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  • Day9

    Holy Trinity Brompton

    March 10 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌬 9 °C

    An einem Sonntag kann eine Fahrt, die von der Kirche Hannover organisiert ist keinen anderen Programmpunkt haben, als verschiedene Gottesdienste.
    So war das auch bei uns heute. Nach dem Frühstück sind Giulia und ich mit anderen zusammen zu der Holy Trinity Brompton Kirche gelaufen, einmal durch den Hyde Park.
    Der Gottesdienst war ohrenbetäubend laut! Also ohne Spaß! Im Stadion war es schon leider!
    Die Lieder haben jeweils eine Ewigkeit gedauert und richtig gefallen hat mir persönlich der Gottesdienst nicht - den anderen auch nicht - die Gemeindemitglieder wirkten aber alle sehr glücklich, also war auch das ein schöner Gottesdienst.
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  • Day6

    A Post Of It's Own

    August 29, 2016 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Harrods is so impressive I thought it deserved it's own post (plus I'm only allowed 6 photos per post).
    Getting there was easy, the underground is great although it was a lot busier today than yestetday.
    Getting from Knightsbridge station to Harrods was easier said than done. Between googlemaps not being quite sensitive enough when using walk mode and me having lost all sense of direction I walked twice as far as I needed to.
    A side note - I never realised how much I used the sun to guage my bearings. I was really struging until Caroline pointed out the sun will be in the south, now I just struggle sometimes.

    Well there is no sun in Harrods so I don't have that excuse for getting lost in there. I'm sure one of the reasons everything is so expensive is that you'll buy almost anything if they'll tell you how to get out.

    It was very crowded but I expect that now. I started in the food hall. The cheese! I bought a lobster club sandwich to have when I was finished. There is a photo below of the price/100g of steak. Incredible prices.

    I wandered through perfumes and modern art (neither what I wanted to see) until I found the household goods section and the books. I had a good wander round. Near the gift registry I realised I nothing seemed to have a price on it. The first thing I looked at was the peacock in the photo below. £69,000!!!!
    I then found a cutlery set for about £23,000. Incredible and if I'm honest, a little distasteful.
    The crockery section was amazing. I took these photos for you Jodie but don't expect me to bring anything back for the next high tea.

    Coloured glasswear seems to back in fashion mum. Did you keep all yours?
    And Margaret I'm guessing its been a while since you were at Harrods? The toilets were a big disappointment. Iv'e seen better ones at wineries down south.
    It then took about 30 minutes to find my wayout. The place is huge.

    Cups and saucers
    Steak prices/100g
    More dining sets
    Coloured glasseear
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  • Day17

    High-End Shops and Shakespeare

    August 15, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    To begin with, it felt like we were re-creating an episode of Ab Fab, visiting Harvey Nicks, Harrods and Selfridges. Not sure who was Eddie and who was Patsy but Ricky felt like a drink afterwards.

    In Harrod's, we had a stickybeak at the Diana and Dodi memorial before getting lost in all of the decadence that surrounded us. To resist the urge to indulge, we quickly exited, dragging ourselves away from the foodhall.

    From high-end shops to high culture, the afternoon was spent under the sun in Shakespeare's Globe Theatre (well, a recreation of it). Being the plebs that we are, we were huddled in the yard, like peasants from seventeenth century England. King Lear was on the menu, with a modern adaptation of the classic play.
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  • Day17

    London, England

    September 5, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Another big day of sightseeing in London. After finishing our bus trip we went to the Queens Mews, this is where the Royal carriages are housed and the Queen's horses kept. Then we went on the Beatles walking tour which included a walk through the Royal Village, so many exclusive shops. From there over to Kensington Palace for a tour through the State rooms and the exhibition of Diana's dresses. Then another long walk to Harrods where we indulged in an enormous Harrods ice cream for dinner. I had a delicious Banoffi basket - vanilla and caramel ice cream, banana and caramel sauce in a lace waffle basket, very decadent. Thank heavens I walked all those kms today.Read more

  • Day203


    October 10, 2015 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    The sky has cleared and the weather is beautiful. Today we're celebrating Sukis belated birthday. Back to the tube our first stop is Hyde Park. We stop at Pret to pick up supplies for lunch and hire one of the cool city bikes via the automated credit card.

