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  • Day124

    Burgos #1

    July 3 in Spain

    We arrived in Burgos today. 🙂 Remember when I said we were not going to take a rest day? Well, we changed our minds. Once we got to our hotel room, we realized how tired our bodies were. Plus, this way we get to stick with our group and spend some more time with those who are leaving to go back home...and get to see some of the amazing sites in this city that we will probably never get to see again.

    So...Both Alan and I plan on touring the inside of the cathedral tomorrow, visiting the museum, and maybe checking out the castle. All of that will happen after we sleep in a bit instead of getting up at 5 am. 🙂

    Here are a few pics and video from today
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  • Day125

    Burgos #2

    July 4 in Spain

    It felt so good to sleep in a bit this morning! Our bodies needed it. We explored a little this morning by touring the Cathedral - oh my goodness! I couldn’t even begin to capture it all in pictures/video. Just looking up at the different domes was amazing, let alone the paintings, tapestries, and sculptures. It’s hard to comprehend how long it must have taken to complete the different works of art. We also got to see some fiesta celebration with a parade of the giants and big heads. They are in one of the video snippets and a picture I added here.

    This afternoon we went to the Museum of Evolution which houses some of the oldest evidence of human life on our planet- another “wow” experience. The castle didn’t make the list today, because we decided to do what the Spanish do and had a siesta. Everything pretty much closes down from 2:00 until 5:00 or later, so why not rest ourselves 🙂.
    Restaurants don’t really open up for dinner until 8:00 or later which is a schedule that we are not used to.

    I thought I would attach a picture of my Pilgrim Credential today. This is what we need to stay in the different pilgrim albergues along the way. We have to have it stamped each day, and then during the last 100 kilometers it must be stamped twice a day as proof of our journey. Cafes, churches, and other places also have stamps. Once we get to Santiago de Compostela, we will show our Pilgrim Credential and then receive a certificate of our journey. That seems like it will take forever, since we have only gone 180 miles and we still have 320 to go 😳.

    Tonight we had a goodbye dinner for four of our people who are heading back home. We are sad to see them leave 😕...such good people. But, on a happy note - I met another fellow WSU Cougar and his wife who are walking the Camino. GO COUGS!!! They had dinner with us tonight and we hope to see them along the way.

    Tomorrow, we head to Hornillos 🙂
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  • Day19

    Ages to Burgos

    May 8 in Spain

    Good morning to everyone. I packed up my tent and left Ages at around 7:30 am in the morning. I walked a couple of miles and came across a place for breakfast. After a coffe and an apple pastry, I was on my way again. The walk to Burgos took me up over a mountain, which was quite steep I might add, and the path ran along a Spanish military base. Once at the top, I could see Burgos...still a 4 hour walk off in the distance. I have officially walked 180 miles of the Camino but with the added daily walking within the towns to find lodging, walking to find food....I beilive I am actually approaching 200 Miles. I had a nice hotel in Burgos...very inexpensive by American standards...with breakfast, my own room and shower. You really start to appreciate all these things when you can find them. Living and sharing facilities in an albergue gets old. I went to the huge church in Burgos....I have never seen a church so vast in my don’t do it justice. It took me 15-20 minutes just to walk around the structure on the outside. It was built from 1221-1260 I think. I can’t believe that building so huge and so ornate would be possible with the tools and means of that time period. But huge it is. That’s it for now...I hope this finds everyone well!Read more

  • Day9

    Eigth stop - Burgos

    May 7 in Spain

    Belorado -> 27km (+22km by bus) -> Burgos
    My ankle feeling better, we were off to Agés, from where we took a bus to Burgos. I will have a well deserved (and not forced) rest day tomorrow. Today's walk was through long forest routes that were wonderful and relaxing! Looking forward to discovering the city!

  • Day25

    Now photos on walk to Burgos

    September 16 in Spain

    A miracle, the photos went, after an agonisingly long time, and on the second attempt when I put my iPad near the door, not out on the alcove in our room where I had been sitting! So will have another go...not many today anyway, as the walk in to the city is not picturesque. But lovely early morning light, and the view of Burgos in the distance.

  • Day20

    Made it early to our short stop, Burgos. Rachel heads towards home tomorrow by going by bus to Santiago. Eric and I will be based here for two nights as we take our first full rest day and recalibrate our travel plans to see how to make it to Santiago.

  • Day15

    Der Weg von Ages nach Burgos (24km) war nicht gerade ein Highlight auf dem Jakobsweg. 15km davon gingen davon durch ein Industriegebiet und am Flughafen vorbei. Nicht die schönste Kulisse, aber dennoch haben wir es geschafft.

    Die Unterkunft ist diesmal nett.... Ich hab mir ein Zimmer mit eigenem Bad gegönnt und genieße die Ruhe. Herrlich. 😊

    Am Abend sind meine beiden Italiener und ich dann noch lecker Pasta essen gegangen und vorher haben wir natürlich die Kathedrale ⛪ von Burgos besucht..... sehr imposant. 😃👍

    Ein Liquor 43 mit Milch zum Abend, die Italiener waren begeistert.... und dann zurück ins Hostel und ab ins Bett. Herrlich 😄
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  • Day14

    Day 12. Burgos by night

    September 16 in Spain

    Just a lil update to show you our evening in Burgos. Tonight we visited the big Burgos cathedral (amazing) and dined with the locals on the terrace. Finished off with an ice cream on the walk home. Happy 😊

  • Day14

    Burgos 22 km

    September 13, 2017 in Spain

    Anfangs war die Etappe noch etwas hügelig, bis es in die nicht sehr schönen Vororte von Burgos ging. Dafür ist nun die Altstadt schön. Im Moment bin ich wieder mal am Wäsche waschen mit einer Maschine.
    Habe mir ausnahmsweise ein Hotel genommen wo ich zwei Nächte bleibe, damit ich die Stadt besichtigen kann.

  • Day10

    Rest day - Burgos

    May 8 in Spain

    What an awesome city! Never really heard of it much but had a pleasure discovering it. Tomorrow off for new adventures. It's been a week walking and this rest day did me really well

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