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    • Day 6

      Raus aus Paris

      August 2, 2022 in France ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

      Ich habe das Hostel um 11.00 Uhr verlassen und weiter geht es bei mir um 23.15 Uhr. Gerade habe ich drei Railer aus Griechenland getroffen und wir sind ein bisschen in der Bahnhof Halle abgehangen, für die drei ging es dann aber auch schon weiter.
      Nach dem ich gestern Mittag einen Sozialen Durchhänger hatte bin ich am Abend noch mit ein paar Zimmergefährten in den Aufenthaltsraum/Bar gegangen und habe den letzten Abend nochmal genießen können.
      Das anstrengende ist tatsächlich der tägliche Tausch an Leuten, der durchgehend stattfindet. Jeden Tag kommen neue Leute dazu und "alte Freunde" gehen und führen ihre Reise fort, ständig findet man Leute die mit einem auf einer Wellenlänge sind nur um im nächsten Moment wieder mit neuen Menschen zu connecten. Heute war ich dran mich zu verabschieden und morgen hallo zu sagen.
      Ich bin durchgehend in Bewegung und in Entwicklung und obwohl die Abschied schwer sind ist es trotzdem jeden Tag aufs Neue schön etwas neues zu erleben.
      Morgen ist es erst eine Woche und es kommt mir schon viel länger vor und gleichzeitig auch nur ganz kurz.
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    • Day 2

      Ah Paris, but not so gay…

      April 11 in France ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

      We are in Paris…a smooth uneventful trip, and even had priority boarding and check in being Velocity gold, even though travelling economy! So we landed at CDG at 7.30, almost exactly 24 hours after taking off from Melbourne, all good so far, but the not gay Paris is because in the metro on the way to the hotel my passport and phone were stolen…and I was, unlike in Madrid last year, totally on my guard…it was crowded, but they were in my shoulder bag, zipped up, velcro flap over, and it was hanging in front and was very aware of it…just can’t imagine how it was possible, but when I went to take out my passport at the hotel found the bag empty…just a sickening feeling.

      Anyway, better than a hospital visit, and we went to the Oz embassy quickly as shuts between 12 and 2, and they were amazingly helpful and kind. I filled in forms and they understood I didn’t have license etc…on my phone, or know my passport number…they have all that anyway, and I can pick up an emergency passport tomorrow after 2pm!! Only lasts 7 months, and doesn’t have a chip, but fantastic - so that is the main problem sorted - we leave Paris on Monday, and I wouldn’t be able to fly back from Madrid without it…and will just have to live without a phone for 6 weeks…bummer - photos etc. we are both a bit paranoid now and I look on everyone as a possible suspect. A group of probably Gypsy girls tried it on on another metro ( they didn’t know everything was gone by then!) no success for them there, but it feels just horrible and can’t wait to be out of the big city. Can imagine these pickpockets will be out in force over the Olympics.

      After the passport operation we did walk and try to forget the problems and enjoy being here, but it has cast rather a blight on the day. It’s nice and coolish, my perfect temperature, and the spring leaves are looking lovely and the blossoms and tulips, so not all bad. We managed quite a lot of walking - by the end of the day about 15 kms. Stopped and had a drink at our favourite cafe near the opera, wine for Amr and Campari for me, and we shared a baguette with ham, cheese and salad, and had planned to go to a nearby bistro for an early dinner but have decided to call it a day and give in to being horizontal…Amr is already passed out I think and I will very soon be following.

      We have good plans, and more cheerful news tomorrow!
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    • Day 4

      Perfect weather - day of culture

      April 13 in France ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

      A wonderful sleep last night - we both woke about 6.30…I can’t remember when I have had 8 and half hours without waking!! And Amr 9 and half hours, and he thanks all for messages and says he is now 105%!!

      Today we had bookings at the Musée d’Orsay and Pompidou which was sort of by accident on the same day, but worked well anyway. It is quite cold in the mornings, lovely, but warms up quickly and gets hot by afternoon, today and yesterday, so you spend the day peeling off layers. A perfect Paris Saturday, lots of people out and about, but not unbearably crowded. And surprisingly it was so easy to get into the museums…not mile long queues, just comfortable and civilised.

