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  • Day67


    August 12, 2017 in Austria

    Today we took two different bus routes around Vienna - one around the city which gave us a better idea of its layout and one to the outer suburbs of Vienna and lower Austria. We stopped at a lovely wine town called Grinzing and had a delicious lunch and the biggest glass (mug) of wine. The bus continued on to the Kahlenberg, which is a hill some 484 metres high and lies in the Vienna Woods - a popular destination for day-trips from Vienna. You get a great view over the entire city. We then drove on to a twelfth-century Augustinian monastery in Lower Austria - Stift Klosterneuburg. A beautiful scenic drive.Read more

  • Day29

    Vienna, Austria

    October 1, 2016 in Austria

    We're a little delayed on posting about Vienna but here it is. We enjoyed the city with beautiful weather our first day which made it even prettier to walk around. The city is full of beautiful architecture and a vast cultural scene. There are many museums, the opera, and influence of the Royal Hapsburg family the rulers of the Holy Roman Empire all over.

    The second day was a bit colder so it entailed doing some laundry, jumping in coffee houses and taking it easy. We decided to take advantage of a free museum that occurs every first Sunday of the month and waited in line for 30mins only to get inside and find the museum was only in German! That made for a quick visit! Wiener Schnitzel and apple strudel followed for dinner and hit the spot.Read more

  • Day9

    Friday and Gala Dinner

    October 19 in Austria

    We had our last business meeting this morning. Celeste was out shopping and afterwards we met in front of St Stephens. We had a late lunch with Grant and Diana Render and Celeste and continued shopping. For our Gala Dinner we were assigned to a Palace as MNP booked 7 Palaces for the dinner. All the Palaces were within walking distance to Hofburg Palace.
    The dinner was excellent and I gave a speech to the retired partners.Read more

  • Day77


    June 23, 2017 in Austria

    "This means nothing to me.. Oh Vienna" (Ultravox.. some time in the 80's)

    Can't see that the eighties anthem has anything to do with the Austrian capital, but it keep looping through my mind the whole visit :)

    Headed to Wien - the pronunciation of which I love.. sounds like 'ween' - mainly to visit a friend Kinga, who I lived with in Paris many years ago. We were incredibly grateful that she invited us to stay in her apartment which was very central. Especially as this meant she had to decamp to her boyfriend Gerhardt's place for the weekend.

    Friday night we went to Museumplatz, an area where there are various museums and galleries and where people come to relax and meet. We had dinner and then finally - much to Stuart's delight - went for an 'Upsucker' (sp.?). Kinga had told Stuart about the 'Upsucker' in London a couple of years ago and he had talked about it ever since. It is basically when someone suggests one more drink - an 'Upsucker' - you cannot refuse. So as you can imagine, a real hardship for us ;D

    Saturday morning Stuart and I headed to a Viennese Kaffeehaus for breakfast (really all we are doing is eating our way around Europe!) which had been recommended to us. The typical Kaffeehaus was described to me as a bit dated and a bit sticky and it didn't disappoint! Quite atmospheric and the breakfast was good. Kinga was also very kind to invite us to a picnic on the Saturday with her friends so we got to spend the afternoon and evening meeting Austrians and other Europeans who live and work in Austria. I had my first taste of Wiener schnitzel in Wien though it was cooked by an Irish man! Delicious nonetheless! It was also when I finally realise Wiener means Viennese and therefore Wiener Schnitzel means "Viennese Schnitzel".. we also had some Topfenstrudel which when I googled it came up with 'CHEESE STRUDEL', but it is a dessert a little like cheese cake type stuff in pastry. Also very good.

    Sunday we had a personal tour from Kinga and Gerhardt around some of Vienna's sights. We saw Stephansdom, the "Hoary and Gothic" cathedral, as it is described in our guide.

    I had to look this word Hoary up and this is what the dictionary says:

    [hawr-ee, hohr-ee]

    adjective, hoarier, hoariest.
    1.gray or white with age:
    an old dog with a hoary muzzle.
    2.ancient or venerable:
    hoary myths.
    3.tedious from familiarity; stale:
    Please don't tell that hoary joke at dinner again tonight.

    I am not sure which of the three meanings the guide intended but I suppose it could fall in all three categories.. It is grey with age, looking quite dramatic with the grey rain clouds gathering overhead. It could be classed as ancient as it was initially completed in 1160 and perhaps being there so long makes it stale to the locals..

    We also saw the statute commemorating the lives lost to the Black Plague, wandered around the Hofburg palace which used to be used by Austria's sovereigns I think until the early 20th century. Kinga told us the story of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand which led to the start of WWI - which I did not know. Interesting story of a failed attempt and then an accidental detour leading to the actual assassination which is quite fascinating. In the evening had some drinks next to the Donaukanal (Danube channel), where interestingly people are allowed to graffiti on the riverside.

    Ended the night with a "Hotdog mit Kasekrainer" .. basically a hotdog with cheese in it in a roll.. mmmm!
    Read more

  • Day81

    Catching up

    November 23, 2016 in Austria

    Yesterday I met up Yichun the young girl I met in Brno and we had coffee in town and caught up on our travels. Told her I was heading to Vienna today and she is heading to Wales for a week in December. She invited me to come visit her in Taiwan in February. After I spent the rest of the day in town touring around spending my time alone on the city enjoying the market and the sun shine. Had a glass of mulled wine and met my waiter that I had at the Matysak winery tasting and caught up with him. He recognized me right away and told me how happy he was to have had me as a guest. So sweet! Their mulled wine was delicious. They were setting up the skating rink in the square and it will be open this weekend. It's so warm I'm not sure how people are going to skate. I heard today that little Muffin passed away. So sad, she was such a beautiful little bunny.Read more

  • Day83

    Vienna ...continued

    November 25, 2016 in Austria

    There are so many sites to see in Vienna and I have always been impressed with the architecture. This is my 5th trip to the city but somehow it seemed too commercialized this time around. We found some great passageways of the track with some interesting little shops.

