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  • Day13

    London Baby

    July 10, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Tom was desperate to spend the day soaking up some Wimbledon atmosphere, so Tracy kindly drove us to the celebrity entrance of tje All England Tennis and Crochet club, aka Wimbledon. We jumped out of the car and saw the paparazzi eager to catch a snap of anyone remotely famous. Unfortunately that didn't include us. We waited for a little while and watched them photograph people that we didn't know (although the crowds did) and we walked on. Down the hill drove a grey Ferrari with some famous golfer Tom knew. I'm sure if we waited long enough we would have seen some royals, but let's be honest, apart from Will and Harry, I'd struggle to know who they were- perhaps we even saw some...
    The first thing I noticed about Wimbledon was that everyone dressed up. I'm not talking a nice top and pants, I mean my very best dress with new heals wouldn't have been dressy enough, there were men in suits with pocket squares! We decided it must be like the races. There were a few more casual participants but not many.
    Tom was so pleased that he had chosen today to come to the tennis. All the big names were playing; Federer, Murray, Nadal, Djocavitch and even Williams. I felt bad reminding him that we didn't have a ticket! And even if we did, kids weren't even allowed in, and we had two to get rid of.
    We saw some tickets for sale for £3000 each and bought them on the spot. Just kidding!!! We did see that the only remaining tickets were £3000 and I had to talk tom out of them. He gets caught up in the moment but I don't think even he would
    pay that much. We instead decided to join the queue for cheap entry. We walked for about a km to get to the line noting along our walk that the line was as long as our walk and snaked on past the official gate. At one gate we overheard that the people waiting in line were up to number 6600 and those people waiting had been in line for five hours and were nowhere near the front!!!
    Tom's Wimbledon dreams came crashing down. There was no chance of him getting in.
    We walked to the station taking photos along the way of people selling food in their front yards, or cars with heavily tinted back windows that must have someone exciting inside.
    We caught a train into town and quickly found a pub for lunch. Nothing like pub grub when in London Town. Then for some crazy reason we were walking into M&M world. Why oh why were we back in M&M world?! Apparently it was because Samuel "needed" some caramel M&M's.
    The fake chocolate smell was sickening, and they didn't even have caramel M&M's! They hadn't launched in England yet. Sammy was close to tears as I refused to buy more- we still had some at home from the NY M&M trip!!!
    We consoled him with the promise of ice cream, and on the corner of Rupert St and Archer St we found what we were looking for. Samuel had raspberry sorbet, Adalia had strawberry sorbet, Tom had ricotta and caramel and I had watermelon, cinnamon and Jasmin sorbet. It was just what we needed. We did a bit more walking and some shopping but we didn't want to be in the afternoon commuter crush, so left the city at 4:30pm. We were distracted along the way by a supermarket which soaked up some time, but back to the Scott's by 6pm for Nachos!
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  • Day10

    Musicals and monuments

    July 7, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Our last day in New York had crept up on us. We were sad as we didn't get to do half the things we had intended, like find Harvey's building,(Suits) or go to the Statue of Liberty-I wanted to get adalia and Lacey those foam crowns that Jess and I got from Aunty Noelene so we could re-stage a photo from our childhoods, torch in one hand, bible in the other! But I was also slightly relieved. I had found New York to be much dirtier than last time, and the people so much ruder! One example was yesterday at Woodbury common I had asked a shop assistant for help. She rudely replied "wait a minute" then turned to her friend and continued chatting about her boyfriend and never helped me, even though I was standing next to her. People shove you out of the way, don't hold doors for you, they are just not nice. there was one exception, the man who worked at our breakfast buffet. He was so helpful and friendly, so I won't make out that everyone was rude.
    We spent the morning packing, as the sky had decided to shed some tears for our departure. It was bucketing down! The concierge even offered to delay our check out, but we had raincoats and umbrellas and were ready to spend our last day exploring.
    We visited a near empty wall street, stared down the bull, tried to keep the kids quiet at the 9/11 memorial site ("but I want a turn of the umbrella" screamed an angry Adalia") then tried to find a PJ recommended diner for lunch. We were running out of time and had been walking in the wrong direction, so we gave up on our diner dreams and tried to get a table at counter burger, but once we were seated we realised that we only had half an hour before we needed to be at "The Lion King" so we had to leave. Tom found a great sandwich place across from the theatre and we had a "picnic" at the theatre doors.
    After nearly losing one ticket and luckily finding it in time, we took our seats and waited to be amazed.
    I never saw the show when it was in Sydney, I was never that into it. But we thought it would be a good one for the kids. And it was visually spectacular. The animal costumes were unimaginably amazing. Every time I looked across at Adalia she had the biggest grin on her face. And she loved that there were kids in the show. Sammy was still quite sick, so I'm hoping that's why he kept asking when it would be finished.
    After the show I wanted to go straight to the airport, but Tom likes to milk every single moment out of a trip, so instead we strolled past shops, went to "the pie factory" for a milkshake (tom had purchased pies yesterday and they were amazing), had some fries from "sticky fingers" THEN went back to collect our luggage.
    We were tossing up between at taxi to the airport (about $100) or the bus ($45) and opted for the bus even though it would require us lugging our bags through heavy pedestrian traffic. The doors of the 6pm bus closed right as we got there, and the next bus was apparently 15 minutes away however, for the ten minutes we stood in the line the 6pm bus moved exactly one metre in the heavy traffic. We decided the best option was the train. We hauled kids and bags through thousands of tourists and car park traffic to Pens station, crammed ourselves in a lift that stank of urine, slowly lowering us to the subway, then tried to work out where to go. We asked two staff members, and thankfully when asking the second (who didn't really know the answer) a pilot happened to be walking past and offered to lead us to the right platform. It was quite a walk, I'm not sure we would have made it on our own, and it would have been interesting to know where in NY we ended up! Thankfully for all the effort it was even cheaper than the bus!
    As with all NY public transport, the train terminal was a shimozel! Everyone stood at a waiting area until the train was announced at which point everyone crammed through a small door (that needed to be held open, there are no automatic doors in all of America or seems!) We wanted to wait for the next train but we/I was getting nervous about the time, so we walked through the mysterious doors and onto an underground tunnel which had the longest train I have ever seen waiting. It was full, barely standing room only but we squeezed in.
    After the train was a monorail, then finally at the airport we discovered the plane was delayed. It was a 9:30pm flight, so by the time we were boarding the kids were hysterical, thankfully with laughter and not tears. And once on the plane they quickly fell asleep which was lucky as we were delayed a further two hours on the Tarmac.
    It would have been lovely had they stayed asleep the entire overnight flight, but that would have been too easy. I ended up giving Adalia phenergan at about 2am, which made getting her off the plane difficult, but that's another story for another day.
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  • Day12

