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  • Day55


    July 9 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Whitehorse ist die Hauptstadt der Provinz Yukon und liegt am Yukon River. Tolle Museen, etwas Stadtleben. Der (neue) Totempfahl ist den First Nation Kindern gewidmet, die ihren Familien entrissen wurden.Read more

  • Day249

    Alaska Highway

    June 9, 2019 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Eigentlich hatten wir ja geplant an die Ostküste zu fahren... aber auf dem Weg nach Edmonton sind wir an einem Schild für eine Abzweigung in Richtung Alaska Highway vorbei gefahren und haben unsere Pläne dann ganz spontan geändert und sind Richtung Alaska aufgebrochen. Wir waren jetzt 1900 km unterwegs und sind im Yukon in Whitehorse angekommen😇 Ob wir wirklich bis ganz nach Alaska hoch fahren wissen wir noch nicht so genau, weil das auch noch einmal eine Strecke von 1100km bis nach Anchorage wäre😅
    Aber wir haben unterwegs schon ein Paar tolle Sachen erlebt zum Beispiel haben wir heute 3 Grizzly Bären auf einmal am Straßenrand gesehen 😍 Das waren unsere Ersten 😇 Sonst haben wir bisher immer Schwarzbären gesehen. Außerdem haben wir Büffel und Steinböcke entdeckt 😊 Im Yukon angekommen konnten wir dann in Watson Lake den berühmten Schilder Park bestaunen und haben einige deutsche Schilder entdeckt 😇 Wismar und Ratzeburg war wohl schon vor uns da aber leider kein Schild aus Grevesmühlen 😅 Wir hatten leider ja auch keins dabei 😅
    Außerdem haben wir uns ein Museum der First Nation angesehen und es war sehr interessant etwas über die Kultur zu erfahren und wie sie auch heute noch danach leben und daran festhalten 😇
    In der Stadt Carcross haben wir uns die kleinste Wüste der Welt (eine Meile groß) angesehen und waren dort spazieren 😊
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  • Day21

    Day #2 in Whitehorse

    July 6, 2019 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 75 °F

    Had another fun day in Whitehorse, this is the largest city in the Yukon, and the capital of this territory. It's odd, Canada has provinces (mostly) and the several areas that are known as territories, not quite sure what makes them different, but some of the canadians we have spoken to say they're really isn't any difference anymore. The name just stays as is...
    We started yesterday with a visit to the "world's longest wooden" fish ladder. And it is long. For hydro power there is a dam on this part of the Yukon, just shy of a major spawning area for the same, hence the ladder. Very interesting, no salmon yet, but we're are hoping to see some on or return trip thru this city.

    Then we headed to the Beringia Interpretive Center museum. This one is all about the land mass that connected Asia to Alaska/Yukon during the Ice Age and the animals that existed during that time. Once the glacier receded, the sea levels rose and the two continents are separated by the Bering Sea. Then a tour and an video presentation.

    Next stop was a quick grocery run at Walmart, and a stop at the First Nation Heritage Center. Was pretty well deserted, poked our noses around and moved on.

    Back to visitor center, walked main street shops, the little Log Church downtown, and then spent time in the visitor centre accessing their Wi-fi. Creek service still okay, but weak here, so to catch up on Quicken it is easier to get somewhere with decent service. You can "buy" it at the campgrounds sometimes, but it is usually a pretty poor solutions. $5 for 30 minutes. Shoot it takes me 15 minutes to boot my laptop and get on Wi-fi network!

    So instead of cooking dinner we headed to a Yukon brewery, Winterlong, for a beer tasting and pot pie dinner. Very tasty! Back to camp and showers!

    Interesting decision point, trying to figure out whether we stay on the Alaska highway (west option) or the klondike highway (east option) through Dawson City. A Canadian couple next to us are heading that way, and they know some one connected to the MP (police) who said that the highway maybe closed by not quite sure what direction we will be taking yet, and we are already having our morning coffee!
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    Linley Brinker-Harding

    I hope that your choices through Dawson are well marked as to whether it’s open or not... especially before one goes very far down the road! Whitehorse looks like a fun stop for you! Love the picture of Tom with his new friend 😄... Safe travels today!


