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    • Leisurely London Life & Sotheby’s

      June 6, 2022 in England ⋅ ☁️ 12 °C

      With the right Royal 👑 Extravaganza extinguished, the four day lavish long weekend over I decided on a more leisurely ladies day 😜Determined to have a FULL English breakfast 🍳 I went on the hunt down back alleyways and cobbled roads in search of just that. Boy! Did I get it! Eggs 🍳 poached to perfection, crispy bacon 🥓 pork sausages, magicAL mushrooms 🍄 grilled tomatoes 🍅 homemade baked beans 🫘 and black pudding (which I reluctantly tried). Just between you & the grease also helped the indulgence in one too many beverages last night! 😜🥳😵‍💫😵‍💫

      …the Jubilee Continues 👑👑👑

      My wanderings bought me to Sothebys in New Bond Street and what a surprise… A Jubilee exhibition of amazing and priceless tiaras! Not only were they exquisite but Diana‘s wedding day Tara was on display. See first video. The second video is of Queen Victoria‘s tiara. I died and went to tiara 👑 heaven 😇😇😇 And! Yes LT: that’s the gayest thing I’ve said all week! 🫣🫣😜😜

      There was also an exhibition of history’s strongest female monarchs from Queen Mary to Queen Elizabeth II. Feast your senses on these! What a find! There is also a painting which was done by Winston Churchill… It was fascinating! Most of these artworks were hundreds of thousands of pounds and into the millions! And, even better for us poor people, especially after this holiday, lightning speed free Wi-Fi and very comfy couches in our sumptuously decorated reception area…

      At this rate The Platinum Jubilee Celebrations May never end! And, why should they! 🥳🎉👍🏻❤️👑🇬🇧

      PS: I forgot to mention the beautiful Balan from Romania… 🔥🔥🔥🥰🥰🥰 As I was strolling along Bond Street where all the high-end retail is, this absolutely gorgeous male model type tempted me to come into the skincare shop and he did a full demonstration of face wash and cream… He was so beautiful and a sparkling personality… I wish I had of got a picture of him but I was mesmerised and starstruck and forgot to! He asked me if I knew Dracula… In a sexy accent, and then told me he was the son of Dracula! He was an absolute Charmer!

      Damn!… Yes, I also bought the facecream LOL 😝🫠🤦‍♂️🔥🥰
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    • Day 27

      Full day in London!

      February 9 in England ⋅ ☁️ 13 °C

      Full London day woooo! Cloudy with a chance of even more clouds. But that didn’t stop us! We went to the Camden markets and strolled around there which felt like we could go on and on forever. I bought some socks! But those markets had absolutely everything you could dream of, including a burger the size of your head. No seriously we saw these people get a burger and it was. Ginormous. Anyway fun little highlight. Then we trained to Kings Cross Station where the plan WAS to go see the 9 & 3/4 shop but it was being renovated :(( so the next closest thing to witches hats were fluffy hat guards at at Buckingham Palace! Not really too much to say. It was a cool building with a cool statue and fluffy hat guards. But then we made our way over to Westminster Abbey and Big Ben - both of which definitely lived up to their name! On the way there we passed through St James’s park which meant seeing pelicans and feeding squirrels! Big highlight for sure. We contemplated going on the London Eve but London weather was being London weather so we decided not to. We went to Covent Gardens for a big shop in the huge mall, we also saw some super cool opera and a string quintet gigging! Man that was cool. Then it was tiiiiime! Time for Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club!…almost. We stopped off at a few bookshops on our way there just because we had some spare time. After a good read we went to go see Philip Lassiter and his funk band and wowzers that was something I’m never gonna forget. Best jazz club I’ve ever seen and out of this world playing. I even got a photo with the guy! We went to his 1st of 2 sets so we had time to go to a local pub afterwards. These English pubs sure know what they’re doing. We headed home after and we both crashed zzzzRead more

