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  • Day7

    Tschüss Engelberger Tal, Hallo Schwyz!

    April 2 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    *** English version below ***

    Nachdem wir die ganzen letzten Tag im Engelberger Tal fliegen waren, wollten wir heute mal woanders hin :-) aber zuerst mussten noch die verbleibende Punktekarte zu Ende geflogen werden 😅 also starteten wir noch zwei Mal am Büelen Startplatz. Heute war es viel ruhiger, keine Flugschüler und nur 1-2 andere Piloten. Daher nahmen wir uns die Zeit, um nochmal Schirm auslegen und Rückwärtsaufziehen mit nicht ganz ausgefaltetem Schirm zu üben. Dies war ja das erklärte Lernziel, nachdem wir am Spieser bei so viel Wind mit unseren ausgefalteten Schirmen gar nicht mehr zu Rande kamen und alles sich immer wieder zerwutzelte.

    Die Flüge waren auch überraschend lang - trotz schwacher Sonne konnte wir uns gut halten und gingen nur landen, weil wir ja noch weiter wollten.

    Zuerst musste aber auch noch die Liftkarte an der Brunnibahn abgegeben werden und so kamen wir doch erst am späten Nachmittag in Schwyz an. Wir kauften ein leckeres Eis / Espresso mit Kugel Karamell und schlenderten am Seeufer entlang - Urlaub wie am Fjord!

    Danach fuhren wir noch bis zum Ibergeregg Pass, wo wir morgen Klettern wollen. Wir hatten Glück und fanden einen Parkplatz ohne Nachtparkverbot und relativ ebener Fläche (4° um genau zu sein 😜). Nach einem leckeren Abendessen (mexikanischer Reis mit Paprika-Tomate-Mais-Salsa und Sour Creme) und einem Verdauungsspaziergang ging es dann zurück in den Bus für eine gemütlichen Restabend!

    *** English version ***

    Today it was time to say goodbye to the Engelberg valley. We used up the remaining 2 passes for the Büelen gondola. Today was much calmer without any flight school at the launch site. Thus, we used the quietness to train a much needed skill: starting the glider with sufficient wind without fully laying it out (this would have been handy at Spieser where the fact that we laid out the glider caused all the line hassles when gusts blew the glider up and across repeatedly).

    We managed to have two good flights during which is was surprisingly easy to stay up - even though the sun was weak, it seemed enough 🤔

    We then returned the lift cards for the Brunni gondola and made our way north to the Vierwaldstätter Lake. We had a great ice cream cone / espresso with caramel ice cream and strolled along the lake shore - pure vacation feeling!

    From here we move up to the Ibergeregg pass where we want to go climbing tomorrow and found a parking spot without night parking prohibition. After a great dinner (Mexican rice with bell pepper-corn-tomato salsa and sour cream), we went for a short hike across the top and now are ready for a relaxing night in the bus.
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    Gabi Feller-Gerke

    Das sieht spektakulär aus

  • Day1

    Schweiz - check

    June 7, 2019 in Switzerland ⋅ 🌬 27 °C

    Wer feiert, kann auch arbeiten. Oder eben verschlafen. Aber alles passiert aus einem Grund.
    Anstatt über Düsseldorf nach Nizza zu fliegen, sitze ich jetzt im Flixbus. Ich habe Platz, es ist klimatisiert und ich fahre eine super coole Strecke.
    1. Highlight: Konstanz
    2. Highlight: Schweiz, Zürich
    Weiter geht's über Mailand :)
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  • Day14

    Le Lac des Quatre Cantons

    July 16, 2020 in Switzerland ⋅ 🌧 15 °C

    Depuis Lucerne, la pluie s'est invitée au programme. Elle rend inutile la montée au mont Rigi afin d'apprécier le panorama sur le lac. Malgré tout nous prenons un ferry pour le traverser et allons rendre visite à Guillaume Tell, son fils et son arbalète. Ce serait une légende, mais néanmoins elle a donné les fondations de ce qu'est la Suisse aujourd'hui.
    Nous terminons la journée à l'usine Victorinox où se fabrique les fameux couteaux suisses.
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  • Day44

    Brunnen Village

    July 23, 2016 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Once back in Brunnen we went for a short walk into the village for dinner by the lake very relaxing I could live here.

    The view from the apartment is incredible, it would really be pretty in winter when all the snow is covering the hillside.Read more

  • Day45

    Coffee and Crazy Golf

    July 24, 2016 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    A nice walk around the village after breakfast with a stop so Louie could play in the park while we all had coffee. Louie challenged John and Francis to a game of crazy mini golf. We headed back to the Fisher's for lunch and Francis made a yummy fondue. Unfortunately, we had to leave the Fishers to return to Zurich.

    Thankyou Francis and Kate for a most enjoyable weekend and Louie for allowing us to be your Aussie grandparents for a few days
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  • Day45

    Brunnen Train Station

    July 24, 2016 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    What a great few days it went so quickly but we are now heading back to Zurich.

    Yeh, we have been upgraded as we are a regualr customer now not sure how that works but who cares this room is so much bigger we even have a small kitchen and a washing machine. Looks like washing will be on the agenda tonight.Read more

  • Apr23

    Visp and Steimen - day 12

    April 23, 2019 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    We had a rather leisurely start this morning. I have had a bit of a sore throat and cough, so trying not to overdo it. It also was raining lightly this morning so that made it easier to stay in bed for a while. So we left the motorcamp at around 10am, and then got a bit distracted at the Lidl supermarket in Brigg (I loved Lidl when I was in Croatia, so wanted to visit another one). We were then heading to Rowena’s place (an old friend of Jody’s who has lived in Switzerland for 27 years). We left Brigg around 12, and googlemaps said we would arrive at Rowena’s in 2.5 hours. And then the journey began….