    Sweet looking truck a F-100 Michael


    Looks like the perfect friend for Tom, no feeding or cleaning up after. Lollie


    I love Tom ' s new friend, very cute. I hope you guys figure out what route you want to take and that it is pleasant and enjoyable. Hope you had a good 4th of July weekend. Us folk's here in California are rocking and rolling with earthquakes. Have felt them here in the mountains, but very lightly. Lollie

  • Day20

    Day #1 in Whitehorse

    July 5, 2019 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 77 °F

    What an interesting day, we have really enjoyed getting to experience Whitehorse! Enough that we decided we want to have another day here. Fires in Dawson City area have us changing our route, and we will stay on the Alaska hwy on this leg and try to hit Dawson City on the way home.
    We spent some time at the visitor center this morning, then headed by foot to the S.S. Klondike, a stern wheeler from the gold rush days. It traveled on the Yukon river from here to Dawson City. They have done a really nice job restoring it! PS, the Yukon river is one of the few rivers that flows north (!) to the Bering Sea AND has a lot of history!
    Then downtown for halibut at the Klondike Rib & Salmon! Cute old historic building with excellent halibut...and I'm sure the ribs and salmon must be good too! Walking distance to a great museum, the MacBride. Had alot of First Nation artifacts, Sam McGees cabin, Alaska hwy history, gold rush history, and alot of stuffed (not sure that is the right word?) animals, representative of the animals found in the Yukon. Seemed like a relatively new facility and was a great visit.
    Then back to the visitor center for a two hour "city" tour by van. Turns out we're were the only guests so we really had a wonderful time with our driver, Kim. Born and raised in the Yukon, and had so much personal insight to add to our discussion as we toured various parts of the city and landmarks. Getting the lay of the land and putting our eyes on a few stops made us want to stay an additional day!
    Kind of happy to see a pretty big wind storm blow through mid afternoon, so the skies are blue again. We're have been dealing with alot of hazy, smoky, (= gray) skies, and we are seeing some blue again. So hopeful we will get more of the same tomorrow. Sounds like there is also a fairly significant fire on the Kenai peninsula right now, again hoping it is well over when we're get there with Cindy!
    Update: Benadryl (overnight) helped my swollen eye!
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    Linley Brinker-Harding

    Glad that Benadryl is helping! It’s good to be able to use both eyes 👀😄 I was interrupted in my comments by the most recent earthquake in the Ridgecrest area. I didnt feel it yesterday but I sure did tonight! the water almost sloshed out of the pool! & it lasted a long time! poor Dixie, last night fireworks & tonight earthquakes, she was running around, unsteadedly & upset! Clarke & I just kept looking at each other thinking what the heck! Where is this one?!


    Cool picture. At first I didn't see the horses, then when I looked at it closer I saw that the waves were horses. Lollie


    I agree, he is a handsome guy! Lollie

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  • Day52

    Last bit of Whitehorse

    August 6, 2019 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 59 °F

    Just because we are on "vacation" does not mean we get to ignore some of life's typical little chores, yep, spent our morning at Jiffy Lube! Tom is pretty much a fanatic about car (RV) maintenance, and you know that generally pays off in the long run! Since we left mid June we have traveled about 5,000 miles! Which doesn't sound bad knowing we're have driven all the way to Alaska and are on the way home...

    Here is the fun part of the oil change, we got to try our first Tim Horton's coffee/doughnut shop! They are everywhere in Canada, kind of like Dunkin Doughnuts in the US. But a bigger selection of breakfast food, better coffee, and pretty dang tasty "Timbits", aka doughnut holes! So overall I was perfectly happy to wait for the oil change!

    Once breakfast was over we headed to a couple of stops we missed the last time we were here. We went up to Yukon Art Center (YAC) to check out the public art gallery. Liked the outdoor sculpture garden best, indoor they had an exhibit of "raven" weaving and some copper masks. Very small number of pieces. But interestingly they had a temporary exhibit of art "created at the canyon". The reason it appealed to us is because when we were here in early July we visited Miles Canyon, and the artists were there "creating". Today we saw the final works exhibited! Particularly odd, had been a group of dancers that had carried living room type furniture out into the woods and created this dance was so funny seeing them there in the woods with furniture... and very hard to imagined what their art statement could be! But today I got to see the final video! That is what i call closure!

    From there we headed to the Yukon Transportation museum, and enjoyed some of the historical equipment, quite a few planes (and related stories), cars, trains, and snow "machines". They also have the world's largest weather vane, an actual airplane, I included the picture in my post when we were here in July!

