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  • Day95

    Yeosu - Odongo Island

    March 9 in South Korea

    After a rainy day yesterday we have explored Odongo Island and the city of Yeosu today. Odongo Island is a small island accessible by foot or bike only. The city was the host of the Expo 2012.

    Nach einem Regentag gestern haben wir uns heute Odongo Island angesehen. Es ist eine kleine Insel vor Yeosu die man nicht mit dem Auto befahren kann. Die Stadt an sich war Gastgeber der Expo 2012.

  • Day90


    March 4 in South Korea

    Today we have explored the city and the area around Mokpo. The city itself is not really nice but it has some really nice places at the waterfront and in the hills.

    Heute haben wir uns Mokpo und die nähere Umgebung angesehen. Die Stadt an sich ist nicht wirklich schön, dennoch gibt es ein paar nette Orte.

  • Day92

    Gureumdari Bridge - Wolchulsan NP

    March 6 in South Korea

    Another day, another hike! This time we have done a hike to the Gureumdari Suspension Bridge located in the Wolchulsan National Park. It was a short (1.6km one way) but very steep way up to the bridge.

    Ein neuer Tag, eine neue Wanderung. Dieses Mal sind wir zu einer Hängebrücke im Wolchulsan Nationalpark gewandert. Der Weg an sich war mit 1,6km pro Richtung gar nicht so lang aber dafür umso steiler.Read more

  • Day91

    Travelläum - Our Highlights

    March 5 in South Korea

    It happened again - Three months ago we started our trip, so it is time for a short review of the last month. It is the first month we were visiting one country only: South Korea!

    We have been to Seoul, Pyeongchang, the DMZ and many more places on our road trip through Korea. Here you can find our personal highlights of the last month.

    A short view into the future: We will continue our road trip till 19th March in Korea. At the end we will return to Seoul from where we will fly to Fukuoka (Japan) on 21st March.

    FYI - You can follow us on Instagram as well (globetastic)

    Da ist es schon wieder: Unser drittes Travelläum! Vor drei Monaten sind wir aufgebrochen, es ist also Zeit noch einmal auf den letzten Monat zurück zu blicken. Es ist tatsächlich der erste Monat in dem wir nur in einem Land waren, nämlich in Südkorea.

    Wir waren in Seoul, Pyeongchang, in der DMZ und an vielen anderen Orten während unserer Rundreise durch Korea. Hier findet ihr jetzt nochmal unsere persönlichen Highlights des letzten Monats.

    Noch ein kleiner Blick in die Zukunft für alle die wissen wollen wie es weitergeht: Unsere Rundreise durch Korea endet am 19. März in Seoul. Von dort geht es dann am 21. März weiter nach Fukuoka (Japan), wo wir dann das nächste Abenteuer beginnen.

    Zur Info: Ihr könnt uns zusätzlich auch auf Instagram folgen (globetastic)
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  • Day91

    Travelläum's BBQ

    March 5 in South Korea

    Due to a lot of rain we spent our day with planning our trip through Japan. Tonight we had a great "All-you-can-eat" Korean BBQ.

    Aufgrund vom schlechten Wetter haben wir heute unseren Trip durch Japan geplant. Abends gab es dann ein sehr leckeres koreanisches BBQ.

  • Day93

    Nagan Folk Village

    March 7 in South Korea

    We stopped at a folk village to see some traditional houses. In all these houses there are still living families. The houses are looking old only from outside, inside they have water, Wi-Fi and television. The village was surrounded by an old city wall. We had some time to play a game against a local - Of course we won ;)

    Wir haben heute an einem Dorf mit traditionellen Häusern angehalten. In all den Häusern Leben noch immer koreanische Familien, allerdings haben sie in den Häusern die neuste Technik inkl. Wasser und Internet. Das Dorf wird von einer alten Stadtmauer umrundet. Während unserem Besuch hatten wir dann noch kurz die Gelegenheit mit einem Einheimischen ein Spiel zu spielen. Natürlich haben wir gewonnen :).Read more

  • Day89

    Jeungdo Salt Fields

    March 3 in South Korea

    Today we visited the salt fields on Jeungdo Island. Unfortunately there was no salt yet because the season just started. Nevertheless it was amazing to see how many fields they have. It would be great to visit it in summer again.

