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  • Day30

    A wonderful day, the best yet!

    September 28, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    Today was fabulous! We had anticipated difficult climbs and a long distance, and although this was true, it all worked out amazingly. We started with the first steep climb that Amr and I had looked at, and it was manageable - you needed to take great care on the stone steps, a mistake and you could break your leg, but somehow it was not bad - maybe because we went slowly and carefully - but whatever, it was ok, and the rewards were magnificent views as we walked along the ridge. This continued, as we knew it would, after a level ridge walk down we went again, and up the other side - no zig zag to get up and down. This continued many times. One of the most spectacular downs was to Sycamore Gap which is famous for being the spot where they filmed the Robin Hood movie Prince of Thieves. We all had photos there, and another group of people took all four of us, and we took their group etc. there were quite a lot of walkers out today, and we realised that it is Saturday and people are out for weekend walks. Lots of locals, not just people like us.

    Another feature of today’s walking was MUD....lots of it. This is not a complaint, as we had no rain!! Occasionally there were droplets of most, but I never needed to put on my poncho, and it was beautiful and even sunny sometimes. The mud situation was bad, but then got funny once we had to get through an unavoidable bog and all had to go deeper than our shoes - even Amr in his quite high boots got waterlogged. So for the rest of the day we walked with wet feet and socks squelching along, and it still was good. Our shoes were so muddy that when we arrived here at our accommodation the first thing we did was to get a hose to clean all the mud off before it dried on.

    But it was fantastic with views of this gorgeous countryside, walking amongst the cows and sheep who all mix together in the fields, and today we were well marked with acorns and signs - we are getting expert at spotting the little white dots of the acorn sign in the distance at a stile or gate.

    So after the many ups and downs we finally walked smoothly, that is on the level, along the Wall and finally came to our end point of walking which was the Chesters Roman Fort. It was a marathon 22.3 kms, which doesn’t sound all that far by Camino distances, but this was tough walking. Carole and John were Trojans as we knew this was very arduous for them, and we all made it with gusto.

    We had to telephone when we got to the Fort and were picked up by our host, Dave, who is at present salmon fishing in the North Tyne river, but his wife, daughter and granddaughter are here looking after us and we have just had dinner and are retiring to our rooms. When we first arrived, after we had cleaned the shoes and left them to dry, there was the cleaning of ourselves and particularly our socks which took many rinses to clean! But after dinner, wine and showers we are very content.

    I will put on photos of today, but there is no way photos can capture the perspective of the steepness, or the whole picture. But I will try.
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  • Day31

    A wet walk day

    September 29, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    Today we walked 13 kms and it was grey and sort of rainy all day. Not heavy penetrating rain, but constant enough that we needed to wear rain gear, but didn’t get wet through so it wasn’t bad. But I did get sick of climbing over stiles with a billowing poncho. And we did have our share of mud today, though not as much as yesterday! The water just doesn’t seem to sink into the earth - I think it is clay - so it stays in enormous puddles, and muddies the pathways.

    Anyway, not a lot to say today. The scenery wasn’t spectacular like yesterday, just pleasant pasture land and animals, and we are going now fairly straight next to the road - the site of the old Roman military road - and I think it will be like that to Newcastle. Tomorrow we reach the outskirts of Newcastle and Tuesday arrive at the end - Wallsend.

    Not many photos today - I did take one of some mud - have to confess it wasn’t a field that we had to walk through, but it was a good example of the problem! Now we are happily installed at tonight’s B and B. A lovely little place in Corbridge which is quite a town - bigger than we have seen for a few days, and we have booked at the Indian restaurant here which is supposed to be very good. Just 5 minutes walk from where we are staying. We were taxied here from the path, and will be taxied back to resume walking in the morning. All very efficient and our accommodations without exception have been excellent.
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  • Day28

    Day 5 completed, now at Twice Brewed

    September 26, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    A successful funny day. We walked almost 18 kms- and these are fairly tough kms. The path is signed, with the very discreet acorns, and sometimes a signpost with Hadrian’s Wall path engraved in very old wood, almost rotten and falling apart...but it is very easy to go off track. So it is better than the Coast to Coast experience, but not without a bit of stress, and today I have to say that at the last 2 miles we admitted defeat and descended to the road visible beneath us and walked the last 800 metres or so to our destination!

    But we had fun. Set off at about 9.15 - cloudy, no rain - and all went well. More of the beautiful countryside that we have been accustomed to. We did make a small mistake quite early, but easily got back on track and walked along another section of Wall, and up quite a climb of stone steps, with a stunning view at the top. The trouble is that you follow along fine, then go over a stile or a gate to the next field and you really have no indication where to go. There is no definite track, just grass with no direction, and it is easy to pick the wrong way. And these are HUGE fields, many acres, and there aren’t so many people that you can follow along. Sometimes it is obvious and you can see a stile or gate or signpost in the distance, but not always.

    So we muddled along, mostly on track, and avoiding as much mud and bog as we could, loving the scenery and views, and the Roman bits that are there. Quite a lot of wall - more than I had expected - and all quite amazing. Every now and then it rained slightly - enough to put on coats, but never lasted long, and was sometimes even sunny.