    It started off quite well, the roads were a bit narrow but not in great condition. The view was amazing again with such lovely little buildings all around and lots of little villages. As we went along, there was more and more snow, and the roads got narrower though the view got better. We seemed to be heading for some really high snowy mountains, but there didn’t seem to be a pass. At one stage we were heading for a tunnel, and found a round red sign that looked like it was a stop sign. We sort of thought that maybe we shouldn’t go through the tunnel, so I got out and asked the car behind us, and they didn’t have any idea either. So I beckoned the 3rd car through, and they went down a narrow path beside the tunnel, the other car followed, and I went to as well. But then a car came from the other way, so we waited for them, and then went on the narrow path. It was a couple of kms long, and it was very fortuitous that no cars came towards us, as there really wasn’t any room. It looked like a slip had fallen over the tunnel which is why we wouldn’t have got through it. When we got back on the road, it looked like there was a petrol station. We drove past that, through the town and then headed again for the mountains. The snow was encroaching on the road, and there was only just enough room for us to get through. I started thinking that this road really wasn’t a goer, and then we came across another red stop sign – looked like the road was closed. So we found somewhere to do a youie houie (missed a good photo opportunity there!) and went back through the time. There was a sign pointing us back to Brigg, but that seemed a long way to backtrack. So I thought we could go back to the gas station, and see if there was another option. Lo and behold but it wasn’t a gas station at all – it was a car train! The next train was at 1.05, and it was 1.00. So we quickly bought a ticket, drove over to the guard who showed us where to drive and we were on. He then handed us an A4 sheet of paper with about 10 different languages – basically saying that as we were pretty high, we couldn’t drive into the covered part of the train and we would have to wait at the other end for them to help us off. The train journey was around 15 minutes, and all the cars ahead of us just drove forward to get off. The cars behind us had to wait for the guard to open up some side gates, and maneuver us forward and back to get us off. The pass we went under was called the Furkapass (not what we were calling it!), and apparently it is only open for 5 months of the year. I have just seen picture of it, and driving under seems a preferable option.

    So the road after the tunnel was still a bit snowy and not well repaired, but then we started seeing some signs that looked like a motorway – yeehaa! The motorway still wasn’t amazing, and we went down a huge hill with hairpin bends (pleased that Nico has a manual gear), and finally got to the bottom of that and got on a road that I could even set cruise control on. We stopped at a gas station off the motorway and had lunch – ie Jody heated up our meat patties and cut up some stuff to go with them while I lay on my bed for a while. And then it was off on our final leg to Rowena’s in Steimen.

    What a lovely place this is. Rowena is a kiwi, but married Paul who is Swiss, and they have lived in this house for 27 years. We had a lovely dinner – bruschetta, rosti, and fleisch kase (translates as meat cheese). Rowena and Paul had a good time laughing at the routes that we have taken so far. Apparently the St Bernhard pass that we did on the first day was one that not many people would take by choice, and today’s effort was even better. Paul has been great at helping us with our route for the next few days – maps out all over the table. Interesting for me trying to login to my google drive on their wifi as it only gives me German and French as language choices. But very lovely hosts with a washing machine, and we get to sleep in beds where we don’t need to use ladders to climb into them – a bonus! Nico is currently parked in their driveway, but is on a bit of a lean so when Jody went in there with her socks on she slipped from one end to the other.

    So tomorrow we intend to go into Lucerne either by boat or train depending on what the weather is like.
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  • Apr24

    Lucerne - day 13

    April 24, 2019 in Switzerland ⋅ 🌙 12 °C

    So today I woke up feeling a bit worse, had coughed a fair bit overnight and then woke up at 9am. Rowena then took us on a wee drive around Stienen and we visited the swiss army knife factory - Victorinox – where we might have bought a few things. We both got a ceramic knife which is supposed to stay sharp for ages, and reduce the crying issue when chopping onions, and also several little knives which have lots of little gadgets. Rowena also took me to a pharmacy that had lots of natural remedies, hope they work.

    Then we had a stop at a café near Lake Lucerne, and decided not to take the boat as it was pretty rough. It was just under an hour on the train with 1 train change which was pretty easy and got there around 1pm. We spent the afternoon in Lucerne browsing the shops, taking silly pictures, and walked up the hill to a castle which had lovely views. Things really are pretty expensive here which was great as we weren’t tempted to spend any money. We caught the train back around 6pm, and Rowena cooked us a lovely meal of meatballs, pasta and salad.

    Oh, yes we might have found a chocolate shop as well. We both picked up a visitors guide, and 1 page had an advert for this shop, and by presenting the page we got 4 lindt chocolate truffles. Of course we had to visit that shop.

    So tomorrow I am hoping that the remedies work as we are on the road again tomorrow. Heading for Innsbruck, and stopping off in Litchenstein on the way.

    And forgot a funny story from yesterday. Rowena’s husband does a lot of skiing and pointed out the hill that he skis on that you can see from their house. He drives to the train to get there, and I asked when he put his ski boots on, and he said when he got out of the car. I said that he must be comfortable in them, and he said well I can’t drive in them! I think he would if he could tho.
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