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  • Day34


    June 25 in Belgium ⋅ ☁️ 27 °C

    The Port of Antwerp is one of the biggest in the world, ranking second in Europe. The city is also known for its diamond industry and trade.
    We walked into the city after dinner to look around. We went to the top floor of the Museum aan de Stroom for some great views of Antwerp.
    We continued into the old town and into the main square, the Grote Markt, with its extravagant city hall (which was sadly covered up while being renovated), its 16th century guildhalls, and many restaurants and cafés. We picked a nice pub in the square and had a drink before heading back to the boat. Antwerp old town is a very easy to walk around.Read more

  • Day34

    Old Town Antwerp

    June 25 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    It was very quiet when we were in the old town!
    Also threw in a picture of the Museum aan de Stroom to show some modern architecture - this is the building the previous photos were taken from - 10th Floor.

  • Day92

    Slayer-Oli in Antwerpen City :D

    September 22 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Einen entspannten Sonntag haben wir uns dann in der historischen Altstadt gegönnt...und Oli hat sein coolstes Shirt an 😬😉😜🤘 Irgendwie hat jede Stadt etwas, wobei das in Belgien nicht so einfach ist, ...vieles wirkt etwas trist leider. Aber Antwerpen hat etwas Amsterdam Feeling und vorallem gutes belgisches Bier und leckere Fritten👌😊. Wir wussten bisher nicht das belgische Pommes so hochwertig und lecker sind!!!Read more

  • Day758

    On the road again....

    July 3 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    After spending a great time in the UK visiting family and friends, as well as servicing and MOT's, it was time to hit the road again.

    A quick Dover - Calais crossing on a beautiful sunny day and then along a busy coast road towards Belgium, destination Antwerp. We were surprised at just how busy the traffic was, lorry after lorry transporting goods between the UK, France, Germany and Holland alone. It was slow going around Antwerp and we arrived at the Camperpark to be checked in by a guy who wasn't wearing a shirt (well, it was a hot day) but what he lacked in clothing was made up for by upper-body tattoos and a right nipple piercing! Despite being on the outskirts of the city, right next to the exhibition centre, the site was amazingly quiet and had plenty of greenery and lots of wild rabbits.

    The reason for us heading to Antwerp was so that Chris could meet up with Frederic Konincxx, an old work colleague and Belgium Lotus car dealer, whom he had not seen for 20 years! Not that it made any difference as they chatted away as though they had only seen each other last week, as Frederic showed us around his showroom and cars.

    That evening we had dinner together with Veronique, Frederic's partner, in an Italian restaurant in the grounds of an old castle. The food was amazing and we had a lovely evening together promising to keep in touch.
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  • Day22

    Day 22: Rotterdam/Antwerpen

    July 30 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    We leave our crowded festival-like camping for another day of travel.

    Our first stop is Rotterdam, where we have about an hour and a half to visit before our next train. As we come out of the train station, there is an Indian man posing in front of the station, with his friend kneeling down to get the best angle of the not so amazing backdrop. I offer to do the same, but Mikel decides that today is not a modeling day. We obviously start our exploration in the Cool District, but soon discover that it is not so cool. Instead, we prefer to rest a bit in a park near the river to relieve our backs from our pretty heavy backpacks.

    Next is Antwerp, with, in my non-engineer opinion, the most beautiful train station so far. The city is also very beautiful, we love the town center with the cute restaurants and the vines overcoming the facades. We head to the port to catch a view of the Scheldt river before deciding to taste the famous Belgian beer. We chose to go to Dr. Beer, a beautiful beer shop with hammock chairs inside, and decide to enjoy the sun out on the terrace. The manager, Dr. Beer himself, with his amazing beard and Dali-style 'stach serves us the best beers we have tasted in our whole lives. We fall in love with this place, and enjoy our beers while playing Mikado (which Mikel surprisingly wins).

