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  • Day30

    Sooooo many steps!!

    July 17, 2017 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    So this morning we walked the bell tower/spire of the beautiful Lutheran 'The Church of our Saviour'. There were 400 yes that's 400 and just to reiterate that- 400 steps up to the top and then 400 coming down! Views from the top worth it as you see all over Copenhagen, including Sweden in the distance - connected by a bridge. The spire at the top is black and gold. When we finished the church was open and the organist was practising on the pipe organ- magnificent. (Even though I could hardly walk at that stage!)Read more

  • Day812

    A day out in Copenhagen!

    September 16, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    After yesterday's evening out we allowed ourselves a relaxed get up and spent a little time planning the day ahead. We were conscious of not leaving Poppy for too long, so didn't set off until nearly 11am to explore Copenhagen in the daylight.

    For a capital, it is relatively compact so despite the excellent cycling provision, we left the bike behind. Passing row upon row of stately terraced mansions, the three gleaming, golden onion domes of Alexander Nevsky Russian Orthodox church stood out. It was a sunny morning and the light showed them off well. A few streets further on was
    the front of the Marble Church, pale stone columns rose up and the solid square building supported a large copper green dome. Copenhagen is filled with food for the eyes such as these sights. It was exciting to discover them but they were far enough apart not to compete with each other.

    The first port of call (pardon the pun) was Nyhavn canal. Trees grew around the basin and at its head, low wide tour boats, many of them electric, were being loaded with sightseers. The sides were lined with beautiful wooden boats, their masts reaching skyward. The area was pedestrianised and bordered by tall town houses, their facades painted in earthy reds, yellows, blues and greens. A uniform row of classy cream restaurant gazebos ran along the sunny side and people sat out soaking in the sunshine where they could. At the other end we discovered two glass and metal geodesic domes, with a small door sign announcing 'free art'. We ducked inside the first, which gave us access to the main space, which just blew our minds! The dome, including was made of large hexagonal and pentagonal panes of glass, some of them mirrors, some painted like colourful galaxies of mainly purple, blue and black. The wavey mirrored floor tiles tessalated so wherever you looked, yourself and the galaxies were repeated ad infinitum. We lay on our backs and grinned like kids in a sweetshop!

    Next on our city adventure was one of the most amazing towers we've ever seen. We'd caught a glimpse of it when driving in yesterday and had been excited to climb it ever since. At 95m Vor Frelsers Kirke tower wasn't the tallest we'd been up, but of its 400 steps, the final 150 spiralled around the outside of its spire, with only a golden banister separating climbers from the drop! After a short queue we were off up the wooden staircase clinging to the square walls inside the tower. We squeezed by those descending and passed a few floors with fenced off artefacts such as white stone cherubs and a bizarre eagle whose spread wings supported china teapots and cups! We weren't to be distracted though and after a while emerged onto the outside viewing platform. From here, bronze plated steps worn smooth by the footfall, curved round and up the narrow cone. Holding onto the rail we ascended the final 150 steps. It felt incredibe to be in the open air looking down with a cooling breeze and the sun shining on the tiled rooves below, making their colours pop! The steps finally petered out into a point and we were both lucky enough to stand on the final step. It would have been very difficult for larger groups because there was so little room to squeeze past each other.

    By this time our tummies were rumbling and we quickly covered the short distance between the church and an area of Copenhagen called Christiania. An ex military baracks, Christiania has been described as a social experiment. In the 1970s hippies took over the area as a squat and despite several attempts to evict them, a community grew up that perseveres to this day. The 750-1000 residents live lives based on an anarchist society. Over the years, relations with Copenhagen's successive councils have brought changes such as the community paying installments to purchase the land; there is no individual ownership, despite attempts by the outside authorities to impose this. Christiania pays tax and in return gets services such as waste disposal. Regardless of the police squads patrollng several times a day, Marijuana is smoked freely. Depending on the political climate, the outside authorities sometimes allow it to be sold on 'Pusher Street' as a way of keeping the drug trade in one place within the city. When in the past they have stopped the sale, the market was driven into the outlying areas with associated violence between rival gangs. After several deaths from overdose, hard drugs are not tolerated by the Christianites. Passing a large mural and a busker singing American Folk, we entered this semi autonomous area. Art and graffiti, covered the walls and furniture from reclaimed materials was scattered around. Beyond a couple of cafés and art galleries our course was diverted by a police cordon. They had evacuated and sealed off a central area and were searching it, looking underneath wooden planters and shifting stalls where residents had been trading. We continued to a market selling clothing, jewellery and nik naks with food vans around the outside. We bought chips, a veggie burger and falafels in pitta and took them to the brightly painted wooden picnic tables in the main eating area. A mix of tourists and Christianites sat around and weed scented the air as we ate. A small flock of sparrows perched eagerly on our table, darting in and pinching our fries whenever they saw a chance! Dogs roamed loose but behaved well and we appreciated the free spirited, creative vibe.