      So first we went to d’Orsay, amazingly uncrowded and pleasant, but when we went in to the special exhibit on the history of the beginning of Impressionism it was busier. Very interesting, and paintings of many original impressionists who are no longer well known or even heard of. Emerged from there, bought a Vietnamese baguette, yum, and sat in our favourite Place Dauphine to eat. It was also many other people’s favourite place, and more crowded than we’ve seen, being a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

      Now restored, we walked to Pompidou centre, and before starting on the art we sat in the cafe and had coffee/chocolate. The special exhibit there was works of Brancusi, a sculptor. Beautiful, simple…then we went into the modern art section. One special thing for us was the Christian Dior famous outfit from his first showing that we had seen on the Netflix series about him, The New Look! It was all good, but we felt done and wandered back for some downtime before dinner.

      After an hour or so, totally restored, we walked to Le Petit Celestin, a perfect bistrot where we went a year ago…our booking was for 7.45 and it was light and sunny and my memory of it a year ago was in the dark, cosy and wonderful…this time, still wonderful but everyone outside on the pavement as the sun set..(maybe last year it was before daylight saving??) great meal..we shared an entree of asparagus, feta, rocket, and for mains Amr had fish and I had kidneys, and we shared an ile flottante for dessert!! All perfect…now back and ready for another big sleep! My Apple Watch says I have walked 16 kms today, so we are in training for our walks!
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    • Day 5

      Sunday in Paris

      April 14 in France ⋅ ☁️ 20 °C

      This is our last day here, with no commitments and no time deadlines…very relaxed. We set off a bit after 9, and found that the Bastille markets were on (they are on Thursdays too, but that was the disaster day and we didn’t enjoy it!) so that was a fun start, then we got the metro to Place Clichy to have a wander round Montmartre and Sacré Coeur. Another beautiful day, cloudy at first, then the cloud burnt off and it was sunny and warm.

      First we wandered through the Montmartre cemetery where quite a lot of famous people are buried…rather like finding needles in haystacks though, and the only notable one we saw was Hector Berlioz. Zola, Offenbach, Dumas…and others we didn’t find, but it was a very pleasant place to walk! Then we walked past the Moulin Rouge, many tourists and lines of sex shops and general sleaze! But when we ventured further, and up the hill it was much more pleasant, millions of cafes and being Sunday, lots of people out and about.

      We were high, but still Sacré Coeur was higher still, and we climbed many, many stairs to finally get to its heights. Again many cafes etc, but now just too many people to be fun. The was an enormously long non-moving line of people to enter the basilica and we weren’t going to join it…we have been inside before when all normal, so we cut our losses and made our way down, another way but many many steps (next to a funicular we now discovered!)….

      So we had a crepe sitting on a park bench, lovely, and then had a coffee and chocolate and felt restored. There was a metro entrance right there (Abbesses) so we headed in there, and had to descend a LONG spiral staircase down to the actual train line! Good walking practice today.

      Next we left the metro at Assemblie Nationale and walked up Blvd St Germain into the Latin quarter, and had a short respite in the little park next to hotel Esmeralda and St Julien Le Pauvre. Very pretty and soothing, and we checked the progress on Notre Dame…the spire is now back, but the roof all scaffolded. The front and towers look so clean, they look almost too new! It won’t be ready by the Olympics, but there is progress.

      Then home for downtime before dinner at Bofinger - fabulous Alsace restaurant we’ve been to before. It never disappoints, and Amr had their specialty of sauerkraut but with seafood (rather than the typical sausage accompaniment), and I had a wonderful dish of trout (from the Pyrenees) with fab veges - peas, potatoes, artichoke, asparagus and also clams, with a delicious sauce…yum…I resisted the calves liver as I’d had kidneys last night. So now about to crash, and tomorrow brings new adventures to unknown places…catching the TGV to Arles at 12.13 from Gare de Lyon.
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    • Day 2

      Glad jetlag is almost done.

      March 2 in France ⋅ 🌧 8 °C

      Though he’s a little envious, I’m glad Robert is not here tonight! Paris is pouring a steady, nasty spring rain. This is keeping me closer to my hotel. I found several cafes nearby, and two very interesting wine bars. I’ve settled for the neighborhood cafe because they had leg of lamb. I like lamb. 😛 I was confused by the sweatshirt, so had to take a picture. From hotel to cafe, to shopping to dinner. this has been my day. Not that exciting!Read more

    • Day 4

      Day 3. Des amies!

      March 4 in France ⋅ ☁️ 8 °C

      Longue day! I love travel to Normandie but it always makes for a long day. I just wolfed down half a pizza. And the metro is still awful from St Lazare to anywhere in Paris. Too many rats in a cage. But, the train was ok, gave me a chance to nap and catch up on Resident Alien.

