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  • Day15


    September 14, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Went early in the morning to Canyonlands, so the temperature was not too bad. Did a really nice hike on top of a hill, where there were some old granaries. Really cool to find some archeological stuff in the middle of a dessert.Read more

  • Day15

    Day 15 - Canyonlands & Dead Horse Point

    May 6, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    After the usual morning routine, including ablutions, we got ready to hit the road. We had signed up for just electric & water at our site, but I had espied a pipe in the ground for us to dump our waste. After a quick discussion we agreed that we would use it.

    I hooked up the poop pipe & held it in place as Jackie released the contents of the toilet tank. The smell was horrendous, so I told Jackie to release the contents of the shower & sink tank. Immediately, the pipe my end started to overflow with foul smelling water, not dissimilar to the scene in the film RV.

    I shouted at Jackie to close off the tanks & I yanked the poop as I could in to the air. I was now stuck holding a slinky type pipe full of dirty, if not worse, water, which was sloshing from side to side. There was no other choice than to release the end of the poop pipe attached the vehicle & take our chances.

    Now holding either end up in the air, the pipe had a mind of his own...it was like wrestling a fat anaconda. I frantically looked for somewhere to dump the contents of this pipe, but I saw a couple watching us, shaking their heads in disgust.

    There was no other choice we would re-enter the pipe contents back into the tank via the toilet. Jackie & I struggled around the RV with the writhing stinking pipe, up the steps, through the kitchen & dining area, through the bedroom to the bathroom, where we gingerly attempted to empty the contents into the toilet whilst I repeatedly flushed the toilet to make it disappear.

    Basically, we had tried to dump our waste in a blocked up pipe. There was a lot of damp soil around our vehicle, including traces of toilet paper. Mortified & in shock, we threw everything back in the RV & made to leave, but inexplicably we stopped at reception to book a space for tonight. We were told that our space from last night was reserved, but they could squeeze us in a few places up. Jackie booked it.

    These events could have been a lot worse! Firstly, the toilet tank could have been a lot fuller. Secondly, the group of 4 lads had gone to breakfast so didn’t witness it. Thirdly, the CruiseAmerica RV immediately had already left & fourthly, the man in the tent on his own with his dog, closest & downhill from us had literally just packed & driven off.

    However, as we were driving to Canyonlands National Park, it started to dawn on me that we had attempted to fill a fresh water tank with our waste. We spent literally the remainder of the day nervously laughing, expecting their to be an outbreak of Legionnaires Disease or closure of the swimming pool (the biggest in Utah) or the entire campground. We did think maybe we shouldn’t go back or changing our appearance, but instead spent several hours perfecting our story to cause least damage / blame.

    Anyway, we stopped for $100 fuel, then drove back up Highway 191 to Canyonlands NP, I flashed the US Parks Pass together with my found UK driving license. We drove to the Island in the Sky Visitor Center & was quite miffed to see that they were advertising that there was still camping availability. We were tempted to book a night here, but our decision was made for us when we saw the enormous queue.

    We marvelled at the Canyon & Colorado River views from the Visitor Center & Shafer Canyon Overlook. Next we took the half mile trail to Mesa Arch, which was spectacular, particularly as through the Arch you could see the canyon below & the snow capped San Juan mountains in the distance. Numerous photos were taken, including some of both us sat in the Arch. Whilst walking to Mesa Arch Jackie managed to trip over & graze most of her right shin, luckily she didn’t mention it again! She is so clumsy & that is why I keep telling her to stay away from edge.

    We moved on to Whale Rock, but declined to scale it, then Upheaval Dome, but there was no available parking space, so we turned round & stopped just up the road at Holeman Spring Canyon Overlook, where we chose to have lunch. After rolls & coffee, we decided we didn’t need to go back to Upheaval.

    Next was Green River Overlook for views of the Green River, funnily enough. We then carried on southwards stopping at Buck Canyon Overlook, Orange Cliffs Overlook & finally at Grand View Point Overlook. The Grand View was the ‘money shot’ with 270 degree views of both the Colorado River & the Green River meandering either side of us & converging in front of us. Their waters continue as the Colorado River & make their way south to the Grand Canyon & Hoover Dam. Here we took a stroll along a Rim Trail, but sadly we didn’t get the end because Jackie’s injured leg was hurting.

