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  • Day78

    St Nazaire

    July 2, 2017 in France

    Hello, we left Pornichet on Saturday it was still windy but had eased overnight so seas a little less disturbed. We headed along the coast, and managed to stay fairly close in as we moved towards St Nazaire. Per the Almanac we had to enter the east lock, i radioed ahead and they confirmed next opening would be 12:10. So we tied to a random wall had a cuppa and waited. While waiting we realised that we were moored at the seaward end of the submarine pen foe the Espadon, the sub that visitors long around and that has a viewing gallery above it which explained the random voices we could hear.
    Well they let us into the Bassin de St Nazaire and we tried to figure out where to go, there were a few fishing boats on one side, a couple of yachts in a corner and the Loire princess on one edge, that's the paddle boat that does Loire river cruises, looked very plush. In the end we decided to moor along side the pontoon directly in front of the old submarine pens where it said don't moor without permission of the mayor, this was secure as doors to pontoon locked and we would have to use dingy whereas everywhere else was along side Bassin edge and anyone could walk aboard. The 2books we have gave different opinions on where we should go and neither option looked viable, but we did do as recommended and headed for Capitainnerie to tell them where we were, pay our dues and leave phone number in case boat needed to be moved. However Capitainnairie weren't interested we had to talk to intercom they didn't let us into building we tried to explain we wanted to stay for 2 nights and where we were they decided it was gratuit (free).
    Has been a nice quiet couple of nights OK so no power or elec but peaceful even though only 5mins to beach and 2mins to supermarket and Randun Bleu (or similar)shopping precinct and town centre.
    On Saturday we wondered around town but today we went to junk market,really was rubbish, then around harbour before short 5km jog then after lunch a walk on the Promenade towards St Marc where we ended up on Friday on our walk from Pornichet. Tomorrow we plan to head to Pornic for a couple of nights before anchoring off the islands of Noirmotier or isle d'yeu. Photos on other device so to follow
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  • Day9

    Cracking 70km day to Guenroute

    August 8, 2016 in France

    Early morning ride along the beautiful L'ouest canal. Loys of herons and general birdlife, nearly crashed into the canal just once. Got to the campaite and devoured a whole baguette and 5/8 of a camembert. C'est bon!

    Oh and Rosie had her first experience with a selfie stick...

  • Day11

    Nantes - FR

    May 25, 2016 in France

    Bit of R&R and sight seeing in the town today. Looking back, I've covered 380km since arriving in France, all of my route thus far has been following the Brest - Nantes canal. Building started in 1811 by Napoleon I and took 50 years to complete, with 238 locks.

  • Day75


    June 29, 2017 in France

    So Wednesday morning we wandered to the market for lettuce mostly, I hadn't realised how exciting our lives had become, then back to do cleaning. Boat really was due an internal clean and after 5hours it looked much better but boy were we bored I think the polish fumes were making me lightheaded.
    Today we woke up to rain, well I woke over night and closed windows etc. but it was day for major bike ride back to Le Criosic, so we made our packed lunch and then packed the picnic blanket and lunch bag in the bike basket ready for the off. We were feeling very French at this point.
    Off we rode, into a head wind as is almost always the case when riding, along the bay out of Pornichet into La Baule, out of La Baule and into Paliguen, then carrying on along the coast to Batz Sur Mer then Croisic. It was blowing a lot hopefully you will be able to see in the photos how rough it actually is, not like when we sailed along on our way to Pornichet then it was beautifully flat. At Paliguen we asked about availability but full till Tuesday it looked nice a small harbour with cafes and shops on one side, flats the other.
    We didn't go into the Blockhaus which is smaller close up than it looked from offshore. Le Criosic was bigger and prettier than we had expected. We had considered it for the boat but as it dried decided not to try it. The last 3photos are of Le Croisic the final one is looking across narrow entrance to the salt marshes to Pen Bron, still not sure if Pen Bron is a town, prison hospital. Looks weird from both shores but apparently there are ferries across though we didn't see any, or anyone on the other side at all. I took a short 360 video from the lookout at Le Croisic that I will put on Facebook as can't do vids here.
    Forecast for us for next few days isn't great, same as today with westerly winds reaching 33km/hr so we are thinking of heading up river Loire.
    All the best everyone
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  • Day80