      The trip let me catch up with Séverine and Annette and that was the most important part. Lunch together was a delicious lamb and risotto, followed by a long walk around Rouen. A wonderful day.
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    • Day 1

      Bubble tea 😍🧋

      August 12, 2022 in France ⋅ ☀️ 34 °C

      Dopo tanto tempo ho finalmente provato il famoso Bubble tea 😍 abbiamo fatto una bella sfacchinata dal cimitero ma direi che ne è valsa la pena. Il ragazzo fortunatamente parlava inglese e sono riuscita a destreggiarmi. Ho preso la base al mango e ho messo le palline di tapioca e adoro troppo 😍 lo avessi saputo prima avrei preso sicuramente il bicchiere grande 🤩🔝Read more

    • Day 8

      Ultimo saluto in viaggio 🧋

      August 19, 2022 in France ⋅ 🌧 23 °C

      Per chiudere in bellezza il nostro viaggio a Parigi abbiamo deciso di tornare alle origini, siamo tornate nel bar dove abbiamo preso il nostro primo Bubble tea perché ci è piaciuto davvero tanto e volevamo berlo un'ultima volta 😍🧋 quando siamo arrivate il ragazzo ci ha viste e ci ha detto Bubble tea vero?😂 Sì 😂
      Stavolta per festeggiare completamente sia la mia ripresa a livello di stomaco che la chiusura del viaggio, ho deciso di prendermi anche la poke bowl per cena, spero che sia buona, la devo ancora assaggiare 😂
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    • Day 2


      September 14, 2023 in France ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

      Because I arrived some time later in Paris, not having 4h time to change trains and stations, I scrapped my plans to go to Montmartre. This was a good idea anyway.
      So I went straight to a nice vegan pâtisserie and got my well deserved pain au chocolat, croissant and café.
      Instead of buying a new ticket for the metro I took a walk towards a nice elevated park close to the Gare de Lyon.
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    • Day 23

      When police close the area where you are

      September 15, 2016 in France ⋅ 🌧 18 °C

      Well today was interesting.
      As I mentioned in yesterday's post a strike was planned for today. I couldn't find any information online about it (except that flights had been cancelled) so I went about my day as planned.

      I caught the bus to the Marche Bastille (open air market). Now that I was finally in a market and I could buy stuff I was a bit overwhelmed. I just wanted enough to last while I'm here.

      I eventually bought some fish, chicken, veg (including chanterelles), cheese and dried sausage.

      While I was shopping I was vaguely aware of the building police presence but not that concerned as there is a large police station at the hotel end of the street. By the time I left though there would have been at least twenty police vans (with multiple officers inside) on the surrounding streets.

      At the bus stop the electronic sign said something like "no stop" so I assumed the bus drivers had joined the strike.
      Consulting my transit app showed I could use the metro. Except the station was shut.

      I still wasn't sure what was happening, just assuming it was due to the strike. I made my way back to the hotel on foot. At one place the police had blockaded the street and I had to ask an officer if I could go through. With a look of bemusement he told me I could. I realised afterwards they were keeping people out, not in.

      It had been raining through all this so even with an umbrella I was quite wet. I dried off and had a rest. I couldn't find anything online about the strike so at about 3pm I set off to do the other hop on hop off tour. The metro station was open but there were 4 stops the train passed through without stopping so I assume they were still closed.

      I felt a bit daft then for avoiding the protests.

      I made my way to the Opera metro stop and then started looking for the bus stop.
      Paris roundabouts seem to have at least 5 streets leading off them. I walked up and the streets leading off this roundabout looking for the bus stop (I'd been there yesterday so I knew what it looked like). Google maps kept saying I was 10m away but I couldn't see it.
      Eventually I realised that there was a difference between "place de l'Opera" and "avenue de l'Opera" and I found the right place.

      A bus pulled up just as I got there and I did a tour of the Monmarte district. It was nearly 4:30 by the time I got on the bus, not really the right time to be driving through central Paris.

      The traffic is crazy. There are few lane markings and traffic lights seem to be a suggestion. The tour was interesting but we spent a long time sitting in traffic.

      I came back via a different Metro line but it appeared that all the stations were open.
      Once back in the hotel I could see footage of the demonstrations this afternoon and no longer felt daft for staying away.
      I support anyone's right to protest, especially against tough labour laws but I'm glad I wasn't there. The police appeared ready for violence.

      Police vehicles at Marche Bastille
      Marche Bastille (market)
      I think they are cucumbers
      Police barricade
      Opera house
      "The most famous red windmill in the world". Not sure I know of any more red windmills.
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