Celtic Sea

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  • Day1

    First evening at sea

    July 12, Celtic Sea ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    We have embarked on a 48 hour passage from
    Cork to Brittany. We have lovely sunshine and are motor sailing. Several pods of common dolphins come bow-riding and bidding us farewell as we watched Ireland fade to our stern. It’s chilli con carne for dinner followed by a beautiful sunset over the gas rigs. When the night finally comes the sky is full of stars. Ruby is up on night watch with Ronan and then me. She points out some of the constellations as we have a uninterrupted view of what feels like the whole galaxy. Colm pops up later during the night watch and keeps Ronan company for a whileRead more

  • Day2

    Day 2 on Passage

    July 13, Celtic Sea ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Today is a very different day to yesterday . It is overcast and there is no wind. From the early morning the sea swell has been gradually increasing and the conditions are rolly. This is a day that just has to be endured. Ruby and Colm feel seasick. Ronan and I are tired after several shifts of night watch. The rolling prevents anyone from getting proper sleep and never allows the children to forget their queasy tummies for too long. We get some distraction from ‘eye spy’ which is made very challenging when the item spied must be outside the boat. We are in a great big fishbowl with only sea and sky and yet there was plenty of spying to be done.
    Colm does some great helming before dinner.
    We go through two traffic separation schemes around the Scillies during day light without much to report. The larger Ushant Traffic Separation Zone is much busier and we are crossing it diagonally at night time.The north going lane is full of ships with one following quickly behind another so it is hard to find a gap long enough to cross. Ronan and I go on watch together and pick the best spot to cross at, which meant travelling down through
    the dead zone for a few miles.
    The AIS is incredibly useful as it gives all the details of each ship including the speed they are travelling at and how soon and how close you will come to it. We were going to come very close to one ship Torpo. Ronan made contact and Torpo agreed that we would pass in front of him. It is an exciting and nerve wracking experience and when we are safely out of the TSS Ronan is delighted to turn in after nearly 6 hours on watch.
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  • Day3

    Raue See

    February 27, 2020, Celtic Sea ⋅ ☀️ 7 °C

    Am Morgen hatten wir ein paar Sonnenstunden, trotzdem kämpft sich die Scarlet Lady durch den Wind und die raue See. An Bord geht das Leben recht zwanglos voran. Wir sind durch die vielen Shops geschlendert und hatten eine Tour durch den wirklich einmaligen Spa Bereich, den wir sicher noch nutzen werden. Beeindruckend war unter anderem die Galley - ein riesiges Areal wo man von einem Food Shop zum nächsten wandeln kann. So viel Auswahl an Bord eines Schiffes?! UnfassbarRead more

  • Day10

    Sea Day Passing France

    April 24, 2017, Celtic Sea ⋅ ⛅ 55 °F

    Sea Day. This morning we had breakfast at Mamsen's with Frank and Libby Justice. I polished my shoes out on the balcony, and Glenda and I went for a walk. During the walk we noticed that lunch was set up on the Aquavit Terrace. We had Greek sandwiches. I then finished my walk and then took a dip in the pool. I met new friends named Jean and David. David is very conservative and from Massachusetts. He was a world history professor. This afternoon at 4 PM we will take a tour of the galley. We had supper with Frank and Libby Justice and then went to a show featuring Heather Clancy in the theater.Read more

  • Day65

    At sea

    March 8, 2018, Celtic Sea ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    So, this is our last full day. Tomorrow morning, we will arrive back in Southampton. But before then, there’s the job of packing to be done. It’s always far more enjoyable packing to go on holiday than it is packing up at the end—and having picked up all kinds of tat all the way around South America, there’s a good chance that the cases won’t close anymore! I managed to get two cases packed yesterday, which in theory means I just have the big hold-all left to pack. But there’s an alarming amount of stuff still in the drawers...

    There’s a lot of people I’m going to miss on this boat—my cabin steward, Michael, in particular. I’m definitely going to miss seeing his smiling face every day.

    I’m spending most of the afternoon packing and repacking my cases, trying to find some semblance of balance among them, as none of them are supposed to be over 22kg.

    A particular highlight today has been seeing people asking for copies of their bill at reception, then watching them go apoplectic when they see the end total. I’ve seen it happen 3 times today when I was queuing up to get more motion sickness tablets to take home, where someone is insisting that there are incorrect charges there. I can pretty much guarantee there’s no mistake—the cruise card system that they operate onboard means that there’s precious little room for human error. Thankfully the boat keeps all the signed receipts, so each moaner is dispatched with a flea in their ear. It’s just another opportunity for some people to try to get away with paying less—quite a common theme on this cruise.

