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  • Day20

    Day 20 - A Celebration at Lake Tahoe

    May 11, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    We got up at sensible hour (having survived the night!), showered, breakfasted etc then hit the road around 10.00am. We were on a mission to get a nice scenic spot for about midday to have a video WhatsApp with my parents & the rest of my family who were rudely celebrating my Mother’s 80th Birthday without us!

    Our planned scenic spot was Emerald Bay State Park on the west side of Lake Tahoe. We took I-80 westwards until we reached the California State Line & a California Border Protection Station. We were stopped & asked to produce what fruit & veg we had on board. Jackie went in to our kitchen area & returned with a handful of apples, oranges & assorted mixed salad. The guard was only interested in the oranges for inspection & gave them the all clear.

    I exchanged pleasantries with him, then accelerated away. Unfortunately I had forgotten that Jackie was returning the greens to the open fridge & she lurched forward banging her head on the sink (& possibly swallowing a bag of 3 oranges).

    After Truckee, we turned left towards Lake Tahoe on Route 89, a fantastically scenic drive following the Truckee River to Tahoe City & the shore of Lake Tahoe. Of note : we noticed that unlead fuel prices were now double what they were in St Louis.

    We travelled south down the western shore of Lake Tahoe admiring the grand houses on the lake shore. We stopped at a scenic spot for a selfie on the pebble beach. The water was crystal clear, sparkled silver & in the background mountains were snow capped. We could & should have stayed here all day.

    We arrived at Emerald Bay only to find the area had been infested with Japanese or Chinese tourists. Every available parking spot was taken up by them & there was no chance of us squeezing in our RV. So regrettably we continued southwards straining our necks to admire the views as best as we could as we drove along.

    Eventually we arrived in South Lake Tahoe still on the California side amongst its low-rise motels & followed the lake round, but stopped short of crossing back into Nevada. We were now conscious of the time & were looking for anywhere suitable to have our WhatsApp video call with a relatively scenic backdrop.

    We drove round & round & ended up parking in a Safeway supermarket. Evidently, Lake Tahoe doesn’t cater for RVers. We sneaked out of the ‘customer only’ car park & wandered along the southern end for a suitable broadcast stop. We found it, a rocky beach that was empty of other people, because it was quite an ordeal to get to.

    With a few minutes to spare we donned our happy birthday tiaras & practiced with our non-tooting tooters. I caught a Japanese tourist taking a photo of us dressed up in our party outfits. At 1.00pm, we received the video call & we burst into our rendition of Happy Birthday. For 10 minutes we had a long distance (exactly 5,218 mile) video call with my Mother & whole family who were tucking into the finest food at the Spread Eagle Hotel In Midhurst, whist Jackie & I made do with a cheese & bovril roll!!

    After what I think & hope was a successful video call, we put away our tiaras, & strolled along to El Dorado Beach or patch of sand. It was full of Hispanics having bbqs, so we didn’t stay long & decided to head out to our next campground.

    We picked up Highway 50 & almost immediately we were stopped again at a California Border Protection Station. I informed the guard that we had been stopped earlier & he was only interested in our oranges. The guard asked to see our oranges, but said he wanted to have a look in our fridge as well. This is where things went downhill!

    I turned to open up the side door & accidentally leant on the horn, making everyone including myself jump out of our skins. We let the guard into our RV & then went to retrieve the oranges for him. For the next 5 minutes plus, we hunted high & low looking for 3 oranges in a bag. It was embarrassing to say the least. I kept apologising to the guard & got more annoyed with Jackie for not remembering where she put them. In the end, the bored guard had had enough & said that he trusted us & sent us on our way. (At the time of writing, we still haven’t located the oranges 🍊 & I’m now wondering if I left the 1st guard still holding them when I sped off).

    Now not talking, we climbed up into the gorgeous Sierra Nevada Mountains. After the summit we had the most enjoyable drive down the other side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We descended some 4000 feet on a meandering road flanked by pine trees & a fast flowing river. We passed through the villages of Kyburz, Pollock Pines, Camino & the town of Placerville before arriving at our campground.

    What a lovely surprise the Placerville KOA turned out to be. A nice grassy campground out in the countryside & our allocated spot was secluded, sunny & overlooking fields & woods. We got our washing sorted, then spent the remainder of the afternoon sitting in our camp chairs sunbathing. We have made the decision to do nothing tomorrow, but sunbathe, as it promises to be a sweltering ☀️😎 27 degrees.

