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    • Day 15

      Canyonlands Nationalpark

      September 16, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

      Heute morgen packten wir schon recht früh unsere Sachen zusammen und fuhren in den Canyonlands Nationalpark. Wir hofften einen Platz auf dem beliebtesten Campingplatz nahe des "Dead Horse Point" zu bekommen. Da dieser aber leider schon voll war, fuhren wir zum "first come - first serve" Campground mitten im Park. Dort hatten wir mal wieder großes Glück und ergatterten den letzten Platz.
      Ich war noch sehr müde und machte deshalb nochmal ein kleines Schläfchen in unserem Dachzelt. Anschließend füllten wir unseren leeren Wasserkanister auf und duschten uns damit ab.

      Frisch starteten wir schließlich die Erkundungstour durch den Park.
      Zuerst fuhren wir zum "Grand View Point" dort gingen wir einen kleinen Weg den Canyon entlang um einen tollen Rundumblick zu erhalten.

      Weiter ging es danach zum "Mesa Arch". Das ist wieder ein Felsbogen, welchen man über einen kleinen Wandweg in wenigen Minuten erreicht.
      Anschließend fuhren wir zum Whale Rock auf den wir hinaufwanderten, bevor wir zum Upheaval Dome fuhren.

      Am Upheaval Dome führt ein kleiner Wanderweg zu einem recht großen Krater, wo mal ein Meteorit eingeschlagen haben soll.
      Als letztes sahen wir uns noch den Viewpoint direkt an unserem Campingplatz an, bevor wir uns zum spielen und kochen zu unserem Camper zurückkehrten.
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    • Day 9

      Canyonlands & Dead Horse Point park

      March 25 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 5 °C

      Today was a full of highlights and incredible views. We drove for almost an hour to huge and barely visited national park Canyonlands. The park is huge, divided into three main areas. Most of the tourists come here for viewpoints, multi day hikes, cycling, off road trips and rafting. We visited only one area in our trip - Island in the Sky. There are several incredible viewpoints directly by the main road. It is worth it to walk a bit to the further viewpoint such as Grand View Point, White Rim Overlook or Mesa Arch. The weather today was very unpredictable from sunshine to snow 😂 we walked to all three viewpoints and stopped several times along the road for more views. The canyon is endless and you can see the Green River and Colorado river which carved the canyon thousands of years ago.

      Really crazy was to watch all these 4x4 cars driving down the Shafer Canyon back to Moab. Moab is a gem for off-road driving as there are plenty of trails and parks.

      On the way back to Moab we stopped in Dead Horse Point State Park. This little park offers really nice hiking trails and more viewpoints. You have the feeling of being directly inside of the canyon. After the whole day, the views got kind of same and we were ready to return back to civilization.

      Today we wanted to go to local microbrewery and drink some local beer and eat some food.
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    • Day 15

      Day 15 - Canyonlands & Dead Horse Point

      May 6, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

      After the usual morning routine, including ablutions, we got ready to hit the road. We had signed up for just electric & water at our site, but I had espied a pipe in the ground for us to dump our waste. After a quick discussion we agreed that we would use it.

      I hooked up the poop pipe & held it in place as Jackie released the contents of the toilet tank. The smell was horrendous, so I told Jackie to release the contents of the shower & sink tank. Immediately, the pipe my end started to overflow with foul smelling water, not dissimilar to the scene in the film RV.

      I shouted at Jackie to close off the tanks & I yanked the poop as I could in to the air. I was now stuck holding a slinky type pipe full of dirty, if not worse, water, which was sloshing from side to side. There was no other choice than to release the end of the poop pipe attached the vehicle & take our chances.

      Now holding either end up in the air, the pipe had a mind of his own...it was like wrestling a fat anaconda. I frantically looked for somewhere to dump the contents of this pipe, but I saw a couple watching us, shaking their heads in disgust.

      There was no other choice we would re-enter the pipe contents back into the tank via the toilet. Jackie & I struggled around the RV with the writhing stinking pipe, up the steps, through the kitchen & dining area, through the bedroom to the bathroom, where we gingerly attempted to empty the contents into the toilet whilst I repeatedly flushed the toilet to make it disappear.

      Basically, we had tried to dump our waste in a blocked up pipe. There was a lot of damp soil around our vehicle, including traces of toilet paper. Mortified & in shock, we threw everything back in the RV & made to leave, but inexplicably we stopped at reception to book a space for tonight. We were told that our space from last night was reserved, but they could squeeze us in a few places up. Jackie booked it.

      These events could have been a lot worse! Firstly, the toilet tank could have been a lot fuller. Secondly, the group of 4 lads had gone to breakfast so didn’t witness it. Thirdly, the CruiseAmerica RV immediately had already left & fourthly, the man in the tent on his own with his dog, closest & downhill from us had literally just packed & driven off.