    Cruising around the park we stop at various ponds to check out the duck and geese that elegantly float along the water. Kensington Castle is next on the list but the outrageous price deters us from see the whole thing so we have a picnic next to the lake and try to feed the squirrels.

    Back on the bikes we start to head East and were pulled over by a police car in a narrow road in the middle of the park. They informed us that you can't ride in this section on the park and Trav refrained himself for informing them that you can't drive a car here as well. After a long discussion of who was right and wrong, we concluded that the white circle with a red bike in the centre meant 'No Cycling' as opposed to the internationally recognized bicycle with a red diagonal cross. The coppers also told us that's it's usually a £60 fine - Trav responded with saying at the current interest rates that's about $400 Aussie bucks. They laughed and we parted ways (pushing our bikes) as they drove away.

    At night we saw the famous Lion King musical. Trav was nervous about Sukis discounted online £35 tickets but it turned out to be pretty decent seats on the grand circle. The show was brilliant and very entertaining with all the animals and impressive props. Finally we could sing along with the lion king songs we'd been rehearsing all week!
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  • Day9

    Day 8: London, England

    July 15, 2016 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌙 55 °F

    Today was a busy day and I'm having a hard time remembering everything we did and in what order. We started by taking the Picadilly line to South Kensington to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum of art and design. The museum was much bigger than I was expecting so we only did a small section of Europe (lots of clothing, furniture, art) and then the medieval section which was super fascinating with it's relics, sculpture, and tempera art, and lastly the enormous Raphael paintings. We left much unseen there to make our way to our reserved time for tea. We walk through Kensington Gardens to the palace and literally right next to the palace is a tea house called The Orangery where we had our afternoon tea. I didn't realize until afterwards that it was Joel's first afternoon tea so I walked him through the history and etiquette before we left which was very amusing to him. It's a great place to have tea because it's got a great view of the gardens and of Kensington Palace, a good tea, and isn't too stuffy (the big places are Fortnum and Mason and the Ritz which I'm sure are great but more expensive and not as laid back). After that we walked through Hyde Park which put us out on Oxford Street where we started our shopping excursions. We went to the big department stores (Marks and Spencer, Selfridges, House of Fraser) looking for trinkets and a china tea cup and saucer but with no luck. I ended up with 2 travel size spray deodorants from Boots that you can only buy full size in the states right now. Determined that deodorant wouldn't be the only thing I'd bring home from London we decided to wander more. We meander down Bond street which has the most exclusive and expensive brands in the world- I only recognize about 1/3 of the brands. We turn a bit left to meander down Burlington Arcade where the boutiques are even more expensive with watches and jewelry and tailors. There are security guards at every store entrance and pictures are strictly prohibited (but I got one before I knew that... Promise). We got an Americano at Richloux's before going down Picadilly Arcade where I found a perfume brand that's not in the states that I've been keen on called Killian. The attendant and I talk a while about various perfumes and what I'm looking for and I look back to see a comical face on Joel as if I've been speaking a different language for the past 5 minutes. I'm tempted, but not sold so we keep moving. We go back to Fortnum and Mason to pick out a box of chocolates to munch on tonight and some more tea to bring home after sampling and smelling several. Then we happen upon a little vendor market on Picadilly next to the St James Church and Joel finds some really unique stamps to add to his seal collection. The stamp owner went out of his way to explain different techniques to emboss the stamp and the history behind each symbol, super nice man. Next up was a bookstore called Waterstones where I broke down and bought The Tales of Beedle the Bard Harry Potter book- it was too stinkin' perfect not to. After that we visit the Nespresso store which allows you to taste whichever espresso you want and we both enjoy a free decaf espresso. I've had my eye on the new Vertuo Line and wanted Joel to approve it, so I was relieved that he loved it. We made our way into Carnaby Market which is a tangle of restaurants, shops, and events of all sorts. We really enjoyed talking with some of the shop owners here too. Something that really surprised both of us is how friendly and engaging everyone is here. They want to ask you which state you're from or talk about politics or current events. You'd think they'd be tired of tourists, but that hasn't been our experience so far. We walk and shop until my feet and hungry stomach can't take it anymore and return via the underground to our flat to make dinner and plan for our last day in London. I'm really taking to London. Once you get the hang of the tube and looking the opposite way for traffic, it's really an incredibly fun place.Read more

