라티슬라바, Bratîslava, Posonium, براتیسلاوا, ബ്രാട്ടിസ്‌ലാവ, Братислав, ब्रातिस्लाव्हा, Братислава ош, Preßburg, ब्रातिस्लाभा, Братиславæ, ਬ੍ਰਾਤਿਸਲਾਵਾ, Bratysława, براتسلاوا, Братїслава, பிராத்திஸ்லாவா, บราติสลาวา, براتىسلاۋا, براٹیسلاوا, Bratislav, Baratislawa, בראטיסלאווא, 布拉迪斯拉發, 布拉迪斯拉发

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