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  • Day89

    Short visit in Athens

    October 2, 2020 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Crete / Santorini / (Last Stop) ATHENS

    We had 2 days in this town, so it was really not much time to explore a lot, and we were really tired and lazy from traveling to get out from our Airbnb home, but still... Come on... we had to see at least Acropolis. 😱
    Over the centuries, it was many things: a home to kings, a citadel, a mythical home of the gods, a religious center and a tourist attraction. It has withstood bombardment, massive earthquakes and vandalism yet still stands as a reminder of the rich history of Greece. We have visited the Acropolis museum as well and got some nice insights.

    After some time in Greece we decided to leave Europe because on the on side it got slowly colder, but more importantly Covid cases rose rapidly.
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  • Day1

    Der erste Tag

    September 7, 2020 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Nach drei Stunden fliegen bin ich pünktlich in Athen angekommen. Von dem Mann der mich abholen soll keine Spur. Ich lauf ein bisschen durch den Flughafen, da ich direkt denke ich habe etwas falsch verstanden und stehe falsch. Nach einer Stunde taucht er ganz gemütlich auf und lässt mich nochmal 40 Minuten auf meine Mitreisenden warten. Lilly und Laurine zwei Freundinnen aus Brüssel steigen mit mir zusammen in ein Taxi und wir fahren zum Hostel. Dort treffen wir unseren Guide, der uns erzählt was wir heute und morgen noch machen werden. Auf unserm Zimmer treffen wir Noemi, die aus der USA kommt aber durch ihre Eltern sehr gutes Deutsch spricht. Nach einem kurzen Kennlernplausch und einer kleinen Mittagspause treffen wir unseren Guide um 19.30 Uhr in der Lobby. Bei einem zwei Stündigen Stadtrundgang sehen wir viele Attraktionen, die Athen bieten kann. Unteranderem natürlich auch die Akropolis, eines der sieben Weltwunder. Sosehr unser Tourguide uns für die Häuser der Umgebung zu interessieren versucht, sind wir vier Mädels doch eine bisschen mehr an den vielen streunernden Katzen interessiert, die an jeder Ecke sitzen. Zurück im Hostel machen wir noch zusammen eine Duschparty in den merkwürdigsten Duschen Griechenlands, lösen einen Stromausfall in der ganzen Etage aus und fallen dann todmüde ins Bett.Read more

  • Day2


    September 23, 2018 in Greece ⋅ 🌙 24 °C

    Zo zo, dag 1 zit er alweer op. Gisteren iets later aangekomen dan voorzien door vertraging. Bij aankomst was het niet meteen duidelijk wie en waar onze begeleidster was dus even moeten zoeken maar uiteindelijk zijn we met zen 9 goed terecht gekomen. Voor zij die het niet weten, ik reis met Djoser. Een groepsreis doch met niets anders dan vrijheid. Zoals ik het het liefste heb. Ik ben wel blij dat er nog een leuvens koppel bij is want de rest zijn allen Nederlanders. 😉 De groep varieert wel van 24 tem 81 jaar oud! 😳 Gisteravond dus ingecheckt in onze kamer, basic maar meer heb ik niet van doen. Vandaag slaap ik alleen maar dit zal niet altijd het geval zijn... soms moet je nu eenmaal een kamer delen met een reisgenoot. We zijn gisteravond ook nog om de hoek iets gaan eten en meteen de griekse specialiteit genomen, moussaka! Super lekker maar zwaar op de maag zo laat. Zus en zo geslapen en vanmorgend na het ontbijt met de ganse groep en Nina de begeleidster erop uit getrokken voor een oriëntatiewandeling door Athene. Een grootstad is in het begin altijd even zoeken maar ik trek al snel men plan. We hebben uiteraard de acropolis bezocht. #imposant Daarna souvlakis (satés) gaan eten en na de middag ben ik er dan alleen op uit getrokken... hard rock caféke, crème glaceke, automuseum en vooral wandelen wandelen wandelen tot blijnens toe! Net in de lonely planet nog een rum bar gevonden. Echt iets voor mij! Helaas kan ik ze niet allemaal proeven want morgen vroeg dag! Op weg naar huis nog een pastabox met meatballs op de kop getikt en nu naar bed. Om half zes vertrekken we richting ferry op weg naar SYROS! Slaapwel Athene.Read more

