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    • Day 1


      March 30, 2023 in Switzerland

      Dreimal ist Bremer Recht, also geht es nochmal los bevor ich wieder arbeiten darf.
      Diesmal weniger anstrengend mit einem Interrailticket. Hauptziel sind die Panoramastrecken in der Schweiz und dann mal sehen was sich ergibt 😁
      Von Bremen geht es über Hannover und Frankfurt nach Basel und dann bis nach Luzern am Vierwaldstättersee. In acht Stunden vom Flachland, vorbei am Schwarzwald, bis in die Alpen.
      Zum Start meiner Reise habe ich kein Glück mit dem Wetter. Es ist sehr unbeständig, es gibt immer wieder Schauer, starken Wind und zwischendurch Sonnenschein.
      Meinen Plan auf den Aussichtsberg Rigi per Schiff und Zahnradbahn zu fahren verwerfe ich. Ein Aussichtsberg bei schlechtem Wetter und schlechter Sicht lohnt sich nicht. Zumal die Rundtour trotz 50% Interrailrabatt noch 60 CHF gekostet hätte. Bei schönem Wetter lohnt sich das bestimmt. Es wird damit geworben, dass man bei perfekter Sicht 24 der 26 schweizer Kantone sehen kann.
      Den zweiten Aussichtsberg Pilatus kann man an diesem Tag überhaupt nicht erreichen. Die Zahnradbahn wird renoviert und die Seilbahn fährt nicht aufgrund des starken Windes.
      Stattdessen sammle ich über 20000 Schritte in der Altstadt und klappere alle Sehenswürdigkeiten ab. Die bekannteste ist die überdachte Holzbrücke. Das Löwendenkmal ist leider durch ein Gerüst verdeckt.
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    • Day 33

      It’s all so perfect

      June 5, 2022 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 72 °F

      We slept in till noon which means we left at the exact time it started POURING rain, great planners as usual. But I think we rock the raincoat look so it’s working out. We decided to take the train through the mountains and create our own scenic tour, and hopefully find somewhere without so much rain. The universe was on our side because we ended up on the most breathtaking lake ferry FOR FREE! Our train pass included this boat, and even though I wasn’t prepared with any proof of my ticket they let me on. It was so lovely and in Interlaken we had a seriously wonderful meal. Again thank you Sergio because we are definitely spending $$ on this Swiss food.Read more

    • Day 34

      I’ll miss you Switzerland!

      June 6, 2022 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 63 °F

      Where is the time going? Onto the 6th country, Germany! Had the best croissant this morning (not pictured, but worth remembering) and then I had a surprise hot dog in the pretzel I thought was the same Hawaiian pizza as Anna’s. Surprise hot dogs are not for me… love this new Airbnb though and excited for Anna to show us around her past home.Read more

    • Day 22

      Day 22: Lucerne, Switzerland🧀❤️

      July 25, 2022 in Switzerland ⋅ ☀️ 33 °C

      We had a great breakfast with Evelyne of muesli, homemade bread, jams and honey, and a variety of cheeses. It was a hot ride to Lucerne , but when we got to the city we found a place to jump in the lake and Cooloff. We had a great night with Sandro, talking about bicycle terrain, and especially his adventure from Switzerland to Japan. He made us a traditional Swiss dinner of wheat pasta, cheese, sautéed onions, and boiled potatoes. As all of our experiences so far are warmshower hosts have been so kind and accommodating. We love sharing stories with them and talking about our passions of life. Tomorrow we are off to Zaziwil in the Canton of Bern, this is where my great great grandfather and grandmother came from. We will be in search of the Shüpbach bike shop, the Zaziwil cemetery, and possibly some information about the Biglers.Read more

    • Day 26

      Karlsruhe to Lucerne

      August 1, 2023 in Switzerland ⋅ 🌧 19 °C

      An observation about Germany ...

      We stayed in a overnight hotel last night. At breakfast the spreads were served in edible bio-degradable wafer containers as recycling is really promoted in Germany. Then you go into the foyer and can buy cigarettes or beer from a vending machine which is such a foreign concept to us.