  • Day231

    Day 232: Filming in Vienna

    October 4, 2017 in Austria

    Long day of filming today! Although I've been to Vienna and the world heritage area a couple of times already, we figured we should take advantage of things and film a video about the area. So we had breakfast and headed into the old town again!

    Started at the Rathaus (Town Hall), worked our way down the Ringstrasse and then across into the Neue Burg (New Castle). Unfortunately we were mostly retreading over ground we'd seen a couple of days prior, so we found it a little frustrating but at least we had good weather and a good idea of what to film.

    One place I wanted to check out that we hadn't visited was the Kaisergruft, the burial place of the Habsburg Emperors. Basically every Habsburg king, emperor, prince and duke was buried in this crypt underneath a small unassuming church off the side of the Neue Markt. It cost 8 euros for entry and dogs obviously weren't permitted, so I went in myself while Shandos headed to a nearby juice bar. It was pretty interesting, noting how the tombs and sarcophagi got more and more elaborate as their power and wealth increased, reaching a zenith with Maria Theresa and her husband Francis buried in a huge sculpted thing about the size of a minivan!

    The only notable exception I could find was Marie Antoinette (who was of course Maria Theresa's youngest daughter), which set me to wondering where she was actually buried. Turns out, nobody knows! Most French kings and queens are (or at least were) interred at the Basilica in Saint-Denis on the northern outskirts of Paris, but the tombs were all ransacked during the revolution, and nobody's quite sure what became of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette's bodies. Interesting.

    Back outside into the Vienna sunshine, where we wandered around further before finishing up right at the centre of town at St Stephansplatz. Finished up our filming and had a typical Viennese lunch - wiener mit brot! Tasty. Shandos headed back to the apartment to do some work, while I had a further wander around city and did a little more filming. Spent some time in a nice cafe having a coffee and cake, then eventually headed back home in the late afternoon.

    Didn't feel like going too far for dinner, so we headed for a Turkish barbecue place up the road which looked nice and had good reviews. Tasty food, Shandos had some chicken shish kabobs while I had a pita bread filled with various meats!
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  • Day4

    Erster Tag in Wien

    September 11 in Austria

    Ich habe mir heute mal einen ganz gemütlichen Tag gemacht und bin ein bisschen die Ringstraße in Wien entlanggelaufen. Wenn man vom Karlsplatz aus los läuft, sieht man viele beeindruckende Gebäude. Die Staatsoper, die Nationalbibliothek, das MuseumsQuartier, den Volksgarten...... Das absolute Highlight war aber das ich mir ganz spontan eine Stehplatz Karte für die Premiere von Mephisto im Wiener Burgtheater gekauft habe. Das Theater ist von innen wunderschön und das Stück war sehr gut. Für Stehplatz Karten öffnet die Abendkasse um 18:00 Uhr, man sollte aber bereits ab 17:00 Uhr anstehen, gerade bei Premieren.Read more

  • Day20

    Vienna, Austria

    July 4, 2016 in Austria

    Today we first did a bus tour around Vienna, then a walking tour ending with some free time. While acknowledging some great architecture, we were disappointed in the large amount of modern shopping areas which took away some of the old world charm. Tonight we are going to a Mozart concert which hopefully will be representative of the period. The concert turned out to be great. It was held in a beautiful old building which used to be the stock exchange that has great acoustics. There were 10 musicians, two singers, and two ballet type dancers. They performed shortened versions of famous pieces which kept everyones attention. We then went back to the ship after a brief night tour of Vienna to see the lights for a after concert buffet. It featured a goulash type soup which was delicious. More food😄!Read more

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Stephansdom, St. Stephen's Cathedral, Sint Stefanus-katedraal, Seu de Sant Esteban de Viena, كاتدرائية القديس اسطفان, Steffl, Сабор Святога Стэфана, Свети Стефан, Catedral de Sant Esteve de Viena, Katedrála svatého Štěpána, Καθεδρικός Ναός Αγίου Στεφάνου, Katedralo Sankta Stefano, Catedral de San Esteban de Viena, Vienako Doneztebe katedrala, کلیسای جامع سنت اشتفان، وین, Cathédrale Saint-Étienne de Vienne, קתדרלת סטפנוס הקדוש, Bečka katedrala, Szent István-székesegyház, Stefánskirkjan í Vín, Duomo di Vienna, シュテファン大聖堂, შტეფანსდომი, Құдіретті Стефан соборы, 슈테판 대성당, Ecclesia Cathedralis Sancti Stephani Vindobonensis, Stephansdoum, Vīnes Svētā Stefana katedrāle, Црква Свети Стефан, Stefansdomen, Katedra św. Szczepana w Wiedniu, Catedral de Santo Estêvão, Catedrala Sfântul Ștefan din Viena, Собор Святого Стефана, Dóm svätého Štefana, Катедрала Светог Стефана, ชเตฟันสโดม, Aziz Stefan Katedrali, Собор святого Стефана, 聖斯德望主教座堂

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