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  • Day748

    Oddesundbroen Day 1

    July 14, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

    We are within sight of the low, grey, triple arched Oddensund road and rail bridge. It occasionally stops traffic and raises the section closest to us in order to let a cargo ship or more often a tall masted sail boat pass through. The Oddensund is one of a handful of bridges that cross the Limfjord, a shallow body of water that spans the breadth of Denmark, separating mainland Jutland from the large North Jutlandic Island where we are now parked.

    At 14°C the day began a little cooler than we've been used to and the overcast sky even managed the lightest smattering of rain for a few seconds. Nothing near what it will take to refill the ponds that are running dry or rejuvenate the parched trees, some of whose leaves are curling crisply, turning brown and falling foul of the blustery winds who snap their stems and scatter them at the roadside.

    As we crossed the Oddesundbroen and saw the open grassland we were about to pull on to, Vicky recognised it as another place we had stayed during our previous trip to Denmark. It looked a bit rough with some heavy machinery, piles of aggregate and a couple of WWII concrete bunkers. However, it was close to the water, had picnic tables a toilet, walks along the fjord and Poppy could wander off lead to her heart's content.

    After a warming cuppa (we'd actually had the heating on when driving!) Vicky had a browse on Trip Advisor, which showed a grill house with decent reviews less than a kilometre away. We hadn't eaten out in Denmark yet so as it was approaching lunch time we set off on the scenic route, ducking under the bridge and skirting round the coastline on the stoney beach. Coming to a small harbour, various pieces of fishing paraphernalia lay stacked on the ground; nets, floats, concrete anchors and ropes. As well as the fishing industry, the marina catered for tourists, providing free bikes on loan and even a kitchen and room for you to sit and shelter from the wind.

    The Oddesund Bistro had a counter like a takeaway, with a list of dishes and prices on a backlit board above it. Vicky spent some time deciphering the different options as we let people go ahead of us, but in the end ordered a husburger (house burger) for Will and fish for herself. She enjoyed speaking a little Danish but the friendly server took it as a given that they should speak English.

    The conservatory that ran alongside the building provided a view of the Limfjord and a choice of tables covered in pink polka dot plastic tablecloths. For a simple roadside café the food was good, if a little over salted. On the way back we poked our heads inside one of the WWII bunkers near the van. There was movement and stange noises from the dark inside. Upon investigating further we found it was an art installation. In each room of the bunker was a large piece of sculpted iron mesh. To it was attached one or more moving lights and speakers. As the machines shone the light in different directions, the shadows would creep along the concrete walls. Vicky thought it looked like something out of a horror movie whose script went sonething like 'unsuspecting foreign tourists stumple upon the lair of...' Thanks to the internet, we found it was the work of artist Alex Mørch in his exhibition 'Fe' (both the symbol for iron and Danish for fairy). It was part of a series of exhibits to be shown in the Regelbau 411 bunkers. If you are interested, here is the website:

    Later that evening two of the three bunkers were locked up, but Will went to explore the third. With just a few information boards in Danish and German it was the least engaging, but it did have a swallow's nest from which two hungry mouths were protruding, proclaiming insistently that they were hungry!
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  • Day749

    Oddesundbroen Day 2

    July 15, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    For the last 2 years we've had a month by month itinerary and stuck to it. We've been flexible within this, lingering in interesting or beautiful regions and zipping through ones we didn't enjoy. However, we've been expecting an appointment letter for Will's colonoscopy that has not yet arrived. This leaves us unsure of how much time we have to explore this part of the world and it has got Vicky mulling things over. How much should we look forward and think about the places left to go, the sights left to see and how much do we immerse ourselves in the moment? We sometimes feel an urge to get going, to make sure we don't miss out on adventures that await us, but is this necessarily better than enjoying the moment where we are?

    Well, we've certainly enjoyed our second day here at Oddesund Bridge! 16°C was warm enough for Vicky to take Poppy outside for half an hour of Pilates/Yoga in the picnic area when she first got up. After breakfast, Will took his fishing gear to the bank of the Limfjord, while Vicky set off with the camera on a walk eastwards along the shore. Summer was in full swing and Avocets circled above as Vicky crossed a cow field in which there were a few shallow ponds, where undoubtedly the birds had chosen to nest.

    Although the land was crisp and dry underfoot, nature still flourished. Little butterflies flitted between flowers and there was even a large dragonfly zipping back and forth over pink shrub roses. In the long grass Vicky found a silken caterpillar nest, whose occupants were ready to make their way into the world. Although the route was not very well advertised, along the way there were numerous benches and picnic tables, mostly tucked away in small woodland groves to shelter them from the wind.

    After meeting back at the van for lunch, we both went and had a look at the other WWII bunkers, then passed underneath the bridge to check out the water. We'd been itching to get out in the canoe but the wind had been so consistently ferocious that we'd not yet been able to. It was still blowy today but the section of water on the other side of the bridge was somewhat sheltered by the land and we reckoned it was worth a go. After trundling the canoe down to the waterside on its wheels, it was an easy launch from the shingle beach. Staying close to the shore we got our muscles working to power against the wind and paddle round to the marina we had walked to yesterday, with Vicky calling out every jellyfish she spotted. Soon after we passed the marina, the waves grew and whitecaps could be seen ahead, so we found a good place to turn and headed home, with the wind behind us. It had only been 30 minutes but it felt good to have got out on the water again. The Limfjord had one last treat in store for us; about 10 metres away Vicky spotted two dark, round, glassy eyes watching us from the water and Will turned round quickly enough to see the little seal duck its head back under. We scanned the waves for a while, hoping to catch another glimpse. Although we saw disturbances in the surface the creature knew we'd set eyes on it and was too wary to make contact again. We wonder how long we'd been on its radar?
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