    • Day 3

      Out and about on a sunny London day

      April 29, 2023 in England ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

      Who said London has poor weather?
      Today was glorious blue skies and pleasantly warm as we tackled a few significant points of interest.
      We left the apartment just after 8am to walk to St. Paul’s Cathedral for our first tour of the day. The architecture of the building is amazing and the audio tour was very informative. A real highlight (especially for Loss) was to hear the pipe organ being played while we were there.
      After seeing all the main features of the building, we then climbed right to the top of the dome for some great views across London. The narrow, winding staircase is definitively not for the claustrophobics!
      After this, we caught the tube to Queensway station then walked down through Kensington gardens to Kensington Palace. In the grounds is a memorial tribute to Princess Diana who lived there from the time of her wedding until her death 16 years later.
      As it happens to be a holiday weekend (and the weather was so nice - testified by the number of English out sunning themselves) we were only able to secure tickets for a tour of the palace itself at 4.30pm. This gave us a few hours to see some other things in the interim, so we walked /tubed back to Whitehall, and then toured the Churchill war rooms - the bunkers underneath Whitehall where Churchill and his war cabinet planned and executed WW2. The whole place is preserved exactly as it was in 1945 and gives a sense of the fortitude and conviction of Churchill and his nation of the time.
      As we were leaving Whitehall (hoping to go to number 10 Downing Street), we happened upon a changing of the guard.
      Alas, Downing Street is no longer accessible to the public - totally protected by police and steel fences - quite different to my last visit in 1974 when you could stand right by the door.
      We spent a little time down on the banks of the Thames (amid throngs of people, a large protest outside Whitehall and many shirtless British men who were finding the 19 degree temperatures way too warm to stay fully clothed), with some photo ops of the London Eye and Big Ben while we were there.
      It was then time to return to Kensington Palace for our 4.30pm tour. We walked then tubed to Paddington station first (mainly for the benefit of the grandchildren who love Paddington bear) - then another 20 minute walk saw us back at Kensington where we enjoyed a tour of the palace - not the section where Diana lived - but rather where Queen Victoria was born, lived and worked.
      After another walk / tube and walk, then a shopping diversion for some groceries - we returned ‘home’ at 7pm after clocking up 23,000 steps today.
      A great day all round, rounded off with Loss preparing another amazing meal in the kitchenette.
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    • Beneath the Heath 🌳 & Camden Market

      June 19, 2022 in England ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

      Busy! Seems to be tourists everywhere today. Journeyed on the Northern Line to Hampstead: the deepest tube station in the underground system. It has lifts because there are over 320 steps to the platforms!

      I intended to do a walking tour around Hamstead but decided to go alone and just have a wander around today! It is such a pretty village which is so close to Central London. The Hamstead Heath is also part of this area. George Michael used to frequent that often. Say no more 😝

      On my way back I stopped off at the Camden markets. They were insanely busy which was probably more annoying than fun. I dodged the crowds the best I could and enjoyed a toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream… It was delicious 😋

      I started to feel a little flat today due to the fact that our hotel is not really that nice and I felt a bit angry 😠 again that the Airbnb had cancelled at Kensington which would have been a much nicer area. Don’t get me wrong, I am trying to turn lemons 🍋 into lemonade and I’m sure that will override this feeling. 🤞

      There is also a full week of train 🚊 strikes to occur from Tuesday in London which is kinda annoying as well… 😕👎🏻💩
      I never quite understand public transport strikes because it really affects the general public more than anyone else. In a city like London where there are international travellers trying to enjoy their long overdue holiday after the pandemic it seems pretty selfish to me. 🙅🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

      Oh well… Them‘s the breaks! Mamma Mia: Tge Party 🎉 tonight should lift our spirits!
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    • Day 2

      London Tag 2

      February 7 in England ⋅ ☁️ 6 °C

      Nach einer guten Nacht starten wir heute um 9 Uhr mit einer Fahrt zum Bukkingham Palace um uns die Wachablöse anzuschauen. Wir sind früh da und können uns die Plätze aussuchen. 1h warten zieht sich lang und es wird uns schon kalt. Aber das Warten hat sich gelohnt.

      Von da aus geht es weiter zur Nationalgallerie mit vielen Bildern von berühmte Malern.

      Da Mittagszeit ist machen wir uns auf den Weg zum Borough Markt um un Fish and Chips zu holen. Joa, die Engländer kochen sehr fettig.

      Als nächstes kommen wir zur Tower Brigde. Dann noch ein bisschen Zeit vertreiben bis wir um 16:30 Uhr aufs London Eye dürfen.
      Es werden noch schöne Bilder bei Nacht gemacht und müde und schmerzenden Beinen auf den Weg zum Hotel gemacht.