    Heute haben wir die Salzfelder auf der Insel Jeungdo besucht. Leider konnten wir kein Geld mit Salz sehen, Da die Saison gerade erst anfängt. Im Sommer wird hier das Salz aus dem Meer abgebaut. Es waren wirklich hunderte von Feldern und es wäre bestimmt cool es im Sommer mit dem ganzen Salz nochmal zu sehen.Read more

  • Day24

    Geumodo Island ferry trip

    October 21, 2017 in South Korea

    A great day all round 🤗🤗. On the down side, I didn't find a sandy beach, and I MAY have paddled in water containing raw sewage, but on the up side the weather was perfect and the travel went without a hitch.

    I bought 2 tickets at the ferry terminal for a round trip to Ham Geum port on Geumodo island. The ferry going over was to leave at 9:50 and the return trip would depart at 4:05 pm. It was a car ferry and would make 2 stops at other islands before Geumodo.

    Although it's a Saturday (and you know what THAT means), there aren't the usual weekend crowds. On the ferry I sit outside taking in the view. On Korean ferries there can be an internal room with wooden floors and a landing for shoes. It seems to be mostly used by women and children. Bit of a waste to sit there today as there are magnificent views of various islands as we proceed. Very different from the other ferry trips I've taken on this holiday.

    We arrive on Geumodo at around 11:15. I remember it's a car ferry and successfully avoid the cars disembarking. A notice board supplies some information on hiking around the island. My plan is to walk clockwise along the main road, look for a sandy beach, swim, eat my lunch and return to port for the ferry back.

    The road is quite elevated from the sea. This means the views continue to be stunning as I walk on, but it does make it problematic finding a trail down to the sea. I walk through a small fishing village which also contains quite a few persimmon trees. Back on the main road there are stretches of long mesh tarpaulins along the side of the road where the locals are drying baitfish. I see no other hikers all day.

    I eventually reach a village called Daeyu around 1:15. This is the end of the road and my lunch spot. Although it's on the water, there are no beaches. I take off my boots and socks to dip my feet into the water at a jetty. Although there's a pipe nearby, there are fish as well as they jump into the air periodically to catch insects.

    Long walk back, maybe 13 km in total. I'm running low on water and end up with none on the returning ferry. However, I do get to enjoy the sunset over the water (took way too many photos). We reach Yeosu a bit before 6 and I catch the 555 bus back to the hotel.

    I have been looking forward to the Bledisloe Cup match from Lang Park, but daylight saving (in Sydney and Melbourne) means that it starts an hour earlier than usual. So I miss the first half. But I see most of the 2nd half and celebrate the win with soju and red wine. Go Wallabies! Hope that ticket for their match against Japan is waiting for me in Tokyo 🤔

    POSTSCRIPT: I woke up the next day and noticed rashes over the lower parts of both legs. They do go away within a few days thankfully.
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  • Day14


    October 11, 2017 in South Korea

    I'm due on Jeju Island tomorrow. The closest port to the island is Wando, which is my destination today.

    However I do have some time to kill before heading to the bus terminal, so I visit an art gallery and then the Asian Culture Complex. The medication has kicked in and I find it hard to concentrate on the task at hand. One of the lady reception staff at the hotel is kind enough to call a taxi for me when it's time to leave. She even starts to help me load my megaluggage into the boot - that's a WHS issue if I've ever seen one so I decline her help.

    I thought I'd given myself plenty of time to get to the bus terminal, but traffic congestion and red lights eat into the contingency. Every red light costs 3 minutes of time, they start to add up. Anyway I have around 6 minutes to spare when we reach the bus terminal.

    It's around a 2 hour trip to Wando. The bus driver does a quick head count and tells me to buckle up. Later on I understand why, as he takes cornering as a speed challenge. I can feel my ribs under pressure from the seat belt 😫

    Arriving at Wando, I eschew taking a taxi for a walk with my luggage. It's around a 10 minute trip to Wandonesia (I'm not making this up) where I'm staying. It's no problem checking in, the problem is that my room number is 403 and I'm Wandonesia is a hostel without lifts. So I have to haul my luggage up 3 flights of stairs (remembering that ground floor is 1F).

    The room is quite lovely though, particularly the bathroom. There is a lot of road noise but once I close the double-glazed windows I hear nothing.

    I want to buy a ticket for tomorrow's 9am ferry to Jeju. Unfortunately the ticket office is closed, even though it's not long after 4. Looks like I'll need to be there at 8am tomorrow when the ticket office reopens. I take the first 3 attached photos on the way back to Wandonesia, then the last photo from my room.
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  • Day95

    Yeosu @night

    March 9 in South Korea

    Yeosu is a really nice city especially at night it has some very nice places.

    Yeosu ist eine wirklich coole Stadt - Vor allem Abends wenn alles beleuchtet ist.

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