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    • Day 257

      Korfu, Tag 4, Canal d'Amour

      May 15 in Greece ⋅ ☁️ 23 °C

      Es geht weiter zum Touristischsten Ort im Norden: Sidari

      Zum Glück ist noch nicht viel los hier und das Besondere sind die kleinen Buchten und Felsformationen hier. Der Name kommt von einem kleinen Tunnel durch dem Mann /Frau zusammen durchschwimmen konnte und dann blieb man für ein Leben lang zusammen.

      Leider ist der Tunnel inzwischen eingebrochen, aber die porösen Felsen sehen toll aus.

      Trotz des sehr Touristischen Beach lohnt sich der Besuch.
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    • Day 18


      August 23, 2022 in Greece ⋅ ☁️ 27 °C

      The temperature had eased a little into the lower 30’s and our time in Corfu winding down. We had heard of Afionas where land juts into the Mediterranean dividing the water east and west. Great for swimming and views and we had some unfinished business with Agio Georgious nearby. Early up and a walk to the bus stop where we found that there were no connecting buses directly to the west coast. We would have go through the central Corfu exchange 36 klm away. Over a tiny R60 cup of coffee at a local bakery we found that Taxis were not available and hiring a 4-wheeler bike not reasonable at R1200 for the day. The bus arrived so decision made we headed south to the terminus to catch a bus north to our planned destination. As is the way the bus stops and starts through narrow roads and it takes 2 hours. The overwhelming impression as you drive through the many villages is of an older generation clinging to a previous life, buildings locked in time,while the Younger people have moved on. A three hour layover was spent walking in Corfu, people watching and shopping, we did visit a small stall, that squeezed fresh oranges, twice. The bus trip to Gergious was through the olive trees forests past abandoned buildings and up windy roads. Agio Georgious is a very pretty bay with one side being the peninsula that is Afionas. It was hot and the sand burnt our feet so We dived in to swim in the clear cool water. We planned to walk home in the late afternoon about 16 klm but only when it got cooler. The walk started with a climb up to Afionas. A small village with beautiful views cobbled paths and smart looking stores selling olive oil, sweet Greek seeets and wood carvings. As usual there were lots of Taverna’ s. Our walk home was very bumpy up and down, we passed many small holdings and villages and saw more abandoned buildings. The country side had olive and fruit trees and folded into small homesteads with old buildings. We explored a deserted half built house, it had frayed curtains still hanging and all the appearance of the planned grandeur the builder seemed to have wanted but now lying unfinished. Our walk took several hours and when we got home footsore as we had covered 25 klm our longest day so our stripes earned.Read more

    • Day 16

      A quiet beech

      August 21, 2022 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

      Shirley and I agreed the main beach of Sidari and is not the best as there is a river that is not too clean emptying into the bay. We decided we were walking to a more remote location. We have discovered that an extra 800 m walk can totally change the whole feel and atmosphere of a beach or place as few here like to walk. We decided to explore the lanes and area we were in and then head to a beach further south. We walked some dusty lanes chatted to an Englishman living in Corfu, drinking an early beer 🍺 in a dusty shabeen like Tavern. We found the monastery of St John. Although locked up we could see candles alight in the church. The head of a dragon lay on the ground remnants of some huge float of far gone years . We slugged up some very steep hills, so steep it felt like my nose was scraping the ground. We stopped for ice cream in a very neat Taverno and we passed some impressive homes. . The wind was blowing hard and in a small bay there were even waves in the Med ok small waves 🌊 and two young girls swimming. A bit rocky so over another hill and we got to a beach near Roda. The wind was whipping up sand and the water was murky not the best but a cool dip relieved the hot 🥵 . A tough long uneventful trek back home ended a pretty average day for a long walkRead more

    • Day 15

      Low hanging fruit

      August 20, 2022 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

      We were up early on Saturday morning as we had a steep climb out of Kalami to get to the bus 🚌 stop. With full packs we knew it would be a tough walk. We were sorry to leave this pretty bay of turquoise water but Once again we were settled for a slow bus drive to our Next stop. Sidari which is at the northern edge of Corfu is a bigger town and has more tourists it even has a real Supermarket. We arrived in the middle of town and then only out found our accommodation was several klm back along the main road having passed it on the bus. We walked back to A small apartment off the beaten track but a few klm out of town. Provisions were needed so aother 4klm round walk, carrying food drink and 9kg of fresh water was on the cards. Walking in Corfu is a mixture of
      Paths backroads and main roads. On all of these routes we could
      always find a way to rustle a delicious fruit salad. Most of the properties have fruit trees vegetable gardens growing along the fences and in them. As we walked we would see majestic olive trees, (they are regularly pruned right back so that ancient trunks that have a circumference of meters support thin branches laden with olives 🫒). There are grapes hanging from vines draped over fences. Figs dangle temptingly from trees that often offer welcome shade from the hot sun. There are mulberries black berries loquats peach trees and apple trees all hanging over the paths. The prickly pears look scrumptious but not to be touched by us. In a month when all fully ripened it would be a fantastic feast of fruit. We could not resist picking the early ripe fruit when it was there. There is No doubt the fruit tastes sooooo much better when freshly picked while
      Walking and sweating in the hot Corfu sun
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    • Day 14