    We maybe enjoy the place too much, and realize that we don't have that much time to catch our train (as usual, we aren't the best to evaluate time) and make literally a run for it. My beer-filled belly doesn't enjoy the run that much, but we are also always lucky, and arrive 4 min before the train leaves.
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  • Day499


    November 7, 2017 in Belgium ⋅ ☀️ 6 °C

    Antwerp is Belgium's 2nd largest city, its industrial sea port being the catalyst for development. From Doel, we'd seen huge barges making their way to and from the hub, but nowadays the city centre focus is on the diamond trade and fashion industry.

    We'd found out via a motorhome travel business on Facebook that we needed to register the van for Antwerp's low emission zone. It was free and easy enough to fill in the online form and send a photo of the vehicle registration document. About 5 days after doing this we recieved and email confirming we were allowed to enter the city. With more and more urban areas in Europe implementing these zones, we are going to need to keep organised so we don't get caught out. It would be most efficient for each country and ideal for us if we could register with a pan european emissions board, but this isn't the way things are going despite Germany's efforts.

    As usual Will had put a car park in the sat nav and we set off towards it. However, the central road systems were in the process of modernisation, meaning they were currently a building site that required diversions, U turns and quite a lot of stress on our behalf! We were entering the same junction for the second time and had just about decided to give up and get out of the city when we found an accessible space to pull up on a wide road next to a park. Looking on the map, we decided it was close enough to the centre to walk, so bought a ticket and began making our way in.

    Passing by modern high rise flats, and the grey university complex, we arrived at the harbour where expensive looking leisure cruisers and a few tall ships were moored. Having spent so much time trying to park, it was getting on lunch time. Many businesses were closed on Mondays and Tuesdays but there were a number of cafés with people sitting outside. Although we were hungry, these eateries looked like the sort of places people visited in order to be seen visiting and therefore not the sort of place we like to visit. Curling round the side of the dock, we found the Omeletshop; a well presented caravan run by 'Red Sonija', serving a whole variety of omelettes in ciabatta. Sitting on the harbourside at the kitsch ironing board frame that acted as a table, with our made to order Spanish potato and Veggie Xtreme omlette burgers bursting with ingredients, we were happy with our choice! It was a chilly and bright winter day and as we ventured further into the city centre, the tall townhouses and narrow streets meant that one minute we were flooded with blinding light, then plunged into a block of shadow at the next turn. Emerging at the edge of a cathedral, we stood back and craned our necks to try and take in the stonework. We backed up against the side of a pub that turned out to be even more ecclesiastically intersting! Inside Elfde Gebod (the Eleventh Commandment) the walls and windowsills were packed full with hundreds of painted religious statues from cheeky cherubs to proud representations of Joan of Arc. Other than this it was a regular pub serving Belgian beer to a background of light rock music. It was an utterly bizarre experience to sit with our beers at a large round oak table beneath a wooden chandelier supporting wax candles, crowded in by these effigies!

    After our refreshments we wandered into a couple of cobbled squares, one of which was being dug up (as it seems much of Belgium is!). Beyond these we reached the wide river and looked down on it from a raised walkway. Alongside it was a long covered boatyard, where vessels, little and large, antique and modern were up on chocks for maintenance. Beginning to head back to Poppy and the van, we passed the relatively small, well maintained riverside castle, then left the water and cut accross town. We'd read that Antwerp had a red light district so we were saddened but not surprised when the street signs changed from advertising frites to anal sex. The all too familiar windows displaying women in various states of undress lined the pedestrian thoroughfare. Perhaps it was the age range (from early 20s to mid 50s), the mainly indigenous looking ethnicities, the city suburb pedestrian zone or the fact that we had mentally prepared ourselves, but this red light district didn't disturb us as deeply as the one we drove through soon after entering Belgium. It could also have been the fact that this was the second time we had seen this setup in this country and our brains had already begun to be inured.

