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  • Day98

    Málaga und Córdoba

    November 8, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    Uf Málaga simr mitem Alj inä. Nachdäm mir äs Parking gfungä hei, simr losgloffä grad as Meer fürä u dert ar Promenade nachägloffä bis zum "Centre Pompidou". Ds isch ä riesigä Würfu mit farbigä Schibä. Vor eintä Sitä gsehtmä diä nöii Kunstinstallation u hingerdran dr aut Lüüchtturm u auti Schiff – super Kontrast vo modern u aut! Witr simr zur Stierkampfarena u hei ds imposantä Geböide vo uss beguetachtet u si när übernä schönä Wäg it Autstadt. Dert simr zur Kathedralä. Ds isch ä wunderschöni, häui Chiuchä i goldenem Liecht. Speter simr no dür diä hübschä Gassä gschlenderet u när gägä Aabä uf Córdoba gfahrä.
    Gester am Morgä simr früeh los inä Garage. D' Brämsä vom Alj hei afah chlefelä... Ir Garage heisi d' Teili wosi bruuchä nid gha u drum heimr dr Alj ersch am Tag druf chönnä bringä.
    Nach däm Abstächer simr it Stadt inä u dert d' Moschee-Kathedralä gah luegä – und die het üs umghouä! Vo ussä äs schöns Geböide u vo inn so spezieu, dasmr usem Stuunä chuum si usecho! Dinnä simr dürnä Waud vouer rot-wiss-gstreiftä Bögä gloffä, hei d' Süülä, d' Autär, d' Schnörkeleiä u Verzierigä u z' Gsamtbiud gnossä u si hin u wäg gsi vo derä tollä Atmosphärä. Absout sehenswärt!
    Am Aabä simr när ufnä angerä Camping.
    Hüt simr am 10i i d' Garage u dert blibä bis dr Alj isch nachä gsi. Leider heisi abr äs Speziauwärkzüg nid gha u drum heisi dr Alj nachem Usänangnäh widr zämägsetzt.
    So simr los uf Granada. Dert aacho simr zum Camping womer hei usegsuecht, abr dä het zue gha wägä Bouarbeitä. So simr zumnä nächschtä wos het aazeigt, abr dä isch "se vende" gsi. Schlussändlech heimr bim 3. Aalouf när einä gfungä – u dä isch wunderhübsch gsi! "Alle guten Dinge sind drei", wiemä so schön seit.
    Mir hei no gwöschet, mit üsnä Luzärner Nachbarä gret u si ungerä. Itz isch dr Herbst o hie ganz aacho: sobaud d' Sunnä furt isch, wirds abartig chaut.
    Morn göhmr gah d' Alhambra luegä.
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  • Day30


    July 29, 2017 in Spain ⋅ 🌙 30 °C

    Driving through the rolling hills of Spain's countryside we left Seville to go to Cordoba. On our way we spotted a impressive Moorish castle and watched a beautiful sunset from the hills overlooking the city. The next day before going to Cordoba itself we explored the ancient ruins of Medinat Al-Zahra, which was a capital city built so the Muslim ruler at the time could become a Califa.

    In Cordoba, some of the highlights included:
    • The Judaria, Jewish district, with whitewashed alleys and beautiful flowers
    • Statue of Seneca, Roman Stoic philosopher
    • Roman walls and bridge over the Guadalquivir river (same river flowing through Seville)
    • Moorish banos (baths)
    • The Mezquita, the hybrid Great Mosque and Cathedral of Cordoba
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  • Day31

    Trouble in Paradise...

    July 30, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows, and traveling has it's ups and downs too. Social media often skews our perception of reality because we only share the positives. So we want to share this part of our trip as well.
    When we returned from exploring Cordoba, we found the driver door of our car loose and the backseat down. OMG someone had broken in! And they stole both our packs with most of our gear, including our electronics. Right there in the middle of a public place, along a busy road in broad daylight. They definitely knew what they were doing. Thank goodness we had had our passports and bank cards (and luckily all our photos) with us.
    We checked to see if we had remembered to lock the car and we definitely had, since we couldn't even stick the key in the lock to re-lock the car. We sat down on a bench to process what just happened. Waves of emotions were washing over us, anger, frustration, worry, and the feeling of losing temporary faith in the world.
    But adrenaline kicks in fast and you soon you start to focus on what needs to happen. We immediately went to the police office to file a report, contacted the car rental and insurance companies and found a last-minute hotel for the night. The next day was a long day driving back to Faro (Portugal) to exchange the car and shop for new underwear and charging cords. Know your essentials ;) After that we were able to head back to Spain to make the most of the last few days. Fortunately we had insurance on our gear, once we got to Calgary we worked on declaring our lost items.
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