  • Day10

    London day 10 Wed 2 May 2018

    May 2, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Travelled to the Albert Hall to be told that there would not be any tours today. Walked in the rain through Hyde Park to Kensington Palace and saw the story of Queen Victoria’s life in the rooms she grew up in. Also saw information relating to Prince Albert, George II and Queen Caroline and Princess Diana’s clothing. Walked back in Hyde Park to the Serpentine Gallery inside which animated art was screening. Then walked to Harrods and saw a truck sideswipe a bus on the way. Yvonne purchased cosmetics and perfume and we visited the amazing food halls. Underground to the reconstructed Globe theatre having dinner in a pub nearby. Saw play “As you Like it”. The play was presented in Elizabethan style with male actors playing female roles and costume changes on stage. Back to Acton Town Hotel around 11.30pm.Read more

  • Day2

    Wellington Arch

    June 12, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Richtung Hyde Park ging es vom Buckingham Palace zwischen dem Palastgarten und dem Green Garden weiter. Am Horizont erschien dann zeitnah ein Torbogen der uns etwas an das Brandenburger Tor erinnert hat, zumindest von der Ferne aus. Auf dem Weg zum Tor ging es an den Säulen vorbei. Bei dem Torbogen handelt es sich um das Wellington Arch, einen Triumphbogen der bereits 1825 in Auftrag gegeben wurde, als Zeichen der Triumphe in den Napoleonischen Kriegen. Neben dem Wellington Arch ist noch eine Statue, die Wellington Statue, welche den Duke von Wellington zeigt.Read more

  • Day2

    Am Hyde Park entlang zum Bummeln

    June 12, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Unser nächstes Ziel war einfach etwas bummeln, vor allem da es hieß, ca. um 13:00 Uhr oder 14:00 Uhr soll es regnen. Also sind wir am Hyde Park entlang gegangen, da wir uns den Spaziergang durch den Park aufheben wollten. Am Hyde Park entlang ging es an der stark befahrenen A4202. Eine sehr schlaue Erfindung in London, vor allem an dieser Stelle, ist die so genannte ‘‘Fußgänger Subway‘‘, damit Fußgänger unterirdisch die Straßenseite wechseln können. Vorbeigegangen sind wir auch am Queen Elizabeth Gate. Ein sehr schönes Tor des Hyde Parks, durch das auch Autos fahren. Entlang der Straße konnten wir tolle Blicke durch Gassen und Straßen werfen. Die Straße überquert haben wir trotz Fußgänger Subway oberirdisch. Hier war ein weiteres Denkmal für Kriegsopfer, eines das uns sehr bewegt hat, da es für die gefallenen Tiere des Krieges ist. Es heißt ‘‘Animals in War’‘. Wie groß darauf steht, sie hatten keine Wahl. Toll, dass auch hierfür ein Denkmal gemacht wurde, leider ist dieses viel weniger gepflegt als die anderen Denkmäler.Read more

  • Day2

    Hyde Park

    June 12, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Angekommen am Serpentine sind wir fast den kompletten See entlanggelaufen, einerseits auf der Suche nach einem öffentlichen WC, andererseits auf dem Weg zum Princess Diana Gedenkbrunnen. Der See ist riesig, leider jedoch von Enten und Gänse geplagt. Zumindest kommt es mir so vor, da das ganze Ufer voller Enten & Gänse ist und vor allem deren Dreck. Aber lieber so als anderer Müll, wie z.B. Plastik, den man in London generell eher selten sieht. Am Ufer sind wir auch auf sehr viele Babygänse gestoßen, die sehr liebenswürdig von ihren Müttern beschützt wurden. Auf der Gegenseite wurde etwas neu gebaut, dass wir nicht identifizieren konnten. Laut dem Internet ist es eine Pyramide, die nach Fertigstellung auf dem See treibt. Den Park gibt es seit 1637 und er zählt zu den bekanntesten innerstädtischen Parks weltweit.Read more

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