      Train travel has proved to be a really efficient and easy way to travel and also good downtime to catch up on diaries etc. However even trains can be delayed and we missed our connection from Basel to Lucerne.

      We arrived in Basel to find the delay was no problem and we caught the next train to Lucerne. The only thing we had to watch was that Leah got off the train with us as its final destination was Milan 😍, the shopping mecca of Italy.

      Travelling on German Railways was good, but the Swiss take it to another level. Our train to Lucerne was very modern, comfy and spacious and included complimentary free wifi! Heaps better than flying.

      One of the first things we noticed was that prices are all in Swiss francs and not euros and that Swiss power points are a different fitting to the rest of Europe!!

      Lucerne is known as one of Europe's most beautiful city. But the combination of rain and mist and things being closed as its the Swiss National holiday meant that pizza and kebabs were on the menu as it was one thing that was close by and open.

      We knew Switzerland is expensive, but the cost of pizza seemed very expensive. However when the pizza materialised we soon worked out that whilst Switzerland is expensive, the size of the pizza was also a contributing factor 🍕😊.

      It was meant to be an early night here ready for a big day tomorrow, but fireworks have just started...
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    • Day 3

      Il giardino dei ghiacciai

      February 8 in Switzerland ⋅ ☁️ 10 °C

      Parte museale
      Ci sono reperti di questi spedizionieri alpini, raccolti in una dimora storica, degna di nota anche senza la mostra. C'è anche un mega plastico di una battaglia (mi interessava poco e non ho approfondito ma penso fosse della guerra franco-prussiana).
      Comunque la cosa più interessante è questa mummia di cucciolo di mammuth, attaccata al muro come un trofeo di caccia.
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    • Day 3

      Il giardino dei ghiacciai

      February 8 in Switzerland ⋅ ☁️ 11 °C

      Bella anche la collezione di fossili rinvenuti nelle valli svizzere.
      Vabbè, per chi non ci crede, non sono fossili, sono puzzle con cui giocavano Dio padre e Dio figlio il sabato sera, aspettando che la signora Padreterno rientrasse...Read more

    • Day 3

      Il giardino dei ghiacciai

      February 8 in Switzerland ⋅ ☁️ 11 °C

      Un capatina al sottosuolo per vedere un paio di plastici della città e delle valli circostanti, e poi un viaggetto tra gli strati di roccia, per vedere l'opera della terra, dei terremoti, degli smottamenti sull'attuale stato delle sedimentarie.
      ...e interessante immaginare che impronta lasceremo noi sul pianeta!
      C'era anche un cronofonografo in cui si chiedeva di lasciare un pensiero: l'ho lasciato in italiano, ovviamente!
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    • Day 5

      Day 5 - Stunning Scenery in Switzerland

      March 3 in Switzerland ⋅ ☁️ 13 °C

      Woke up at 8.10am feeling decidedly groggy, I really shouldn’t have finished off all of my wine on a pretty much empty stomach. I finished off my blog & tried to post it with 2 videos. I later discovered that it didn’t go. Uploading videos takes too long, so I won’t be doing that again.

      After a shower & getting packed up, I left the Green Marmot Capsule Hotel at 9.58am, just 2 minutes before I had to be out. I loaded up my bike and set the SatNav to take me to Interlaken on the Windiest Route to ensure it took me past the lakes. My plan was to stop early at a supermarket to get some much needed sustenance, but I soon came to realise that no supermarkets are open in Switzerland on a Sunday.

      Somewhere near Zug, I stopped at McDonalds for a coffee and Big Mac that cost me close on £10. I used the opportunity to make a few phone calls, including to my parents who were celebrating their anniversary today. My mum told that she had been reading the blog, but was upset by the derogatory comments by someone called Andy Mays.

      Back on the bike, now feeling much better, I was soon in the attractive town of Lucerne sitting on the shore of Lake Lucerne with snow capped mountains in the distance. I stopped for a quick photo & continued on. The road followed Lake Lucerne, then Lake Sarnersee, Lake Lungersee and Lake Brienzersee, before arriving at Interlaken. The sun had been out throughout this leg of the journey. It could not have been a more enjoyable ride…..or could it get even better.

