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  • Day7


    September 6, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    So langsam geht ein tolles Treffen zu Ende und wir machen uns wieder auf den Weg zur Fähre...

    Unglaublich schöne Bullis, Zubehör und Teile ohne Ende, Klamotten, Fahnen, Kirmes...gut gelaunte Menschen und durchgeknallte Typen...und geile Livemusik

    ...es hat sich mal wieder gelohnt...und dann noch die schöne Hinfahrt 😊...es hat alles gepasst
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    feine Sache

  • Day53

    Broadway Tower

    October 17, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Teil Drei: wow, ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass nicht meine Müdigkeit, sondern die Masse an Bildern das größeren Problem ist. Na ja, okay, eher die Verbindung der beiden... Jetzt hab ich aber meine sechs Bilder zusammen sogar mit sinnergebender Reihenfolge und ich schlafe noch nicht, also ist alles gut!
    Als letzten Zwischenstopp war ich bei dem Broadway Tower. Der dazugehörige Shop hatte schon zu, aber das hieß vor allem, dass ich den ganzen Berg und das ganze Tal für mich hatte, so hat es sich jedenfalls angefühlt! Ich saß ziemlich lange einfach nur auf einer Aussichtsplattform und hab den wechselnden Farben zugehört... ne... geguckt. Sorry. Ich hab Musik gehört und Farben gesehen, so!
    Der Sonnenuntergang war das beeindruckendste, was ich seit langem gesehen hab. Irgendwie hat auch der leichte Regen bei so viel Pracht nicht sonderlich gestört! Es war einfach nur toll!
    Nach den Attraktionen bin ich nach Clevedon gefahren, bei Bristol. Bis Freitag bleib ich bei Vickis Schwester Sarah. Ich bin gut angekommen, auch wenn ich Vicki in Copenhagen anrufen musste, wo die Familie ihren Urlaub gerade macht, weil ich das Haus nicht finden konnte. Briten mögen’s kompliziert, wenn’s um Hausnummern geht... jetzt bin ich aber da, geduscht, satt und glücklich wieder von netten Menschen umgeben zu sein. Morgen hab ich auch wieder ein bisschen was vor, also muss ich jetzt schlafen!
    Danke, dass ich euch mit drei Footprints nerven durfte, ich würde mal behaupten, dass diese Bilder einen guten Ausgleich bilden.
    Okay, genug jetzt! Bis morgen! Gute Nacht!
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  • Day316

    Broadway Tower

    July 7, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌙 20 °C

    Unser nächster Stop war dann bei dem Broadway Tower. Da war ich im Herbst (und vorher mit Mama, Papa, Jakob und Tomke) schon mal, aber jetzt hab ich das (wieder) im Sommer gesehen. Die Aussicht war einfach nur atemberaubend. In gewisser Weise hatten der Lavendel und der Broadway Tower und die Aussicht von dem Berg ähnliche Wirkung auf mich. Man wird irgendwie ganz ruhig, wenn man entweder das ganz kleine oder das ganz große Bild sieht. Die leichte Brise, die einem zudem das Atmen erleichtert hat war auch echt beflügelnd irgendwie.
    Wir waren nicht lange bei dem Broadway Tower, aber es hat sich für alle Sinne gelohnt. Man bin ich glücklich, nur wenn ich die Bilder angucke, auch wenn das Erlebnis in echt natürlich noch was ganz anderes ist.
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  • Day26

    A new 'home'

    July 1, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    We already knew the kind of motorhome we were looking for, so during our stay with Terry and Sue, we started to home-in on a few. We soon found exactly what we were looking for in a Swift Kontiki 669 being sold by Bill and Wendy in Worcester, which we picked up on July 1st just three weeks after arriving back in the UK!

    During this time, Chris also took the opportunity to take some refresher lessons, and passed his motorbike test. So, now we had to find a motorbike too.
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    Rosemary King

    Very beautiful xx

  • Day50


    May 20, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    When traveling for nearly two months it's always difficult to choose one event or destination as a favorite.

    After all, we've been to so many beautiful, historic and storied places, had fabulous meals, reconnected with old friends and tasted wonderful wines.

    Who would have imagined that one of my highlights of this journey would have started in the little English hamlet of Bromsgrove?

    Yesterday we arrived here and immediately made our way to meet with my 94 year old Aunt Roma, who, the last time I saw her was half that age! As soon as we walked into the room where she was waiting, even Brenda, who had never met her before, picked her out of the crowd. The family resemblance to my sister, Dena, and my late mother is uncanny. My Mum left us much too young and Roma gave me a glimpse of what Mum would have been like had she lived to a ripe old age. Roma is spry, witty and charming and recounted many tales from her youth about my Mum. It was a wonderful visit.

