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  • Day659


    April 16, 2018 in Spain ⋅

    Pontevedra is a small city on the banks of the wide River Lérez. It is a busy place but has given over land to a free, pristine, 20 pitch 'Área de autocaravanas' close to the city centre with services. Spain really has been amazing for providing these facilities as well as its acceptance of wild camping. There was a list of regulations governing the site that we were happy to abide by.

    Having arrived before midday, we headed into town in search of a café Will had found on Trip Advisor. Water and pollution stained high rises didn't give off the best first impression, but things improved as we approached the old town. Young children and parents enjoyed a great playpark and two multi-use games areas stood ready for when the older kids got out of school. There were a good range of interesting independent shops; fruterias, panaderias, herbalistas, places selling ham and cheese, baby clothing stores and a raft of cafés.

    La Fuga de Blas café was up a side street, its square topped black tables set out on the wide pavement. We asked about something without meat for Vicky, choosing a gulas salad from the two things the waiter told us were available (mainly because we knew what it was!). Will ordered a 'menu of the day' and we waited with our alcohol free beers and bowl of crisps. Unfortunately only Vicky's salad appeared - it seemed Will's lunch had got lost in translation! In the end the waiter understood and brought out the set menu dish of grilled ham on toast with olive oil.

    Returning a different way, we used the Ponte dos Tirantes; an arty suspension bridge near to the van, as a landmark. As you would excpect in a city, there was the usual background noise of traffic, occasional sirens and roadworks, but the place we stayed was modern, well maintained and we really did appreciate their efforts in providing it for us.
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  • Day9


    July 22, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    21 km entspannt von Redondela über Arcade nach Pontevedra gewandert.
    Ich war knapp 3 std unterwegs... nach gestern eine Wohltat ..

    Daher schon 12 Uhr in der Pension gewesen...danach ein bisschen Kultur... war in der Basilika St.Maria ...meinen 2.Stempel abholen.. da war gerade eine Taufe ...war echt süss..

    Dann etwas in der Sonne gefaulenzt... ganz entspannt also...
    Morgen der letzte "Ritt" über 20 km.... nach Caldas de Reis ..

    Das Ende rückt näher... 😘
    Endlich wieder bei Schatzi.... heute 10.Jahrestag unseres Kennenlernens.. wie die Zeit doch vergeht... 🤗❤😍😘😘
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  • Day11

    9. Etappe bis Pontevedra

    May 24, 2018 in Spain ⋅

    Sehr schöne Etappe mit sehr tollen Menschen😊
    30973 Schritte somit weitere 23,7 km Richtung Santiago 💪 Trotz des Wettereinbruchs die letzten 6 km bei strömendem Regen ☔️ mit wunderbaren Wegbegleitern genossen. Haben den Abend entspannt, gemeinsam in einer Bar bei einem 🤣 guten Glas Wein 🍷 ausklingen lassen. Einfach traumhaft 😇Read more

  • Day21

    Arcade to Pontevedra

    June 3, 2018 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 13 °C

    Today our distance to travel was approximately 12kms. For us seasoned walker's it was going to be a walk in the park. Up and out of the hotel by 9.00am. Even though it would be lovely to travel earlier to that, most places do not serve breakfast till 8.30am. The Spanish live a life of less stress. So the good thing is they make you slow down too. You do not hear drivers tooting when someone has stopped to drop of a person or to have a chat. The ones behind wait till the conversation has finished. They will always stop at the zebra crossing if no traffic signals. But if there is traffic signals then you as s pedestrian too need to follow the rules.

    Arcade is famous for its Oyesters, and you can go on a little d tour at some point and eat these, but we were not going to be doing this today.

    Walking on the bridge, across a small river named Verdugo was very picturesque. The mist was yet hanging over the mountains. The water was more like a lake than a river. It was lovely. Real Patience Strong material. It even had a sandy beach.

    Then it was climbing up cobble streets, and goat tracks and mountain paths. Through lovely small forests it was hard but very nice to walk "The Way."

    I have two stories to tell today - one is about David and Gloliath. We came across a snake and he was coming towards us. We stopped and told him to go the other way. He did not listen. So he left us no other choice. I used my trusted walking stick and hit him as hard as I could. He did not know, what struck him. Once I started I did not stop first; it was stopping him on the tracks and then it was stopping him full stop, and then Shyama joined in as well. So he was now either in snake heaven or he'll. Who cares. Colin I think you should take me hunting. I will show you how it's done.🙄🤗🤓.

    The next story is we met a Canadian lady aged 69 doing her 7th Camino. This one she started on the 31.03.2018. To date she has walked 1400 kms on this journey. And now has 60 more to go. This has been the longest Camino she has done. And to top it off she was carrying her own back pack. Her Husband was in BC canada looking after the cats and mowing the gardens.When I asked why she does just Caminos, why nor some other country to go for a hike or tramp. She loves Spain, and it keeps calling her. As charming as it was to meet her, it was a wake up call to my pride on the misley 200kms I have walked so far.

