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  • Day15

    Last day of riding

    June 15 in France

    I can't freaking WAIT. I haven't had reliable service or a way to charge my phone in days, basically. More updates later - dinner with my godparents in Brest tonight, assuming I can ride 60 miles in a reasonable amount of time!

  • Day36

    Camaret sur mer

    May 21, 2017 in France

    Wow lovely day for 'sailing', we don't obviously actually use the sails but as it is a yacht I suppose that is the correct term. So today we went further west then south then east. From l'aber wrac'h along towards the Le four lighthouse and being as this is JVK, we had to do it on the inside passage, and then south through the channel around point St Matieu, I will add photo. Then we crossed the Gullet of Brest going southeast to Camaret. The cats as you can see are happier but not relaxed about the engine. The final I should have taken on way into L'aber it is of Smiley on the bunker who greets you on your way into port, when we arrived however I was not smiling. 😁Read more

  • Day37

    Only 8 left

    May 22, 2017 in France

    Well woke up this morning and couldn't find Cousteau we walked up and down pontoons, even before breakfast, then standing alongside boat talking to John about what might have happened and hear a truly pitiful wail from under my feet What the?
    OK so we now know where the cat is, under the pontoon, slats, but not how to get to her. We lay down and looked over the side of the pontoon there were a series of floating black squares on either side with 9inch gaps between them all round. So one of us was going to have to get wet and I wasn't sure the cat had long enough for John to get wetsuit ed booted and gloved so me it was. Water was warmer than expected. I had to get under pontoon into middle gap before I could see her looking very wet and sorry for herself squeezed I between the slats and the floating black squares. To cut a long story short I bundled her into a bucket that was squeezed between floating boxes and to John. She was very grubby and wet. John did suggest afterwards that I should have taken waterproof camera with me for rescue but sorry at the time I was a bit too worried about the cat. She appears to be OK now.Read more

  • Day40

    So we got through the gullet of Brest and cruised up the river Aulne our first night was spent anchored just up river of the naval ships graveyard (1) and down river of the Terenez bridge (2), it was so very peaceful only the birds for company. We had thought we might do a bit of sailing but there was no wind at all.
    The next day, Wednesday I gave JVK hair a trim not the pony tail obviously then we actually cleaned the outside of the boat, and in the dinghy pulling ourselves round scrubbing as we went. After half tide up we set off further up river to Guili Glaz Lock where we nearly ran into a diver. Let me explain, and I our book says that if the bottom gates are open you can go in, and they were so we started to, but I then on the shore we are being told to go to 'babord' so we do and only at last minute does someone add.... 'and wait'. There was a sought of holding quay, apparently there was a problem with the top gates and there was a 'swimming man in the water'. We didn't get him so then once OK we carried on to Port Launay (3+4) but was soo warm 31c, town hall closed so had a drink at the bar, a short walk and then afternoon nap, while Cousteau explored the quay and ate grass for first time in 3weeks. Quite noisy as next to busy road. Thursday we go to Chataeulin (5) further up river we now in officially uncharted territory, why you might be wondering well mostly because there is a hypermarket very close to visitors pontoon, which is actually a bit small for us, so we're against the quay but on other side so fairly quiet, there is more going on except this afternoon which we have concluded must be a bit of holiday of some sort as tourist office not open and hypermarket closed at lunchtime, fortunately we had done our shopping bringing it back in the trolley, so it was close. Back down river tomorrow but either go early 7:00 or late 19:30 to catch lock and falling tide, probably late as we are getting very lazy, it's still 30c today, too hot for effort activities.Read more

  • Day215

    Surfen in der Bretagne

    July 20, 2017 in France

    Zwischenzeitlich sind wir in nördlicheren Regionen angelangt. Es wird deutlich kälter und regnerischer, trotzdem haben wir die Surfspots abgeklappert. Wir geniessen es sehr den Bus zu haben und am Abend in der Wärme zu sitzen und Yatzy zu spielen. Heute feiern wir auch wieder den Gin Tonschtig :D

  • Day5

    Huelgoat - a small town by a lake

    June 13, 2017 in France

    Today we set our sights further afield to visit the small town of Huelgoat, renowned for the forest which surrounds it and large bolders covered in moss.

    Having visited the tourist office to get a hiking map we set our sights on a 10km walk around the town called the 'Circuit De Saint-vinec' which took in some local landmarks. We finished the walk with a 3km walk around the lake having our picnic lunch looking across the Lake to the town.

    It's a lovely area well worth another visit to walk some of the other trails.

    The day had been very warm and so having taken a slight diversion because I took the wrong exit off an Island we were glad to get back to the flat for a rest.
    Read more

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