      White house

      August 19, 2022 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

      We had de- bussed on the main road and I looked with trepidation at the steep 2 klm decent we were about to make into Kalami. The houses were all majestic with lots of swimming pools. A thing about swimming pools is that most of the resort pools, (there are a lot of them), on main roads, side roads and at taverno’s , (sometimes called bar pools), are open to the public. It’s just “Buy a coke and swim.’ The service road into Kalami levelled out next to a pebble beach packed with recliners and all with an inhabitant. We had walked along Durrell lane and Shirley was excited to be in the place of my family and other animals ( maybe it reminded us of home). Our room was tiny but less than 30 steps to the beach. We put away our packs, relief , and crazily went for a walk. The main road is 50 m which led us to finding the White House, the home of the Durrells. Mission accomplished. The resort town of Kalami was the best stop so far, the water crystal clear and even some fish 🐠. We had swimming goggles which were put to good use. The main beeches in Corfu are all so full, packed with rentable umbrellas and recliners, but a stiff walk over the ridge brought us to a secluded cove. The walk of 2 klm meant no one on the beach. Of course there were still the many expensive yachts and speedboats anchored off the shore. The swimming in warm and icy patches was a relief from the searing hot sun. The evening sunset at 21h30 was enjoyed with Our favourite dinner of fresh bread, olive oil, balsamic vinegar with cold meats and a Mythos beer on the veranda ended a perfect day.Read more

    • Day 7

      Spaziergang zum Kanal d‘Amour

      April 11 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

      Heute geht es in den Nordwesten Korfus, wir wollen bei stürmischen Wetter die raue Seite der Insel erkunden. Hier peitscht oft das Meer gegen die steile Klippen.

      Erste Station ist Sidári und die verzweigten und verwinkelten Lehmklippen westlich des großen Sandstandes. Der Sage nach wird am „Kanal, d’Amour“ jedem Mädchen ein Herzenswunsch erfüllt, wenn es das Wasser durchschwimmt, solange es noch im Schatten des Felsen liegt.

      Zum einen bin ich wunschlos glücklich und zum anderen herrscht heute kräftiger, fast stürmischer und eiskalter Wind, so dass für uns am Baden nicht zu denken ist. So begnügen wir uns damit, die Steilküste zu Fuß zu erkunden.
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    • Day 9

      Canal d'Amour in Sidári

      September 30, 2021 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

      Heute fahren wir in den Norden der Insel , nach Sidári. Das ist ein lebhafter Urlaubsort mit hauptsächlich britischen Urlaubern. Er ist aber eine Hauptattraktion der Insel, weil hier die Steilküste beginnt mit wunderbaren kleinen Badebuchten.

      Eine diese Buchten nennt sich "Canal d'amour". Angeblich soll jedes Mädchen, das darin schwimmt und dabei an ihren Traummann denkt, ihn bald darauf ehelichen können. Soweit die Sage...

      Da das Wetter um 11 Uhr noch keinen super-sonnigen Badetag verspricht, ist es um diese Zeit noch nicht überlaufen. Das muss hier in der Hochsaison unglaublich voll sein! Der Canal d'amour ist auf beiden Seiten von weißen Kalkgestein eingerahmt. Von den Klippen auf der einen Seite springen ganz Wagemutige, meistens junge Männer 10 m und mehr in das klare Wasser. Wir schwimmen den Canal d'amour ganz nach vorne, auf der rechten Seite kann man sogar durch einen Tunnel auf die andere Seite schwimmen.
      Läuft man an der Klippe nach rechts hat man weitere herrliche Ausblicke auf die malerischen nächsten kleinen Buchten und die vorgelagerten Felsen im Wasser.
      Ich wundere mich, dass uns Fotos gelingen, auf denen tatsächlich nur wir zu sehen sind. Eine Stunde später sieht es dort schon ganz anders aus.

      Das ist wirklich eines der Highlights der Insel bisher.
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