Le Bourget-du-Lac

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  • Day114

    Einfahrt zum Boxenstipp

    July 23 in France ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Auf dem Weg in die Heimat passieren wir wunderschöne Landschaften. Die berühmten Lavendelfelder, wie auch vieles andere.
    2 Tage nach dem Abschied in Südfrankreich, nach 119 Kreisel (ja wir haben gezählt) und vielen Km kommen wir an. Jetzt ist aufrüsten, reparieren, umarmen und auswärtsessen angesagt.Read more

    Monika Germann

    Einfach ein herzlich willkommen zuhause🥴oh, ihr seid ja noch gar nicht bei der schweizer grenze: bienvenue

  • Day42

    Tour de France 2017 Stage 9

    July 9, 2017 in France ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    So much fun was had by all today.
    The preparatory barracking sessions, the scramble for Le Tour Caravan goodies - won by Pat- the fabulous food, wine and company. It was a day to remember. Thank you to Karen, Eric, Alex, Georgie, Sienna, Leo, Hugo & friends and all the aussies who stopped to chat.
    In Georgie's words:-
    "We shared a fabulous 24 hours on the mountain with our new friends Tracey, Pat, Karen and Eric. We shared travel tales, politics and caught up on news from Australia. The day was a massive success and definitely lived up to all our very high expectations. Oh, and the race was pretty fabulous too!"
    The only low note came when we realised Ritchie Porte had crashed.
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    Matthew Esler

    Awesome photo!

    Matthew Esler

    Bloody... how was I supposed to know you were on the downhill side!?! I was watching like a hawk when the riders were ascending. Doh!

    Pat and Tracey Esler

    Can you find a taped copy for us?

    Matthew Esler

    Maybe. I'll try.

  • Day23

    Accidental Lake

    September 19, 2018 in France ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Bored of driving and spent too long at the shop so we set the sat nav for the nearest campsite. Ended up on the edge of another huge lake with many villages and nature reserves on its shores. Perfect for cycling and swimming. Weather currently between vindaloo and phaal.
    Side note: 2 loaves is far too much for breakfast.
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    Sue de Putron

    Wow I want to go there!

  • Day41

    Doussard to Mont du Chat

    July 8, 2017 in France ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    We drove to the top of Mont du Chat. Absolutely packed out anywhere near the top so we turned around and drove down 5km to find a spot to park the campervan. After giving hearty congratulations to Erik for finding a spot with plenty of room and a spectacular view, and a celebratory beer/wine, we mounted the Swedish, Norwegian and Aussie flags. Many thanks to Knud and Erica for Aussie flag, which still, thankfully, always gets a great response.
    After a few beers we heard a car go past with Aussies yelling out. Pat went around to the front of the van to give them a wave. Unbelievably, in a car a few behind the Aussies was a group of young French men including Hugo, the young French policeman who had helped us when the panniers had been stolen. They stopped and Hugo came over to say hello. Unbelievable.
    Later still, more friends arrived - Aussies who now lived in Finland, but were holidaying in southern Europe. Welcome Alex, Georgie, Sienna & Leo - lovely folk, who added much needed style to "Aussie corner".
    In Georgie's words:-
    " We drove the route and realised the urgency in which the decision had to be made. The mountain was filling rapidly with boisterous spectators dribbling into every available piece of road verge, with still 24 hours remaining before the riders hit! As we climbed the 15 km of Mont du Chat’s windy, narrow road we could feel the excitement in the air. The atmosphere was electric and we were instantly addicted, we had to be part of this. As we wound back down the mountainside we came across a group of fellow Aussie’s, flags flying flamboyantly! Pulling up alongside their monster of a camper van there was an instant bond over chants of ‘Aussie Aussie Aussie’. They invited us to join their festivities ready for the race the following day. There was a small space just large enough for our van beside their camper. Let’s do it!
    Our race was on, we had 1.5 hour to get down the hill, fill the van with water, buy food and drinks to last the next 24 hours, and ready our potable toilet. The mountain road was due to be closed off at 5.30 that evening! We achieved the impossible again and were reversing the van into our tight position at 5.30pm with just millimeters to spare between the road and imminent death toppling over the cliff! We’d made it, we couldn’t believe it was really happening, we were road side in our camper at the Tour de France!". You can find Georgie's blog at
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    Kevin Esler

    Amazing coincidence. Small country France.

    Pat and Tracey Esler

    Yes Hugo had told us he was going to be here, but amazing how he found us. Another family of Aussies have pulled up next to us in their campervan.

    Matthew Esler

    Wow, that's fantastic ha! I'll be watching!

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