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    • Day 8


      August 13, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

      Als kleinen ‘Zwischenstopp’ haben wir uns den wirklich kleinen Ort Rangeley rausgesucht. Es hätte zu lange gedauert bis an die Ostküste zu fahren.
      Wir hatten uns im Netz ein Motel gebucht. Das war aber wirklich nicht schön. Deswegen haben wir uns ein Hotel genommen. Das war total schön, da es sehr altmodisch aber stilvoll eingerichtet war. Ich fands persönlich ein wenig gruselig 😅
      Dann sind wir kurz zum Kiosk ubd anschließend zum mehr oder weniger bekannten Rangeley See . Ein wunderschöner Abend. In Gedanken waren wir natürlich immer bei Oma...❤️
      Dann sind wir um uns zumindest ein bisschen abzulenken in ein Pub gegenüber von unserem Hotel gegangen.
      Dort haben wir den Abend verbracht, gut gegessen und Baseball geguckt
      Natürlich war die Stimmung etwas bedrückt
      Das Hotel war übrigens irgendwie krumm und schief gebaut.😅
      Und die Bedienung im Pub war übrigens auch total mitfühlend und nett zu uns ein echter Herzensmensch.
      Rip Oma 12.08.2019❤️
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    • Day 5

      Tag 5 / Bigelow Preserve

      October 11, 2023 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

      Das Motel ist sehr ruhig, mitten im Nichts! Heute morgen waren wir frühstücken, klassisch amerikanisch gab es riesen Portionen 😉.
      Ab Mittag (da es etwas geregnet hat) haben wir zwei Wandertouren gemacht, die eine mit vielen Höhenmetern, die anderen ging über einen Fluss drüber. Die erste haben wir abgebrochen, weil ich die Steigung nicht bis oben geschafft habe und die Dunkelheit eingebrochen wäre, bevor wir wieder unten gewesen wären. Dennoch war es ein sehr erfolgreicher Tag! Das Abendessen haben wir uns verdient 😉. Im Restaurant gab es sogar Kolsch zu trinken. Die Inhaberin hat sich von uns sogar noch erklären lassen, was an unserem Kölsch geschmacklich anders ist.Read more

    • Day 4

      Tag 4 / von Boston nach Bigelow Preserve

      October 10, 2023 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 6 °C

      Heute morgen sind wir in Boston den Freedom Walk gegangen. Bosten ist eine wirklich nette Stadt. Mittags haben wir im Quinzy Market (Food Meile) zu Mittag gegessen, Da wir in NY keinen NY Cheescake gegessen haben, habe ich das hier nachgeholt. Mit abstand der Leckerste Cheescake den ich je gegessen habe. Auf dem Weg zum Bigelow Preserve haben wir an einer Apfelfarm angehalten und von dort Äpfel und Cider mitgenommen. Natürlich dachten wir an den uns bekannten Cider, haben aber einen Tag später gelernt das Cider in der USA naturtrüber Apfelsaft ist. Zusätzlich haben wir in York beim Leuchtturm kurz angehalten.Read more

    • Day 9


      August 17, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 20 °C

      When we crossed the border we saw some information boards next to the road and apparently just 20 meters further there was a little waterfall. We than got some food at a restaurant next to the road, it was so much!!! (Already ate most on the picture). We are staying on a camping where we leave early next morning to go rafting!!
      Went to eat dinner in a very American restaurant. They had bears and deers and mooses on the wall of all the kills people had made. Met some nice people there and had some real nice pizza.
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    • Day 11