    Satisfied we had seen enough of Canyonlands National Park, we drove back through it to the exit, then turned of to Dead Horse Point State Park. It was $20 entry fee for our vehicle. First port of call was the Visitors Center where we took a short nature trail, then watched a short video all about DHP State Park.

    It was during this video we learnt that according to legend, the point was once used as a corral for wild mustangs roaming the mesa. Cowboys rounded up these horses into the neck of the land just 30 yards wide, then fenced it off. The cowboys took the horses they wanted & abandoned the rest in the corral. These abandoned horses either fell to their death or died of thirst, hence the name. Cheery story!

    Feeling jolly, we drove to Dead Horse Point, the 30 yard wide neck of the park. After the obligatory photo it was onto Dead Horse Point Overlook, which was another spectacular view. This time it was of the Colorado River carving a deep sharp meandering furrow around us. We spent time just enjoying the view & possibly delaying the inevitable. It had been a great day visually & as always too difficult to describe.

    Incidentally, Dead Horse Point State Park is the actual location where Susan Sarandon & Geena Davis drove off a cliff in the movie Thelma & Louise. Not the Grand Canyon as it purports in the film.

    Now we were heading back to the Moab KOA to face the music. Somehow I was volunteered to check in whilst Jackie waited in the RV. I put on my game face & was ready to appear indignant if we were accused of anything. We needn’t of worried, they were happy to see us & we were shown to our new site. What a relief. Everything looked rosy again. Our visions of being banned from KOAs, sued & /or deported dissipated, well almost.

    Our evening was spent in the sun, observing all the tent campers setting up around us. It has potentially put me off buying a tent on this trip. At one point I even felt compelled to assist the lone girl directly behind us, whose living tent kept collapsing. Her name was Carmen & she was ‘mighty grateful’, when I had it standing back upright for her! My attempts didn’t last long & she was soon taking the whole thing down, whilst we discreetly watched.

    Jackie believes she is a wrong’un, because she had set up camp for about 5 people, cooked masses of food on the bbq & had a huge bottle of wine. She ate a chicken leg, then spent the rest of the evening packing everything away again. Weirdo.

    We finished up the spag bol & had an our of Netflix before bed.

    FITBIT = 13, 532 steps / 6.28 miles

    Song of the Day = Land: Horses / Land of a Thousand Dances / La Mer(de) by Patti Smith

    Bonus Songs of the Day :-

    Dirty Water by Steve Fawcett
    Beating Dead Horses by Mojo Monkeys
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    Angela Bambridge

    These blogs are hilarious — ‘Carry on RVing’!!!' x x

    Simon and Jackie Annals

    Angela, glad you are enjoying them, but they’re not supposed to be funny!! X

  • Day13

    Day 13 - Monumental Valley

    May 4, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Inexplicably, I woke up at midnight and out of the blue decided to change our route completely. After a couple of hours, l had made the decision that we were going to head down to Monument Valley today.

    After breakfast, shower etc we drove out into Cortez around 9.30am to fill up with fuel ⛽️ for the adventure ahead. After another $80 of fuel we headed south to Four Corners Monument on Highway 160. I had identified a KOA campground at Monument Valley, so I implored Jackie to ring them. After a lengthy phone call with lots of flirting on her part (Luckily it wasn’t FaceTime) she secured us the very last spot in the campground with 10% discount for just $32. I was so chuffed.

    Four Corners Monument is as it suggests the corners of four US States meeting at a single point. The four States are Colorado (where we came from), New Mexico to the South, Utah to the West & Arizona to the South-West. We paid the $5 dollar entrance fee & had the obligatory selfie & photo straddling all four US States at once.

    We then dabbled in Arizona, before heading north on Highway 191 into Utah and Native Indian country. We had the very distant teasing glimpse of Monument Valley, but we had other things to visit first. The earth all around us turned very red.

    After what felt like an age on a pretty rough road, we reached Interstate 163 (I’m never sure what to call these roads). We headed south & by chance found the Valley of the Gods (I didn’t even know it existed). We went down a short dusty dirt track, impassable if wet & stopped at a spot with great views of the Gods! Here we had lunch & I practised my panoramic & time delay photos to the point where Jackie had had enough.

    We continued south on I-163 to Gooseneck State Park. It promised fantastic views of the Colorado River at a ‘gooseneck’ bend, but it required a few miles driving AND a Park entrance fee. We discussed this & Jackie told me we weren’t going in.