    On the way back to the van we dropped into the Overgåden art gallery. The guidebook had said it sometimes hosted photography displays and Vicky in particular was interested in seeing these, but sadly there were only two exhibitions, one of abstract painting and the other of sewn silk images. We are sure many people would have appreciated them, but they didn't hold our interest and we left before long.

    After making sure Poppy was doing ok and resting our tired legs we made our way to Torvehallerne. Literally translated as Square Halls, the two glass panelled market halls had a modern, clean cut and orderly feel to them. One focussed on meats, fish and eateries, while the other sold artisan chocolates, loose teas and specialist foods. The space between them was occupied by more traditional fruit and veg stalls. We looked around and being at the tail end of the day, perhaps our hearts weren't in it, but three adjectives to describe the Torvehallerne came to mind; pretty, pretentious and pricey. Let's just say we weren't enamoured!

    Call us lightweights but cutting back through the Botanical Gardens, we found we didn't have the enrergy to visit the palmhouse or the butterfly gardens that were advertised and instead made our weary way back to the van. The road we were parked on hadn't been too busy but we expected this to change on Monday morning. Will hadn't got much rest last night so we decided to drive out of the city to somewhere quieter.

    We had really enjoyed Copenhagen, so much so that we'd exhausted ourselves exploring it. A slight downside is that although the bike lanes are brilliant, most of the roads still have vehicles flowing along them and the pavements are just a bit too narrow for you to walk side by side and pass oncoming pedestrians, meaning one of us was often trudging behind the other. It is a very clean city with a quiet liveliness to it and lots of exciting and beautiful sights to see. Although a little more expensive than many European cities, it is a great place to visit and comes close to the top of our list, although it doesn't topple our favourite capital, which is still Ljubljana in Slovenia.
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  • Day3

    18 Hours of Daylight

    July 2, 2017 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 61 °F

    During our first night we were woken by fireworks at midnight. We felt a little out of sorts since it was a few days early and several thousand miles away from where we expected them. We couldn't see them and they didn't last long so we were able to easily fall back asleep. And since Copenhagen is located above 55° north in latitude and we visited just after the summer solstice, there was plenty of time to explore the city even after sleeping in til 9.

    One of the great things about being back in Europe is the quality of breakfast that can be found anywhere you go. Rather than the typical continental breakfast garbage seen in US hotels, we got a spread with fresh bread, homemade jam, an assortment of eggs, fruits, and pastries.

    Copenhagen features several free walking tours which are usually a good introduction to a new city. We were surprised by the amount of Spanish visitors. This confused a fellow tour member who, after overhearing the guide, asked "Is 'hola' hello in Danish?" to which the guide replied "no, that's Spanish." Overheard in CPH... The tour itself was good but not spectacular. We got some history about the rise and fall of the Danish Kingdom, the frequent fires in the city that have destroyed many historic buildings (sometimes more than once), and the queen's chain-smoking habits.

    We stopped for lunch at Street Food Copenhagen, a collection of street food vendors in an old warehouse. We opted for an order of fish 'n chips and a pasta dish. The atmosphere was cozy with communal tables. We found a table on the makeshift second floor, overlooking all of the stalls and crowds below.

    Next up, we headed to the freetown Christiania aka Nemoland. It was formed by a group of hippies in the 1970s, and so far has maintained its autonomy from the rest of the country. They have few rules: have fun... The dirt paths are lined with old shacks and tents, most buildings are covered with counterculture graffiti, and the smell of weed abounds. We grabbed a beer in their "downtown," listened to some music, walked along the waterfront paths, and checked out an art gallery in an abandoned building. Overall a pretty cool vibe quite different from the rest of the city, and well worth the visit.

    Just outside of Nemoland, we climbed to the top of the external spiral staircase at the Church of our Saviour which, at 92 meters, offered pretty cool views of the area, including the Baltic Sea and Sweden in the distance. We didn't spend much time at the top since there was only room for one person and a lengthy queue below.

    No stop to Copenhagen would be complete without a visit to Tivoli Gardens - a 19th century amusement park in the middle of the city. Our tour guide from earlier in the day mentioned that Walt Disney was inspired by Tivoli when creating Disney World. We took a ride on the Demon roller coaster and walked around the park.

