A 19-day adventure by EMSC
  • Day16

    Day 16

    May 3 in England ⋅ ☁️ 12 °C

    Today nothing happened.
    Well not really; I arrived on time today. In contrast, the first hour of school was just welcoming the late ones, so it wouldn't have mattered at all.
    I'm just watching the cl semi-final. My luggage is already packed.Read more

  • Day13

    Day 13, North Wales

    April 30 in Wales ⋅ 🌧 11 °C

    Today I went to Wales with some friends.
    It was great. We've seen the lovely old town of conwy and the conwy castle. We've been in Wales' biggest national park and have seen the highest mountain of the UK. To be honest, it was a hill, not a mountain. We went swimming in the lake there. Even as I am swiss, it was very, very cold. I'm almost 2 weeks in the UK now, there was no rain yet. After the national park we travelled to a minute village, there were some "black forest" vibes. It had a bridge made of stones and very much souvenir shops. I rekon it was a bit like Stein am Rhein there. Now we are driving back to Manchester, I got a cold and our tour guide is totally crazy.
    Stay tuned for more posts. I just didn't feel like writing my blogs last week. I was at a champions league semi-final, a very fancy bar etc.
    You'll hear more from me in the next days.
    And: haven't seen any penguins yet, I'm very disappointed.
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  • Day12

    Day 12

    April 29 in England ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    What surprised me the most about Manchester:
    Almost everybody smokes here. Even little children. My neighbours have a daughter, probably 11 years old. She smoked in accompany with her father. He didn't say anything.Read more

  • Day8

    Day 8

    April 25 in England ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    There are no postboxes (Briefkästen) in Manchester.
    Or at least, I haven't seen them until today.
    If you want to send a letter to someone, you have to put the letter in a red [hydrant]. It wouldn't surprise me, if your letter will never arrive.. At least there's written royal mail in capital letters on the hydrant.Read more

  • Day7

    Day 7 => LIVERPOOL

    April 24 in England ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Today was a great day!
    We went to Liverpool and saw so many different places. We met at 8.30 at Picadilly Garden's, this is like a "center" in Manchester, where you can find any fastfood restaurant you can imagine - and the busstation. We arrived at the anfield road ( Liverpoolfc ) at 9.30 and had half an hour of time to visit it. To be honest, I was very disappointed , because we didn't have a tour or sth similar. We just stood there, I bought a T-Shirt from Jürgenmeister, the normal guy from the black forest. It was a fake, because nothing had opened that early at a sunday morning. Then we drove to Alberts dock and learned much about the industrial revolution, slavery, liverpools history, the liverbirds bella and berty and much more. We visited the cavern club and saw the wall of fame, that's where the beatles got famous. Afterwards, we had 4 hours of free time. We went to an official merchandise shop of the liverpool football club and ate fish and chips. Fish and chips tasted really good. It was just far to much. We walked through the shopping malls in direction of the port. There we visited the mersey maritime museum, which was totally free and very interesting. We found a group of seats, where a film about the titanic disaster was played. We rested there for a while and tried to sleep. I think we watched the film almost three times. Then we had some ice. The ice cream seller said. "Thanks love" to us. But we learned, that this is normal in liverpool. They also say "Lez go to de ascad an' get some scran, la" instead of " We sould visit the supermarket and buy some food there." Afterwarss we visited a cathedral, in fact the talles of the langest of the whole world. It was not very interesting at all there. Some people, I have no idea, who they are, but they go to a school in the canton of shaffhouzen sprinted through t.he cathedral and made some "Purzelbäume" on the floor. The liverpoudlians or also known as scousers are very friendly. They have the best football club in the whole world. They have an interesting history. All in all, I think I could live there. It's definetly a must visit if you spend your holidays in the UK.Read more