    With packing nearly complete, we head to Sindhu for one final slap-up meal.
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  • Day1


    September 17, 2019, Celtic Sea ⋅ 🌙 15 °C

    337 Miles travelled today. 2 boats and 5 trains. Two tired bunnies are retiring for the night. We hope to see some whales tomorrow but here's a picture of our view this evening.

  • Day2

    Day 1 - At Sea

    October 30, 2018, Celtic Sea ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    Our suite, 1001, is simply magnificent. Huge living and bedroom area with a good size bathroom. The balcony is massive with table, chairs and loungers. Complementary litre bottles of whisky and gin supplemented with champagne, fresh fruit and canapés.
    1st night was very calm but we both struggled to sleep. Up at 7.30 weather cold but sunny and had breakfast in the Avon restaurant. Very restrained and we both had muesli. Good chat with an elderly couple and then did a speedy 1 mile walk around the deck - 4 laps.
    10.00am to the gym. Ran for 20 mins and 10 mins on bike, J did 10 mins on bike and some Pilates.
    Quick shower and then to Neptune lounge for a talk about Bletchley Park. The start of a series of talks by Bob Horner ex Navy and GCHQ. Very informative.
    Up to The Marquee bar for drink and read before lunch.
    Weather has turned overcast and still quite cold, sea still calm.
    Lunch in Avon, buffet, salad for both of us.
    Went to talk at 2.00pm about flatter tums but was really about acid and alkaline levels. Absolutely fascinating. Don't drink coffee, coke, artificial sweeteners all very acidic. Booked to have our BCA - body composition analysis, done tomorrow at 12.00pm.
    3.00pm talk about Gran Canaria and Las Palmas.
    Sea turned to a swell and then the sickness kick in. J felt sick but wasn't, I was sick several times. No dinner , watch Die Hard film and sleep at 10.00pm.
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  • Day69

    Auf dem Weg nach Frankreich

    June 16, 2018, Celtic Sea ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Heute morgen bin ich ganz entspannt aufgestanden und habe gefrühstückt. Danach habe ich noch meine Nudeln gekocht, die ich mir auf das Schiff mitnehmen wollte.
    Bis Cork waren es 10 km, dort habe ich erstmal noch eingekauft und bin dann nach Ringaskiddy gefahren, wo sich der Hafen von Cork befindet. Dort angekommen, musste ich erstmal meine Fahrkarte kaufen. Eigentlich hatte ich vor eine ganz einfache zu kaufen, heißt ohne Sitz oder Kabine. Die verkaufen die allerdings nur mit Schlafmöglichkeit, somit hatte ich dann eine Koje in einem vier-Bett-Zimmer.
    Ich war sehr pünktlich da, heißt ich durfte noch eineinhalb Stunden warten bis die Fahrradfahrer auf die Fähre durften. Dort angekommen, suchte ich erstmal mein Zimmer auf und ich hatte Glück und dich hatte es komplett für mich alleine.
    Bei der Abfahrt stand ich natürlich draußen, danach bin ich dann aber in mein Zimmer gegangen und habe Netflix geguckt. Irgendwann habe ich dann alles ausgemacht und habe geschlafen. Ich habe eigentlich ganz gut geschlafen.

    Strecke: 38,52
    Fahrtzeit: 1:28
    durchschnittl.-Geschw.: 28,92
    max. Geschw.: 54,61
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  • Day2

    Breakfast Now?

    November 6, 2017, Celtic Sea ⋅ 🌙 52 °F

    We've just been served breakfast at 1:44 in the morning. The local time is really a little past 6:00 AM so I guess that Delta is trying to help us get used to the time difference between Paris and New York but it's just so hard to eat a meal at this hour. I don't have to worry about eating though. The food was awful. Even worse than that herb chicken that we were served before. Delta's breakfast was a cheese biscuit that was very dry, apple butter, a slice of Monterey Jack cheese and unflavored yogurt. I ate everything but the yogurt. Not because I enjoyed it but because I was so hungry. Kathy ate nothing. She didn't like anything that was served. Hopefully we'll get something good to eat when we land in Paris.Read more

  • Day2

    Happy birthday Sheila

    July 11, 2016, Celtic Sea ⋅ 🌙 15 °C

    We'd booked Chops Grill last night for Sheila's birthday, and had a lovely time.
    Great company and a great meal.
    We are crossing the bay of Biscay at the moment and it's a bit rocky.
    So a lot of people will probably stay in bed late.Read more

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