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  • Day180


    September 13, 2020 in Thailand ⋅ ☁️ 29 °C

    Wir verbringen 24/7 miteinander und deshalb ist es immer wieder auch mal wichtig ein bisschen Zeit getrennt und jeder für sich zu verbringen. Der eine macht dann Experimente mit den Haaren, Netflix and Chill oder Katzen Bespaßung. Die andere nimmt am Hippie Festival teil, macht Yoga, Qigong und meditiert. So kann jeder für sich auftanken und wir freuen uns auch wieder aufeinander.Read more

  • Day9

    Mehr Bilder des Tages

    February 6, 2020 in Thailand ⋅ ☁️ 28 °C

    Rinne Affen haben wir noch gesehen.
    Sie werden von den Kokosnusserntern gehalten. Angebunden ans Auto fahren Sie mit, müssen dann auf die Palmen hoch, die Kokosnüsse ernten und lassen Sie runter fallen.Read more

  • Day9

    Noch verrücktere Rollertour

    February 6, 2020 in Thailand ⋅ ☁️ 29 °C

    Wenn man denkt, dass gestern schon eine spannende Rollerfahrt war, dann hat man sich geirrt, durfte ich heute lernen.

    Wir starten zeitig am Morgen. Kurz vor sechs aufstehen, fertig machen und Conny holt mich zum Glück ab, da Micha doch noch schlafen und nicht mit möchte. Somit, zehn Minuten vor Sonnenaufgang sitzen wir am Strand. Wolken sind da, also fällt es nicht so traumhaft aus wie erwartet, aber schön ist es trotzdem und vor allem ein tolles Gefühl, so zeitig unterwegs zu sein und zur Tagestour starten zu können.

    Es geht hoch zum höchsten Punkt der Insel. So zeitig sind zum Glück noch keine anderen Touris unterwegs, denn Gegenverkehr fände ich bei der Strecke noch verrückter.
    Aber ich fühle mich sicher als Beifahrer bei Alex, auch wenn er ab und zu mal einen einen Angstschrei von mir aushalten muss. Ich staune immer wieder nicht schlecht über Conny. Sie fährt zum ersten Mal Roller und schafft diese Strecken so wahnsinnig gut! Der Ausblick vom 360° view macht wiedermal alles wett. Regenwolken sind am Himmel und Pfützen noch zu sehen. Eine tolle Atmosphäre. Die Insel ist so grün.

    Der Weg zum nächsten Stop, einem Buddha, auch oben auf dem Berg, wird noch spannender. Ach, toll was das Navi so alles sagt. Wir fahren durch die Pampa, auf Wegen, die eigentlich gar keine sind, müssen mal Roller aus Rinnen im Boden schieben und ich bin so angespannt und völlig fertig. Danke lieber Alex, dass du so gut fährst und ich mich eigentlich, bis auf ganz kleine Ausnahmen, die aber am Weg und nicht an der Fahrweise liegen, sehr sicher auf deinem Roller fühle!
    Zu einem guten Tag gehört auch ein gutes Frühstück, nach einer spannenden Fahrt.
    Zeit für ein Frühstück beim deutschen Metzger.
    Eine Knacker mit Kartoffelsalat morgens um zehn, herrlich! Den Geschmack muss ich mir für die nächsten 7 Wochen einprägen.

    Wir fahren nur noch ein kleines Stück, ab an den Strand und das bereits gegen Mittag. Mittagsschlaf im Schatten, Baden gehen, frische Mangos essen, mal wenden, nochmal baden gehen, so lässt sich's aushalten.
    Von der letzte Woche gelesenen Quallenplage merken wir im Wasser ab und zu nur beißendes Zwicken, etwa wie Stromschläge fühlt es sich an, aber sehen tut man nichts. Und es hält zum Glück auch nicht lange an. Wahrscheinlich sind es nur ein paar Überbleibsel der Tentakel der Quallen, die im Wasser schwimmen.
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  • Day54

    Day 54: Over to Thailand

    August 8, 2016 in Thailand ⋅ 🌙 27 °C

    Not much to report today other than travelling! Early start leaving our hotel at 5:45am, taxi to the airport where we had a quick Maccas breakfast and then boarded our flight to Kuala Lumpur. It was the longest flight we've had for a while, over 2 hours and 30 minutes! I listened to a couple of podcasts and dozed.

    Arrived in KL about 20 minutes ahead of schedule (a first for AirAsia I think!), but we checked in to our onwards flight with no problems and set about waiting around for a few hours. As usual we killed time by eating and drinking.

