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  • Day58

    Prague, Day 2

    August 23, 2016 in Czech Republic

    This full day in Prague was fast paced with Tom acting as our guide having holidayed in the city many times previously.

    With 3-day travel passes we went from place to place via the city's wonderfully frequent tram system. The tickets even took us up the steep wooded hillside via a funicular railway to gardens in an area called Petrin overlooking the city. A miniature Eiffel tower perched atop this hill provided us with panoramic views after we scaled its 60m high spiral staircase.

    On our way back down the hill we 'happened to pass' the St Norbert brewery and so felt it would be rude not to pop in and sample the produce! Back down in the city centre Tom's expert timing brought us to the astronomical clock on the hour, at which point its many figures became animated as the bells chimed away. After a quality burger we trammed it back to the campsite and chilled outside with Poppy dog.
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  • Day59

    Prague, Day 3

    August 24, 2016 in Czech Republic

    Day 3 saw a slowing down in pace. We still toured the city sights but we returned to a river island Will and I knew from a few years back when our old van had been out of action at a garage and we had brought the dogs down to the river to keep cool. Vicky went for a paddle and Will, being Will, went for a swim.

    We had lunch at one cafe then went on to have cakes, coffee and ice tea at the beautifully grand Kavárna Obecnì Dům cafe.

    After relaxing back at the van, we walked to Jelica, a nearby Serbian restaurant that served delicious food (despite not having several options on the menu), seemed well used by locals and had a upbeat atmosphere.

    A pub called 'The Pub' was our next destination (as you might have picked up we had allowed ourselves a holiday from our normal attempt to immerse ourselves in the traditional culture of the country we we in). The Pub was a self service establishment with beer taps at the tables for you to serve yourself alcoholic or non alcoholic beer. The amounts were measured and the bar worker printed out a bill for you to pay at the end of the night!
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  • Day61

    Prague, Day 5

    August 26, 2016 in Czech Republic

    Our last day in Prague dawned with a hot sun. The temperature had been climbing all week and today was forecast at 29°C.

    Taking the tandem, we met Ali and Tom down at the river where we hired a pedalo for an hour and took in the city sights from the water. Although Will and Tom didn't know each other very well before the trip, they found they had loads in common. They got on so well that Ali and Vicky joked about their budding 'bromance' and they were good enough to pose for the final photo on the pedalo!

    After a quick picnic we browsed the souvenir shops before waving Ali and Tom off on their tram. It was great to have been able to spend the week with them and we enjoyed doing things differently to how we would have by ourselves.

    The 4 nights we spent in Prague were the longest time we'd spent in one place since leaving home 2 months ago. We aren't sure what pace we'll settle in to and how it will vary as we pass from place to place and season to season, but we are certainly looking forward to spending more time with family and friends who come out to meet up with us!
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  • Day3

    Day 3 in Prague, Czechia

    April 11 in Czech Republic

    Today was my last day and a trip to Vyšehrad dominated the day. It is way better than Prague Castle I swear! There are sorts of beautiful things to be seen in Vyšehrad. The thing that stood out to me the most was a beautiful cathedral with colourful doors. After visiting Vyšehrad I took the tram back to the city centre and had lunch. I was determined to find fried cheese and found it at a restaurant full of locals. Fried cheese with potatoes is a local Czech dish. It was very nice but also very heavy. The gym will be my best friend this weekend after all this heavy Czech food. I enjoyed my stay in Prague but don't think it's somewhere I would return to again. Sometimes I visit places and just know that I would happily return. Prague is not one of those places. I have seen/experienced what I wanted to and that is it. My next trip will be to Budapest in a few weeks.Read more

  • Day8

    Don't trust the Pöbel!!!

    June 27, 2016 in Czech Republic

    Day 2 marked our only full day of sightseeing in Prague, and after sleeping in (which was necessary and well deserved, to be sure) we got up and prepared for our day. We packed a lunch, snacks and wine and headed out to The St Charles Bridge once again to explore the other side.

    First stop was Saint Nicholas Cathedral, BEAUTIFUL church where Shaunessas boyfriend got baptised aa a child! Honestly it was awe inspiring in both its scale and artwork. Shaunessa went inaide to see the place that Niki was baptised, and we sat on the steps afterwards people watching and drinking coffees for a bit.

    Next, we climbed up a GIANT staircase/hill to get to the top and see the Prague Castle. Oh. My. God. Honestly one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I had to just sit there and enjoy the view and take it all in.

    After, we walked around and found a beautiful to have our picnic of peanut butter and banana sandwiches, cucumbers, and $3 wine out of a 2 litre bottle before doing some heavy duty souvenir shopping. After, we felt a little hungry for something sweet so we ventured over to grab ANOTHER AMAZING ICE CREAM DONUT CONE AHHHHHHH. I could eat them forever.

    While sitting outside onf the bench (again) the same Canadians from the day before walked by (...again!). We chatted (again) before they had to go on their way (...again). As we were finishing up, a German man came to take a picture of thebsign hanging above our heads that said "Blizzard" while laughing. Well obviously we had to ask what was so funny, and he told us in German that is the word for going to the bathroom when drunk. Ollie (the German) and his friend were there with their soccer. Team on their annual end of season getaway. This was their last night and they wanted to party.. But the rookies on the team (also known as Pöbel) were not to be trusted at any cost. We decided that, as Canadians, we needed to determin who was the king of the Pöbel (Wo Ist der König des Pöbels (pronounced like "ver isht des konis desh poobells)) so we knew who not to trust.

    The Germans took us to a bar, they taught us how to speak German, and we had an amazing time. ... German's know how to party.

    After a long, wondeful walk home (thanks mama Tay) we got back safe and sound at the wee hpurs od the morning to get ... Oh about 2.5 hours sleep.

    Talk to you tomorrow!
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  • Day2

    Vysehrad en Nieuwe stad

    December 28, 2016 in Czech Republic

    Wandeling 5 en 6 uit ons 100% boekje; goed vr zo'n 12km. Vandaag wss 1 vd enige dagen met regen, mr dat heeft ons niet tegengehouden! Lunch bij Radost: veel veggie resto's in Praag! Nu helemaal klaar vr luxe-dinner bij Alcron: suit up...

  • Day2

    Prague by foot, Part 1

    March 20, 2017 in Czech Republic

    After enjoying our breakfast we started our tour through the city, all by foot 😄

    We went through Andel until we reached Moldavia river, which led us directly into the heart of Old Town Prague.

    On our way we saw some of the many beautiful bridges of Prague 😎

  • Day6

    vysehrad, mirror maze and little paris

    October 29, 2016 in Czech Republic

    Vormittags gingen wir zum vysehrad (hrad heißt schloss), wo man eine schöne Aussicht auf die Moldau hatte und man Smetanas Inspiration für sein gleichnamiges Stück verstehen konnte... Sehr idyllisch. Später gab's sogar etwas Entertainment, da zu den Tönen des schönen Glockenspiels der Kirche eine Hochzeitsgesellschaft einzog. Wir gingen entlang des Flusses wieder zurück zur Altstadt und hoch auf Daniel entdeckte durch Zufall ein uriges Restaurant (u dvou koce = zu den 2 katzen), wo ein Akkordeonspieler unsere Mahlzeit lokaler Speisen begleitete. Anschließend wollten wir die Free walking tour der Schloss-Seite machen, aber wir gingen mit der Truppe nur über die Karlsbrücke und seilten uns dann abRead more

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