      October 4, 2016 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 6 °C

      I came up to the "Stowell Farmhouse" with Mom's managment crew, with Mom and the Cherry Tree (Cherokee). Ivan said there was no electricity when I showed folks the frozen pizza I brought, so I figured there was no internet either, and combined with zero cellular service, that meant I could not fly the new drone. However, I noticed a blinking light on a modem in the house indicating it was on. So Ivan was wrong. I had to stay within 20 feet or so of the house but was able to get the drone off the ground. It was quite exciting even though the weather was a bit overcast. I went upstairs and and had my mother put the camera goggles on, which allow one to see what the drone sees, in real time. She thought it was fabulous and noted that we could get the lake and barn and home all in a photo at once which is something is she could not accomplish on the ground alone. So I went to work trying to achieve the right height and angle to properly proportion the home the barn in the lake all at once.
      That work continued today and it was much better weather. On my first attempt ( I only got about a 15 minute window of having the thing in the air and terms of battery time before it automatically starts coming back) I did an excellent job. The thing isn't easy. Skills-wise it is not too difficult it's just very glitchy. Anyway I focused on photos rather than video and really got some excellent shots, at various altitudes and angles. Some photos were as high as 1000 feet in the air! Amazing.
      Mom and Veronika will be extremely pleased and the high def photos should appear in advertisements. I had a feeling dragging that drone all the way out here would be a good idea.
      I very much also enjoyed making myself useful with the drone, and helping to unload the boat, haul dozens of pillows in the Cherry Tree and so forth.
      I took JeepWhiz up on the Ring of Mountains through Lake View Mountain Bowl. This was not a good idea. I got in the main gate on West Side rd but its been so gated so long there's hardly a road left. Scratched up Jeep Whizz pretty bad and only to arrive at the top (see rough location map photo) at a gate with a combo lock I don't know the combo to. So back down I came.
      I then tried the drone again at the farmhouse for even more footage but the goggles would not connect to the drone. Finally after shutting everything down 3x and using up half the battery it connected. I launched it and it had a bad glitch, powering down sideways onto the field at about 40mph. Amazingly even though pieces flew apart, it is now back together and is apparently 100 percent okay. However, I stop filming for the day and instead did take a number of still photos with an excellent camera I picked up in San Francisco recently. It took really really good shots and the light was fantastic. So that was nice. Then I went over to the store where got a couple Italian sandwiches and came back to the Chalet where I am now. Its nice that I can work on this little blog with no cell svc and sync it later.
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    • Day 10

      Port Clyde

      October 3, 2016 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 12 °C

      Well, while the internet on the Island was excellent, I am writing about it the following night, from the Chalet, where there IS NO internet. My point being that in case you're wondering why I chose this oddly named "Find Penguins" app.. now you know: it works in remote areas with no cell coverage! See photos of the boat, Mom etc. I really enjoyed my trip to the island. Mom and I enjoyed catching up over some lobster chowder and bisciuts. We talked about and covered variety of subjects and matters, some rather important, and seemed to be about on the same page on most of them. Her Colonial style home, which was transported all the way from New Hampshire, over the water out to the island somehow, was really remarkable to me in a number of ways. I felt a certain sense of solitude or protection or something. More solid than just it's obvious comfort and luxury. She said that the place is lined with a quarter inch thick sheet of solid lead, and I really feel that might of had something to do with it. Anyway, it is a very romantic place with a lot of privacy for the size lot that it's on and the number of buildings that are there. Its also just about as convenient as living on the mainland. This can be primarily attributed to Ivan and Dawn her caretakers. Who are apparently available and at the ready seemingly any time to take her to and from shore on a very practical, comfortable and safe boat. On a very quick trip.
      Some lobsterman had his boat sunk; Ivan and I witnessed him apparently draining out the petcock and trying to work on the thing. It was definitely ground ashore. I had heard of a boat being sunk when I was down in Portland I read about it in the paper. That was the second time in head been sunk... Now I got to witness the third time lol. Mainers.. and lobstermen in particular can be kind of tough at times I guess. I remember that according to Maine law if you raid a lobster pot the the law is that you could be shot. Kind of tough. I don't know if that law is still on the books or not.
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    • Day 5

      The Farm at Blueberry Hill Sept. 5th-13

      September 5, 2022 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 13 °C

      Traveld by plane to Portland, MN. My buddy Ian picked my up from the airport and we drove to his new farm. Him and his wife bought the farm a year previously. Growing a number of different vegetables, they sell them every Saturday on location at their farm stand. During the stay I helped them with their on going remodel of their over 100 year old house. We also worked a little in the garden and had drinks at the Corner Bar. It was great to see my old friends and see what they had been up to since leaving Colorado. I also got to experience the fabled Boat Day on Sunday. Ian and Elora grab their pontoon boat and meet their friends at the Greeen Veil of Rangely Lake. We grill, chill, and swim all day.Read more

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    Franklin County, Франклин, ফ্রাঙ্কলিন কাউন্টি, Condado de Franklin, Franklini maakond, Franklin konderria, شهرستان فرانکلین، مین, Comté de Franklin, Franklin megye, Ֆրանկլին շրջան, Contea di Franklin, フランクリン郡, Franklin Kūn, Hrabstwo Franklin, فرینکلن کاؤنٹی، مینے, Comitatul Franklin, Округ Френклин, Франклін, فرینکلن کاؤنٹی، میئن, Quận Franklin, Condado han Franklin, 富蘭克林縣

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