    My cousin Phil and his wife Pauline then arrived to drive us all to Worcestershire where we had lunch at cousin Richard and his wife, Jude's home along with my cousin Trevor, his wife, Claire and their two children.

    Jude went above and beyond to meet our vegan and gluten free dietary requirements with an awesome choice of vegetables, potatoes, rice, vegan chili and even homemade gluten-free pie and vegan meringues accompanied by mountains of fresh berries. Everything was amazing!

    Dinner conversation was lively and included a video chat with my sister Dena and her husband, Ed.

    When all was said and done, we all vowed that we wouldn't wait another 47 years to get together again.

    What a wonderful day!
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    WoW! That is amazing!!! ❤️


    Sounds amazing please tell more on Thursday Neil



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  • Day2

    London to Chipping Campden, May 31

    May 31, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    So the flight crew just woke us up for breakfast. Early, way too early, but a new day and we saw bright sunshine outside the plane's window. I believe the absolute worst part of international travel is international travel. Hate not being able to stretch out, relax, and get a good night's sleep. Arlene is groggy and so am I. We now sit on a train for a couple of hours so perhaps a snooze or two will help overcome the jet lag.

    We touched down at 0804, about 40 minutes late due to a late departure...no water to flush the toilets, so it was a very good delay. More later, and yes, the toilets worked great!

    Had some difficulty getting the train tickets, but after asking several helpful folks, we got the tickets and were on our way. Had to change twice, but made it.

    At Morton-in-Marsh, we fumbled around trying to get a taxi. Last taxi we called told us that she was at the train station and we should walk around the station to find her. We did and she told us the sights to see and some places to eat while we traveled to Chipping Campden.

    At the B&B, we checked in early and got some good advice on where to eat. Eight Bells on Church Street gets my vote. We'll eat there tomorrow evening as we like what's on their menu. Also there is a mini "Olympics " tomorrow night, a local festival with fireworks and all of that so we plan to enjoy it. There is a candle light parade at 10 PM that goes by our B&B so we will have a ring side seat from our bedroom window!

    Saw the old market place where they auctioned sheep years ago, and Saint James Church which is the official start of The Cotswold Way. Town is geogous to view with so many yellow sandstone colored buildings. This is a jewel!

    We enjoyed dinner at Huxley's. Had an antipasti plate followed by tomato and herb soup, and topped it off with sharing a wonderful sticky toffee pudding. Better than what I remember from two years ago. It is absolutely the best dessert ever! All should try it. When we walked the Westmoreland Way two years ago, we could hardly wait for dinner to enjoy it. At one of our stops, Arlene was given two recipes that we have tried and it is yummy.

    Time to close this day and catch up on some missed sleep. Tomorrow, more of Chipping Campden and more pics.
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  • Day24

    Time to stay at a real B&B

    August 16, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Time to say goodbye to Manchester and head down to Birmingham. We checkout late 11:35 then spent an hour in the lounge working on diaries. The drive to Birmingham is pretty straight forward, although on very busy roads - but still should only take about 2 hours.

    There are too many cars on UK roads, especially the M56 and M6. We saw our first car accident - hope no-one was badly hurt - but police and ambulances came from everywhere. Adding to the congestion, they are digging up the old concrete and relaying large sections of the M6. So again a bumper to bumper trip - with Mary's help we didn't miss a turn off. We have named the inbuilt SatNav in the car "Isabel" and my windscreen SatNav "Andrea" - so I have three of them telling me what to do - can't go wrong!

    We arrived at the B&B Woodlands - and it is just what we were hoping for. Met the owner, he was working in the garden and he told us about the walks around his three lakes on the property and the walks to the nearest pub and local villages along the canal.

    Off for a walk - he is proud that he has stocked his lakes with carp - think he should try Trout. We went down some country walking lanes to the local pub - a "pub in a paddock" type of thing. The canal boats look great but were too expensive for just Mary and I - you really need 4 or 6 per people boat.

    After our walk [about 6km's] we drove down to Alevchurch and posted our post cards - hope they reach home before we do. Had dinner at the Victoria Hotel - I had pizza - bad decision ... she said most Australians had fish and chips - I wanted a change - should have just stuck to the beer.

    Tomorrow we head down to the south coast of England - not sure where we are staying - but it should be more fun and adventure.

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  • Day45

    Worcestershire Beacon

    July 15, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    A little bit of hiking in the Malvern Hills. Hoch auf 420m und Aussicht genießen.


    Grüße von Mel, Katja, Knautschi Bolle, Pitty, Sandro, und Ecki. Lauf nicht so viel ;)

    Marcus Hein

    Danke. Grüße zurück. Durch die Natur wandern ist häufig lustiger als in der Stadt rumzueiern.


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