      Es waren 2 sehr schöne Tage
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    • Richard Returns 🇬🇧🕺🏼😇

      June 18, 2022 in England ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

      For me, today was another big travel day, Again… But, I am very happy to be back in London after an extremely relaxing short break up north. Thanks 🙏 again to Richard and Steven for such a wonderful stay in the beautiful English countryside. I felt so privileged. What an amazing location… It was so quaint: today when we arrived back from Manchester there was a typical English fair happening within their town. Just like you see in your typical good English Rom-Coms. 😍🇬🇧 we went to the local gingerbread shop and had a delicious sausage roll which was home-made followed by a gingerbread man… Whoops! I mean gingerbread person…🤫😂🤦‍♂️

      It was lovely to see Richard again. We went out to a very lovely wine 🍷 bar, just 4 doors down from our hotel in Maida Vale! It seems like a very nice area and it’s about half an hour tube ride from the centre of London. I look at it this way: I’m discovering a brand-new area and from what I have seen it looks really nice. It has Tesco and Sainsbury as well as Marks & Spencer. New discoveries in London is always great by me! 🕺🏼

      I know what it is like when you first arrive in London… You need to see something that is familiar to you (…for me, it’s Big Ben) so I suggested to Richard that we head straight for old Compton Street… As tired as I was so pleased to see Richard loving every minute of it… 😝😇😍

      Oh, I meant to mention how the entire UK 🇬🇧 went into panic mode because it was hot 🥵 for two days! The news was on every paper and on every TV news report! It was so funny… 😂 You would’ve thought a bomb 💣 had dropped… It was big news 📰 I suppose it doesn’t happen that much… But it was funny to see how it played out. 😝☀️🔥

      …anyway, not much else to report… Only that I am so happy to have an extra few days in this amazing and effervescent city!

      Enjoy the few pics from today & over the past 24 hours…🕺🏼🇬🇧❤️🍷🥰
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    • Plastic cups from 9pm 😳😜🍹

      June 5, 2022 in England ⋅ 🌧 13 °C

      Yes! Perhaps I should have my gay card revoked but I have put duty to my people & country above my own needs this week… It is only tonight that I’ve decided to let loose and just go with my other (often, less receptive) “people” and have a big gay night out! Oh! What a beautiful night it has been!…

      I had some ‘dirty’ chicken at some new supposed high class chicken joint (Wingman’s) in Leicester Square (…it was so salty I had to drink ALL night! …well, at least that’s my story 😳😱🙈😜) and I knew exactly where I was going… Admiral Duncans!

      I walked past earlier in the week but I just didn’t feel the vibe to go in… Tonight! I did! And it was worth every minute! Some very very confident and talented drag queen charmed the audience with her many talents (including….wait for it!…actually singing live, not miming… and everybody was, as I remember, friendly and kind to each other! Doesn’t happen that often in the gay community but here, it did! 🌈🌈🌈🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🎉🎉🎉❤️❤️❤️

      Something I forgot to mention earlier: every single Jubilee event was supposed to have rain but there was not one drop… Not one! Tonight, it is raining like a bitch in London but nobody cares because the royal proceedings are over…

      You know what? The Royals have to continue with their politically correct life where, us mere mortals, are free to be whoever we choose! Think about that next time you knock their privileged lives! I bet William, Harry, Kate, and in the future George, would give anything to just wander the streets like I have tonight but they never will!

      The night is young! My Royal duties are fulfilled. Now, it’s time to satisfy my own needs!

      Just for the record: I’m so Proud of Me! Not only did I diligently save the substantial cash
      (…diligently $98 a week for past 5 years) 💰 needed to travel 🧭 fully and without restrictions (…on a part time wage, mind you…) but I follow my heart, dreams and sensibilities to achieve it! Go Me! 🤠 👑❤️🇬🇧✊🏻🥰❤️🧡💛💚💙

      Save our Queen (and me!) 🥰❤️🇬🇧🎉✊🏻👜👑
      😇 God bless my Mum also: sending me a message to “…be safe on the streets…!” That train has LONG past ✊🏻😜🥰❤️😘
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    • Day 4

      Day 4: A day of Kings.