    July 4, 2017 in France

    We arrived in Pornic yesterday lunchtime and headed towards A6west the berth that we had been allocated when I we called earlier. Thank goodness a kind French lady helped us, there wasn't much wind so we thought we could reverse in, but wind caught the bow and we started to spin. Usually not too big a problem but boats on this Ponton are expensive see photos. But after a bit of pulling and pushing and putting finger pontoon under strain we were in. After lunch we checked in and then wandered into town beautiful though perhaps a little busier that I we are used to but it is now the French holidays. Today we prepared a packed lunch and took kayaks along the coast the way we had come as saw some cute little bays yesterday and a serene looking cafe. White brollies blue deckchairs tiled roof. Nice easy paddle quick dip for me and then ice-cream on the return. This eve we went to night market and I bought a torteau fromage looked good will try tomorrow, it was 30degs at 19:30 hottest part of day. still hoping to do a bit of anchoring so might be few days till next post, keep warm.Read more

  • Day70

    La Turballe Festi Vent

    June 24, 2017 in France

    Cycled to La Turballe this afternoon after a busy morning shopping at the local market. They were celebrating the wind. Lots of giant kites and mini windmills, as well as synchronised kites, windsurfers, kite surfing and sailing we had a great time and finished it off by buying a little fish wind sock and eating a sorbet deliciousRead more

  • Day9

    Day 9 - Nantes to Pornic, 52 miles

    April 24, 2016 in France

    After last night's festivities it was a bit of a slow start with plenty of coffee with breakfast. It was also time to say goodbye to the German as he carried on his 6 month adventure by heading North. Today's ride took me along the last stretch of the Loire a Velo before it joined the Atlantic Highway EuroVelo 1 route that actually runs from Norway to Portugal (maybe next year's trip!). After leaving Nantes and crossing the Loire via the ferry at Coueron it was a flat ride to the Atlantic at Saint-Brevin-Les-Pins. It might have been flat but my nemesis 'the head wind' was back and an open 12 mile dead straight stretch along a canal became pretty boring pretty quick.

    After eventually reaching the coast after what seemed like a whole day riding but in reality was only a couple of hours it was time to head south to Pornic following the Atlantic Highway cycle route that would meanander from beach town to beach town through pine forests and camp sites. Have to admit was good to get to the coast and mix the riding up.

    After a good days ride even with the hangover and headwind I arrived into Pornic for the evening which is a stunning little harbour town with a real French riveria feel to it with expensive houses and a small marina.

    The day however wasn't without its problems and a nasty little niggle in my knee got worse as the day went on and despite feeling good and wanting to ride all day every day I may need to listen to my body on this one and take a day or two off the bike especially with 9 weeks still to go. Very frustrating.

    With ice on the knee and a belly full of pizza and a very nice rose wine (I know!) it was time for bed.
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  • Day7

    Day 7 - Angers to Nantes, 65 miles

    April 22, 2016 in France

    From a riding point of view it was a great second day of following the Loire a Velo cycle path. Flat terrain on a mix of tarmac and gravel paths and a few bridge crossings it was nice and relaxed but despite the odd flooded path it was a pretty non eventual ride from a sights point of view.

    Arrived into Nantes by mid afternoon and by looks of things a very nice city which I will explore more tomorrow. Day off the bike tomorrow due to the knee and bum needing a rest so will have a wander round Nantes and have a few more beers tomorrow night before a Sundays leisurely ride to the Atlantic coast.
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  • Day8

    Day 8 - Nantes

    April 23, 2016 in France

    First day off the bike so after nice little lie in it was time for a wander round Nantes. Nice city with an impressive Chateau and large cathedral (which is stunning inside and well worth a visit). The centre was very busy and me and the German started on the beers fairly early including the nest bar at the top of Nantes tallest building. The real bonus came when we discovered the annual night carnival was to be in Nantes tonight. After giving the German a lesson in darts (couldn't help but point out the 4-2 scoreline which he didn't find amusing!) we headed to the carnival to find the whole city had turned out and my plans for an early night before tomorrow's ride were quickly dashed.Read more

  • Day69

    Visiting La Guerande

    June 23, 2017 in France

    So we did a cycle today to La Guerande a small fortified town on the edge of the salt marshes, the town was like Conakry eau only a little bit larger. You are probably a bit bored of photos but here are some more. On the way back we popped into La Turballe and were able to reunite a trailer with its winch handle which pleased the owner. We went there to see if we could do an overnight as we don't want to move too far u til we have seen Dick and Sally for a bottle or 2,but don't want to stay in Piriac. There's nothing wrong with it we just want to stay on the move. So there is a produce market tomorrow and arts and crafts Sunday morning then once sill drops we will go probably to Isle Dumet if wind mild enough.Read more

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