    Soaking up the London sunshine

    July 9, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    We awoke to a beautiful day, the sun was shining and I'm sure somewhere outside the city birds were singing. Liv made pancakes, Steve made coffee, hotel Scott's covered all the bases.
    We decided to spend a quiet day hanging with the Scott's. The moment Adalia had been waiting for was here! (She had even told the guy at border security about this) we were taking Charlie the dog for a walk!!! Liv and Beth rode their bikes, Adalia had Charlie on his lead and the rest of us were following. Sammy and Adalia were soon on the bikes (Adalia competently riding Beth's very big bike and the girls were walking and chatting. We grabbed a coffee and turned home for some left over schnitzel.

    After lunch, while the boys caught up on Le tour, Adalia experienced the second best moment of her life, Beth did her makeup and Liv did her nails in one coat of aqua polish followed by sparkles (does it get any better). Following the makeover was a session of dressups. I'm pretty sure Adalia will cry when we leave. She kept saying how much she loves Beth.

    Liv was keen to go to church (got to love when your God daughter encourages everyone to go to church!) and as there is only one car, the boys caught the train while the girls drove.
    It was so hot and stuffy in the converted factory, and Adalia fell asleep on me which made matters worse, but I was slightly thankful that she was quiet and everyone could hear the excellent sermon.

    Following church the boys bought burgers and chips and we had a picnic at the common. It was lovely sipping wine while the kids played baseball and did handstands. We very quickly lost track of the time, as the late sunsets made guessing the time difficult.

    Bethy read Adalia two stories in her bed but all the children were very hyped up and no one was asleep before 9:30pm.
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  • Day11

    The long trip to London

    July 8, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    After giving Adalia Phenergan at 2am on the plane and laying her on the floor at Samuel and my feet, she was not keen to sit up for landing. It was so difficult lifting a dead weight off her seat with no head room to get her off the plane.
    Sammy had mentioned he had a funny tummy while landing, which I dismissed...then as we were disembarking the plane he made a funny cough sound. I asked him if he was ok as I pushed him off the plane. Two steps off and the vomiting began! Poor little thing. So glad we were off the plane. And since I was balancing Adalia and a couple of bags, Tom had to assist Sammy.
    We spent some time in the bathroom before joining the hour and a half long(!) border security line. Then to the baggage claim where our lonely bags were circling the carousel. Tom sprinted and caught one just before it went back through the shoot.
    Steve Scott had organised a driver to pick us up. We found him a little disgruntled as we had taken so long to get through the airport.
    A lovely new Mercedes was waiting to drive us to the Scotts. This made me nervous with Samuel's funny tummy, not sure the driver would appreciate cleaning the car on top of us being so late. so I encouraged both children to sleep if they could. Thankfully they were both asleep within ten minutes of driving.
    We finally arrived at the Scotts at about 1pm, at least three hours later than anticipated.
    The girls were at their school fair, and we decided after a quick bite of toast to go and visit. We were all feeling tired and hot, so after a quick walk around and the purchase of some raffle tickets we walked back to the Scott's. The kids love playing with toys, games and other children, so we hung out for the rest of the afternoon soaking up the sunshine in the little courtyard that adjoins the kitchen.
    Towards dinnertime the men folk went hunting for breadcrumbs, this took around two hours, but eventually cooking was underway. Dinner preparation involved a schnitzel production line (wish I had taken a photo), and when we were done we had about 1.5kg of meat! No one was complaining. It was delicious!
    With jet lag and a glass of wine tom and I could barely keep our eyes open and struggled to put the kids to bed. We were all out at 8:30pm
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  • Day24

    Back to London

    June 24, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Bernie's birthday. Breakfast with Dad & Jen then said our goodbyes and set off back to Sidcup. Called in at Mum's - first time we'd seen her since her fall. Back to Moyra's then round to the Spanish restaurant at the Oval for dinner with Moyra, Ronnie & Steven. Back home for copious amounts of G&T.

  • Day25

    Family & friends day

    June 25, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Went up to Mum's fairly early & Bernie washed her hair. Across the road to the Brewer's Fayre for lunch with Mum, Moyra, Ian & Arthur. Back to Ian's place to meet the dogs then drove down to Igtham to check out the house Moyra & Ronnie are thinking of buying. On to Robin & Dawn's for a few very pleasant hours then home for another night of G&Ts.

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