  • Day8


    April 11, 2017 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    We were told yesterday that our hosts would be providing us breakfast. It was an uncomfortable morning. We just sat there staring at it for 30 minutes. The bread was stale, the apples old and mushy and there was 2 random eggs. We ate as much as we could but barely made a dent. Luckily they weren't there to watch us. They have a dog which I was super excited to see on the balcony. They let him inside so I could have a pat :)
    Our first job of the day was to get some money out so we went searching for an ATM and took our dirty laundry with us to take to the laundromat after. Will got the shits big time because i accidentally closed the maps on my phone so we couldn't find the laundromat and had to go back home. We asked our hosts if we could borrow there washer which they agreed to - or rather the daughter volunteered her mum. Lol
    We then Skyped mum and dad. It bowl was sooo good to see/talk with them. I asked mum to get the cat so I could say hello. I like to think he was uninterested because the computer froze so he didn't see me properly............
    We said bye then we set off for the Stadium.
    We caught our first international bus. Woohoo!
    I find buses scary, even Australian ones, but we managed. We got off at syntagma square and walked towards the stadium, on the way we stopped at the Zappeion which is where the head of the man who payed for the rebuilding/fixing of the Olympic stadium is buried and it is now just used for official ceremonies and meetings. It hosted the fencing in the 1896 games.
    We arrived at the panathenaic stadium and the tickets only cost 5€, winning! I was super excited, I love the olympics. We got free audio guides and started our tour. It talked about the reconstruction of the stadium then showed us the designated seats for the king and queen to watch from. We went through this random tunnel and found all the past torched from the Olympic Games and some of the winter games as well. Compared to many others I though our torch was one of the better ones. Seoul's was my favorite. The beacon they use to light the torch was there too.
    It also had history on the battle of the marathon.
    The marathon was created to commemorate a Greek runner who was sent to run 26.2 miles to share the news of victory over the Turks to the Athenians but died upon arrival.
    It was the Main event in the Olympics for many years.
    I did a 400 meter run around the track and got photos on the podium.
    The track is an unusual shape, it's 185m straight with 15m curves.
    I loved the stadium, Will got bored pretty quickly though.
    Afterwards we went to browse the flea markets.
    Will, the big IDIOT got conned BIG TIME and bet 50€ on some stupid gambling card trick that was set up on the side of the road on a cardboard box......
    the dealer would place 3 cards down and then the aim of the game was to pick the card with colour. The people around us kept getting it wrong and Will kept getting it right.
    He bet and lost...
    They were all working together and in on the ploy.....
    We had some stiff words.
    We went to a cafe to just sit for a while. I had a delicious Greek salad and Will had some beers. I liked this cafe. It was the first time I think we both were really content in Greece. We then went back to the flea markets to buy oil I had spotted earlier. They do some GREAT oil. I don't know why it's different but it is. We are going to send it home along with the few other things we've bought some time before we head up to Thessaloniki.

    On our way we found a fish foot spa. I have always wanted to do it but didn't think I'd be able to cause I HATE being tickled. I can't handle it. It was only 10€ for 10 minutes though and we thought we might as well try something new to add to our adventure.
    We had to wash our feet first then they checked for open wounds to help stop the spread of infection.
    It was the most bizarre feeling, sort of like pins and needles. Will had done it before in Thailand and said these fish weren't nearly as bed because they were bigger and not as many.
    I only squealed half a dozen times and kept my feet in the tank the whole time. So proud.
    We chatted with some Canadians while we were just sitting.