    Our flight to Surat Thani was quite bumpy and turbulent, we even had to wait in a holding pattern for about 20 minutes while a storm passed over the airport. Thankfully it didn't stick around too long and we landed without incident. We'd booked a connecting ticket with AirAsia all the way through to Koh Samui (a flight to Surat Thani still on the mainland, then a bus transfer and a ferry trip over to the island). It was semi-organised chaos just outside the arrivals hall; someone met us just after getting off the plane saying our bus was ready, but then disappeared and after our 30 minute wait for immigration there was no sign of them.

    Eventually we figured out where we were supposed to be and soon boarded a bus for the 90 minute ride to the port. Thailand feels much more rural than Malaysia did, and everything's just a bit more unfamiliar since their language has its own script (Bahasa Malay and Bahasa Indonesian both use English letters), the first time we've had that. The rhythm of the bus moving caused me to fall asleep, and I didn't really notice the majority of the journey.

    It was gloomy and overcast when we arrived at the port, but the ferry was waiting and we hopped on. 20 minutes later at 4pm it departed, and immediately the skies closed in and bucketed down rain. The ferry took about 90 minutes to cross the channel, but we could see very little due to the rain. Thankfully it slackened a bit by the time we put in at Koh Samui, but still sprinkling.

    As we got off the ferry I slipped down a metal staircase, jarring my back and giving myself a small cut on my forearm right where you'd lean it on a table. I've also just noticed while typing this that some of the LED pixels in my laptop screen don't look quite right, so they must have taken a battering as well. At the port we were a little stuck - we hadn't booked any onward transport and with no Thai SIM cards yet and no Wifi, we didn't really know where the hotel was or how to get there, other than that it wasn't far away.

    The people at the dock weren't especially helpful, but we managed to find a minivan leaving that could squeeze us in. They charged us 400 baht though which is about $16 AUD - I think the ferry itself was cheaper. And of course we were at our hotel within 5 minutes! Definitely too far to walk especially in the rain and approaching dusk, but not far enough to avoid feeling ripped off. I think after travelling for a while those are the environments I detest most - where the locals have a massive information advantage over you and leverage it to the fullest extent. It's not a Thai thing, you get it at all ports all over the world. Very aggravating.

    Our hotel is OK, right on the beach and has a nice looking pool which we'll hopefully investigate tomorrow if it stops raining! No plans as yet to do anything else. Dinner in the hotel restaurant where Shandos enjoyed her Thai salad but I was disappointed with my bland penang curry. Not the greatest of days all in all, but at least we're here safe and sound.
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  • Day56

    Day 56: More Relaxing

    August 10, 2016 in Thailand ⋅ 🌙 28 °C

    Since we'd had mostly good luck with the weather yesterday, we wanted to spend a bit more time here, as we'd originally only booked for two nights and would be otherwise checking out today. But instead we booked an extra night and settled in for another day at the beach & pool. The weather wasn't as great in the morning, with cloudy skies though no rain around.

    After hotel breakfast we parked ourselves on sun loungers and again set about doing nothing. Shandos went for a long walk up and down the beach while I worked on trying to remove my farmer's tan. We had lunch at the same venue as we had dinner last night, and it wasn't a fluke - we both had pad thai which was very good and definitely in line with expectations.

    After lunch Shandos had itchy feet and decided to walk to a Cultural Centre about a kilometre away. I wasn't particularly interested so returned to the beach, though it spotted rain briefly and I returned to the room for a little while. The weather cleared by late afternoon in time for another swim and a great sunset, although a cloud bank on the horizon meant we didn't quite get the "sun dipping into water" magic. Still fantastic colours though.

    At various points during the day we both had a quick look at the resort next door called Nikki Beach Club - a fairly well known hangout for supposedly the rich and famous. Several of our friends have visited on their trips to Thailand and it's known for being a good party venue, but during the day it just felt odd. There was a pool facing the beach with a DJ blasting out disco house tunes, but then there were two scantily clad women dancing suggestively on podiums while kids in floaties splashed around the pool below them. And the venue was probably half empty, with mostly only old folk (50+) in attendance. Probably very different on the weekend, but the dancers were a very odd touch. We didn't stick around as the drinks and food were essentially Sydney prices; much better to get a couple of longnecks from the shop across the road!

    Dinner again at the same restaurant for the third time in four meals, and again not disappointed with green curry chicken or a chilli jam cashew nut stir fry. Or the mango sticky rice dessert!

    Shandos also spent a couple of hours planning out the next few days - after checking out of here tomorrow we'll spend a couple of nights at Chaweng (the main town on the north-eastern side of Ko Samui), before getting the ferry to Ko Phang An just to the north. We'll stay there for about 5 days and check out just before the infamous Full Moon Party and head to the smaller island of Koh Tao - a bit more rural and great for diving (although I can't dive due to my epilepsy).
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