    FITBIT = 7,941 steps / 3.69 miles.

    Song of the Day - Celebrate by An Emotional Fish.

    Bonus Songs of the Day :-

    Lake Tahoe Eyes by little hurricane
    Happy Birthday by Altered Images
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    David Byng

    Love Tahoe, great place , did you manage to get to the High Chaparral ranch set ? or to the house filmed in the Bodyguard ?

    Simon and Jackie Annals

    I wish you’d reminded me beforehand. I remember passing High Chaparral, but it didn’t dawn on me & the Bodyguard house is on Fallen Leaf Lake. The western shore was stunning!

  • Day38

    Homeward bound - Lake Tahoe, NV

    November 13, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    Although a large portion of the day was spent driving between gorgeous mountain regions (actually drove behind Yosemite) we were able to make a single stop. Lake Tahoe is shared between both California and Nevada. We first stopped at a local brewery on the Californian side for some brews. Then hopped over the state line to Nevada Beach. It was a huge beautiful beach, definitely a place to be in the summer.Read more

  • Day10

    Day 10 - Lake Saplenty

    September 17, 2016 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 14 °C

    Today we headed for Lake Tahoe. We drove up and over numerous mountains, passing a few incredibly beautiful lakes to get there. We even crossed the stateline back into Nevada enroute. Just a few miles before our destination we also hit the 1000 mile mark. Woo hoo!

    Lake Tahoe itself serves as a resort in the summer and as a skiing destination in the winter. It's one of the highest, deepest, cleanest and coldest lakes in the world and is longer than the English Channel is wide. True facts. On arrival we had dinner in a traditional 1950s diner that we both enjoyed. Alice had a strawberry milkshake and as part of the 'Wings and Shakes' ethos of this blog, Alice says it was excellent. She particularly enjoyed the strawberry syrup that was mixed through the shake and although not a fan of too much whipped cream in shakes, the right amount was provided. Also, the glace cherry did have to be removed. Just to stress, it was excellent.

    After a quick look around and walk by the beach we went back to our hotel for a quiet night in.

    Song of the Day:
    Counting Crows - Big Yellow Taxi (heard it on the road and felt apt whilst looking at the natural world)
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    Jan Kitto Burke

    Gosh. Lake Tahoe - went there in 1974. Wouldn't recognize anything now though!

  • Day10

    Yosemite - Tioga - Tahoe

    October 16, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 7 °C

    Nachdem wir zum übernachten nochmal aus dem Park raus gefahren waren, sind wir heute morgen wieder rein und ziemlich zielstrebig Richtung Tioga Pass durch. Zwischendurch haben wir gelegentlich gestoppt und uns kurz die Füße vertreten. Im Tioga Lake (glasklarer Kletscher-See) kurz gebadet und zwischendurch noch ein Pärchen aus Frankreich geknipst.

    Mittagessen kurz vor Lee Vining an einer Art Rasthof. Burger... und Souvenirs

    Dann auf der Suche nach was zu kaufen (Kühlschrank auffüllen) weiter Richtung Lake Tahoe. Kurz vorm Ziel in South Lake Tahoe fanden wir noch einen Safeway, wo wir uns erst mal wieder etwas eingedeckt haben und nach Rückfrage an der Kasse auch unser Nachtlager auf dem Parkplatz aufschlugen.
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    Klaus-Werner Schneider

    Kommena a ande BonanzaRanch vorbei? Die is doch am Lake Tahoe.

    Oliver Keller

    Schicke Franzosen...

    Bine 1970

    Cool da oben, gelle ?

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  • Day9

    Lake Tahoe

    September 15, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    Am Freitag machten wir uns nach dem Frühstück auf den Weg nach South Lake Tahoe. Dieser gilt schon lange als Lieblingsziel vieler Amerikaner. Der See ist mit 500m der zweittiefste der USA. Eindringendes Sonnenlicht wird erst in großer Tiefe reflektiert und lässt das Wasser intensiv blau erscheinen. In South Lake Tahoe, indem auch unsere Unterkunft war, kann das Angebot an Freizeitaktivitäten kaum größer sein. Allerdings mussten wir feststellen, dass wir in der Nebensaison dort waren, da wir weder im Hochsommer noch in der kalten Jahreszeit, in dem man das Skigebiet nutzen kann, dort waren.Read more

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