      In Interlaken I found a convenience store, where I bought a large bottle of water, a Coke Zero and 2 packets of my favourite Biscoff biscuits. I didn’t stay in long in Interlaken, mainly because there was no focal point of a lake. Instead I took a diversion from my planned route to visit a little town called Lauterbrunnen, which was 16 km south of Interlaken and had been recommended by my brother, Jonathan who is holidaying there later in the year.

      The narrow windy and windy road took me through a brewery and then a farm. The road was flanked on both sides by steep mountains & it followed a river and a train track. Lauterbrunnen looked like a scene on a chocolate box. It was crammed into the valley between two mountains which had waterfalls falling from them. It was very picturesque. Lauterbrunnen looked like the perfect place to take a ski lift up the mountains and walk back down. Strangely this small municipality in the Swiss Alps was absolutely heaving with Asian tourists. They didn’t look like they were there for the skiing!

      I returned to Interlaken then headed west where I followed the winding road on the northern shore of Lake Thunersee. It was absolutely stunning. I felt compelled to keep stopping to take photos and admire the beauty of the lake with its backdrop of the snow covered alps. To make this absolutely the perfect ride the sun remained out the whole way.

      My left arm was aching from waving to all my fellow motorcyclists. I wasn’t doing it like I was a village idiot, I was doing it because it is the done thing that every motorcyclist does on the continent. We ignore the moped and scooter riders.

      This road, the ‘Seestrasse’, took me through the villages of Merligen, Gunten, Oberhofen am Thunersee and Hilterfingen, before arriving at the town of Thun at the other end of Lake Thunersee. The villages I passed through had beautiful castles, hotels, restaurants and mansions to just increase the pleasure on the eye.

      By now time was pushing on, so I hotfooted it to the outskirts of Bern, where I located Muhle Hunziken, the venue for tomorrow’s gig. It was then a 25 minute ride into Bern and to Hostel 77, my accommodation for the next 2 nights. My heart sank when I pulled up outside at 5.10pm. There were about 50 children and a handful of teachers hanging around at the front. I had visions of sharing my dormitory with a load of 10 year old boys.

      Daniel, the receptionist, checked me in and assured me that the children were all on the floor above me. Daniel gave me lots of information and surprisingly all the buses and trams in Bern were free of charge to me. I just needed my hotel receipt which had a QR code for them. Breakfast is also included.

      I went up to my dorm 309 and got the feeling that I would probably have the whole dorm of 6 beds to myself. It is now gone 9pm at the time of writing and no-one else has arrived. What a result.

      I settled in & listened to the football commentary in time to hear Utd concede 3 goals. I decided I couldn’t be bothered to go out. I made do with my biscuits and water and enjoyed the luxury of the dorm to myself.

      Today was a (very) good day. My ride should have only taken just over 2 and a half hours, but actually took over 7 hours.

      Song of the Day - Slow Ride by Foghat.

      NMA Song of the Day - Today is a Good Day by New Model Army.
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    • Day 14

      Day 14: Luzern

      September 25, 2023 in Switzerland ⋅ 🌙 17 °C

      We had a (somewhat) relaxed day today exploring the Musegg Wall - a wall built in 1370 to protect the city. As we were walking up some very steep steps, Matt saw something move and said " Look at the squirrel" as a dirty, big rat ran towards me. After my heart rate returned to normal - and not from the climb! - we walked along the top of the wall, stopping to climb 6 of the watch towers along the way. Lunch was baguettes and sandwiches by the water, before we found 4 churches - before Matt found 4 churches! - very pretty and totally different from any we have seen before. Midafternoon, washing done for the next 4 days, Matt went out wandering while I lay in the sun reading. Cambeys returned with make-your-own fondue for tea, washed down with a 3.55 Frank bottle of wine. Time to repack our bags; tomorrow Matt and I leave the Cambeys for a few days, to drive across France, before meeting up with them in Paris!Read more

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