      September 15, 2023 in England ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

      The Tower of London was 1st up today. My favourite part was standing on the walls, touching the stones that the archers would have touched whilst defending the tower 800 years ago. My least favourite was The Crown Jewels - no photos allowed. We had lunch under a tree; egg and cress, sandwiches - so very British, and then met the Cambeys at Liverpool St Station for a train ride out to Windsor castle to visit with Charlie and Camilla...they must have forgotten we were coming because they weren't home. Not many photos from here because you weren't permitted to take any - but sooooo much history! The castle is HUGE, but strangely elegant - my favourite place so far. We walked past Queen Elizabeth's burial tomb, and stood on Henry the VIII's. The day was so hot we bought an icecream each that claimed they were made from milk from the Kings own cows, before heading into the village of Windsor for a pint at one pub and dinner and another pint at another pub. Trained it back home exhausted.Read more

    • Day 2

      Day 2: Hit the Ground Running

      September 13, 2023 in England ⋅ ☁️ 17 °C

      After a long, long, long, trip we touched down at Heathrow Airport at 6.10am....a full day ahead of us before we could sleep. Luckily our Air BnB host let us know we could have an early check-in, so we arrived at our 1st home at 9am, a gorgeous old 17th Century manor type house which use to belong to Wilkie Collins - author of The Woman in White - and a good friend of Charles Dickens. 4 quick showers later, we set out to explore Hyde Park and Kensington Palace, as they were just around the corner - I am sad to report that both could have benefited from a few hours of me and my mower! We found Harrods and went in for a look...and came out again very quickly with a delicious, but expensive bread stick. We jumped on the Hop on/Hop off bus to do a 3 hr lap of the tourist sites, but hopped off at the 2nd stop to have a pint (or 2) of beer - and Matt made a friend! Hopped back on the bus, but hopped back off to find a loo (due to the beer). We found a loo - in a pub - and had another pint, before Matt and I hopped back on to finish the circuit. After successfully working out the Tube system, we arrived home and hopped into bed - a full 48hrs after we woke in Mount Rankin to begin our trip.Read more

    • Day 22


      August 1, 2022 in England ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

      Goedemorgen London!

      Vandaag ga ik de ultieme toerist uithangen! Ik ga de meest bekende sightseeing plekjes van London af.

      Mijn dag begint in de city of Westminster. Het een eigen plek in de stad London en er gebeuren hier voornamelijk overheids bezigheden.

      Vervolgens loop ik door. Ik verken de plek wat, koop een kopje koffie met als volgende stop de Big Ben.
      Onderweg naar de Big Ben spot ik langs het water de London Eye. Het volgende wat van het lijstje afgestreept kan worden.

      Bij iedere oversteek plaats staat er op de vloer beschreven welke kant je op moet kijken om te kijken of er geen auto’s aan komen.
      Dit blijft een ingewikkeld iets!

      De Big Ben is deze maand voor het eerst in 5 jaar volledig zichtbaar. De afgelopen jaren was deze namelijk onder constructie.

      In dit gebied zijn er veel bezienswaardigheden, alle foto’s tot de tower bridge zijn genomen binnen 15 minuten lopen gan de Big Ben.
      Helaas ga ik nergens naar binnen. De prijzen in London liggen namelijk aardig hoog voor de entree tickets.

      Vervolgens loop ik door naar de Tower Bridge.
      Op dit moment drink ik mijn tweede kopje koffie met dit mooie uitzicht.
      (Ik heb to-go koffie duidelijk gemist in Italië)

      Na het bezoek keer ik weer terug naar mijn hostel om mijn telefoon op te laden (power bank helaas vergeten in het hostel :( )
      Momenteel is het 17:00.

      Ik laadt mijn telefoon op en besluit vervolgens naar een park te gaan om hier rond te lopen.

      Vervolgens doe ik boodschappen en ga ik avondeten. Vanavond eet ik een soepje met een kaasstengel.

      De rest van de avond is een saaie avond aangezien het weer tijd voor een wasje is.
      In de droger vind ik €20,-.
      Ik zie het als een teken van het universum voor de €60 welke ik aan de straat artiest heb gegeven.

      Vandaag heb ik 25 duizend stappen gezet.
      Vreemd genoeg vind ik alles onder de 20 duizend stappen per dag weinig.

      Ik ga om 23:00 naar bed. Morgen ga ik naar Bath!
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