      However, as we were driving to Canyonlands National Park, it started to dawn on me that we had attempted to fill a fresh water tank with our waste. We spent literally the remainder of the day nervously laughing, expecting their to be an outbreak of Legionnaires Disease or closure of the swimming pool (the biggest in Utah) or the entire campground. We did think maybe we shouldn’t go back or changing our appearance, but instead spent several hours perfecting our story to cause least damage / blame.

      Anyway, we stopped for $100 fuel, then drove back up Highway 191 to Canyonlands NP, I flashed the US Parks Pass together with my found UK driving license. We drove to the Island in the Sky Visitor Center & was quite miffed to see that they were advertising that there was still camping availability. We were tempted to book a night here, but our decision was made for us when we saw the enormous queue.

      We marvelled at the Canyon & Colorado River views from the Visitor Center & Shafer Canyon Overlook. Next we took the half mile trail to Mesa Arch, which was spectacular, particularly as through the Arch you could see the canyon below & the snow capped San Juan mountains in the distance. Numerous photos were taken, including some of both us sat in the Arch. Whilst walking to Mesa Arch Jackie managed to trip over & graze most of her right shin, luckily she didn’t mention it again! She is so clumsy & that is why I keep telling her to stay away from edge.

      We moved on to Whale Rock, but declined to scale it, then Upheaval Dome, but there was no available parking space, so we turned round & stopped just up the road at Holeman Spring Canyon Overlook, where we chose to have lunch. After rolls & coffee, we decided we didn’t need to go back to Upheaval.

      Next was Green River Overlook for views of the Green River, funnily enough. We then carried on southwards stopping at Buck Canyon Overlook, Orange Cliffs Overlook & finally at Grand View Point Overlook. The Grand View was the ‘money shot’ with 270 degree views of both the Colorado River & the Green River meandering either side of us & converging in front of us. Their waters continue as the Colorado River & make their way south to the Grand Canyon & Hoover Dam. Here we took a stroll along a Rim Trail, but sadly we didn’t get the end because Jackie’s injured leg was hurting.

      Satisfied we had seen enough of Canyonlands National Park, we drove back through it to the exit, then turned of to Dead Horse Point State Park. It was $20 entry fee for our vehicle. First port of call was the Visitors Center where we took a short nature trail, then watched a short video all about DHP State Park.

      It was during this video we learnt that according to legend, the point was once used as a corral for wild mustangs roaming the mesa. Cowboys rounded up these horses into the neck of the land just 30 yards wide, then fenced it off. The cowboys took the horses they wanted & abandoned the rest in the corral. These abandoned horses either fell to their death or died of thirst, hence the name. Cheery story!

      Feeling jolly, we drove to Dead Horse Point, the 30 yard wide neck of the park. After the obligatory photo it was onto Dead Horse Point Overlook, which was another spectacular view. This time it was of the Colorado River carving a deep sharp meandering furrow around us. We spent time just enjoying the view & possibly delaying the inevitable. It had been a great day visually & as always too difficult to describe.

      Incidentally, Dead Horse Point State Park is the actual location where Susan Sarandon & Geena Davis drove off a cliff in the movie Thelma & Louise. Not the Grand Canyon as it purports in the film.

      Now we were heading back to the Moab KOA to face the music. Somehow I was volunteered to check in whilst Jackie waited in the RV. I put on my game face & was ready to appear indignant if we were accused of anything. We needn’t of worried, they were happy to see us & we were shown to our new site. What a relief. Everything looked rosy again. Our visions of being banned from KOAs, sued & /or deported dissipated, well almost.

      Our evening was spent in the sun, observing all the tent campers setting up around us. It has potentially put me off buying a tent on this trip. At one point I even felt compelled to assist the lone girl directly behind us, whose living tent kept collapsing. Her name was Carmen & she was ‘mighty grateful’, when I had it standing back upright for her! My attempts didn’t last long & she was soon taking the whole thing down, whilst we discreetly watched.

      Jackie believes she is a wrong’un, because she had set up camp for about 5 people, cooked masses of food on the bbq & had a huge bottle of wine. She ate a chicken leg, then spent the rest of the evening packing everything away again. Weirdo.

      We finished up the spag bol & had an our of Netflix before bed.

      FITBIT = 13, 532 steps / 6.28 miles

      Song of the Day = Land: Horses / Land of a Thousand Dances / La Mer(de) by Patti Smith

      Bonus Songs of the Day :-

      Dirty Water by Steve Fawcett
      Beating Dead Horses by Mojo Monkeys
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    • Day 135

      Canyonlands NP Islands in the Sky

      October 24, 2023 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

      After spending the night on the banks of the Colorado river, I drive up to a high plateau in Canyonlands NP. A maze of canyons created by the Green and Colorado rivers - overwhelming

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