    After watching Germany on the way to a Confed Cup win, we were excited to try the New Nordic Cuisine at Restaurant Bror. There are a number of restaurants across the city showcasing sustainable, healthy and fresh food which have made Copenhagen a destination for foodies. We weren't disappointed with our 4 course meal which highlighted local produce and fish. And incredible bread. We finished dinner just before 11, and the sun had just set.
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  • Day4

    København - Final Day and Final Thoughts

    July 3, 2017 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 61 °F

    The forecast for our last day in Copenhagen called for rain showers. It ended up being the sunniest day we got with the rain only making a quick, albeit heavy, appearance around noon. We had a light breakfast of smørrebrød, a Danish open-faced sandwich on rye bread with a variety of toppings. We chose one with fried fish and 2 with hard boiled eggs and shrimp.

    Afterwards we walked to a nearby waterfront area called Kalvebod Bølge (wave). It's a pedestrian bridge going into the harbor with a modern design and a kayak slide. The dark skies began to roll in so we started walking towards our lunch spot.

    The rain began as we neared our lunch destination. The restaurant was inside Det Kongelig Bibliotek (The Royal Library) which is an impressive glass building with a modern design. The restaurant, Søren K, served small plates focused on the flavor of the fresh Nordic cuisine. Our favorites were fried scallops bathed in lobster bisque and fried brill with an onion puree. It was an excellent way to end our time in Copenhagen.

    The last quick adventure was getting to the airport. We arrived at our hotel to pick up the stored luggage just under 2 hours prior to departure. Although we were initially thinking about catching a taxi, the hotel clerk ensured us that we had plenty of time to catch the train. After a 10 min walk, we were at the train station in line to get a ticket. But for some reason, unlike everywhere else we'd been, the ticket machines did not accept US credit cards or Danish bills (only coins). So it was a 20 minute struggle to try different machines and cards, all whilst having other travelers breathing down our necks. We finally found out that our US debit card worked. The train ride, fortunately, only took 15 mins. After a short disagreement with the automated baggage machine regarding what constitutes overweight luggage (turns out heavy is just a note for handlers), we were back in the hectic terminal of Scandinavia's biggest airport.

    While we enjoyed Copenhagen and think it's worth a stop, you don't need a lot of time to visit all the popular sights. The food was definitely the highlight and it was a refreshing change of pace from LA, with the majority of Danes biking rather than driving, and the city continuing to invest in bike-friendly infrastructure. Copenhagen was modern, accessible, and clean. Interestingly, though, we felt it was a bit chaotic in many of the public spaces (airport, squares, etc.), most likely due to the fair weather and the long daylight hours drawing big crowds. Outside the freetown Christiania, there wasn't much of an "edgy" feel to it in terms of cultural diversity. Though there is definitely something to be said for being the world's happiest country.
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  • Day49


    August 3, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Eine schöne Stadt zum besuchen. Bei der Besichtigung gilt, Morgenstund hat Gold im Mund. Ab 11.00 Uhr ist die Stadt überfüllt mit Touristen. Sobald die Gehwege voll sind, wird es mit den Fahrradfahrern gefährlich. Trotz all den Schwierigkeiten sich zu bewegen, gab es ein paar schöne Schnappschüsse.

    A nice city to visit. When visiting the city you need to be the early bird. From 11.00 a.m., the city is crowded with tourists. Once the sidewalks are full, it becomes dangerous with the cyclists. Despite all the difficulties to move, I was able to take some nice pictures.
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  • Day37


    May 26, 2017 in Denmark ⋅ ☀️ 57 °F

    Renting bikes from the hotel was a perfect way to maximize our time in Cooenhagen, especially on a holiday with less traffic. Christiania (the alternative living community) with a path along the water, the opera house, Rosenborg Castle, lunch on a busy square, Christianborg Palace and the Royal library. At one point we heard the roar of voices near a canal and discovered a massive football celebration with yellow dust being thrown in the air. Police presence was obvious but we quickly left for quieter places. Topped off a delicious Danish dinner with waffle cones. Yum! The weather has been ideal although I hear that rain may be upon us in Belgium. Today we are walking to a weekend antique/flea market before our flight to Amsterdam. I would definitely come back to Scandinavia again to experience more rural areas but we have enjoyed the cities, especially Helsinki.Read more

  • Day2

    Koppenhága - Christiania

    January 13, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 1 °C

    Miután megérkeztünk a központi pályaudvarra, igen nagy tervekkel indultunk neki Koppenhágának, és el is jutottunk konkrétan a második sarokig, a Hop On Hop Off standig! 😄 ANNYIRA, de ANNYIRA hideg volt, (pláne így félig betegen), hogy nem vállaltuk a több órás gyaloglást (a fagyhalált kockáztatva 😅).