    I bough a small magnet of 'the evil eye' which is super Greek. Its basically mythology that wards of negativity.
    Will bought a sponge. I don't know why but he is excited. It's very Greek too but I'm surprised at his interest in it.
    Our phone search has been unsuccessful again today. If we bought sims they only work in Greece? -.- stupid.
    We then went walking, trying to figure out how to get home. We forgot to look at the bus number in the morning so we dedicated to walk in the right general direction looking for somewhere for dinner for Will.
    It's ridiculously hard to find Greek food. Everywhere that sells it only has menus in Greek which isn't helpful.
    We were lucky tonight though. SO HAPPY. I got some tzatziki :D Will got a kebab. We then got a taxi home.
    Glad the day is over but it was my favorite day so far :)

    Penis up/dangles story of the toilet
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  • Day13

    Exploring Athens

    September 4, 2015 in Greece ⋅ 🌙 23 °C

    Our second day dawned bright, hot and cloudless as the day before, yet with a heightened anticipation of fun and exploring. We left our lodgings after a quick shower and plan and headed down the road to find the closest coffee and breakfast we could. We came across a small roadside cafe where Dmitri brew up 3 of the finest, shortest espressos we are sure to have all trip. As we sipped our coffee we chatted with the locals and firmed up our plan for the coming few days.
    We moved on to breakfast which turned out to be just a few minutes up the road and another few away from the Acropolis. Through a mixture of pointing and sign language we managed to order 3 servings of cheese and spinach crepes and 3 orange juices. The juice was freshly squeezed and delicious while the crepes we gentle, filling and lightly flavoured; rustic and satisfying. It was thoroughly enjoyable just watching Greece go past, with basil bushes lining the roads, trucks and bicycles zooming by and friendly people muttering "calimera" (good morning) on their way past.

    Onwards we went up to the Acropolis, baking our way up the few hundred metres to the summit where the Parthenon and other temples, ruins and ancient artifacts reside. It was HOT, and with no shade and nowhere to rest there were many complaints from my traveling companions. I tried to block it out and take in and admire the incredible history of what I was looking at, and the incredible views over the whole of Athens, Pireaus and out to sea.
    From the Acropolis we had lunch at it's accompanying museum just down the hill and viewed more historical artifacts and reconstructions of the ancient Parthenon - all of course within the safety of air conditioning. It was both interesting and enjoyable, while lunch was another authentic and odd experiece. I had wonderful little pikelet pancakes with thyme honey, tahini and grape molasses, Joy had a sesame bagel type bread roll with cheese, and Vernon had strange donuts covered in honey and pistachios: nice but cleaner frying oil and some contrasting fruit wouldn't have gone amiss. Afterwards we descended the streets into normal Athens and took the tube again back to our hotel.

    (Unfortunately my phone died up the acropolis so the centre part of this day I failed to document. However I may steal some pics from v and j and upload them later)

    Next stop on our day was the markets, which are deserving of their own entry in this blog, but which took up the majority of the afternoon and ended us up back at Syntagma Square (Parliament in Athens) and at yesterday's hotel for another cocktail. This one was not nearly as strong and harsh, but a floral and beautifully scented Lychee Martini, one of the nicest things I have ever drunk.
    From Syntagma we again took the tube home and went out to dinnner: my choice as I so highly recommended the small taverna I visited the night before. We were not let down and consumed the following: cheese, bread, fava bean dip, bread, prawn saganaki, meatballs, sausage with red beer stew, mustard chicken, bread, beer, sangria and some strange deep fried salty chocolate covered pancakes. Weird but excellent.
    From dinner we went to our hotel again for a final nightcap of hot chocolate whilst looking up at the illuminated Parthenon from the hotel's garden roof top restaurant and went onto bed. A decidedly better day than the one before.
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  • Day1

    Flughafen Athen

    July 24, 2020 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    Ist das alles aufregend. Wir reisen mit der Aussicht auf unser erstes gemeinsames Auto Richtung Gotha. Alles scheint perfekt und die Vorfreude ist riesen groß. Wird natürlich eine anstrengende Reise. In Gotha wartet unser Renault Trafic auf uns. Ein großer Schritt in Richtung Freiheit.Read more

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