    By the end, when we knew we were close we just couldn’t find the right way. We had followed some bad advice to follow an easy low track rather than the high one which would have been correct. She had said it would all lead to the right place...but it didn’t, for us anyway, and we muddled along high in the hills, but not as high as the wall, and finally gave up and descended to the road. That was in itself extremely difficult as it was uneven with tufts of long grass and holes, and when we reached the bottom of course we had to cross a seriously boggy patch. Later looking at the map we found that that area was called the East Bog! However we made it to the road, and found our accommodation right on that road, except that we approached it from the other direction. So in a way we had taken a short cut! Anyway, it was an adventure and our B and B tonight is another lovely place and we stay here for 2 nights, as tomorrow is a sort of rest day. Not really, as the plan is to do a 15 km walk round a lot of Roman ruins and museums near here that are not on the trail. But we are sort of free to do what we like in our own time.

    So tonight we went for dinner at the pub down the road, the Twice Brewed Inn. Good food and atmosphere, and we’ll go there again tomorrow night. The other end of this village is called Once Brewed! Crazy! Anyway, all good.
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  • Day29

    Semi rest day at Twice Brewed

    September 27, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌧 10 °C

    Today was set aside as a circular walk from here to see the local archeological site and museum- Vindolanda. The route they suggested took us up on the official walk for a couple of hours, then down and round via the museum etc. but we decided to skip the walking part and have a day off as would have to do it tomorrow anyway (except we figured later that if we had done it today we could then get a bus to the next place and resume from there) - but we didn’t, so we have quite a big walk ahead tomorrow, with some notorious climbs! Amr and I had a reconnoiter of how to get back to the track (as yesterday we accidentally arrived through the bog!) and found the track and also saw what an enormous climb faces us first thing!! A bit daunting, but at least we’ll be fresh.

    So today we did walk anyway, to the places of interest. Vindolanda was a Roman fortress and the whole town is gradually being excavated...it is so interesting....feels a bit like walking round Pompeii. And they are still digging up many objects that are displayed in the museum. We wouldn’t have had a chance to visit it without this day of no definite plan, and also it is so good to stay in a place for 2 nights.

    It rains on and off, and will continue to do so by the look of it, but not often does it pour drenching rain, and there are many gaps with no rain at all, so it’s not miserable. And our accommodation has been exceptional. We are now relaxing in the guest lounge, sipping wine or in my case a Pedro Jiminez sherry! Amr says to assure Paul that they are Riedel glasses! There is an honesty box for the wine - £2.50 for a glass. We will go to the Twice Brewed Inn again for dinner...it was good.
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  • Day32

    A lovely sunny walk

    September 30, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    It was a lovely sunny day, and Amr’s birthday!! We had a 17 km walk to Newburn. Carole and John were feeling the wear and tear from walking in the mud and uneven surfaces so they opted to take a bus to Heddon-on-the-Wall which was the first 10 kms, and we all met up there and walked the last 7 together to Newburn, which is a small town but on the outskirts of Newcastle- only 11 miles away - and right on the river Tyne. This was a happy arrangement as it was good for us all. We are staying at a lovely stone pub sort of place, not in the town but in a lovely park like area near the river.

    So this morning Amr and I set, after a sustaining breakfast of a feta and mushroom omelette (plus fruit and yogurt) off along paths, not quite as muddy as before, beside this very straight Military road, built on top of the Wall. Occasionally we were routed round farms, but it was quite beautiful, and mostly grain growing fields now, with stubble or ploughed ground. We got to Heddon-on-the-Wall by about 12.30, had a drink at the pub there, a sweet little town on a hill, then resumed with Carole and John, our path leading us down and down to the river, through very pretty woods. Much more civilised now, mainly on paths, no pastures, and virtually no mud!

    We got to Newburn and found our instructions to find our lodgings not very clear...luckily ran into an Australian couple from Brisbane who were walking in the other direction, but were staying in the same place, so we followed the instructions they had, which retraced a bit of where we’d walked and found this great place. All cleaned up, and I have ceremoniously cleaned and packed up my sticks as tomorrow will be more or less city walking into Newcastle and Wallsend, the end of the Wall!! We are actually staying tomorrow at a place on the coast - Whitley Bay just to see the other side of England!! But we get a metro from Wallsend to there!! Lots of fun, and only one more day of walking.

    Now about to have dinner here - a birthday celebration!
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  • Day7

    Hadrian's Wall

    May 15, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Nach einer kleinen Suche haben wir den Hadrian's Wall gefunden. Wir haben wohl die einzige Stelle gefunden an der die Steine unter der Erde sind oder die Mauer nicht mehr existiert und mit Steinen auf dem Boden dargestellt wird.
    Leider fehlte ein Hinweisschild und die Zeit eines zu suchen.
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  • Day5

    Hadrians Wall

    May 15, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    A long drive today, went up to Blackpool
    Then followed the route into the national park the lake district to lake Coniston afterwards we had to walk Hadrians wall that guard the danasty from the Roman Empire from coast to coast 78 miles and was built in 117 till 138 aftrek chr.Read more

  • Day5

    Hadrian's Wall

    May 15, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Een stukje geschiedenis en rennende schapen...

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