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  • Day7

    Viña del Mar (Chile)

    September 28 in Chile

    Am Meer ist doch eh immer am Besten! :) Auch wenn das Wetter noch nicht ganz mitspielt, merkt man doch, dass der Sommer im Anmarsch ist.

    Heute bin ich ans Meer gefahren um dem Lärm und der Hektik der Stadt mal zu entkommen. Es war schön einfach mal die Füße in den Sand zu stecken und ein Buch zu lesen.

    Besonders toll finde ich übrigens die Straßenhunde von Chile! Hab mich schon gewundert, warum alle so gut genährt sind und es liegt daran, dass sie als Bodyguards arbeiten und sich immer zu Leuten setzen, die alleine sind. Auch gestern Abend bin ich einfach von 2 Teddys nach Hause begleitet worden. Am Strand hat sich auch einer zu mir gesetzt! Sie essen fast alles und sprechen jede Sprache! :)

    Heute Abend kommt meine Kollegin aus Santiago nach Valpariso und wir machen gemeinsam eine Pub Crawl der Hoffnung dass ich morgen meinen Bus nach La Serrena bekomme 🙈
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  • Day158

    Viña del Mar

    November 8 in Chile

    Yesterday afternoon we took a walking tour of Santiago, then met up with a couple of local hashers for a pub crawl.

    Today, we're touring outside of the city. We stopped at a vineyard on the way to Viña del Mar and the coast.

    The flower clock in Viña del Mar was broken by a tree during a storm. They sent it to Mexico for repair. Now, between 9 am and noon, it runs backwards. Lol.

    Now, we're at one of only four Easter Island statues that are not on Rapa Nui (the real name of the island). This one is be returned to the island very soon.

    So long [for now] and thanks for all the fish. ✌️
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  • Day84

    Viña del Mar

    December 22, 2017 in Chile

    Viña del Mar is about 6 kms from Valparaiso and is the place where all the rich people from Valparaiso have their villas. The city is nicknamed 'Garden City' for its many parks and flower-filled gardens.
    On the way to the beach, we even saw a Swedish Cafe (Fika) 😁 It seems it was started by a Chilean couple who immigrated to Sweden during the 1973-74 troubled period in Chile and were very impressed by the coffee and fika culture in Sweden. When they returned, they started the Fika cafe which seems to be doing quite well since they are opening another one shortly.
    We also saw the biggest and the oldest casino in Chile, right next to the beachfront in Viña del Mar.
    By the time we reached the beach, the sun had already set but the golden glow over the Pacific Ocean was amazing.
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  • Day84

    Sunset at Viña del Mar

    December 22, 2017 in Chile

    We walked along the promenade enjoying the setting sun and the lovely sea breeze. It was a really pleasant walk. The sea seemed to be quite rough with the waves crashing on to the rocks next to the promenade and spraying the walkway. According to Rafael, this was a calm sea as it really crashes the windows of the restaurants on the beachfront during heavy storms.

  • Day84

    Night at Viña del Mar

    December 22, 2017 in Chile

    As it became darker, the lights started coming on. We walked all the way to the end of promenade. There is a quay here. From here, we could see the full coastline towards Valparaiso. It looked stunning in the darkness. The moon had also come out and the effect of the lights and the moon rays was absolutely mesmerizing.

  • Day84

    Dinner at Viña del Mar

    December 22, 2017 in Chile

    We walked back towards the area along the promenade where there were a lot of restaurants. We checked them all out and decided to go to a Chilean one. The food was fantastic. It was almost 10:30 pm when we sat down for dinner so we decided to stay in Viña del Mar for the night. We booked a place some 2 kms from the restaurant. Alexandra took a bis back to Valparaiso while we dropped Rafael off near his home. After that, we drove to the hotel. We reached there around 12 am.
    Here, we had problems with the price of the rooms. The price we had got from was different than the one the lady wanted to charge us for. On showing her the booking, she suggested we pay in the morning since then we could talk to the owner directly as she was just an employee.
    After that we slept off since we had to get up early to drive to Santiago and return the vehicle before 11 am.
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  • Day61


    May 21, 2015 in Chile

    We adopted a stray dog today.. or "independent dog" as they like to call them here. We named him "Perro" ("dog" in Spanish :-) ).

    Perro was sitting outside the train station when we arrived in Vina Del Mar. He had a few scars and looked a bit worse for wear, definitely one of the less healthy dogs we'd seen, and not as cute as some others.
    He started following us as we walked down the street. This is fairly normal.. the street dogs like to follow you for a bit until they find someone else of interest and follow them instead. But Perro stayed with us. Eventually I couldn't resist and gave him a pat on the head even though he was smelly. He followed us for about 2km, until we reached the hostel our friends were checking in to. We were waiting outside and Perro waited with us. Then he started playing fetch with us with a rock he found on the ground! We would throw the rock for him and he would take turns bringing it back to me and Travis.

    Perro stayed with us all day. Walked up the hill, to the beach, played more rock fetch in the sand, up to the lookout, even waited with us as we watched the surfers for half an hour.

    It was so sad to leave him :-( Hope you are doing ok Perro! Sorry we had to leave, we miss you already.

    On a side note, there was a riot in Valparaiso after the parade today.. we missed most if the action :-(
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  • Day2


    November 5 in Chile

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