    In silence, we drove just a couple of miles to a rocky outcrop, called Mexican Hat (not sure why). There was even a small touristy town called Mexican Hat.

    As we headed south & approached Monument Valley you couldn’t be utterly impressed by the vista in front of us, it was totally mind-blowingly stunning. We stopped at most scenic points to take photos. We also risked standing in the middle of the road for that iconic photo. Easier said than done!

    We passed our home for the night & turned left into Monument Valley ‘Park’ to embark on the 17 mile scenic drive. At the entrance gates, the Navajo Indian at the ticket booth informed us that we couldn’t take our RV on the 17 mile drive. We asked what our options were & he said that we could pay the $20 entrance fee, then get a guided tour for about $80 each. Oh no, we were not paying that so we arranged that we would turn around & go back out without payment.

    We went to Goldings Lodge, a supposed Trading Post where they had the filmset cabin used by John Wayne in She Wore a Yellow Ribbon. I had now hatched a plan that I would ask anyone at our campsite who had a separate vehicle if we could join them & split the entry price into Monument Valley park.

    We drove to the Monument Valley KOA & checked in with 2 Native Indian women. We told them about our plight & that the park wouldn’t allow us to drive round & they were offering tours for $80. They agreed it was too much, but offered no solution other than to rent a jeep for $200 for 6 hours. They did say that the reason RVs weren’t allowed to drive around the park is because the roads are mud & some RVs got stuck, then sued the park for damages. There is always one or two who ruin it for everyone!

    We set up in our allocated spot in the campground & what an amazing view we had. I decided to put my plan into practice & when the 1st 4x4 with an RV trailer turned up, I sought them out & gave them my spiel. At the end it, the bloke said, “What?”, so I said “Are you going into the park today?” To which he curtly replied “No”. What an absolute miserable bastard.

    Note: over the last few days, most of the RVers have been miserable bastards. I have made it my mission to wave at every single one we pass on the road & recently the positive response has been less than 3 in 10 including fellow CruiseAmericas.

    I returned to Jackie with my tail well & truly between my legs, then had a beer in the sun & we decided we couldn’t be bothered now any way. In our opinion we had seen & photoed the best bits of Monument Valley.

    We may return in a hire car to do the 17 mile route later on our travels, which was my original plan.

    We plotted our ongoing journey, next stop was Arches National Park followed by Canyonlands National Park. It is maybe we will have to stop at a campground in Moab.

    Dinner consisted of sausages, salad & red wine, then bed when the sun had gone down.

    FITBIT = 8,215 steps / 3.81 miles.

    Song of the Day - Red Earth by New Model Army.

    Photos to follow when we get some decent internet
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    Michael Vincent

    Uncle Simon you looked to have caught the sun just a tad there best top up if u have some lotion on u 😉😂miss u both look like your having a great time loving the updates 👍

  • Day12

    Camping sauvage

    May 16, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Au pied de mexican hat et au bord de la rivière san Juan.
    Apres canyolands island in the sky vers 12:30 on est revenu sur moab , fait des courses pour dej, fait de l'essence et chercher un distributeur. On decole de moab a 14h passé.
    Du coup on a fait que la route et on s'est posé tôt pour camper vers 17h30.
    On s'est encore trouver un super coin.
    Bon il y a pas mal de vent mais ... il est chaud c'est déjà ça. On va pas avoir froid.
    Comme vous l'avez compris on a revu nos plans. Trop de route pour aller à canyonland the needles. Étant donné l'heure d'arrivee estimée ( 16:00). Ça nous laissait pas trop de temps pour faire des grosses randos alors on s'est rapproché de monument valley pour demain. Du coup repos.
    Autre peut être bonne nouvelle c'est que j'ai peut etre trouvé une astuce pour marcher avec des chaussures.
    Je l'ai découpé avec mon opinel et ca devrait moins appuyer sur la partie douloureuse.
    On testera demain...
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    BUDIN Nadine

    j'espère que "ta réparation " portera ses fruits! et une sorte de semelle absorbante en gel, en retirant l'ancienne pour qu'il n'y aie pas trop d'épaisseur ??

    BUDIN Nadine

    Profitez bien de Monument Valley !! j'espère que ce ne sera pas décevant après tous les beaux paysages que vous nous avez montrés!!. Bonne journée. Gros bisous. Crispi va toujours aussi bien !!