    I will assume you had fun and not read what you wrote😇



  • Day6

    Day 6

    April 23 in England ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Today I went to the central library with Vlady. We've spoken with two people in the library. They just started talking with us, as they heard, that we're foreigners. Both were very social and kind. We had two good conversations. Both about war. It's impressing, how militaristic the UK is. There are Ukraine flags on churches, in people's gardens, at trainstations, everywhere. First thing I got recommended to visit was the imperial war museum. In my neighbourhood is an organisation called "christian army cadets". Dozens of roads are named after Churchill. There are statues of soldiers and lieutenants everywhere. In a lovely village in northern wales, we found the home of a militant "fight for justice" organisation with a big antifa logo on the front of the house.
    I'm starting to adore the UK
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  • Day4

    Day 4 MANUTD => Old Trafford

    April 21 in England ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Today is our 4th day in Manchester. We visited the Old Trafford Stadium today. But starting from the beginning:
    Today I realised, that it is no exception, that busses never arrive on time. Yesterday I came to school with a delay of 16 minutes. Albeit my bus should've arrived 19 minutes earlier, at 8.57. Today I wanted to take even an earlier bus, estimated arrival time was set to 8.45, our school starts at 9 o' clock. But as I stood on the bus station and waited for some minutes, another bus arrived. As he drove in the same direction, I took him. I thaught this could be my first day without a delay. But then we stood at the highway, for 10 minutes without moving in any direction, as I am while driving back home this evening and writing my daily blog. And I arrived with a 2 min delay at our school, I really felt ashamed, as I am swiss. I'm never late normally. Tomorrow I'll take an even earlier bus. School was not that interesting, my teacher told me to "shut up", because I talked with Timon in Swissgerman.
    Then we had lunchbreak until 1 pm, we went to tesco and bought sandwiches and a limited galactic edition coke. It was ok, but normal coke is better. In the afternoon we drove to the Old Trafford Stadium of Manchester United and had a very interesting tour there. But unluckily we had to put all metallic stuff out of our pockets and I had a swiss army knive with me. I just put it on this screening table as I would do in Switzerland. The security said that he will leave it there and I can collect it later. After about 10 minutes inside the museum there comes a security guard to me and says we need to talk. I didn't even know why first, but then he told me that this knives are illegal in the UK and that he has to take my personal information. They've sent it to the police now and my knife is getting destroyed. Altough I legally bought it from Victorinox in Switzerland and legally travelled with it through the swiss airport. The knife was really expensive, so I'm very upset now..
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    I am sorry to hear about your army knife incident. Didn't know that this was illegal in the UK (and I have just briefly checked online: it is not generally illegal - it depends on the length of the blade). So, did you really not get it back at the end?


    I have written them a mail, but they didn't answer me yet. But I really wish they would give me my knive back. And if not, I will ask for a refund or sth similar. As we do our podcast about Manutd and Mancity, they could give us a free interview or 2 free match tickets.. We'll see. I'll write all the updates in the blog. Thank you for your efforts and have a nice day!


    Hope they reply soon and yes, keep me posted!

  • Day3

    Market Street, Manchester, M1 1PN, Unite

    April 20 in England ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

    Our third day in Manchestet was great as always. We're getting used to the mancunian accent. When we arrived at the airport, we weren't able to understand anything. I' ve gotten a tesco card, with this I can have a meal for just 3 £. Tesco is like a Migros, just in the UK. Tomorrow we will visit a football stadium, I'm really looking forward to that. Also, I went to the gym for the first time today. It's really, really big. There's literally everything you could imagine, twice! Also, we found out, that there are 650 ml bottles of Corona beer. Of course I didn't try it. I'm not 18 yet.Read more

  • Day2

    Day 2

    April 19 in England ⋅ 🌧 13 °C

    Our first day at the language school "bsc" in manchester was funny. All teachers seem highly motivated. We made a little sightseeing trip through the city and bought week cards for public transport. It costed only 15£, which really surprised us, tough we pay this amount of money for just one day of travelling to our school and back. With this week card, there is everything included. It's called "get me there." Tomorrow we want to buy a gym membership for 1 month. All stuff is really really cheap here. It's difficult to resist buying everything.Read more


    Good to hear that you enjoyed your first day at the language school. (A gym membership can certainly help digest the extraordinarily healthy English food!)