    Nearing the van there was still time on the parking ticket so we detoured via a set of interesting bridge arches covered with graffiti. A police van was parked underneath, the two officers sitting looking out of windscreen, while behind them an artist added the final touches to his work. The area, which included a skate park, had obviously been designated for graffiti and it ranged from talentless tags to amazing portraits of famous scientists. As we wended our way in and out of the arches we passed a homeless woman on a makeshift bed, wrapped up in layers of clothing, her belongings bundled in plastic bags around her. Antwerp was no different to Belgium's other major cities, we'd seen beggars in every one of them, outlining the inequality Europe has yet to overcome.
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  • Day19


    July 15 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Sattusime täiesti kogemata Antwerpeni kesklinna. Kadri leidis mingi Belgia õlu poe (poes oli väga väike valik kohalikku) ja GPSiga sinna poodi sõites olime üks hetk täiesti kesklinnas pisikestel, kitsastel tänavatel. Meil õnnestus leida maa alune parkla ja sealt edasi läksime natuke linna peale jalutama.

    Antwerpen on väga lahe ja ilus linn. Kitsad tänavad, vanad kivihooned ja jalgrattad (ja elektri tõukekad) kõikjal! Ainuke silma riivav asi oli, et õhtul toovad kõik enda prügikilekotid tänava äärde.

    Kesktänaval kõndides kuulsime mingit huvitavat muusikat. Üks poiss mängis akustilist kitarri koos mehega kes mängis kellasid. Kellad olid autokärul kus ta klahvidega sai neid mängida. Väga põnev, ma ei ole enne midagi sellist kuulnudki!

    Kui me juba Belgias oleme, siis tuleb kindlasti ka vahvlid järgi proovida. Alguses sattusime kohta, kus sai ainult sularahas maksta, aga järgmises kohas oli ka kaardimakse ja silme all küpsetati vahvlid meile valmis. Tainas oli huvitav selline paks mille ta kahvliga vajutas masina vahele laiaks. Eestis me teeme ikka vedelat vahvlitainast, mis valgub ise laiali, aga siin mitte. Kadri võttis šokolaadiga ja mina maasikatega. Maitses tõesti teisiti ja oli väga hea. Üldse mitte meie vahvlite moodi. Üks vahvel oli 2.50€.

    Tagasi auto juurde kõndides otsisime vetsu, aga avalik WC oli kinni millegipärast. Meil õnnestus minna ühte suvalisse restorani WC-sse. Ei ajatudki ära ja tellima ka midagi ei pidanud.

    Antwerpenis on kesklinnas suur katedraal, mis hetkel on renoveerimisel. Kõndisime selle ümber ja vaatasime, aga sisse ei hakanud minema - aega oli liiga vähe. Keskväljakul oli maa sees kivist kuju kus poiss magav ja kallistab mingit looma. Tekst juures, et see sümboliseerib sõprust inimese ja looma vahel ja see loom on kuidagipidi Hiinaga seotud - päris täpselt ei saanud aru.
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  • Day5

    Antwerpen bei Nacht

    April 23 in Belgium ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

    Die Cathedral of Our Lady wurde erstmals im 11. Jahrhundert als Kapelle erwähnt. Sie stieg im 16. Jahrhundert erstmals zur Kathedrale auf und wurde bis dahin oft von Flammen zerstört. In der Französischen Revolution wurde sie sogar als Vieh Stall genutzt. Sie wurde darauf hin nicht wieder restauriert bis Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts jedoch wieder aufgebaut und die Arbeiten wurden erst 1993 abgeschlossen. Seit dem gehört sie zum UNESCO Welterbe.Read more

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Antwerpen, Provinz Antwerpen, Provincia dAnvers, أنتفيرب, Правінцыя Антверпен, Антверпен, Província dAnvers, Provincie Antwerpen, Antverpy, Αμβέρσα, Antverpeno, Provincia de Amberes, Antwerpeni provints, Anberesko probintzia, استان آنتورپ, Antwerpenin provinssi, Province dAnvers, Provincia de Antuerpen, Անտվերպեն, Antwerpen-hérað, Provincia di Anversa, アントウェルペン州, ანტვერპენის პროვინცია, 안트베르펜 주, Antvärrpe, Antverpia, Provënz Antwerpen, Antwerpe, Antverpeno provincija, Antverpenes province, अँटवर्प, Wilayah Antwerpen, Antwerp Séng, Província dAnvèrs, Prowincja Antwerpia, صوبہ انٹیورپ, Antuérpia, Провинција Антверпен, มณฑลแอนต์เวิร์ป, اینٹورپ, Antwerpn, 安特衛普省

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