    Igazodva a buszjárathoz a programtervünk jól a feje tetejére állt, és a "nice to have" Christianiaból első célpont lett. Bevallom, nem bántam, mert én mindenképpen meg szerettem volna nézni. 😊

    Útba esett a Vor Frelsers Kirke evangélikus templom is a csavaros tornyával, így egy fincsi és kötelező dán péksüti után célba is vettük.
    ... és el is vétettük, mert a cukortól megrészegülve egyenesen az ellenkező irányba indultunk el! 😃 Egy kis kurfli után megtaláltuk, de sajnos épp temetés volt, így nem tudtunk bemenni, maga a torony pedig télen nem is látogatható. 😕

    A templom így kiesett, mentünk tovább a hippi negyedbe, ami tulajdonképpen állam az államban, saját szokásrenddel, "törvényekkel". Még a 70-es évek elején egy fiatal pár alapította a közösséget, elfoglalva egy volt katonai területet; aztán egyre többen költöztek be olyanok, akik egy kicsit szabadabb életre vágytak, pl. legalizálták a könnyű drogokat, ami egyébként ugye Dániaban tiltott. Egy ideig próbálták felszámolni őket, de végül maradhattak, csak nem építhetnek új házakat. Mai napig neves művészek járnak ide látogatóba, és kihalásos alapon lehet bekerülni.

    Na, mi ebből az egészből annyit láttunk, hogy minden ház szanaszét van graffitizve, izgis "tereptárgyak" vannak mindenfelé (drótszobor, cipők felaggatva stb.) és átható fűszag terjeng.
    Mint mindenből, ebből is bizniszt csináltak, így a "csendes lakóházak" mögött kis piac található mindenfelé turistabutító kannabiszos kacattal (persze mi is vettünk párat 😉), majd egyre beljebb érve már gond nélkül árulják magát a cuccot is! Nagyon kemény, ilyet még Amszterdamban sem láttam! Halál komolyan, kis standasztalokon ott figyel mindenféle válogatott mariska csinos kis(?) csomagokban. Meg süti, meg valami táblás, "ömlesztett" cucc, amit nem ismerek. Talán hasis. Mint valami biopiac! 😊 Esküszöm már a terjengő szagoktól majdnem betéptem! 😂🤣😃😄
    Hátrébb csomó asztal padokkal, ahol teret engednek az élvezetnek, illetve van pár bár és kajálda is. (Az egyikből konkrétan kizavartak, mert csak inni szerettünk volna 😕)
    Sajnos itt már nem lehetett fényképezni, de az agyamba egyszer és mindenkorra beleégett a kép! 😉
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  • Day2

    Christiania UPDATE

    January 13, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 1 °C

    ... Barbitól kaptam még 2 képet adalékként az ottani életérzéshez (meg egy közöset Marcival 😉)
    Na igen, a stikában készített képen némileg látszik a "vásári forgatag"; egy kb. 20-30 méter hosszon, színes zászlók alatt kínálják a portékáikat a tagok, mintha ez a világ legtermészetesebb dolga lenne. Aztán lehet, hogy az, csak mi egy fordított világban élünk! 😄Read more

  • Day3

    Regnerisches Christiana

    August 30, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ 🌧 16 °C

    Da es schon morgens angefangen hat zu regnen, habe ich mir nicht so viel für den Tag vorgenommen. Da es jedoch mein letzter Tag in Kopenhagen war, habe ich schon mal im Hostel ausgecheckt und meinen Rucksack erneut dort gelassen.
    Erstes Ziel für heute war die "Amalienborg", wo ich zufällig in eine Militärsparade geraten bin, wodurch wir alle etwa 30 Minuten im Regen standen und den Soldaten beim Maschieren zugesehen haben.
    Danach ging es zu dem einzig wahrem Wahrzeichen Kopenhagens, der kleinen Meerjungfrau. Im Hostel wurde ich jedoch schon gewarnt, dass es sich eigentlich fast nicht lohnt. Aber ich wollte mir mein eigenes Bild machen. Das regnerische Wetter lies es jedoch nicht wirklich schöner wirken. Es ist nunmal nur eine kleine Statue mit viel zu vielen Touristen drumherum.
    Nunja, nächster Stop war das "Kastellet". Ich bin etwas dort herumgelaufen, jedoch macht das bei dem Wetter nicht all zu viel Spaß. Also hab ich mich dazu entschieden zur nächsten Haltestelle zu laufen, und die Metro nach "Christianshavn" zu nehmen.
    Denn auf dieser kleinen Insel liegt die "Freetown of Christiana", welches das Hippie-Viertel Kopenhagens ist.
    Dort bin ich etwa eine Stunde durch die Straßen und Parks gelaufen, jedoch habe ich mich dann dazu entschieden komplett durchnässt zurück ins Hostel zu gehen.
    Zurück im Hostel habe ich mit einem Österreicher zusammen etwas gekocht und wir saßen bis etwa 20 Uhr noch gemeinsam im dortigen Wohnzimmer.
    Denn gegen 20.47 habe ich den Zug von Kopenhagen nach Malmö genommen. So war ich dann schon um 21.30 im "STF Malmö City Hostel" in Schweden!
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