    Pilgrims every where at the moment. Mainly because all the Spanish and Portuguese routes have joined up. So from now on it is going to be like this. We were having a bit of lunch in a cafe after we checked in and rested they were coming in drones. From now on there is going to be swarm of bees going to Santiago. We even met the New Zealanders we had met over a week ago. So that was lovely. Hugs and kisses and we walked together for a very short time, after which we parted company as they were going on a d tour.

    We walked today's paths in record time. We were in our hotel by 12.30pm. That is with hill climbs, weewee stops etc.

    Now it's resting time as to tomorrow is going to test our metal. 21 kms or so uphill most of the way, need to start early. One of the reasons for doing it so fast today was the weather was so great. It was not sunny neither was it raining. It was just right for walking.

    Once again I have had a siesta time, and now we will go and get some dinner. Some of the photos is of our dinner and Sangria from last night. As you can see both of us are far from starving.

    One photo is of a fig tree with so many figs on it, they were not yet ready for harvesting what a pity. One of the photos with the walking pilgrims, the Canadian lady Charlott is the one with the blue back pack cover walking at the back.
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  • Day24


    November 8, 2018 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 10 °C

    If you have never experienced a Parador, you owe it to yourself to do it once in your life. We had walked from Redondela to Arcada. In the rain and wind. And no Arcadia - just pouring rain. Wet cold feet. So the Parador in Pontevedra was like arriving in heaven. Huge room, with sofa in antechamber, towels for a giant, canopy beds and a bathroom big enough in which to party. A late lunch of tempura calamari and lagostinos brocheta. Yum. Then to church.Read more

  • Day7


    May 8, 2018 in Spain ⋅

    Last of the hot days? National icon, the Horreos (grain store on stilts), appears everywhere.

    Roman bridge at Arcade.

    Pleasant walking along the Tomeza river.
    Post box in Pontevedra (it must be someone's job to polish it).

    Looking down from the cupola to the church in the Sanctuary of the Virgin Pilgrim.Read more

  • Day21

    Arcade - Pontevedra 15.9.2017

    September 15, 2017 in Spain ⋅

    Heute mal eine abgespeckte Kurzversion, da wir eben erst wieder vom Essen zurück kamen und ich jetzt reichlich müde bin. Es stand eine Kurzetappe von 13 KM an, allerdings war die bis zur Hälfte immer wieder mit An- und Abstiegen gespickt. Jenny und Pia stiegen bereits in der öffentlichen Herberge ab, dort war mittlerweile auch Danny angekommen. Stefan, Doreen, Anna und ich zogen in eine private Herberge. Später trafen wir uns alle zum Essen und in der Stadt bischen abfeiern. Das Wetter ist hier weiter phantastisch. Morgen mehr, mir fallen die Augen zu. Ich teile mir mit Stefan ein Doppelzimmer, ratet anhand der Fotos, welches Bett MIR gehört und welches Bett IHM. Wir haben übrigens auf seinen Wunsch hin gelost :DRead more

  • Day15

    Entlang der Via Romana

    May 18, 2016 in Spain ⋅

    Heute ging es nach Pontevedra ... entlang an der Meeresbucht Ria de Vigo durch Wälder und kleine Bergdörfer über die alte Römerstrasse Via Romana in der stückweise die Fahrspuren der alten Fuhrwerke zu erkennen sind . Zeitzeugen, einfach eindrucksvoll! Oben angekommen saß da ein junger Mann mit Gitarre und spielte. Schön , was ich auf meinem Weg erleben darf. Am Gipfel habe ich heute einen Stein für Juliane abgelegt, ein Stein ihrer Alpenüberquerung und ich fand es sehr passend an diesem Gipfel abzulegen ♡♡♡ Schön dass es dich gibt Jule ♡♡♡ mein Herzensmensch ☆☆☆Read more

  • Day15


    May 18, 2016 in Spain ⋅

    Diese Stadt hat soviel Charme, Atmosphäre und Geschichte. .. ich bin hin und weg. Und wahrscheinlich hätte ich dieses Städtchen nie kennengelernt wenn ich nicht den Camino laufen würde. Es gibt hier viel zu entdecken ... und auch das kulinarische Angebot kann sich sehen lassen, eine Taberna nach der anderen mit spanischen oder besser gesagt galizischen ;-) Köstlichkeiten, nach dem anschauen der Stadt habe ich mir einen Wein gegönnt, den besten den ich je in Spanien getrunken habe 😊 ab halb neun geht's zum Abendessen!Read more

  • Day16

    Frei sein ☆☆☆

    May 19, 2016 in Spain ⋅

    Laufen reinigt die Seele und das bescheidene Leben zeigt mir Tag für Tag auf wie wenig Menschen brauchen um wirklich glücklich zu sein. Keine Blasen an den Füßen oder andere körperliche Beeinträchtigungen die das gehen auf dem Weg beschwerlich machen. Das wenige im Rucksack das ausreichend ist für 14 Tage Camino. Das teilen der Mitpilger bei vielen Gesprächen von Lebensgeschichten, Lebenserfahrungen, Schicksalsschlägen. Ich habe schon geweint und gelacht und auch schon viel Tränen gelacht. Wer sich auf den Weg einlässt kann die Magie spüren und ich fühle mich frei ♡Read more

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