    BUDIN Nadine

    lieu qui a déjà servi : le foyer !! par vous ou par d'autres auparavant ?

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  • Day13

    Von Durango ins Monument Valley

    September 22, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 10 °C

    Da wir bis jetzt nur oben ohne gefahren sind, haben wir das heute auch bei 7 Grad mit kurzer Hose voll durchgezogen 🤪
    Kurz nachdem wir aus der Stadt raus gefahren sind, ist dann die Temperatur nochmal bis auf 2 Grad gesunken 😳
    Egal Mütze auf und weiter ☺️

    Unser erster Halt war nach ca. 150 km beim Navajo Four Corners Monument. Das ist der einzige Punkt an dem man sich in Utah, Arizona, Colorado und New México, also in 4 Staaten zur gleichen Zeit aufhalten kann.

    Die Temperaturen haben dann auch wieder kuschelige 16 Grad erreicht 😅
    Nach einem kurzen Aufenthalt und ein paar Fotos sind wir dann in Richtung Bluff gefahren.

    Beim Cafe und Giftshop „Twin Rocks Trading Post“ haben wir dann ein kleines Päuschen bei Kaffee und Eis gemacht
    Und uns mit einem sehr netten Indianer Pärchen unterhalten. Die zwei haben einen kleinen Ausflug auf ihrem Bike unternommen.

    Wir hatten überhaupt schon so viele nette Small Talks mit Amis und alle sind immer total begeistert wenn wir sagen dass wir aus Germany kommen ☺️

    Diese Gegend in der wir heute und in den nächsten 3 Tagen unterwegs sind ist übrigens komplett in der Hand von Navajo Indianern und liegt in Arizona.

    So auch das Monument Valley.
    Vor dem Einchecken in unsere Cabin mussten wir natürlich noch einen Fotostopp beim Forrest Gump Point einlegen 😍
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  • Day9

    Arrived in Bluff

    August 10, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 33 °C

    Today we had our longest drive but maybe also one of the most different landscapes.
    We arrived in Bluff after 6 hours and we are happy about our view ahich we have from our Cabin. We are looking forward to visit Monument Valley early tomorrow. Then we have an 2 hour drive to Page.

    Heute hatten wir unsere längste Fahrt, aber es war eine der abwechslungsreichsten Landschaften. Nach 6 Stunden haben wir Bluff erreicht und freuen uns sehr über die Aussicht unserer kleinen Kabine. Morgen werden wir sehr frueh das Monument Valley besuchen und danach geht es weiter nach Page.
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  • Day18

    Kayenta, Arizona

    August 23, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    Nach dem Frühstück ging es Richtung Kayenta, liegt im Indianerreservat, Fahrtdauer ca 3 h. Landschaft hügelig, Seen, vorbei an z. T. verlassenen Dörfern und in the middle of nowhere State University of Utah.
    Beim Monument Valley hielten wir an und fuhren den Rundweg entlang der riesigen Felsen, die alle Namen haben. Der Weg war ein Erlebnis, die Straße total holprig durch sandige Teile mit vielen Schlaglöchern.
    Die Gesteine hießen z.B. The Elephant Butt, the Totem Pole, the Thumb.
    Gegen 17.00 Uhr trafen wir im Motel in Kayenta ein. Bis jetzt waren alle Unterkünfte top sauber, sehr groß, meist mit Pool und auch so gut wie immer Frühstück dabei.
    Wir bleiben 2 Nächte und besprechen nachher den morgigen Tag.
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  • Day16

    Monument Valley

    June 2, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Das Monument Valley war die erste Enttäuschung auf dieser Tour. Was ist bloß aus diesem schönen ruhigen Park geworden? Nur Touristenabfertigung. Der Campground für über 42 $ nur ein staubiger Parkplatz. Die Landschaft ist nach wie vor toll, aber das drumherum...Read more

    Birte Hay

    Das sieht ja aus wie im Western. Toll. LG Birte

    Birte Hay

  • Day24

    Canyonlands NP - Island in the Sky II

    June 10, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    Heute haben als erstes die Campsite gewechselt und dann haben wir uns den nördlichen Teil des Parks vorgenommen, mit Mesa Arch, Whale Rock und Upheavel Dome - hier allerdings nur den kurzen Trail etwas weiter als zum 1. Overlook.Read more

    Karl und Erika

    Ganz tolle, traumhafte Fotos!


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