    Next stop, the "world's longest fish ladder" to accomodate the migrating fish at Schwatka Lake, which is actually the dam on the Yukon River, including (of course) salmon. We saw this ladder in July and there were no salmon migrating yet. They suggested mid August, so we returned today to see if we could see the salmon....well, we are still a little early. But we did see ONE salmon; which is way better than none! What makes this ladder so interesting to me, is that the salmon migrating up the Yukon will have swam over 2,000 miles from the Bering Sea to get to their final spawning grounds. One of the longest migrations of salmon. Miraculous to think where this single guy came from, and how many fishermen he had eluded!

    Back to the Visitor Center to turn in our Yukon Passports, a kind of fun summer program where you get your passport stamped at various museums and cultural centers. When stamped and submitted, you are entered in a drawing to win some Yukon GOLD! Keeping my fingers crossed!

    Our last lunch in the Yukon, halibut (again!) with a Yukon Red beer, and then back on the Alaska Highway. The stretch between Whitehorse and Teslin was really a scenic drive, and the roads were a little better. We are actually staying at the Teslin Lake campground, which coincidently is where we stayed heading north! So we "knew" the layout, but were not early enough to get lakeside, dang! However, our site is nice and I can see the lake through the trees. Little afternoon walk with Auggie, some trip planning, and taco salad for dinner!
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    Is this a documentary about the canyon? Michael


    Almost looks like a ambulance. My mom and I think the vehicle looks nice. Michael


    Kinda looks like the Panama Canal. Michael


    Being able to eat doughnut holes while waiting for a oil change sure makes the wait a lot more pleasant. Michael has been enjoying the pictures of your trip especially the cars. Lollie!

  • Day12

    Yukon Brewing, Whitehorse, Yukon

    July 7, 2019 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 77 °F

    Stopped by for a tasty treat. The brewer asked us where we are from. When he discovered we were Americans he offered to trade his beer for American beers. We traded 6 American 12oz beers for 6 pints of Yukon Brewery beers.

    We feel like the old time Yukon fur traders.
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    Rhonda Travels

    Two breweries in one building! Must be close to heaven


    A beer would taste good right now, DAD


    Looks like someone is commenting about Dave in the background. ("Can you believe he traded his American beer for our Yukons, eh??)

  • Day142

    Miles Canyon and a few beers!

    September 19, 2019 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    I had a lazy morning and dropped the hire car off and stopped by a bakery on the way back to my hostel. Then I set off with someone in met in the hostel to walk the Miles Canyon loop. I naively thought the 15.4km loop would be a flat and paved wasn’t! But it was still a really enjoyable trail and took us about 4 hours! After a bit of chilling out, a few of us went for a beer, had some dinner and then went for a walk up to where we could see the whole city. We were hoping that the slightly clearer skies would make good northern lights viewing but it was not to be. I don’t think I’ll be lucky enough to see them on this trip.

    I think my steps for the day has to be a record!!
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    Kersty Millar

    😯 Over 43 thousanddddd?!?!


    That’s CRAZY! Definitely a record.

  • Day256


    September 9, 2019 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Yesterday we arrived in Whitehorse, capital of the Yukon Territory. We got on our bikes and drove around, which felt good after days in the car. Nearby at one lake we could stay over night. And today? Is a normal day, with sports, swimming and sauna (Games Center - really cool!) and being at the library for a bit of reading, researching and stuff like that. You need days like this to proceed all the new experiences. ;)
    Gestern kamen wir noch bis Whitehorse, die Hauptstadt der Yukon Territories. Wir setzten uns auf die Räder und radelten ein wenig durch die Abendsonne. Das tat sehr gut, vor allem nach so vielen Kilometern und Tagen (!) im Auto. In der Nähe der Stadt gibt es einen See, an dem wir über Nacht blieben. Und heute? Ist ein normaler Tag mit Sport, Schwimmen, Sauna (alles im „Games Center“ - super coole Sache!) und ein wenig in der Bibliothek setzten. Um zu lesen, zu schreiben, zu recherchieren. Man braucht solche „Pausen“, um die ganzen Erfahrungen zu verarbeiten. ;)
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  • Day47

    Whitehorse Encore!

    July 3, 2018 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    We are back in Whitehorse to buy a few essential things (like towels), see some of the sights we missed the first time around, explore some of the outlying areas and to meet up with some friends. I don’t have pictures because today’s excitement is a shower (hence the towels), but so as not to leave you with absolutely nothing, here is a picture of the Sticky Bun we picked up today (it will feed us for a while) and last night’s campfire (we are camping after all even if the sun isn’t going down at the end of the day).Read more

    That is quite the sticky bun!


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